Will Arsenal Make a Late Swoop for Asensio?

Just when you thought the transfer window was starting to swing closed…

There’s nothing like a late August rumour to get pulses racing and bookmakers on their toes. After months of speculation that Real’s 21 year old midfield sensation could be snapped up by Liverpool, Spanish football pundits at Diario Gol say that Arsenal intends to make a move on the Spanish star.

Bookies caught napping?

The transfer window is one of the busiest times of the year for bookmakers. Eager football fans eager are keen to demonstrate their knowledge of the inner workings of the game by correctly predicting who will go where. This is why a look at any of the best UK bookmakers sites will reveal a whole list of top European footballers, along with quoted odds on them moving to this, that or the other team.

But till this week, the name Marco Asensio was conspicuous by its absence. The bookies were as sure as the rest of us that he would be seeing out his contract at Real after a stellar season and that, promising though he is, nobody would want to sniff around him when there was a £72 million release clause in the way and Liverpool have already had a £42 million offer rejected earlier in the year. But what a difference a week makes.

Emergency talks

Asensio’s relationship with Real bosses appears to have rapidly soured, as he has attempted to negotiate improved terms with the La Liga champions. Asensio believes his contribution to the team is undervalued. This is at the heart of the contract dispute which developed recently.

This has caused other interested parties to come knocking, with Manchester City, Juventus and now Arsenal expressing an interest. And with money to burn following Neymar’s record transfer to Paris St Germain, Barcelona could also wish to throw their hat into the ring.

As a result, Asensio has requested “emergency talks” with his employers in an attempt to break the deadlock. There’s no doubt that he will attempt to use the interest of Arsenal and others as leverage. There’s nothing like an English club to firm up a more lucrative deal with your club. Currently tied into a youth salary, Asensio’s earnings are well below the £5.5m per year he wants.

A move to London?

Asensio enjoyed an impressive 2016/17 campaign, scoring 10 goals in all competitions. His high-profile scoring performance in the Champion’s League final in June underlined his potential.

The Spanish press reports that Arsène is willing to activate Asensio’s £72 million release clause. Despite his record on signings and prevarication, Asensio, they claim, is heading to the Emirates. With Wenger all but giving up on signing Thomas Lemar from Monaco, Asensio could be exactly what the club needs.

33 thoughts on “Will Arsenal Make a Late Swoop for Asensio?

  1. Thanx, Matt, good Post.

    I read a report allegedly emanating from a Spanish journalist that Asensio has said he would rebuff Arsenal if they did indeed meet his release clause.

    Either they want to join us, but are prevented from doing so, or they can be released to Arsenal, but do not want to do so.

  2. Transfer post, right up my alley, thanks Matt.

    I do wonder if the Asenio chatter and the way he feels at Madrid is similar to what happened with Jese and Morata after they put in impressive performances in the CL and La Liga prior to being found surplus to requirements at Madrid. I don’t think Asenio will end up at Arsenal but I surely wouldn’t mind him here.

    The thing is, Can’t see them selling him given the way Zidane has rotated his squad that started last season where he essentially had a MAdrid A and B Team both in La Liga and CL plus his continued chatter (and actually doing it ) of resting Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema during the early parts of the campaign and then using them more and more towards the more business end of the season.

  3. The other great news for Perez seems to be that the Deportivo President has confirmed that a deal for Perez is being finalized and Perez will be a Deportivo player next week.

  4. Inter have approached Arsenal about Mustafi first for a loan and are set to come back with a deal for a permanent move but Arsenal has rejected them thus far.

  5. Isn’t it funny that people bang on about wanting an old fashion no non-sense CB then we we get him, he stands up to all the bullies in the PL that play CF becauae phyaically the rest of our CB’s can’t we then sell him. Fucking strange decisions I tell you.

  6. Gabriel paulista move to Valencia confirmed…if Wenger sell chambers next, I will now believe that he is truly a mad man

  7. Not really H2H – designed to put off all but the most ardent of admirers and a reflection of the cost of the contract itself, e.g. transfer fees + agents + wages + social security.

  8. The idea that Wenger wouldn’t pay £50m for Lemar I can believe, that he’s pay £72m for Asensio is quite frankly ludicrous. All the evidence is that we’re trying to recoup funds rather than spend them.

  9. I am a bit surprised that the Gabriel sale was done so quickly. I don’t even remember hearing about it until very recently. He had chances and he was just never as good as we thought he would be so its not a great loss. Hopefully it will mean that we keep Chambers.

  10. injury to Kos (highly likely). Injury to Merts (highly likely) I can see AFC regretting the sale of Gabriel. I know his English was poor but thought he was starting to settle into his role. Could see him playing for a big Spanish club in the future.

    He always played with a lot of heart. Good luck to him.

  11. If we don’t sell Chambers we have Mustafi, Mert, Kos, Holding Nacho and Chambers to play 3 positions with Kolasinac in case Nacho gets hurt. Most of the time your first choice CB’s can play almost every game so that should easily be enough players. Gabriel was probably one of the few squad players who was reasonably easy to move so it makes sense.

  12. Assuming Nacho and Saed cover the left side that leaves 5 players for 2 positions. Chambers is probably sitting on the bottom rung of the ladder so he probably won’t play unless we have a bunch of injuries.

  13. Sorry, I d t see what the fuss is about Gabriel leaving

    If we hold what we’ve got, I think we’ve got the numbers. Whether or not they can do the job remains to be seen

    Gabriel was an average squad player. Nothing more. Sorry C, but to say he bossed Costa and then mention the game where he got sent off is contradictory at best. Costa won that battle with time to spare in the first half by getting him sent off. Stupidity on Gabriela part and it wouldn’t be a tough argument to make that we lost that game as a direct result of the sending off

    I recall being impressed when he first came here, but I struggle to think of a game where he stood out. Perhaps I’m being unfair?

  14. Bill,

    I’m still absolutely amazed that everyone is so relaxed about having 2 left backs as back-up centre backs. Last weekend was an unmitigated disaster defensively and that against a team who are a shadow of their title-winning selves. I think it was pretty clear from the bench selection that Wenger has no time for Chambers and that he will be sold if a deal can be arranged. It seems to be complete madness that a player who has experience at centre back in the PL and for his country is behind 2 left backs. If he was going and we had a target in mind to replace him it would make sense, but we don’t. I think Wenger is actually going to play Nacho as his first choice CB on the left side of the 3 as well. So the set up when all are fit appears to be Mustafi, Kos and Nacho with cover being Holding, Per and Sead. I guess Elneny is 7th choice which is fine because you wouldn’t expect to have 7 CBs to choose from. The problem is that we only have 4 and 2 of those are unlikely to be able to play every week. We are short of proper centre backs if we are going to continue with a back 3 as our first choice defensive formation. Either Wenger is going to abandon the back 3 at some point and therefore has adequate cover, or he hasn’t got his numbers right and has forgotten that he needs to cover 3 CB positions every game.
    The rumoured interest in Mustafi must surely have been dismissed out of hand as his departure promotes either Per, or Holding to the first XI. We either play with 2 crocks and a left back, or one crock, one inexperienced player and a left back. For those how would say that means we are going to keep Chambers, he didn’t play him last week when Mustafi wasn’t available so why would he if Mustafi goes. For me, the omission of Chambers against Leicester last week was a very clear statement that he isn’t wanted. If I were him I would have my agent very busy trying to get me a new home.

  15. So what happens if Holding gets a long term injury and Per gets one of his little niggles before we play City, or United? We go with Nacho, Kos, Sead at the back? Or Elneny, Kos, Nacho? We might as well not have a defense and play with 10 forwards, even better let’s name Willock as goal keeper and we can play with 11 attackers.

  16. Damon,

    I don’t think I can remember Gabriel ever bossing anyone. I never rated him however I had started to see a marked improvement in his performances last term up to his injury. Stand out? Maybe not but definitely solid. We should hang on to Chambers now as I’d like to see an English combination at the back for club and country. That might be wishful thinking.

  17. Arsenal/Wenger will buy nobody. The deluded one knew we needed four players yet we have bought 1 player. Is Wenger deluded or is his little Freudian butt so tight it controls all his decisions. Both probably. For ten years we haven’t challenged for the Premier League and guess what, this year we haven’t got an earthly. Oh no another two years delusion!!!!

  18. Wavey,

    It’s worth pointing out that we can’t count our two LB’s as cover when one of them will have to play LB/LWB. I wouldn’t expect Per to play too many games, Kos is a walking injury risk and Holding for all his progress last season isn’t a nailed on starter yet. Second season syndrome (see Bellerin for example) may yet hit him. I expect that we’ll get by, but it’ll be a typical Wenger ‘make do and mend’ situation at some point.

    On another topic assuming we sell Perez next week as forecast for circa £10m our net spend will be approximately £16m this window with other sales likely and little to suggest that we’re in the market for additions. Would you bet against us having a zero net spend by the time the window closes? Contrast that with the spending of our ‘rivals’ (and even smaller clubs too) and Ivan’s claim of ‘ambition’ starts to look even more hollow.

  19. Wavey,

    As someone said earlier, if Wenger sells Mustafi or Chambers it would be absolute fucking madness. I’m happy with Monreal on the left of 3 but not in the middle as it was v Leicester. If Monreal in out then Sead works for me. I am however uncomforble with Mustafi in the middle of 3 and I’m sure that Wenger will need to play him there at times.

  20. andy1886,

    But he’s already used the 2 LBs in the middle in the first game. He played Ox at LWB. We all know it was a disaster, but Wenger never gives up on a lost cause when it comes to a poor playing system. He will do it again.

    I’m convinced his remit has been to get us back in the top 4, but that he has been asked to do the same as he had to when the new stadium debt was an issue as we are short the CL revenue this season. He is working on a tight trading budget with the aim of having a net zero spend this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we started throwing the players like Gibbs etc out at the end of the window for next to nothing.

  21. Wailesy,

    Sead spent half his time up the other end of the pitch as part of a back 3. That works against someone like Leicester, but against bigger teams? Suicide! I want to see Sead in the attacking third, but not if he’s meant to be a CB. As it turns out, his marauding forward from the back 3 created a goal against Leicester, but bigger teams will exploit the hole he will leave if he is the player filling in at CB.

  22. andy1886,

    Wenger also swapped Bellerin over to the left side late in the game and played Ox as RB, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a game with Hector starting as LB/LWB.

  23. Wavey,

    If he truly thinks that that’s an option rather than an emergency fix then he really is a complete fuckwit, the plot will lost beyond recovery. Yet again as you suggest our number one priority is preserving our cash reserves and trying to luck into the top four. If making top four was our #1 priority then we wouldn’t be so frugal in the market in the first place. Looking forward to Ivan trying to spin his way out of this at the next AGM.

  24. Guys, you must be wrong about no one else coming in…the £100m transfer chest leaked before season ticket sales hasn’t been spent yet… Relax, I’m taking my meds now.

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