Free, Free fallin’

Wycombe Wanderers 0 – 3 Lincoln City

0 – 1 Forrester (61)
0 – 2 Green (73)
0 – 3 Forrester (81)

Now there may no doubt be some of you out there who are thinking “Why the hell are you writing about this game?”. Well, dear reader, this game was a momentous day in my life. Not the game itself, fundamentally it was poor (although those of the Lincoln persuasion may beg to differ), but it was Power Ranger’s first ever football match. And again, you would quick to ask “Why this game?”. The answer sits quite comfortably with me; short arms, deep pockets and two free tickets.

We did have to do some quick thought re-alignment with the boy as he was asking if he could support Arsenal whilst we were there. In fairness he picked up pretty quickly that he would always support Arsenal but just occassionally there would be matches where he would support another team for the ninety minutes we were there. So off we took ourselves to The Causeway Stadium to watch a tussle between two play-off chasing sides, thinking it may be an even game with a few goals. In fact all I cared about is that it was not a pants goalless draw that put him off watching for life. As it was, a goalless draw is what Wycombe would have been grateful for. Although I don’t know why I was worried as he missed the opening goal through being the toilet – being the ever caring Dad, I was stood watching the match about fifteen yards from the lavatory entrance. And before you think, you uncaring B******, (a) I’d checked out the loos beforehand and (b) those that know Wycombe can vouch that you can see all departures and arrivals in that area of the Family Stand. Anyway, I digress before Social Services come calling. The second goal he saw but wished he hadn’t and the third he missed because he was looking at the Lincoln fans and asking, “Why aren’t we with them. They are having a good time not like everyone here, they are so miserable”. And there isn’t an answer to that. Well, yes there is. Re-read the opening paragraph, last sentence.

It is difficult to find anything positive to say about Wycombe’s performance. They have been in freefall for the last month and do not look as if they can stop the rot. A lot of effort was made but to little end product. In the end, I am struggling to remember a clear cut opening they created and Lincoln fully deserved their win. I have thought of a positive for Wycombe. They are not facing relegation. There, something good that they can take from the match.

And so, how did Power Ranger react to the match. We had a small checklist before the game; areas of concern about the match you could say. First off, how would he react to the crowd in an enclosed stadium – check this one off, attendance of 5,750 no problem. As I observed to Mrs Yogi, the attendance at Arsenal’s Members Day that he came to was around 7,000 and he handled that no problem. Second on the list, could he sit still for ninety minutes? Well, those that know him will be aware that he has, as my nan used to say, “Ants in his pants” and is an “energetic” child. Tick the box here, no problem. Stand had good leg room so no complaints about that but one fear that I had was that if the match was bad, he would want to leave after twenty minutes. Well, the match was bad but he didn’t ask to leave until others started streaming out with about fifteen minutes to go. We had one rocky point where he asked what the pyramids were on the surrounding hillside – power pylons – and why were there horses being ridden on the fields and hills above – their owners had more sense than to watch the football.

So after his mum picked us up, the dreaded questions.

“So son, did you like going to football with your dad?”

“Yep, it was great. Uncle Robert gave me a pound before the game and Dad let me buy an Ice Cream with it.”

“But what about watching the football match?”

“Well, Dad it was boring.”

“No it was not. It was awful. Truly bad. The worst game I have seen in many a year.”

“Yeah. They were rubbish.”

“So you want to come to football again?”

“Yeah. But next time Dad, make it Arsenal”

Today’s tunes is not happening with this post. Why? Umm, I’m at work and forgotten to bring the MP3’s in. Which for some is a relief but others need to come back later when I’ll post them up with the latest hopeful thinking about how Arsenal are going to win the race for fourth spot and a preview of the Champions League Semi – Final against Villarreal in which I hasten to add, Arsenal are not the clear cut favourites that the English press would have us all believe.

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