Overmars? Over The Top But Not Over Here

It’s a funny old game, Saint. An Italian website breaks news about an English club and a Dutch director of football; a sign of the strength of the Arsenal brand, you might guess. The club is apparently set to sign Marc Overmars in the summer and it’s fair to say that the fanfare surrounding his arrival is muted compared to when he signed in 1997 as a player.

The observant among you will recall that we were supposed to have talks with Barcelona’s transfer negotiations, Raul Sanllehi. Two directors of football? Maybe the Sanllehi deal didn’t work out; negotiations with the negotiator broke down or maybe we are a bit nervous about dealing with a club which is reportedly letting Lionel Messi walk away on a Bosman.

I doubt any of those ‘transfers’ will happen but losing Messi puts Sanchez walking into the shade. It’s more grossly negligent than appointing Mike Riley head of PGMOL.

Anyway, the Overmars story underlines two things. Firstly, there is a vacancy on the Arsenal board for a football man or two. Let’s be honest, most of us have clamoured for this for some time. It’s  an appointment I first began banging on about in 2006; nothing’s changed since then beyond Monsieur Wenger’s grip over the club.

The second aspect is Wenger himself. The club is talking to players whose contracts expire at the same time as the Frenchman’s; are Stan or Josh already sounding out the Frenchman about his own future? If there is to be a director of football appointment, next summer would be a good time were it known that Wenger was leaving when his current deal finishes in 2019.

It gives them a year to get their feet under the table and also provide input on finding Wenger’s replacement.

Big Shake to the Club that’s Falling Down

As if. Which is where both the Overmars and Sanllehi fall down without too much scrutiny. Arsène, the catalyst of change who wasn’t, suddenly and quite deliberately, becoming a catalyst for change? Not if he is staying at the club, that’s for certain.

And I think that’s the question which the club has to begin addressing. Bizarre, isn’t it? A manager who went a season without being prepared to commit to the club or walk away is now in exactly the same position: contract renewal talks. It’s why a two-year deal was the worst possible deal for the club. Had he signed a one-year deal, we could be talking to replacements; now we’re hostages to his mood once again.

Some might argue it’s too soon to begin talking about the manager’s future – most like myself are weary of it – but this time we need to be ready to force the issue. We are with players, Wenger as a key executive should be held to the same standards regarding his contract.

Avoiding the shambles of last season is imperative for the club, whether Wenger likes it or not. It might be inconvenient for him, particularly since PSG will probably replace Unai Emery next summer but despite appearances to the contrary, Arsenal Football Club isn’t here for the convenience of one person.

It’s why I’m sceptical about any of these claims about changes in the boardroom beyond replacing directors with like-for-like appointments. To be honest, there’s more chance of Kroenke and Usmanov reaching an agreement over one of them selling their shares than a director of football being appointed.

More than anything, it’s a sign we’re still in an international break. Off the pitch issues are deemed more newsworthy than the defensive crisis we’re (apparently) facing.

There is a Wait so Long

The Dutch face Sweden tonight in a game they need to win by seven or more goals, I believe. The last time they were in this kind of situation, they beat Malta 12 – 0 and a great big cry of “Shenanigans!” was heard, much like Austria and Germany’s draw in the 1982 World Cup.

It’s going to be worth watch to see how they approach the game. The plan must be for a 3 – 0 or better half-time scoreline because anything less will leave them needing a goal every three or four minutes which is mad.

We had the ‘typically English’ game last night where A-A-Ron Ramsey took ‘absolute pelters’ for Wales defeat to the Irish Republic. It was all his fault they didn’t score and apparently, he should have ‘made things happen’ despite it not being part of his game. Ramsey, as a box-to-box midfielder is fine; a ‘number 10’ he ain’t.

As the first half wore on, it was apparent the Welsh weren’t going to score so it was a question of whether the Irish would nick the win they needed. They did and Ashley Williams has probably held up his hands already for his part in the mistake. It brough the usual cries of ‘Arsenal dodged a bullet’ on not signing him when the clamour was at it’s highest a few years back. Because Ashley Williams of two years ago played last night, didn’t he?

No wonder the printed word is declining if that’s the standard. Why pay for that kind of analysis when you can come here and get it for free?

To close out today, just a note that later on there will be a new post on Dad’s Jukebox with the Pixies the subject of Jukebox Classics.

’til Tomorrow.

29 thoughts on “Overmars? Over The Top But Not Over Here

  1. I’m a trifle baffled over this Overmars story. A good player under Arsene Wenger who is now being touted as a possible Director of Football at the Ems.
    In the first place, would a somewhat militant manager like Arsene be in favour of such a post ?
    And if so, how would their past of “boss and player”, affect any new set-up? 😉

  2. Why get a Director of Football when we already have one: M Wenger

    In fact he should list his roles as: Manager, Director of Football, CEO, Scout, Executive Lawnmower…

  3. Could it be, just possibly, maybe, Stan and Josh are beginning to realise that Wenger is not the answer to all their footballing dreams? They must know that, when he leaves, they will need to have a D o F ready to take charge of things.

    It is just so unlikely that it might in fact be true. This Arsenal we are talking about after all.

  4. A pity Özil isn’t Welsh, no? He would have taken all the blame instead of precious Aaron… Now time to also think to start criticising the Welsh Jesus too, no? Maybe he was ahead of the Welsh striker yesterday for Ireland’s goal, but Özil wasn’t there this time to be blamed instead of Ramsey.

  5. Good stuff Yogi

    DoF, can’t see that happening UNLESS Arsene has decided he is leaving after his contract is up and we won’t know that until his contract is actually up when he will have a contract on the table and won’t be pressured to make a decision and we all know how that will end up.

    As far as Ramsey, well I think he is a good player that if we all take off any tinted glasses or whatever will realize that most of the hype and feel around him is about 1 really good season at Arsenal and 1 Euro tournament. Outside of that, he has been a decent player that has moments but overall is nothing more than a decent player with a really good engine. I know its sort of unfair to compare players but I was chatting with a friend of mine (the Chelsea friend) and he said he always found it interesting that Ramsey was a player that everybody is constantly talking about as a #10 or playing behind the striker but while he gets into position, he rarely makes things happen whether its goals or assists; he might have taken it too far but he called Ramsey the midfield version of Gervinho: always in the right position but always either makes he wrong decision or cocks it up.

  6. Have to say, this has been quite a terrible international break for Arsenal:

    Ospina has been shit
    rumours have Sanchez with a thigh niggle
    Mustafi injured and possibly out for quite a bit of time
    Kos injured
    Ramsey being Ramsey

    On a positive note though, good to see Nacho in the Spain team and continuing to play well. Also, I banged on about Illaramendi being a midfield option and I still think he would be perfect in our midfield.

  7. Great post Yogi

    I suspect Arsene’s ambition is to be the manager as long as possible and that could mean he will be Le Boss until the middle part of the next decade or may be even longer. No reason he can’t manage until his late 70’s assuming he remains healthy and the team is still competing for 4th place. As long as Arsene is the manager I doubt there will be a true director of football. Arsene will never give up any of the his control of the football operations of the club. Anyone who is hired will be a figurehead.

  8. Hate to be pedantic but:
    A) it was Spain who beat Malta 12-0 for 84 Euro’s I believe
    B) Germany beat Austria 1-0 which suited both – wasn’t a draw!

    # Nerd!

  9. Alex

    Welsh Jesus??? Your Ramsey anger is a bit over the top. No? The only thing anyone blames Ozil for is no longer being an effective difference making player for Arsenal.

  10. Another nicely thought out Post, YW, merci.

    A couple of points: You mention you are weary of talking about Wenger’s contract/replacement — why bother tormenting yourself by doing it? I suspect most of us are fed up with it too. 🙂

    C often goes off on one, claiming he has ‘banged on’ on about something or other for years — and now you are claiming the same ‘banging on’ about the D of F since 2007.
    If you bang on together you could become a famous band! 🙂

    Finally, I agree with you that Rambo has been, and will continue, getting a toasting for Wales’ pasting last night. That of course ignores the fact that Allen is Wales’ #10 – and when he was squished between two Irish giants and had to go off, Rambo moved back into midfield defence, and did not play at #10 — and we all know that a defensive midfielder he is not.

    And, finally, finally — pinching Damon’s BOOM could be seen as harassment!! 😀

  11. HenryB,

    Hey Henry,

    I take it as a great honor to be compared with the great Yogi! Thank you for that, I will take it as a reverse compliment!

  12. The twattersphere seem to believe this Overmars thing is legit and actually happening.
    Furthermore, at least some Ajax fans seem pleased he is leaving.
    This looks like it could be the most toothless appointment ever – at best we can hope he might point us towards some hot young talent.
    I’m making Marge Simpson noises over here.

  13. Jonny,

    Most pointless ever, didn’t we bring a couple of people in during the summer (see Lehman) and what exactly was he appointed for? I think its the running theme as long as Arsenal continue to be Arsene FC

  14. I`m sooo tired I haven´t slept a wink. I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink, noo,nooo, no.

    What is it (hint, it´s not Arsenal though it sort of resembles Arsenal in that it makes you wanna drink )?


  15. Hi C,

    I think both you and Yogi are wonderful people 🙂 and no compliment, reverse or otherwise, is necessary!

    It was merely an observation, that you both claim to ‘bang on’ about this or that — which seemed an impressive conjunction of minds. And it proves, should that be needed, that I do read the posts or comments submitted by you both and lap them up — obviously. 😀

  16. C,

    The Overmars move to the Arsenal was mooted at least two or three years ago — and lead to nothing doing.

    If he does come — maybe he will encourage Denis B to come over with him. He has a good reputation as a smart businessman, as I recall it being reported.

    I do not really care to speculate — if it happens, it happens — if not …….. something else will.

  17. C:

    Well I’m glad I can write meaningful posts that you want err um, are willing to read 😉

    Does that oust me as someone who skips comments that are repetitive and/or boringly dull?
    I am sure I do not do that — much …… 😀

  18. HenryB,

    Overmars to Arsenal or really any DoF to Arsenal, well I believe it when I see it. I’m pretty sure Arsene made his feelings perfectly clear about a DoF let alone a former player being his boss, yup don’t see that happening.

    You skipping comments, I would never dare make such a blasphemous claim.

  19. C

    The number of players you have banged on about in this decade has surpassed 4 digits. You can’t help being correct once in a while when you can overwhelm the percentages by sheer volume. 😉

  20. Also, good for Iceland for qualifying for the World Cup. Kinda strange that Wales has the plethora of talents that they have and they don’t make it yet Iceland do.

  21. @Bill

    I’ll post it again but it is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE that the USA couldn’t beat Trindad & Tobago or at the very least get a draw to make it to the World Cup. Honestly, there is literally no excuses, yea the pitch was shit but some of the pitches that these players play on get water logged from time to time, Belgium won on something that was barely better than a cow patch, Argentina put in work against Ecuador on a shit pitch. To me it just again proves that the US might have taken steps but to even think that they could challenge even some of the poorer nations in Europe is ridiculous.

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