I really Love you…

Aah Valentines Day – when the exortations of love fill the air. And Robbie Fowler is thinking, “Arsenal I LOVE playing against you”. He may well do, with the supposedly miserly famous back four shipping goals to him like there was no tomorrow earlier in his career. If the news reports are correct, he will start tonight and no doubt Adams, Bould, Winterburn and Dixon are quaking in their boots. Dixon is already, having been the resident ex-player doom and gloom merchant on 5Live this morning. And no doubt, the hacks and scribes of Canary Wharf and Wapping are sharpening their pencils, ready to show us their wit and repartee using the headlines of “St Valentines Massacre At Anfield” or some such play on words.

The match itself will be between two teams showing indifferent form – Arsenal, away from home, have won and scored the fewest of any of the teams in the top half of the table but curiously are only conceding an average of one goal per game on their travels. Liverpool on the other hand have a set of forwards who for some reason in 2006, cannot hit a cow’s ar*e with a banjo. Which means they will make up for lost time tonight.

Since the turn of the year, they have won 2 games, (1 – 0 against Tottenham at Anfield, 1 – 0 at Wigan) drawn 2 and lost 2 on their travels. Arsenal have exactly the same record, albeit scoring more goals so no conclusions can be drawn from the form guide. It used to be that a trip to Anfield was 3 points in the bag for the home team but in the last five seasons, it has yielded 2 wins and a draw. So nothing can be read into that. The Arsenal team will have Toure back in defence but they are still young. I am undecided about the outcome, the heart says it’s an away win, the head says, I agree but next season not tonight.

Anyway, I’m off to sharpen my pencils and rapier wit to come up with a suitably apt play on words…

Todays tunes, as it’s Valentines Day, I have successfully resisted the urge for any sloppy romantic tunes, so here’s The Who, Live At Woodstock in 1969.

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