Sanchez, Ox & Ozil Not Off But Gibbs Given Pulis Torture

It seems that Ox isn’t quite out of the door yet. Instead of completing his move to Chelsea yesterday, it seems he got wind of Liverpool’s interest and decided to stay at the England camp. Arsenal named their price, i.e. £35m that Chelsea were paying, and the Scousers decided to undercut that because it’s a successful negotiating technique with us.

Anyway, it seems that Ox prefers the prospect of Anfield and probably has more chance of a central midfield berth there now Philippe Coutinho is off to Barcelona for an eye-watering €160m. Now, Sr. Angel Maria Villa, about that complaint you made to UEFA regarding state support of clubs. You do realise that Barcelona are now using the funds from the state-supported club, which makes them as guilty…

It’s not the only deal which has gone tits up. If Ornstein of the BBC from Salford is correct, there are going to be some seriously fed up little bunnies when the Arsenal squad reconvenes after the international break.

Why are they unhappy? Let Mr Matt Law of the Telegraph, explain:

Telegraph Sport understands that the majority of the first-team squad have now had enough of Sanchez and the saga regarding his future. They believe he has no desire to be at Arsenal and has been allowed to get away with putting himself ahead of the team for far too long.

There is a strong feeling that the constant speculation surrounding Sanchez is having a detrimental effect on the squad as a whole and that it will only get worse the longer he stays without signing a new contract.

There was a programme a while back called Burn Notice. The premise was a CIA agent who gets dumped by the agency in Miami and there he must stay. Sort of like the Equaliser for the 21st Century for those who recall the Edward Woodward series. Anyway, during the opening sequence reel, there’s a clip where Sam Axe, one of the lead characters, observes, “You know spies… bunch of bitchy little girls”.

I’m sure Alexis may feel the same about his team-mates this morning.

And So We Now Know What Arsène’s Legacy Is

The Chileans are apparently mighty annoyed with Alexis, who jumped the gun and asked to be allowed to sort out his future by leaving the squad, flying back to England and then returning on Friday. Quite why Manchester City, the richest club in the world can’t fly to him was never explained…

It’s a dishevelled mess of a club. Even Johnny Evans can blank us. A West Bromwich Albion player would rather sit on Manchester City’s bench than get regular first team action with us. The only parallel I can think of is in another universe; even Terry Mancini and Jeff Blockley would tell us to do one nowadays.

A day of claims and counter-claims which saw Manchester City (allegedly) offer £50m. We then asked about Sergio Aguero – he said ‘do one’ – Fabian Delph(!), and Raheem Sterling. Everyone thought the latter was a jolly good deal; Sterling plus money; Alexis was having his own little Brexit but like the British government, it all went a bit tits up when it emerged we could have Sterling if we gave City Alexis and £25m.

Only Arsenal…

In a damning moment, someone – and apologies, I forget who – observed that the Wenger of fifteen years ago would take Sterling and make him a fantastic player. The Wenger of now; it just isn’t going to happen.

Hi Ho Silver, Away!

There’s no plan to all this, is there? We’re making it up on the hoof.

And hoof is what Kieran Gibbs will be doing from now on. Hoofing the ball, having finalised his move to West Bromwich Albion for £7m. What kind of hatred must Arsenal have for him? And why?

He scored against Spurs; cleared off the line when we were 0 – 2 vs Hull City at Wembley yet we sell him to Pulis. Did no-one think for one second of the mental torture for the player? He’s now confronted on a daily basis by reminders of all those diabolical performances at Stoke?

New ruthless Arsène 2.0; cross him and he delves into the darkest recesses of your mind to find the fear you must live.

Which brings us to Mesut Özil, who is flying under the radar in all this. According to well-informed sources, we don’t know what his thoughts are. Not to worry, the Spanish press rode over the hill and revealed we tried to sell him to Barcelona and take Arda Turan in return. And the Catalan’s were having none of it.

And that encapsulates what an absolute disaster area we have become: we can’t even give away our best players. Then again, it might not have happened because the Spanish media are not noted for their strict adherence to the truth, much like their British counterparts.

Which shows what an absolute disaster area we have become. They can print those stories and your first reaction isn’t, “B*llocks!”, it’s “WTF is going on at Arsenal?”

Finally, last week’s record of the week – The War On Drugs, A Deeper Understanding – with its oodles of noodles, is here and will soon be joined by a trip back to 2005.

’til Tomorrow.

169 thoughts on “Sanchez, Ox & Ozil Not Off But Gibbs Given Pulis Torture

  1. Jonny,

    Seri is the replacement for Santi its one of the main reasons why barca chased him as he could be to them what they have been missing, somebody to fill in Xavi’s role.

  2. FFS – West Brom have landed Krychowiak on a year’s loan – plays at both DM and CB.
    Tonnes of international experience – excellent in Euro 2016.
    I’d have been pretty happy if we’d looked at him. 🙁

  3. Jonny,

    See my post earlier that Damon commented on…

    The fact that PSG who Arsene is best mates with has now loaned out both Jese and Krychowiak and we didn’t get either is absurd especially since they are in areas that we need help in. Jese would easily have been an upgrade on anybody (Theo, Giroud, Ox, Iwobi, Welbeck and Perez) in teh attacking positions and Krychowiak easily is an upgrade on anybody in midfield in those pivot roles (Elneny, Le Coq, Xhaka, Ramsey). Why we weren’t in for them is beyond me.

    Before anybody says, “well you don’t know if we were in for Krychowiak”, go and read his quotes.

  4. Before you say it C,I know and understand they are very different players,but Wenger has made massive changes to players positions to accommodate the Ox-obviously to passify him.
    Now he’s gone,we can some sort of semblance to normality….and with the irate Chilean gone before too long,a more together feeling in the squad.

  5. Pulis was quoted as saying he wouldn’t sell us Jonny Evans as he doesn’t want to sell to a rival!….that’s cheeky as fuck and brilliant

  6. Heh fair play to Pulis – the humour of his quip is only somewhat lessened by the fact that he’s probably got a point.

  7. Funny, all the chatter is that Ox is seen as a long term replacement for Milner who is used as a LB and sort of do everything sort of player. Personally don’t see how he geta into their midfield but not our problem anymore.

  8. Jonnygunner,

    I am one of the few that think giving some of these youngsters, especially Nelson, some match time. Think he showed what he can do and I think he would be a fine replacement for Ox but with Ox gone that means Bellerin at RWB and Sead LWB, that god.

  9. I think the interest in, and the high fees offered for the £40m Ox reflects the added value that a homegrown players adds to a top 6 team. Not many good homegrown players around I guess. Top 6 teams have to find some serviceable parts from England to fit in the squad. £7m Gibbs isn’t even good enough for a squad place on a top 6 team.

  10. Jonny,

    He can handle the ball and dribble better than Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin, Ramsey, I think. Can help handle the press.

  11. Selling both Gibbs and Ox in one day isn’t a bad bit of business at all. I’m assuming the deal for Sanchez is sewn up tomorrow and maybe Mustafi as well. Let’s see how well our deep squad does now. I’m in two minds about Ox, as I think many Arsenal fans are. He does make driving runs at the opposition, but so often there is no end result. If there is a top player in there it needs someone who can actually coach to bring it out.
    If Wenger can sort out the midfield set up we might actually get our season back on track. If he continues to play Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil together we might as strap ourselves in and get ready for the ride because it is going to be bumpy to say the least. Sometimes he actually listens to criticism, especially when it’s so vocal and the pundits have been pretty hard hitting. He’s dug his heels in on Ozil, but I don’t think Xhaka will get the same protection. He doesn’t deserve it given that he has directly given the ball away leading to goals on 3 occasions already this season.

  12. Meanwhile on the Twatterbox, yer Ornstein is claiming – seemingly with a straight face –

    “Arsenal have no plans to replace AOC & no money for major signings”


    We were bidding for Lamar a month ago you outrageous cock-womble.


  13. Jonny,

    I wasn’t even going to post that, glad somebody else did.

    My mate just text me and asked is Arsene and Kroenke doing this in response to the war between Ivan and Arsene? Ivan saying and pushing for a DoF and Arsene telling him to fuck off, then saying the squad is too big and in order for all of it to work with Europa is tell everybody we are broke and need to sell all while Arsene gets a raise and Kroenke continues to take money out of the club.

  14. Jonny,

    It’s telling that many of these stories are coming from ‘sources’ known to be close to the club. They use them to dissemble bad news just like they use them for stories of war chests when it suits. Of course it’s dishonest, when have this club ever been honest about their ambitions? “Big as Bayern”? “Catalyst for change”? just words and blatant lies at that. Wenger loves to mislead but he’s just like the rest of them, I doubt that they could utter an honest sentence between the lot of them.

  15. Jebus, you hear something like that and you really realise that the extent that fans are being treated like absolute fucking mugs.

    Don’t get me wrong, we have been for the last decade but this is some next-level fuckery right here.

    They are not even being consistent in their lies.


  16. Jonny,

    What happened to the fabled war chest? :). We are now in profit for transfers and have cut quite a few salaries.

  17. Do people remember one of the transfer windows when Arsene had a meeting with the Pope and was in the air when someone decided to buy Welbeck. I think he said after this that if had been contactable he wouldn’t have allowed the deal to go through. Unless it was a loan!

  18. Just to contrast, as it stands (assuming the Ox passes his medical) AFC are net £27m in profit with the possible sale of Alexis to come. And we have no money.

    Bournemouth – net spend £30m
    Brighton – net spend £37m
    Huddersfield – net spend £45m
    Leicester – net spend £48.5m
    Watford – net spend £47m

    How can anyone seriously claim that we are in an inferior financial position to any of the above? And if we are when are the persons responsible going to be fired??

  19. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  20. ‘arsene.. quick, we’re in the shit, think of something and save us…’

    ‘just do what weve always done and tell the thick cunts weve got no money..’

  21. Actually it all smacks of internal politics again. I’d bet my bottom dollar that this story originated with Wenger supporters seeking to put the blame on Stan OR from Stan’s team to suggest that Wenger is being a tight wad and then they release a few million so that Stan saves the day. Either way the club is an absolute mess.

  22. C:

    I am one of the few that think giving some of these youngsters, especially Nelson, some match time. Think he showed what he can do and I think he would be a fine replacement for Ox but with Ox gone that means Bellerin at RWB and Sead LWB, that god.

    Unfortunately I think you’re being a bit too optimistic if you think Wenger is going to play round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes now.

    IMO he has this vision of himself as a maverick genius, so he’ll imsist on some totally gormless move and put Bellerin as a centre back or something the rest of us couldn’t possibly dream up and then pontificate on how he “wasn’t convinced” when it goes completely tits up.

    I don’t think Tim Stillman got it quite right, this is not about him realizing he’s fucked up, it’s about him being so far up his own arse that he belongs in a padded cell.

  23. Stu,

    Anyone who can make the kind of money that Usmanov has, in Russia, and can stay alive and out of gaol is certainly not “batshit crazy”.

    Although in the past he has backed Wenger, I suspect that he is enough of an Arsenal fan to recognise the damage that is being done to the club by the manager, the Chief Executive and the majority shareholder and given the chance would make the necessary changes.

  24. Wenger’s transfer dealings so far this time around have been, with one exception, entirely underwhelming. The exception is Kolasinac. Lacazette looks a bit overpriced to me and will have to provide a bit more end product to convince me of his worth.

    Despite Wenger’s assertion that Oxlade-Chamberlain will see out his contract, it appears that somebody at the club has managed a bit of good business to get £40 million for a player who has failed to live up to his early billing.

    Wenger has twenty-five hours and ten minutes to redeem himself.

  25. Orson Kaert,

    It would help if AW played him. He had a goal in his league debut and a good finish called off away at Stoke. That’s a good start but how will he adapt to the PL without playing in these big games. Too early to judge but there are hopeful signs Laca will be good. He wasn’t my ideal first choice either but let’s give him a chance. If we want to gripe about it, I’d say the question really is why we didn’t get him a year or two earlier for 20m less? Certainly was available last year and we are lucky AM’s ban prevented their deal or we would have had no chance to get him at all.

  26. This club is in a very very bad place, it could get disastrous if bad results continue.

    That’s the life line of Arsenal right now, all the people who make excuses for this club are just waiting for a few good results to rear their heads. And Arsenal wants this so badly.

    The worst thing is nothing will happen at this club until half the Emirates is empty.

  27. Orson Kaert,

    Even a great trolley dash or miracle last day would not redeem him. You can’t finish 5th and then be so unprepared and unfocused that you lose two of three and barely squeak past Leicester and be redeemed by sone late transfer deals, I think. He’s goofed badly already. He’s failed to convince Alexis to stay a year and play with commitment. Some wheeler dealer chicanery at the end is not going to solve this. If Alexis stays now, in these circumstances, it will be disastrous competitively and financially. Selling him now leaves no time to replace unless you think of Lacazette as his replacement. And I. Fact that is what we are likely to see. OG up top and Laca on the left fairly regularly.

  28. Wavey,

    An interesting read, much of which is speculation of course. Based on the conclusions drawn I wouldn’t necessarily give a lot of it too much credence, after all he wrongly decided that Wenger was leaving and consequently just about every single solution he proposed hasn’t happened. Almost the opposite in fact.

    I doubt we’ll ever know the truth. You certainly wouldn’t expect AW to be totally honest if he does write that book. What does appear to be true is that as badly as we may have managed the transition from Highbury in the past the current situation is a whole level of shit worse.

    Maybe we would have been better of sticking with Rioch after all.

  29. Wavey,

    Thanks. Interesting article. I didn’t realise that Wenger didn’t really want Xhaka. Maybe that is why he benched him for so long. Ditto Perez? It is to Wenger’s credit that he wanted Kante. What a difference he would have made.

  30. Another piece of speculation. Previously we usually did just enough to qualify top 4 and the CL places. Have we now resigned ourselves to being a Europa League team and are we cutting our cloth accordingly?

    To finish top four we have to outperform two from Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool, and United. On recent performances you wouldn’t put money on it. To qualify for the EL we have to finish in the top seven or eight. Given that only Everton should be realistic challengers you’d assume that we’re pretty much nailed on to do that. So given the probabilities Stan’s most cost efficient solution would be to wind down our wage bill and take the guaranteed EL place while spending little or no money. Clearly to truly challenge for a CL place with a high likelihood of success we would have to spend far more than we might gain as a result of qualification. And the risk of failure would be higher.

    That basic calculation doesn’t take into account who the manager is. Wenger in or out, in the short term at least the above would appear to be a realistic assessment of where we are.

  31. If Sanchez goes, and it looks like Arsene has lost faith in Iwobi and Walcott, then I guess he will have almost no choice but to keep Perez and play him. Arsenal are trying to drag in Raheem Stirling because they know they’re short up front.

  32. Limestonegunner,

    The Gibbs, Ox and even Gabriel deals; they seem to have happened literally overnight or over the course of a couple hours. Its strange because you always hear Arsene talk about how long it takes especially between ‘big clubs’ yet the deals for Ox and even Gabriel (yea Valencia is still considered a relatively big club) were done in little to no time all things considered.

  33. i personally dont get the fuss about perez
    a journeyman striker whos never been picked for spain and only hit double figures twice in his career

    we just bought him as backup when we had lots of money and decided we were going to buy 100mil quids worth of shite in one go..

    its probably the reason they aint giving him fuck all to spend this summer becuase they know hes going to piss it down the toilet but i’d have just told him to fuck off and let someone else spend rebuild the team.

    in all seriousness, i think its ivans payback for losing the power struggle to wenger last season..he tried to change it – lost – so now hes withholding the funds to make wenger look an even bigger cunt than what he already did and stan wont get involved in this one because ivans making him £££££’s…

    oh the irony arsene..

    they can all get on with it – tommorrows going to be a belter and the rest of this seasons going to be a barrel of laughs as well…

    weve got no money… thats made my whole season already…

  34. C,

    When you’ve got no big plan, and don’t intend to spend any money, you’ve got to hold onto players as long as possible, in case you need them.

  35. The other funny thing about Ox heading to Liverpool is if he struggles to get into the team especially centrally this season, he has no chance next season when Keita comes in.

    O well.

  36. JJ

    I agree. Never quite understood the fuss about Perez. If you Look on Wikipedia he only hit double figures in goals once. He spent most of his career kicking around different teams in Russia without a lot of success. Its understandable that very few teams would want to take the risk of commiting to 3-4 years of Arsenal level wages for a 29 year old player with that sort of career record.

  37. Bill,

    Me too. Useful in the squad perhaps and I was curious to see more but this was a player meant to be a back up at Everton whom we grabbed when we ought to have forced a Lacazette deal through last summer.

  38. andy1886,

    This worrying thought occurred to me too,m. In the same way that Stan calculated that attempting to win the league was risky and required big spending, he has adjusted now to the similar approach perhaps to CL qualification now that there is so much more competition to get into the top 4. The money is not so rewarding proportionally considering the spending required on wages and transfers.

  39. City have sent a team to Chile to carry out a medical if we can agree a fee for Sanchez.

    Negotiations are taking place with PSG for Draxler.

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