The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

Which is evidently based at Loftus Road. The mildly entertaining rants of Ian Holloway have been temporarily suspended as he has been placed on “Gardening Leave” by QPR because he has been linked with the vacant managers post at Leicester City and, to quote the club’s spokesperson, “we are concerned about recent performances and the effect speculation about Ian joining Leicester City might have on the players“. And suspending your manager will have a positive effect on the players? A somewhat odd approach to motivation. Surely it would have been better to give him a “Vote of Confidence” to give the team a Kick Up The R’s? More pertinently, the club have chosen to include the speculation linking Holloway with the vacant managers post at Leicester. Over the weekend, Mike Newell revealed that he had been interviewed for the role. He would certainly be a favourite given his past links as a player and his performance as Luton’s manager, getting them into a very healthy position in the Championship following last season’s promotion. However, there may be doubts as to whether he would take the role and turn down the opportunity to get Luton promoted. If that is the case, then Holloway is by no means a shoo-in for the role but with QPR’s actions they may just make him favourite. Should he be relieved of his current duties, Leicester won’t have to pay any compensation to secure his services given that he would be a free agent. Which makes the Boards actions hard to understand. If Leicester want him, let him go – they won’t pay him off and they’ll get cash in to secure his services. Right now,they are going to have to pay off Holloway, which if the reports of their financial state are correct is something they can ill-afford to do, and get little, if any, money in return to offset against this

Today’s Tune: Given the Lunacy at QPR, what better than The Higsons, “I Don’t Want To Live With Monkeys”.

Sky Sports are reporting that Paul Merson has been removed from the Walsall managers job. Of all of the players in George Grahams title winning teams of 1988/89 and 1990/91, it seemed that he was least likely to become a manager. Given the various addiction battles he has faced, I wish Merse all the best and good luck in finding a new job.

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