The Ethical Issue on Arsenal Being Bombarded with Sharp Criticisms

There’s no denying how unfortunate-of-a-situation Arsenal is currently in. And it’s of their own making. Consecutive defeats and a single unsatisfying win leave Arsenal poised for regular criticism.

But it’s too late to say that as it’s already what’s happening to the team. Mesut Özil, an outstanding player, became entangled in the debacle after the Gunners’ recent turmoil. The 28-year-old midfielder called on critics to put an end to their seeming unending wounding words. Instead, he wants them to show the club some unwavering support.

Some were quick to point to the seeming loyalty of former Liverpool players; it misses the point of the lambasting that the Reds received under Brendan Rodgers and his predecessors. Jurgen Klopp took the club back into the top four and if he keeps them there, he will escape their berations.

Based on the ill-nature of legends in assessing situations like this, there’s nothing Özil can do about the situation other than turn in performances himself . The not-quite-legendary Emmanuel Petit was quick to rebut Ozil’s seemingly heroic defense of himself.

Emmanual Petit thinks he is one of the greatest midfielders to have played for Arsenal. His career lasted from 1997 – 2000, where he, in fairness, contributed to the return to the top of the table. His partnership with Patrick Vieira was the foundation rock, protecting the legendary back four and setting the benchmark for future generations of defensive midfielders.

The Need for Arsenal to Bounce Back ASAP

His isn’t a name very often called for individually; it’s Vieira whose status as legend is unquestioned not his pony-tailed former teammate. Despite this, he sees himself in a position to blast his previous team calling them “babies and kids.” The Frenchman calls Arsène’s line-up toddlers and lacking real motivation. Petit isn’t the only one calling Arsenal out but he is the one of the minority using childish language.

As clichéd as it sounds, the thrust of the points ares the reality which they need to acknowledge.

Arsenal started the Premier League with a humble 4-3 victory over Leicester. It was an exhilarating game as goals flew in from every angle. It was what the fans want – a spectacle ending in a win. Conceding three goals is poor defensively but so long as they are scoring more, few complain as the points rack up.

But it was a short-lived triumph. The following week saw the not unprecedented at all, 1-0 defeat at Stoke. People’s hopes, including mine, were so high that I reckoned Arsenal’s 7/10 odds stood some ground.

But they failed me, along with multitudes of Arsenal fans. Arsenal looked like a pub team, frankly speaking at Stoke. This resulted to Arsenal being 11/5 underdogs to Liverpool’s 11/10 in 2017 UK betting offers & free bets. Their lack of synchronicity was further amplified with their brutal dishing of a 4-0 thrashing at Anfield.

Confidence is What Matters Now

Now that the team is in international break, they have time to assess the sinkhole we’ve fallen into. Hopefully, it’s the end of their miserable losing streak as the club is still one of the Premier League elite. But if the trend continues, “elite” will be a distant memory, as long ago as the last title. We need to get their bearings straight as soon as possible.

One way they’re going to do that is by capitalising more on team effort and not their individual agendas. We get it, each player vies to outdo each other in search of greater popularity. But that’s just not how things work in the pro football, let alone in the Premier League. Good thing Wenger admits their lack of camaraderie which is why he promises to get things straight in their upcoming games.

Proper analysis and the revival of confidence are the two main points that he’s going to re-introduce to the team over the course of the international break. Speaking of professional sports ethics, it sure is accepted to receive criticisms as long as it’s constructive.

But as what we can see on the recent remarks Emmanuel Petit had, it’s not hard to say that it’s nothing short of insulting. Calling his previous team as “babies and kids” could be said in a more straight-to-the-point manner without the need for poetic comparisons.

But as what has already been done, along with the many fan bashes the club had, the effects aren’t hard to see. Because of this, Arsenal are an underdog with +1.0 evens as what we can see in their upcoming game against Chelsea’s 21/10 odds. But it’s not the end of the line; they’re still 10/11 against Bournemouth’s 8/1 and FC Koln’s 23/10.