Hillsborough, Lemar And Alexis To City Is Failure

Welcome as the news is that police and officials will face prosecution over Hillsborough, can that be expanded into the media. Kelvin Mackenzie, for one, deserves his day in court.

The Establishment faces a dilemma; dare a hugely unpopular government interfere in the legal process and protect their own? They did in 1989. My cynicism remains resolute but for the families of the victims, I hope the accountability they crave is delivered.

Onto Arsenal and this morning, it’s pretty much as you were. I was going to crack a joke or two about lemurs and play on words with Thomas. Then my mind wandered, foraging in the realms of mingling ‘ring-tailed’ into that train of thought. However, if he shops in Nicklas Bendtner’s jewellery emporium, then that’s Monsieur Lemar’s affair and none of our business.

Monaco apparently rebuffed Arsenal’s advances and £30m+ offer, with negotiations ongoing despite apparently telling us Lemar isn’t for sale. These are similar tactics to the ones used by Lyon, with whom we are still talking about signing Alexandre Lacazette. Atletico remain the only club with whom Aulas has agreed a fee for the striker. Yet.

Lemar is such an obvious Alexis replacement that it’s little wonder the headlines proclaim the Chilean is departing for Manchester City. Nobody’s quite sure when but it is happening. Apparently. Maybe, because Arsenal prefer to ship him off to PSG or Bayern but neither of them wants to pay £40m for the striker, even though that’s roughly £15m less than the fee City must shell out.

While Alexis is at the Confederations Cup – and Portugal made England look good at penalties last night – the speculation will continue. And it will while he is on holiday as well.

Questions and Answers

Personally, I’d like to see him stay but if we’re selling, a Premier League rival is simply out of the question.

The whole premise of the Emirates move was to make us competitive with Europe’s élite. That lie has been exposed; we’re further away than ever before. As we invest, they invest more; it’s that simple.

But we’re also at a crossroads domestically as well. We’re a club which was happy with finishing in the top four; aim low but sell tickets high. Aiming low comes with consequences and next season’s Europa League adventure is the culmination of that.

We didn’t build on 2014-15’s third place; we stumbled into second a year later. Rather than heed that warning, the club assumed that turning up was enough. When we found out last season, that everyone else was also doing that, it was too late.

However, a good summer this time could see us overtake Liverpool and potentially, Spurs as well. Instead, we in the corridor of uncertainty, waiting to see if we’re the defender sliding in with a deft interception or the lummox who puts the ball into his own net.

I know which one my money is on.

Losing Sanchez is wrong on just about every level. It sends a message of futility; it shows a club where money is more important than achievement. It shows a club hopelessly out of touch with the support.

Nobody in their right mind can conceive of selling Sanchez willingly to City. Few of us can conceive of doing so unwillingly either. Nasri, Clichy, Toure, Van Persie; arguably, we’re still trying to recover from the latter but that motley crew has one thing in common: a Premier League winners medal with another club.

Alexis Sanchez cannot be allowed to add to that list.

Truth or Consequences

There is a downside to not selling to City, if that is what Alexis wants. He can walk away for nothing next year; doing a ‘Sol’, if you like. That’s the consequence of not selling. We lose the fee.

Next summer is also Arsène going into the final year of his contract. He must announce his future then. We cannot have a repeat of the clusterf*ck last season became because he wouldn’t tell anyone what he was doing. Quite literally, he didn’t know what he was doing.

Wenger freely admits it impacted on the season; we see the consequences. In many respects, it forces his hand this summer. He has to improve the squad; a summer of near misses in the transfer window is not good enough nor acceptable.

Improving the squad with quality players is the only way to convince Alexis that the club is trying to move forward. Doing so at City’s expense reinforces the message that staying put is an attractive option.

However, irrespective of the manager’s future, the club has no choice but to shake the ‘magic money tree’ and find the cache equivalent to any fee we miss out on. That’s the consequence. Sending a message that we’re £xm down on spending isn’t acceptable either.

They are out of options; Alexis renews or he goes abroad. Anyone who sanctions a deal which sends him to City should clear their desk once the ink on the sale contract is dry. But the fat cats won’t; it’s not the Arsenal Way.

And Now For Something Completely Different

A cautionary note to all this. We keep telling ourselves that social media is our personal echo chamber. The fourth estate is the same. It’s rare that journalists vary from a transfer theme. Once the ball starts rolling, there’s not diverting it. Just because it’s in the back pages, doesn’t mean that it is true.

Nor does a lack of physical signings mean we’re not doing anything. I can’t believe that. Not yet, anyway; I don’t want to until it’s proven to be the case.

There’s a long few weeks left on this story. Maybe even months but if that is the case, it becomes a pall over the club. Unlike Arsène, it isn’t a contract we can leave dangling. If that means flying to Chile to meet the player, then so be it. Do it. just get the situation resolved.

Finally, there’s a new playlist on Dad’s Jukebox as Times of our Lives reaches 2002.

’til Tomorrow.

70 thoughts on “Hillsborough, Lemar And Alexis To City Is Failure

  1. I’m with you on transfer activity YW-something MUST be going on in the background.Wenger had a stay of execution by the team pulling it around at the tail end of the season(it also got the board off the hook for extending his contract without having to justify it).
    If he’s not beavering away with potential ins and outs then he’s playing with fire isn’t he?After our top 4 failure there’s more than a few supporters waiting for him to fuck up and they’ll be back at it again with their ‘Wenger out’ boards and fly bys.
    The next 3-4 weeks will be very interesting.

  2. I really hope that something is running behind the scenes. As I posted on yesterday’s thread, I’m far from convinced. So far it’s just a carbon copy of what we’ve seen before?

    I can’t see one reason to think that it’ll be different other from the fact that it should be

    I think the last six months have only reaffirmed to AW that he can do what he wants with total impunity. Well, if our decline is t down to the manager, which it clearly isn’t as we’ve just renewed his contract. Therefore it’s the players that need an overhaul? Or is it cross our fingers and hope it’ll be better this time?

    Just waiting to hear that our transfer paucity is down to having to trim our spending now we’ve lost out on CL money?

  3. Hypothetical silly question for you all…

    Squad stays as it is today, except for Ozil leaving and Kane coming in

    Take money out of the scenario completely

    Good summer or not?

  4. Thanx, Yogi.

    I think you may have been a little remiss in saying that because something is on the back sports pages doesn’t mean it’s right.
    You see there are so many ‘truths’ on the back pages, and in life as a whole, one of them will eventually be proven right. 🙂

  5. Our transfer dealings have a whiff of deja vu around them. This reminds me of when we signed Giroud & Podolski early in the 2012 transfer window then let Van Persie go to United literally a week before the season kicked off.

    What’s the betting the transfers balance out money wise? Maybe throw a Giroud in there too.

    Although this isn’t the end of the world, it shows that we are returning to our ‘feeder club’ status that we thought we’d moved on from, and displays the amateur nature of Arsenal’s (Wenger’s) business dealings.

  6. Damon,


    Kane top goal scorer in the Prem for the past 2 seasons. If he stays fit he could be a £100m transfer.

  7. Completely agree Yogi on Sanchez to Citeh, if it happens then all those involved need to leave immediately.

    The contract situation of Arsene not only affected the players but also the club as a whole. For instance, if you were a player and Arsenal came in for with the way that Arsene’s contract situation played out plus the way they allowed Ozil and Sanchez’s contract to play out, you might think twice. Sure if we were winning things and constantly improving then yea, but we aren’t so maybe incoming players see that and wonder.

  8. I find the whole situation at the club to be bizarre and from the outside appearing directionless.

    The season is I guess 4-5 weeks over now and yet we are no clearer at all with regards to the future of Ozil, not one media story relating to his staying nor one media story with links to other teams. The Sanchez issue we can pretend to gloss over based on his involvement in the Confederations Cup, his future to be resolved as and when their involvement ends. But silence remains with our other star player.

    Not even leaked good news stories of talks ongoing through Mr Cross at the Mirror.

    Never mind the daily circus of Lacazette or the ongoing links to Lemar (both approaches rebuffed by their clubs, this saga will roll for a while) but is there another top level club where the future of 3 key first team players (I am including Chamberlain) are so up in the air yet the club appears to be utterly consumed by inertia.

  9. Sorry YW but I think it’s all hand waving and then we’ll be told “look how ambitious we were”. I can predict that we will not get any of the currently touted big players and will also lose Sanchez. We have signally failed to prepare and now we must prepare to fail big time. We need a GK, CB, CM and CF if Sanchez stays. We could of course keep Szczney but we will likely sell him for peanuts and pay 40m for butland. I am constantly amazed that our econ grad manager hasn’t grasped the most basic economic concepts.
    It will be a long summer and a long season. It will be over by November imho.
    I am happy to retract my opinion if we pull out a few stops in the next few weeks.

  10. The more this Lacazette saga goes on, the longer it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense as to why we aren’t or haven’t signed Dembele from Celtic. Forget about his age for a second, but he is clinical and afraid of no club, just ask Barcelona. He is what you want in a modern #9 especially in the type of “pass and move” style that we want to play and do play with a mobile striker. 6’0″, quick, strong, powerful, pace, clinical, a former winger and because of that has the ability to receive the ball, turn and run but also the ability to turn a “nothing” situation into a chance for somebody else.

  11. Damon,


    Almost any combination that gets us a striker consummate with one of the top eight richest clubs in the world would be a good summer. After all we have been waiting for something like ten transfer windows to fill that gap.

  12. Here’s the other thing I DON’T understand about people saying that 50-60m for Lacazette is crazy money, think about this:

    Cavani went for 60m a couple years ago
    Lukuka is said to be going for 70m+
    Benteke went for £32.5 from Villa to Liverpool after 1 good season
    Higuain went for £37 then £73.5m
    Aubameyang is said to be going for silly money, like 60m+
    Morata is said to be moving for 60m+
    Paco Alcacer moved to Barca after 1 and a half good seasons for £30m

    Those are either players that moved for potential or after a couple really good seasons (Higuain and Cavani clearly are the most accomplished). The point I’m making is that 50-60m including incentives, for a player that has scored 76 goals in 97 matches over the past 3 seasons in their respective league in this market is really good money.

  13. Kaylen Hinds to Wolfsburg is something I did not see coming though Jonkers, before he left had him rated as one of the top prospects.

  14. C

    Lacazette is coming from Ligue1 which to a degree is still seen as being inferior to the perceived elite leagues of Europe – Spain, Italy, Germany, England. Every other player you listed moved within these leagues.

    Being able to score a lot of goals in France simply does not register as such a great achievement, same applies to players coming from the Eridivisie.

    People may also question why we (Wenger) were not willing to spend as much on the same player 12 months ago but are now – a shift in our requirements, a reassessment of existing resources, a reluctance or inability to really reach for the big players such as Aubameyang or Morata.

    We are also not being reported as fighting against rival bids from other big players, so the perception is of settling for nearly but not the best.

    Good player having said all that, good signing as long as he is one of a few and brought to the club to add to our existing top players – not replace them.

  15. Bakayoko(who is apparently going through a medical at Chelsea right now) to Chelsea to partner Kante, that is a massive move for Chelsea. This is the move that is reported to happen with then Matic moving to Manure.

  16. So Bayern have lost interest in Sanchez, perhaps someone in Munich watched the game last night in which the player was spectacularly awful. He was constantly either running into cul- de-sacs or allowing himself to be forced into them. He lost possession too many times to count, in fact he looked like an amalgamation of Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    I shall be disappointed if we end up with Mahrez.

  17. C,

    I hear what your saying about Ligue 1 but the quality of competition has risen with the influx of cash to PSG, Monaco putting together quality sides and the development of clubs like Nice, the return of MArseille and the overall development of the league. I’m not saying they are going to rival Italy, Germany, Spain or England but they are closer than they were even 3 years ago.

    The thing that you and many others seem to forget about Lazacette is that he didn’t want to move last summer or the summer before despite the offers coming in. It had nothing to do with Aulus being the dick that he is, but Lacazette himself turning down offers because he wanted to show loyalty to Lyon and usher in their new era at their new stadium. He is Lyon literally through and through: born in Lyon and Lyon are the ONLY club he has ever known so he wanted (even said so on numerous occasions and showed it when he signed his new deal amidst MANY offers) to not only be the main man but play European futbol with Lyon when they opened their new stadium.

    I have never bought into the whole, “we are not fighting with other top clubs for player X’s signature so he must not be quality” BS that so many have; not every player of quality is going to be fought for by all the big clubs, even they have limits. The funny thing about Aubameyang is that I banged on (along with MA aka CA whereever he maybe these days) about signing him and the overall consensus he and many places was, “why are we chasing a winger that plays for Saint-Étienne” and now people are saying he should be priority #1; funny how that works huh.

    The thing with Lacazette for me is that he is STILL learning how to be a CF after being a winger his whole career and most thinking that was his best position and then he transformed himself into the player we see now be continuing to develop. Last season people talked about his hold up and link up play and he could only play in a 433, well he played in a 442 and was just as effective and was brilliant both in his link and hold-up play to go along with his goals. Then it was, “well he scores about 7 penalties a season”, if they were so easy then Gooners everywhere wouldn’t cringe when we see a player step up to take one.

    The lad is quality and will only continue to develop so getting him now for 50-60m including incentives is a bargain. If he is coming in to replace Giroud then I am all for it, if he is the replacement for Sanchez and Giroud is still our CF1-ish, then that to me makes no sense.

  18. Orson Kaert,

    I DON’T WANT MAHREZ!!!!!!!!

    I think Bayern have always been Bayern and honestly I can’t think of any situation that they have spent the type of money both in wages and in transfers for a player that is set to be 29 years old this season. I mean people tend to think that they just spend loads of cash and pay high wages, but if you follow Bayern or just read an occasional article about how they operate, you would be surprised to find out that they have the idea sort of wage structure with incremental raises for some players and they also have no problem telling players to fuck off. If memory serves, most of their contracts include healthy bonuses for of all things winning and doing so alot. I mean people forget that Kroos wanted a big payday and they told him to fuck off and they immediately sold him to Madrid.

  19. C,


    The list of things I gave earlier are simply an amalgamation of views I have heard from others, not necessarily my own.

    My only personal reservation is linked to him being an addition to existing players or a replacement for Sanchez as per your final sentence above.

    I just want the thing tied up or killed off asap, the longer it goes on the more tedious it becomes. Daily news updates from Monsieur Aulas are simply boring.

  20. The other thing is with Bakayoko moving from Monaco to Chelsea, there is no way that Monaco sells Lemar because they don’t need to with both Bernardo and Bakayoko being sold. So another pointless chase.

  21. Steve,

    Understandable and the wide ranging views have been all over the map but the one thing that is clear for me is that in the top 5 leagues (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and England) only a handful of players have scored more goals in the past 3 seasons and those infront of him are the likes of Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo, Lewandowski and Neymar meaning he might not be in that top tier, you know the where said players wouldn’t even consider Arsenal, but he is certainly in that next tier.

    I certainly want him in addition to Sanchez and Ozil staying because well that just makes sense; but then again if he is a replacement then we have neither gone forward or backwards.

    I am with you, Aulas has named the price and the deal that was in place with Athletico, no point in Lyon going lower; and to be honest, its quite a bargain so just pay it and get the deal done with and stop with the pointless Mbappe chase. Signing Lacazette now, I would imagine would go a long way in with Sanchez and Ozil contract discussions.

    Quick note, in the last 3 seasons: 148 chances created and 76 goals.

  22. The transfer saga continues with Manolas of Roma who was all set to move to Zenit, had his medical schedules and wages decided before NOT showing up for his medical and not informing Zenit or Roma he wasn’t going to show up. Then through his agent he said that he wanted his contract to be paid in Euros instead of Rubles.

  23. C,

    Agree with all the above, we are not going to attract the realty top level marquee type strikers but 50m for a player who can score at the level Lacazette does is worth the punt.

    Your other comment above on the Bakayoko deal makes sense also, there is no logic in Monaco turning the tables in France and then allowing half their team to walk away. City acted quickly and intelligently with Silva, Chelsea look to be upgrading for the future on Matic while actually making a profit on the whole scenario as they sell him to United for more than they pay Monaco.

    The French will surely draw the line at some point unless contract issues are forcing them to sell, as I believe is the case with Bakayoko. Allowing Lemar + Mendy + Mbappe to go would surely see them slip back at a time of great promise.

  24. Steve,

    Exactly the point with Lacazette, shame Arsene can’t see it and get the deal done!

    Monaco are in a strange situation because they have just shown that with a talented core of both promising talent and organization with a quality striker (Falcao was 3rd in Ligue Un in goals behind Cavani and Lacazette) they can challenge and make noise in the CL. Silva and Bakayoko are gone but if they are able to keep MBappe (I think he will stay this season and leave next summer), Lemar, Fabinho, Mendy plus with the addition of the extremely talented Tielemans, they will be right back in the fold.

  25. Steve,

    “…. and from the outside appearing directionless”.

    Yeah, we have so much previous and it’s hard to think Arsenal are in the background asserting themselves.

    My guess would be we are waiting for thing to fall into place, but whether Sanchez or Lacazette (etc etc etc) I do not get the impression anything is in our (true) control.

    Unfortunately, I believe many posters speculations here are also impractical.

    I said a few days ago, we should have been ready with a plan as soon as the FA Cup final was over, in particular because the entire season leading to that point had been a mess, on and off the pitch.

    I honestly have no idea why the fate of every player potentially involved in a transfer or contract extension was not already decided by season’s end.

  26. We are led to believe that improved contracts are on the table for both Sanchez and Ozil. It was posited that both players were waiting for Wenger’s situation at the club to be resolved before making clear their own intentions. Since neither player has yet indicated that they are ready to accept the new deal, could it be that they were expecting Wenger to leave and were waiting to see who the new manager was going to be?

    Since Wenger will be around for two more years, at least, Sanchez has made it clear that he would rather play under some other manager.

    Ozil is in the invidious situation of possibly wanting to leave but not having anywhere to go. Which leaves him with two options, sign the new uprated deal and get on with his career, or see out the remaining year on his present wages and hope he can find a lucrative contract when he moves for free next summer.

  27. Orson Kaert,

    The one thing that I do find interesting is that there is this notion that nobody is in for Ozil or that Ozil isn’t a wanted player. Maybe, clubs are interested and he just hasn’t made public what he wants or intends to do.

    Like Sanchez, he has stated that he wants Arsenal to upgrade certain positions and the quality of the team; I think the biggest difference is that Sanchez and his camp has gone about things in a very public display even from the start, yet we have seen quite the opposite with Ozil.

    I actually think that both players are ‘waiting” to see what happens in the transfer window. Do you not think that if Ozil was on a free, Bayern wouldn’t come calling, they have made no secret of their desire for but like Sanchez, they won’t pay for an experienced player.

    What a shitty situation the club are in: the manager wouldn’t tell the club what he wanted to do and the club wouldn’t push him so the uncertainity ruined the season, our best two players are unsure of signing, we don’t have a CF and the bids we have made are clearly below those that are wanted by the clubs (in Mbappe’s case much lower than the rejected offer by other clubs and in Lacazette’s case lower than a deal that was already agreed), we have other players that need to be let go that nobody wants. Did I miss anything 😉 ?

    An d yet there is still hope!

  28. C,

    There hasn’t been even a squeak about Ozil moving. One would have thought that such a high profile player would attract interest from quite a few clubs and that something would leak into the tabloid’s ears.

    Since we have heard nothing, one can only surmise that the lower tier clubs are put off by his wage demands and the elite clubs are unwilling to pay both a fairly high transfer fee plus those wages.

  29. Orson Kaert,

    I think that is a reasonable assessment but I think the notion of nobody wanting him is something that might be a bit wide of the mark. I think the notion that he is “unwanted” might be wide of the mark but the transfer fees might be too high.

    I think the whole situation with both Ozil and Sanchez are strange and I honestly don’t think either are going to sign unless a quality CF is brought in.

  30. Well, the Arsenal are between a rock and a rock as usual.

    Selling Sanchez to $h*ttY is suicide. Give them the Title right now on a plate, like when Arsenal sold rvP to manure. Gifted with a clean rap and shiny ribbons.
    F that!
    Sell him to China, this whole bs about how players control moves-my a$$. Sell him to a table 2 team and fund the difference.
    Anyone thinking that another player from a top French team is going to walk into the EPL and score and assist like Sanchez is delusional. Laz would be lucky to get 20 tops, if he stays healthy, which in the EPL is difficult for even seasoned players.

    Keep Sanchez, forget mahrez, he is not going to give Arsenal 25+ goals, he is like a point guard who can beat people off the dribble in a half court game. Good every now and then, but not going to put up huge numbers!
    Sign another player to compliment Sanchez, get another deep playing mid like Santi, some other mid, bring back Szcz and have a go next year.

  31. While Monaco were able to make noise in the CL it may be argued that it may have helped that they were in a weaker league. Perhaps they were able to rest their players the weekend before the CL midweek match. Because the Premier League is more competitive we usually fielded players in our CL game that had just featured the previous weekend. Wenger doesn’t rotate his players unless one breaks.
    While it may be part of UK culture that selling players to teams directly competing with you is a bad thing, keep in mind Kroenke is a fish from a completely different pond. He cares little whether we win or lose. AFC isn’t a vanity investment – he didn’t invest to cover himself in glory. He invested in AFC to make money. To turn the team in to a money generating property management firm/sport franchise multimedia corporation. Sanchez is, after all, a multi-pound asset in his mind. He isn’t going to eat 20 million pounds ad accept a cheaper bid from another league.

  32. I am quite surprised that anyone expects anything different than the usual spin, inaction and dithering from Arsenal.
    Wenger has already stated that we are only a couple of players short of challenging for Chelsea/the league, so in his mind, no major overhaul is needed – the 5th place finish was just unlucky.
    Any deal for Lazcerette will only take place if Sanchez goes, Wenger is not going to spend £50 million on a striker when he can buy someone cheap or try and convert a midfielder.
    If Sanchez stays, expect an under-the-radar purchase of a promising 17-year old striker from a second-rate league.
    Prepare to be underwhelmed…

  33. Aaron, players (or rather their agents) have much more power. NO team will pay a huge transfer fee to AFC unless they get Sanchez’s signature on a multi-year contract. If Sanchez doesn’t want to go to China or Preston North End he refuses to sign a contract – no Chinese club will pay a transfer fee to a player who will walk for free after one year.
    The great players like Sanchez write their own ticket – they decide where they want to go. Transfer fees are so large now that teams have to cater to their players’ whims or they risk losing a huge chunk of the potential transfer fee.
    It is easy for fans to demand we sell a plyer to an obscure league but we aren’t playing with our own money in these fantasy realms.

  34. C,

    It looks like a classic chicken and egg situation, Sanchez and Ozil waiting to see if we sign a top striker, available top strikers waiting to see if Sanchez and Ozil are staying.

    Meanwhile Wenger and Gazidis sit around with their thumbs up their respective arses.

  35. May I earnestly remind those already moaning and groaning on this site over transfer inaction by those in control at the Ems, of the following:
    1. The current Transfer Window doesn’t close on the 30th June.
    2. Nor does it close on the 31st July.
    3. It closes on the 31st August. Two whole months away.
    We simply have no knowledge how matters are progressing behind the scenes with regard to transfers to or from Arsenal FC, yet the amount of doom and gloom about alleged inaction gathers momentum by the day.
    Patience is clearly called for because really we have little choice. 😉

  36. Philmar,

    I get what you are saying, but it is not that simple. Look at Nfl, nBa or others. Sell player to small city for big contract, subsidize it, and watch that player with max contract go nowhere real fast. They slide into oblivion, and sleep with their piles of money. It can be done, now whether the Arsenal have a person who is skillful at negotiating those kind of deals is doubtful

  37. Orson Kaert,

    Yup, pretty much sums it up!

    I would venture to say that if Arsenal signed Lacazette that we would hear more about Ozil and Sanchez signing their contracts.

  38. C — C —

    Don’t do it!!!!!! Life is too short — don’t end it now!!!!!

    — “What a shitty situation the club are in: the manager wouldn’t tell the club what he wanted to do and the club wouldn’t push him so the uncertainity ruined the season, our best two players are unsure of signing, we don’t have a CF and the bids we have made are clearly below those that are wanted by the clubs (in Mbappe’s case much lower than the rejected offer by other clubs and in Lacazette’s case lower than a deal that was already agreed), we have other players that need to be let go that nobody wants.”

    Eventually the mists of gloom will lift and your fears will dissipate.

    Look, I can put you in touch with the Samaritans US – or send you some candy – anything to stop you thinking the end is nigh!! What do you say? 😀

  39. Aaron,

    players are not sold for cash in the NBA or NFL – they are traded for other players or draft choices. That scenario you referred to requires the player to be already signed to a multi-year contract. Sanchez has only 1 year remaining and then he walks away from his team, his team loses whatever amount of money they could have earned in a transfer fee. no team will pay AFC a huge transfer fee unless they have assurances that he will be sticking around for more than just the last year of his contract.

  40. nicky:
    May I earnestly remind those already moaning and groaning on this site over transfer inaction by those in control at the Ems, of the following:
    1. The current Transfer Window doesn’t close on the 30th June.
    2. Nor does it close on the 31st July.
    3. It closes on the 31st August. Two whole months away.
    Wesimply have no knowledge how matters are progressing behind the scenes with regard to transfers to or from Arsenal FC, yet the amount of doom and gloom about alleged inaction gathers momentum by the day.
    Patience is clearly called for because really we have little choice.

    Oh, stop being such a spoilsport, Nicky. There is nothing so much fun as having a jolly good moan.

    Women are supposed to enjoy sisterly wailing — but they have nothing on a bunch of men commiserating as a group and howling at the moon! 😀

    Mind you – I know it is hard for Arsenal to get some other club to be a willing seller — but Arsenal are just the same – they have Barca chomping at the bit over Belli Button, and the Puddle crying at our cruel attitude to selling the Ox to them – or not.

    The solution is obvious. We sell Belli and Ox for £100 billion sterling, and we pay Lyon and Monaco £100 billion sterling for each of their players — each club is delighted with the money they sold their player for, the buying club are delighted to do the deal, everyone gets their wish, everyone on here is thrilled that so much money is spent on so little – and the world just keeps spinning on! 😀

  41. HenryB,

    I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I promise I’ll do it!!!!!!!

    I can’t take another year of Giroud as our CF, I don’t even want to think about the possibility that Arsene signed his shiny new deal then did fuck all, all summer but chase Mbappe who was NEVER going to come anyways and let both Ozil and Sanchez leave and we are left with at best squad players, I don’t want to think about Bellerin getting inured and having to rely on Jenks and Debuchy or Gibbs being used, I don’t want to, MY F*CKING GOSH I DON’T WANT TO BUT I WILL DO IT, I WILL!!!!

    Please, send help….rum, bourbon, white lighting, twizzlers, chocolate, some great coffee beans! The end if not close but my hope for a different summer and season is starting to wane. 😉

  42. Philmar,
    Here is the deal. Sell him to west Ham or some other team looking for a striker to keep them up. Along with the sale for $ ask for another player to be swapped in the deal. The Arsenal would have suitors, and this could get done. The $ money made staying up in the EPl would more than likely offset the cost of the player. More people in stands, higher ad rev, etc. Arsenal should not sell to higher placed team ever!

  43. MASSIVE signing for Roma as they are set to sign Gonalons from Lyon. He is a player for years that I have felt would be perfect for Arsenal prior to the arrival of Xhaka. Roma are getting a massive player and their midfield looks quality with Gonalons, Nainggolan, De Rossi, Strootman

  44. Heaven forfend the notion of buying targets in advance of the season and y’know maybe bedding them in eh?
    What a stupid fucking expectation. Asking our transfer department to show an ounce of professionalism.
    I mean it is not though we have ever been caught out by leaving signings too late before is it? Eh? Oh.

  45. I think the Chilean is gone unless we pay astronomical wages to him. He will get paid handsomely at Citeh, get a chance to win trophies under a coach he respects. Frankly i suspect he doesn’t believe Wenger has enough in the tank to engineer a title wining season. He’s good enough for 4rd to 5th place. Wenger tries to do too much at the club – runs practice, reviews video, scouts, signs players ect. – other clubs gaffer’s delegate important tasks to capable men they trust. Wenger tries to do it all – probably by doing the same things in the same fashion as he did at AFC 20 years ago when the enterprise was smaller. probably the same diet suggestions, the same practice sessions and probably the orange cones are set up in exactly the same spots. Wenger doesn’t orchestrate his team from the sidelines – Guardiola is more passionate and will try to influence the game from the sidelines. IMHO if wages are equal, Sanchez will choose Citeh over us. At Citeh he may get to play in the center rather than the left side. heck, if I AM tired of watching AFC play the same patient ball possession football I can’t imagine how bored he is playing it. If playing on the flank, he’d love a central striker with enough speed to keep up with him on counters (Giroud can’t). If playing in the center he’d love wingers that could actually control the ball, dribble and make great passes in tight places (Theo can’t).
    I feel it is RvP all over again. He can move on to a team better suited to him.

  46. C:
    MASSIVE signing for Roma as they are set to sign Gonalons from Lyon.He is a player for years that I have felt would be perfect for Arsenal prior to the arrival of Xhaka. Roma are getting a massive player and their midfield looks quality with Gonalons, Nainggolan, De Rossi, Strootman

    Nooooooo ……..Not Gonalons……… move over, C, – I’m going with you to never-never land where all teams are called Arsenal, and we win everything, and have all the best players — and everyone is called a Gooner, and the sherbet lemons grow ……. and we can all moan about bloody Arsenal winning every trophy going! No, wait, that can’t be right ………. 🙁

  47. Here — this should cheer you up, C.

    Ornstein (respected BBC journalist) is usually one of the most reliable journalists for Arsenal news and the ongoing negotiations for Lacazette will be a welcome boost for fans of the Gunners.

    Arsenal have been linked with a move for the French international for a number of seasons but it seems like this could finally be the summer that a deal happens.

    Ornstein says that a first bid has been rejected but that the club are still in talks. It feels like it is only a matter of time before the teams come to an agreement.

    Lacazette would appear to be a replacement for Alexis Sanchez who could well leave the club. However, if Arsenal can hold on to the Chilean and add Lacazette to the team then it could be a very good summer.

    How’s that?

  48. how much would West Ham pay for 1 season’s worth of Sanchez? And then what will they have to pay the next year to stay up and replace Sanchez since he will be leaving? if they are paying an annual mercenary transfer fee to stay up then the benefits of staying up are lost by the cost of annual transfer fees. And the whole plan collapses if he gets injured. Shreds his cartilage in Week 3 and West Ham’s season is gone as well as the transfer fee.
    It is too risky and not economically feasible to purchase players for huge transfer fees unless they sign the player.

  49. HenryB,

    There is no room if you want a place where sherbet lemons grow…Gonalons, going and other clubs making moves but at least we got Sead (I really am excited about him)… O well, on the bright side we can all drink and be happy, plus we got 3 FA Cups in the last couple of seasons. We don’t get that, we make top 4….o wait 😉

  50. HenryB,

    You always know the right things to say to brighten my day 😉

    That is great news though, its really good that the negotiations are ongoing and that its seems like Arsenal are really making it happen.

    I hope he is wrong about it being a replacement for Sanchez and instead to play alongside Sanchez.

  51. This is interesting, C.

    —“Arsenal are set to bring in Andy Woodman as a goalkeeping coach.

    According to the Mirror, Ex-Crystal Palace and Newcastle coach Woodman will look after the club’s under-23’s in part of their backroom staff shake-up.

    The 45-year-old, who is best mates with England boss Gareth Southgate, quit National League side Whitehawk at the end of the season.

    —- Bayern Munich will struggle to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, according to former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn.

    “Of course [Alexis Sanchez is a target], but in today’s professional football it is not that easy to get the big transfers – the so-called ‘grenade’ – even for Bayern,” he told the Evening Standard.

    “It is not easy to get a new [Franck] Ribery or a new [Arjen] Robben, because other clubs don’t necessarily have to sell their players because they have enormous amounts of money.

    “They can make their players stay at the club and that’s what’s making it more difficult for Bayern to buy top stars.”

    Just shows the transfer problems are not just Arsenal’s. 🙂

  52. Here you go, C, baby all is not doom and gloom. 😀

    Arsenal have reportedly entered the race to sign Ivory Coast international star Jean Michael Seri, according to The Sun. [06/29/2017]

    The Premier League side, who finished fifth in the English top-flight standings last term, missing out on subsequent qualification for the UEFA Champions League, have been freshly linked with a summer swoop for the highly-rated Nice midfielder.

    The 25-year-old, who has 14 international caps for his country, scored seven goals and provided nine assists in 39 appearances in all competitions for the Ligue 1 outfit last season.

    Seri, who is also said to be attracting interest from North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, joined the French outfit back in June 2015 from Pacos de Ferreira, where he has since netted 10 times in 80 games overall.

    However, the report suggests The Gunners and Spurs have both been handed a boost in their reported pursuit of the Ivorian, as Serie A side AS Roma are believed to have been put off the player’s £35m release clause.

  53. Last one, C.

    Arsenal could resurrect their interest in Kostas Manolas, with the Greek defender set to leave Roma.

    Manolas looks set to leave Roma this summer

    His move to Zenit St. Petersburg has stalled over personal terms. Arsenal tried to sign him last summer
    The centre-back was on the verge of joining Russian side Zenit St. Petersburg for £30.7m, but the move has been held up due to a disagreement over personal terms. This could offer Arsenal the chance to hijack the deal.

    Arsenal have a long-standing interest in Manolas and tried to sign him last summer. Roma priced them out of a move and so they signed Shkodran Mustafi instead. But according to the Daily Star, Arsenal could be keen to make an approach.

    Manolas has been one of the best defenders in Italy during the last three seasons and would bolster Arsenal’s defensive options, especially if they plan on playing with a back three next season.

    They could, however, face competition from Chelsea, who are also keen to strengthen their defence after losing John Terry.

    Yaaaay! 🙂

  54. I’d love to be having Bayern’s transfer problems. If we’d been able to prise Vidal from Juve then maybe Alexis might have been happier here…and we would have had the tough MF bastard that we have lacked for several seasons.

  55. Let’s hope the stories linking us with Goretzka are true and that Arsene already has the deal in place.

  56. All factually correct but naive, even before you consider your years, sir

    You clearly miss the various points at hand

    10 years of the same silly behaviour. Mismanaging transfer windows and entering the season either underprepared, under stocked or, most commonly, both. The window closes after three league games, the airline cup and the Southern Hemisphere tour are all under our belt. Have a peek at how much business we’ve done previously during those phases of pre season. If it’s not done in ten days, it’s a trolley dash or nothing

    Unless a leopard can change its spots. Which I’m yet to see

    This shall be the last time we engage I’m afraid, as your piffle is somewhat trite these days. Best of luck to you

    May I earnestly remind those already moaning and groaning on this site over transfer inaction by those in control at the Ems, of the following:
    1. The current Transfer Window doesn’t close on the 30th June.
    2. Nor does it close on the 31st July.
    3. It closes on the 31st August. Two whole months away.
    Wesimply have no knowledge how matters are progressing behind the scenes with regard to transfers to or from Arsenal FC, yet the amount of doom and gloom about alleged inaction gathers momentum by the day.
    Patience is clearly called for because really we have little choice.

  57. @Damon,
    As one of the habitual doom and gloom merchants who disgrace ACLF, you persist in living in a life, full of bile and pessimism, refusing to accept the possibility of change.
    If Arsenal FC won every trophy in sight you would still find an excuse to criticise. My advice to you is to try an optimistic attitude for once and you will find it’s much better than your present ignorant one. 😉

  58. Orson Kaert,

    “We are led to believe that improved contracts are on the table for both Sanchez and Ozil. It was posited that both players were waiting for Wenger’s situation at the club to be resolved before making clear their own intentions”.


    And let me emphasize one more time… after all the ridiculous soap opera-esque nonsense which threaded through most of Arsenal’s season one would presume after Wenger re-signed the collective view (as in owner, board and Wenger himself) was at least to right the ship and enter this window in an assertive and agressive manner. First order of business clarifying where Sanchez and Ozil stood. Instill confidence (as much as feasible) back into the fan base.

    Whatever now transpires, the impression I get is it will have happened by happenstance, it will have happened to us rather than Arsenal asserting their will, taking their fate in their own hands.


    I simply do not believe philosophically you can even contemplate running a club such as Arsenal based on the whims/wants of players.

    I am sure many would be interested in having Ozil at their club, however they would be elite clubs who have mature, deep, talented squads who could benefit from his creativity, which limit the options. I am not convinced he is the franchise player to build around anymore.

    The second issue is both Ozil and Sanchez have to a degree backed themselves into a corner ably assisted by Wenger.

    Frankly, I have never been on board with the limp idea of re-signing both (who were patent want-aways)…especially as the longer the farce extended the more panicked Wenger and the club looked with fans barking about paying anything (part of the reason I stopped posting weeks before the season end).

    This idiocy (in the main the Wenger farce) led to the reports that both Ozil and Sanchez would be offered close to 300,000 per week. Whether accurate or not, obviously they had been offered massive raises…and yet still have not come to the table. Which underlines they have run us around for months and months.

    It has created a false ceiling – what is now apparent is that even Bayern came to their senses when looking at the cost of Sanchez over 4 or 5 years and they are taking a time out or cooling on the idea. That is an in-form Sanchez.

    Ozil had a poor season – does any club think they need to pay well over a million a month for his services? It the cold grey light of dawn minus the mid season panic – Arsenal, Ozil and Sanchez look like they overplayed their hands.

    Which is why I have already asked what happens if Ozil strolls in and ‘accepts’ his massive new pay raise? I doubt we’ll have any option but to pay it.

    “What a shitty situation the club are in: the manager wouldn’t tell the club what he wanted to do…”

    Yup…and I sit here still marvelling how Wenger got another extension and people are now in an excited dialogue about the wonders of the transfer window as if it is ‘all change’ on the Arsenal front.

    The only thing I cling to is perhaps we are just due some luck, that for whatever reason things break our way on a few fronts. But I have no faith a master plan, drawn up by Arsenal is in play at the present.

  59. HenryB,

    Mate sorry, got busy with work then the lil one!

    Seri not for Roma is direct with them set to sign Gonalons. I would take Seri to partner Ozil and Xhaka in a 3 man midfield or with Xhaka in the 343 we deployed late in the season.

    Mbappe is pointless, give me Seri and Lacazette and business done is a spectacular summer. Lets hope we get Lacazette and a CM like Seri or one of the pleathora of others.

    GK coach, wonder if its apart of Szczesny staying as all signs are pointing to him staying with Juve seeming to have bowed out over his fee.

    Szczesny, Sead, Lacazette, Seri or another CM and busniess done and we have the squad to win the PL. Cech and Szczesny battling for #1 bodes well for Arsenal both present and future.

  60. Orson Kaert,

    I would take Goretzka next to Xhaka for the next 4+ years as both are quality and together have what it takes to be one of the best in Europe.

  61. Uneasy lies the head that wears the managerial crown title.

    Step forward Mr Gazidis — how did the meeting with the AST go last night.

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