Leicester City Review: It’ll Be Alright On The Night

Arsenal 4 – 3 Leicester City

The only thing missing from this white-knuckle ride opening game was Dennis Norden, puns and clipboard front and centre stage. There was a happy ending to the evening; no repeat of the defeats to West Ham United and Liverpool. Trhee points, top of the table for a couple of hours longer; good morning football, I’ve missed you.

Alexandre Lacazette will not forget his debut. Ninety-four seconds into the match and he probably wondered what the fuss was about. Ninety minutes later, he must have wondered if every Premier League game was going to be this madcap.

Defeat last night would have been criminal, particularly after Lacazette’s opener. I thought he did well with good movement across the pitch. His goal typified that, finding space in the box to head home comfortably. Old vulnerabilities resurfaced with Cech beaten by the flight of the ball, none of the defenders tracking the run around the back of the defence and one of the shortest players on the pitch – Okazaki – heading home the equaliser.

It was a one-sided match where we were punished. Leicester had few chances and probably took them all, or all the ones on target. Inevitably, Jamie Vardy twice gave the Foxes the lead. The first, on the break, found a gap in the heart of the unfamiliar trio and slotted home, before Danny Welbeck equalised as intricate patterns broke the offside trap and gave him the simplest of tap-ins.

Vardy’s second exposed the night’s vulnerabilities but two quickfire goals late in the game, restored the universe’s equliibrium. Aaron Ramsey, with Olivier Giroud, saw Wenger move to a 4-3-3 with just over twenty minutes to go, rammed home the third after Granit Xhaka’s exquisite pass before Giroud won the match with a fine header.

Hits and Misses

There were plenty of question marks over the back line but with Per Mertesacker and Shkodran Mustafi both likely to return to the starting line-up next weekend, I’m not particularly worried by the holes in our defence last night. Repeating the pattern of the game at Stoke and yes, there will be huge question marks over what is going on.

Arsène didn’t try and hide those problems after the game but as you’d expect focussed on the positives of three points,

Well if you were a manager and you would be on the bench when you’re 3-2 down with 20 minutes to go, and you win 4-3, you’re more happy than concerned. I feel as well that the goals we conceded, we can work together to get rid of that because one was a corner, one was a ball we lost in the build up and the third goal was on a corner again, so we conceded two goals on corners. We were quite good last year on corners and overall I believe that with a bit of work we can get that out of the system.

The manner of Leicester’s goals won’t have been lost on the watching Stoke City scouts.

Despite that, I thought Sead Kolasinac once again played well, handling the nerves and new style of opposition play, well. The same with Lacazette. Moving to a 4-3-3 might be welcomed in some quarters but for the moment it is still Plan B. An effective one but one performance isn’t enough to change a whole system. It wasn’t last year so won’t be this. Unless, that’s the new Arsène way of thinking.

Beast not Burden

Danny Welbeck appreciated Kolasinac, and is another to highlight his strength,

Sead, honestly, with his aggressiveness at the back and getting up towards the strikers, winning the ball back and breaking forward he was great for us. He’s like a beast on the pitch

The partnership of Elneny and Xhaka was curtailed with the introduction of Aaron Ramsey in the search of an equaliser. The Welshman delivered and probably put himself back into the starting line-up in the process. There won’t be many arguments if he gets forward to support the attack as effectively during the course of the season.

And being a match officiated by Mike Dean, controversy surfaced. This time media-driven, it must be said. Mesut Özil, subdued last night by his own standards, was deemed to control the ball with his arm, even though it was in a ‘natural’ position. There would have been no surprise if Dean had penalised him but is shows how difficult deciding what is deliberate in those situations and what isn’t. That he then denied us a stonewall penalty is no surprise either.

Three points and that’s all we can ask for. It was an entertaining game where the gamut of emotions coursed through our bodies. A late winner always give a victory a sweeter taste, but to grab two goals in a short spell makes the ‘high’ higher.

’til Tomorrow.

179 thoughts on “Leicester City Review: It’ll Be Alright On The Night

  1. Orson Kaert,

    Might be but anything is possible, I mean outside of me who thought we were going to win yesterday when I think even you and Bob could have scored on us 😉

  2. Apparently we have had a bid for Lucas Moura rejected and it is thought that a bid of around £27m might do the trick as PSG look to raise funds for Mbappe. I would gladly have Lucas Moura!

  3. Giroud….

    Not the best of strikers out there, but more often than not he comes up with the goods in the most difficult of times.

    Very good to have in your Arsenal.

    I hope he’s staying, at least this year.

  4. C,

    Agree. He’s an extremely tricky winger, i think he’d put the much needed fire into Ox and Theo.


    I still think Van Dijk would be a sound investment. My worry is that midfield, last night there was very little pressing and a lot of flooding forward at times. Ramsey is hit or miss, Xhaka is as likely to pick a pass leading to goal/score a screamer as he is to give it away and El Neny i don’t think is up to it. whilst i’ve stated before i don’t think a defensive midfielder is actually needed, i do think we need to sign someone to take up Santi’s mantle. His creativity and vision is sorely missed, we need someone of similar ilk because all creativity is looked for from Ozil which imo he does well and get’s a lot of unfair criticism. I don’t think we’re balanced in the midfield position to suit Ozil or Xhaka, which is worrying.

  5. MesutsLeftFoot,

    Actually I think the signing of Moura would be the end of both Ox and Theo UNLESS he is brought in as insurance for if Sanchez leaves next summer.

    While Van Dijk would be a sound investment, I think IF, which doesn’t look likely, Chambers is kept we are actually in good shape because I think Gabriel defensively does the business but doesn’t seem everybody’s cup of tea, Holding, Chambers and Mustafi will continue to develop (people forget Mustafi only just turned 25 years old this year) and Kos has another year or 2 even with the injuries. I think midfield is were we need another signing, I am a massive admirer of Elneny and think that he offers more than he has shown because he just does the job needed for the team at the time, but I do agree, I would gladly have a midfield link player like Sergi Samper of Barca or Aiser and think we really missed a trick getting Tolisso from Lyon who went to Bayern. I too think that Ozil gets unfair criticism (whoever reads this lets not go down the road today) but I think Elneny is the one player in the team that brings that calm, disciplined link play that is needed between Xhaka and Ozil. I think our midfield should be addressed but the other thing is if not I do think that what will help is getting our back 3 or 4 back to take some of the pressure off of our midfield.

  6. C,

    Looking at Wikipedia, it seems Moura would make an ideal Sanchez replacement. C’mon Arsene get a bid in.

  7. Barca are set to sign Paulinho which means their next signing is going to be either Dembele (who I think will end up at Barca) or Coutinho.

  8. If we could induce PSG to sell us Moura we could recoup the fee by selling Sanchez to City, where he would fit right in but wouldn’t improve them that much.

  9. Orson Kaert,

    He would but also if we go to a back 4 (which I see happening he can play on the RW with Sanchez on the LW and Lacazette through the middle and that would be brilliant.

    We all remember how he ripped us to pieces for PSG.

  10. Orson Kaert,

    The interesting thing is that Pep has recently come out and said that he has enough attacking talent and that if he does sign players he wants younger players which means I’m not sure he wants Sanchez and to be honest, the way they seem to be playing this season I don’t see him actually starting because of how much Pep loves Jesus (for obvious reasons). Watching them now, they actually have all of their “wingers” on teh bench until Sane just came on.

  11. C,

    Problem is I cannot see us being successful with a back four unless we buy a bona fide DM to sit in front of them. I can see Wenger trying it because defence is always an after thought, but our best chance of competing with the Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs is sticking with the back 3/5 and ditching zonal marking.

  12. C,

    I’ve switched to the athletics, actually my wife has switched to the athletics, but if I want a home cooked curry this evening I have to surrender the remote control.

  13. C:
    Orson Kaert,

    Might be but anything is possible, I mean outside of me who thought we were going to win yesterday when I think even you and Bob could have scored on us

    I think we all hoped/thought we would win against the Foxes. Why wouldn’t we?

    Of course, with the defence playing like wet bog paper we would have been within our rights to have worried we had been over-optimistic. 😀

  14. City 2 up. Brighton are going to have to offer more offensively to survive, you cannot defend for 90 minutes in the PL, especially against the top sides.

  15. andy1886,

    I actually think we can be successful both in a 3 and 4 man defense but the biggest thing will be with sorting out the defense. I do think that we will be a lot better defensively once we actually have CB’s back there. The key will be figuring out the midfield, I think it would be interesting with Elneny and Xhaka with a back 4 but who knows what will happen. I agree though, get fucking rid of zonal marking and how about Cech command his box shall he!

  16. C,

    I think it was significant that Wenger actually changed the formation quite radically, during the game, something that was anathema to him in previous seasons.

    The situation demanded some action from the manager and for once he came up with the necessary intervention.

    If we can get our central defenders fit and available I’m quite relaxed about whether we play three or four at the back so long as we play centre backs at centre back, full backs at full back and wing backs at wing back. Always providing, of course, that the various combinations have actually played together in those systems.

    Now, the Chicken Madras is on the table, the brown Basmati rice is arriving and the papadums are ready.

    Catch you later.

  17. Bill,

    I absolutely agree with you on the differences between Ramsey and Elneny, which is why I would never start Ramsey over Elneny. You don’t get to go gung ho for 90 minutes of a match and hope to win it, especially when the player doing it leaves a big gap in the middle of the pitch. You need someone who is going to do the fetching and carrying efficiently. It’s fine to bring Ramsey on with 20 minutes to go when we want to crank up the pressure because he gives the opposing team something completely different to have to deal with when their legs are tiring. He is definitely much more of a threat than Elneny and puts teams on the back foot by making dangerous runs and getting on the end of things. You just can’t have him playing that way from the start of a match in a 2 man midfield. He would have more freedom to do that in the position as the tip of a three man midfield, but not when he has got defensive duties as well.

    Also agree that we should really be looking for a player who is an upgrade on Ramsey and Elneny, someone who has the ability to boss midfield and can also bring the ball forward. We are still looking for our Vieira replacement.

  18. Hey C.

    Don’t want to over do the positive, defensive very we were a shambles at times but I also thought that Leicester countered very well. A long way to go and contray to heading heads on TV, the season is not finalized on day of one.

    I thought going forward we were very good but we get to hung-ho at times and we’re punished on the counter. Looked like 2015 Vardy not 2016.

  19. Ideal role for OG is backup, alternative for some set ups and starts but as the second option. This keeps him fresh and motivated, which he needs to be at his most effective. I’ve never been in favor of selling him but have been asking for a top class mobile finisher.

  20. On Xhaka and midfield, it has been clear that the guy has some talent as a passer and has spirit. We need a dribbler alongside him and someone who could sit deeper to partner with Ramsey as well. I think Elneny is fine but he cannot dribble the ball like Santi/Rosicky type player.

  21. I also think that while it seems the same old Arsenal, and basically it is whether back 3/5 or 4, but we were playing with two LB’s and an inexperienced player with less than 20 Arsenal starts. That’s a recipe for mistakes and confusion. I agree with Bill and others that Sead should play LWB and Monreal left side of the 3. He’s not naturally a Cb so playing him in the center really wouldn’t ever have been the best and certainly provided little leadership for Holding.

    Once we have Kos, Merts, Mustafi back, the natural experienced options will be more plentiful. But the back 3 is no defensive panacea. The numbers show similar levels of shots and chances conceded between the two set ups. Cech was better with 3 CB’s but we need to wonder whether that will continue to be the case. In any case, this points to a lack of team defending and organization that suggests CM is the problem. We seem no closer to solving it.

  22. Wavey

    Anything can work well for a couple of games. However, based on a huge sample size of 13 year of undeniable evidence we can both predict with a very high level of confidence that if we have a ball possession player who specializes in making a lot of short passes in middle of the park controlling the tempo of the game we will eventually fall back into our tippy tappy style of play.

  23. We even fell back into our tippy tappy style with Cazorla when he was healthy. Elneny is a nice player but despite what C might think he is not anywhere near as dynamic or as good as Cazorla. I realize that I have an over developed anti ball possession bias but I would like to see us embrace a different system and style of play.

  24. Bill,

    That would require a significant change in playing staff, which I just don’t see happening. Playing Ramsey for 90 minutes puts too much pressure on our defence, he leaves a huge hole in the middle of the park which Xhaka isn’t up to covering. With the players available the best option would be to play possession football and then put Ramsey on to go for it in the last 20. I’d prefer we buy the player(s) how would give us a more dynamic approach, but Wenger is already indicating that there won’t be much more activity in the market.

  25. Wenger seems have had made it fairly clear that his preferred pairing is Xhaka/Ramsey (he said as much when talking about Wilshere’s chances of getting into the team). For me, that leaves us vulnerable in the middle of park and guarantees another rollercoaster ride of a season. It shows that Wenger does not think about developing a system with the players available, just that he wants his system to be player no matter what. He should be looking to buy specific players who got the skill set for the system to work, but he plays players out of position or lacking the ability instead.

  26. Bill,

    Here here Bill.

    If Wenger decides not to go in for a DCM within the next fortnight I can’t see us having the slightest chance of winning the league. I’m assuming of course that Wenger wants to win the league. I think he knows this term is his last chance to have a red hot go and he’s got the money to burn.

  27. Wailsey
    There is no doubt in my mind that Wenger wants to win the league, however as long as its on his terms. That where it goes pear shaped imo.

  28. Wavey

    The real problem with our defense in the center of the pitch is Xhaka. IMO.

    I think blaming Ramsey for defensive issues is wide of the mark. Our midfield did not look anymore solid defensively or less vulnerable to counterattacks with Elneny/Xhaka in the game against Leicester.

  29. Bill,

    I’m not blaming Ramsey, I am simply saying that the Ramsey/Xhaka is not the right pairing to play because of the skill sets of the two players. To play Ramsey from the start of a game you need a very strong CDM who can boss the centre of the pitch alongside him. Without that strong player our midfield will be porous with Ramsey and any team would struggle to run the middle of the pitch with Xhaka on his own. Ramsey therefore works better as an impact player in the last 20 minutes or so when the other team tires. To have a fresh Ramsey coming at you late in the game is something few teams can deal with. You focused on a very specific part of my argument and appeared to completely miss my point.

  30. Bill,

    And Leicester weren’t exactly battering us on the counterattack, the first 2 goals were down to simple pressing with Ozil being caught in possession and Xhaka making a very poor attempted pass. They scored from all of their attempts on goal with 2 coming from very poor defending at set pieces. Having conceded a goal on 5 minutes our midfield then proceeded to take charge of the game. At no point were Leicester walking through our midfield (which we have seen teams do early in previous seasons). The frustrations with Friday night’s game were largely down to a fundamentally flawed defensive line up.

  31. Wavey

    Fair enough. Elneny is a nice versatile squad player, IMO and I am glad we have him on the squad. However, I don’t see Elneny/Xhaka as a improvement over Ramsey/Xhaka or Lecoq/Xhaka. However, saying that I have to admit to having personal bias and I am just not a fan of having a lot of ball possession players on our team. Ozil has sort of morphed from a dynamic difference making player earlier in his career to someone who touches the ball a lot but does not really make anything happen. Adding another player who is mostly about passing the ball around midfield is a recipe for falling back into our old habits. I have seen the same thing for last 13 years and may be this time it will be different but I am skeptical.

  32. I know most of you wouldn’t or don’t follow the US news outside of Trump, but hearts and minds go out to all those affected by the White Nationalist, KKK and neo-Nazi(they all showed up in army and riot gear armed and ready and wanting to fight and did fight everybody including State Troopers and local police) rally yesterday in Charlottesville, VA where not only were there brawls on every corner but also one White Nationalist decided to drive his car and target counter-protesters where he killed 1 person and have 15+ others have been labeled somewhere between bad to critical in local hospitals.

    Its a shame that Charlottesville, VA over the past 2-3 years has openly decided to face their racist past and have been healing not only the Charlottesville, VA community but those that have been affected by their past. They have in Virginia been at the forefront over the past 2-3 years of wanting to face their past but unifying the community. Yesterday was disgraceful and I have friends that live in Charlottesville that have said it was blatant domestic terrorism and the fact that the White Nationalist, KKK members and neo-Nazi’s all name checked Trump as to why this is happening is nothing short of heartbreaking for our country.

  33. Columbus Arsenal,

    Hey mate.

    Yea I thought Leicester took their chances well when they countered but were helped by poor play and mistakes from us not necessarily what they were doing. Vardy did look sharp and both of his goals, your spot on, he looks like 2015 Vardy not 2016.

    The thing that was noticeable was that going forward we will be okay and score goals, defending well even though we know that line-up won’t be played again, its a shame that Chambers couldn’t get a run out.

  34. Also, good to see Hayden playing well and being a key part of Newcastle. Always thought he had it in him and is showing his talents.

  35. Does anyone else wonder what the fuck we paid all that money for Xaka for?
    I mean what is he so good at that justified the price tag?

  36. To be honest C, the deliberate mowing down of anti-nazi protestors is one of the most despicable acts I’ve seen. Hopefully, the events of the past few days will inspire the community to redouble their efforts in kicking neo-nazism out of the South. A happy by-product will be getting rid of Tango in the White House.

  37. Hi C,

    Re your 3:48 pm UK,

    We get the European version of CNN over here (as well as Fox News – excuse me while I spit) as a result we get the headline US news, and that attack by right wing racist thugs on innocent anti-fascist demonstrators is appalling — as is Trump when he tries to blame the innocent demonstrators equally with the perpetrators. How can he have made it to the WH?

    Makes my blood boil!

  38. C,

    Its a real midfield battle and I think we would struggle in the middle of the park against either team with our current midfield set up.

  39. YW,

    Completely agree with all of that. I think more and more we are seeing the South push further and further away but none of this is helped by the fact that so much of what Trump ran on is exactly what the neo-Nazi’s and White Nationalist want, the whole taking our country back bullshit and it’s not just Tango but quite a fwy of them especially those writing Trump’s talking points at the pressers.

  40. Apologies for lack of post today. Returned from an EU country to the UK.

    Anyone who has any worries about travelling abroad in the coming weeks, needn’t. It took us 20 minutes from disembarking in Alicaante to clear passport control, collect our baggage and collect the keys for our hire car. Note: if you are over 4’1, don’t get a Seat Leon. Great to drive, very comfortable but I’ve got a neck injury to prove how bloody awful it is to get in and out of.

    Anyway, returned to Berminghum, 45 minutes to get through passport control alone as they “trial” the e-passport gates for everyone aged 12+. Except the idiot in charge of making the change to get the software to accept 12 – 17-year-olds, forgot to check the box which allows 12 – 17-year-olds to pass through the gates. So mums and dads got through and all the kids got herded into a bloody queue where their passports were inspected manually.

    Typical British genius.

    And the bellicose convinced more than 50% of this nation that the EU were incompetent? Presumably that’s the “more than 50% of this nation” which has never dealt with civil servants. Actually, it’s not civil servants, it’s the bloody freeloading freelance consultants paid exorbitant sums, who they use.

    It’s great to be home.

  41. HenryB,

    Morning mate.

    It all was absolutely digusting and disgraceful and Trump putting any blame on the innocent is shameful, what else were they suppose to do when the white nationalist and neo-nazi show up in full riot gear locked and loaded for war. How Trump made the WH, not sure even to this day but the fact things got so bad after they said they were going to attack people not only pisses me off but is quite heartbreaking.

  42. C

    I saw David Duke on a newsclip for the first time at the weekend. Not very ‘Ayran’ is he? Ginger!?!?!?!? With freckles?!?! He looked more like the guy who played the annoying TV reporter in the Die Hard movies than a member of the master race.

  43. YW,


    Yup, strange that he was the leader and is still very vocally a member. The fact that he continues to quote Trump just makes me wonder when something like that is set to happen in D.C.

  44. C

    Yep – as much now as in five years time. The concern is that the democrats are so lacking in focus that the far-right may hijack the GOP and put forward a more intelligent fascist than Trump. That would set the US back decades.

  45. YW,

    Yea and the scary thing is the more and more the the Republican Party is questioning Trump and his cronies couple with the lack of focus from Democrats, Trump will just continue to dig in and things will not only get worst but domestic terrorism will continue to rise and as you say, it will set the US back.

    Might need to start sending my CV to places in Canada or London sooner rather than later.

  46. C

    “The thing that was noticeable was that going forward we will be okay and score goals”

    I hope you are right but it’s still a bit early

  47. Bill,

    I think we will score goals and the one thing about Lacazette is that he is clinical, not just power but inch perfect placement.

  48. C

    It depends on Sanchez. I think Lacazette and get in the mid to high teens and hopefully get close to 20 league goals. Do you really believe the Welbeck Ramsey and Giroud are going to be regular scorers? Giroud will probably threaten double digits in league goals as our impact sub. Ramsey probably will score around 10 if he stays healthy. Welbeck probably won’t.

  49. Bill,

    I think it does depend on Sanchez and the signs are looking like he is staying but we will see. No I don’t actually, I see those three threatening double digits in all competitions but nothing else. I do think Lacazette will get 20 PL goals and then we will get goals by committee but we will score goals. I think the biggest thing is having a true CF that can score goals which all big clubs have and we haven’t since RvP.

  50. C
    I have a question, forgive my ignorance, I see people openly carrying assault weapons at yesterdays protest it is legal to do this apparently, under a much abused constitutional amendment, but surely its inconceivable that the State would countenance that these weapons were used overtly against other citizens, therefore I assume there are snipers in place to prevent that happening? Trump was always going to bring out the worst in people,

  51. buckagh,

    No apology necessary, some of the States have what they “open carry” laws which allows people to carry openly as long as they are registered and that is primarily what you saw and what the news reports showed but unfortunately those that carried where the the very people that you wouldn’t want to carry. I agree with you, it is an abuse on the very laws and rights that are “suppose to” protect us. I think that the snipers that you would think were there wouldn’t have been there since Charlottesville, VA is actually what we call a “college town” because the town itself is at present built for the University of Virginia (I know go figure that) so the main thing was to be peaceful but was on violence broke out, it was such a difficult situation because of the neo-nazi’s, white nationalist and KKK were all armed ready for the fight but when you have those that crave violence in protest against those that are peacefully (before they were attacked) going counter-protesting, what do you do. Trump was always going to bring out the worst and it will only get worst when you realize that he is in-bed with them based on the way his campaign went.

  52. C

    Threatening Double digits in all competitions means padding the stats with a hat trick or 2 against Ludogrets or Preston or Nottingham Forest which no leaves no goals left over for the league

  53. Without Sanchez, if you do the math we are probably not going to be a high scoring team. It does not look Walcott is going to be getting a lot of minutes. That leaves Giroud and possibly Ramsey or Ozil as our next biggest scoring threats. Again assuming no Sanchez we will need close to 20 league goals from Giroud and Ramsey but there are a lot of our blog regulars who would rather have neither of them on the pitch. You can’t build a season on the assumption that someone like Welbeck is going to have a career best season and you certainly can’t build your hopes on goals by committee

  54. C

    Remember the first part of last year when we were so excited about Sanchez, Walcott and Ozil scoring goals for fun and we were near the top of the league scoring table and winning a lot of games. However all 3 of them were on pace to score their career high in league goals and that was never sustainable and our drop in the league goal scoring standings and our drop out of the title was easily predictable. When the sample size is large enough, players will almost always finish somewhere near their career norms. Building your teams plans around the belief that any player or players are going to have a career defining best year is usually going to end up with disappointment the way it did last season.

  55. Reports of Sanchez sightings in Paris, personally I would sell him because I think he checked out months ago, I don’t go with this, he will give his all this season if he doesn’t want to be here let’s get rid, it seems ridiculous that we now can’t sell the players who clearly need to leave, due to the ludicrous wages they are on.

  56. Bill,

    Pretty sure that most are not saying they don’t want Giroud and Ramsey on the pitch, they don’t them to be the first choice players on the pitch in those positions. Many have been advocating for an upgrade in both positions for some time. Hopefully we have that with Lacazette for the CF position. Doesn’t mean that Giroud should leave just that he should finally take up the position many of us think he is most suited to, the number 2 striker. Could still do with an upgrade in the midfield, but I really don’t see that happening.

  57. Wavey

    You need to be close to the top of the table on both goals scored and conceded to challenge for the title in most seasons Last season Spurs scored 86 and Chelsea 85. We need to be somewhere close to that. If we make generous assumptions and give Lacazette 20 and Ozil/Welbeck league 15 goals between them that gets us to 35. Realistically we still need 40 -50 more. Giroud and Ramsey are our next best scoring threats so we probably need at least 16- 20 from them. They are going to need minutes to score that many goals.

  58. Giroud has been a good impact sub but I am skeptical that he will get 12 goals and be the second most efficient scorer in terms of goals/minute in the league again this season. If we can get 10 league goals from him it would be quite good. We are going to need some goals from the midfield and Ramsey is the only realistic option.

  59. The math is much less daunting if you add 18 league goals from Sanchez instead of 6-8 from Welbeck. However, that is assuming Alexis stays and does not sleep walk thru the season.

  60. Last year we were 5th in goals scored despite having that really good start to the season. Our defensive record was even worse and we were tied for 6/7 in goals conceded. In reality we were fortunate to end up in 5th place. If we want to compete for the title this season we need to score about 12 more and concede about 12 fewer.

  61. Because I love futbol and because I am somebody that thinks quite differently than most at times when it comes to players and their value, then a mate of mine sends me this excellent piece of writing about Ozil so I thought I would share. The strange thing is, the article is spot on about not only Ozil but the mindset of those that only follow the PL and the English game.


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