Free The Chilean One, Wenger’s Powerbase Confirmed & Rambo

Pick a year, any year; even the good summers are drawn out affairs. Arsenal in transfer market lend themselves readily to the words “saga”, “tedious”, and, “frustration”. This year is set to be no different.

As with previous years, the cream of the crop is coveted elsewhere but now mid-level French teams fancy their chances of signing players in key positions. That’s not key players; there’s a difference.

The best players? The rich and the famous want them, as do Manchester City. Arsenal, according to flip-flop and his mate, are determined not to sell to Guardiola, even though the report claims that’s Sanchez’s favoured destination.

Instead, we are holding him hostage to his contract and letting him walk away for nothing next summer. Or selling him to Bayern for £40m, which feels like selling him for nothing.

As if.

When Sanchez returns to training, he’ll sport a henna ‘SLAVE’ tattoo on his cheek, with the Specials AKA rewritten version of ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ available at all good stockists at the same time.

Whilst I expect Sanchez to leave, there’s no doubt this ‘furore’ is media driven, not helped by the player’s absence – and relatively media-free trip – at the Confederations Cup. It allows speculation to grow and a story like this one gets a free leg transplant just when it seems to be running out of steam.

It’s a cycle that Arsenal under Wenger are doomed to repeat. There’s no hint of this being a wake-up call to the Frenchman about improving club’s performance in the Premier League. That may come with a raft of new signings before the pre-season training begins.

If anyone needed confirmation that FA Cup wins mean more to supporters, this is surely it. Were the competition highly valued by players, Sanchez wouldn’t be leaving, would he?

Plus Ça Change

As it did with last season, its a situation which hangs like a pall over the club. There are signs that we’re slipping back into the old routine which until a ball is kicked in anger, will remain.

According to The Times this morning, the much-vaunted “catalyst for change” is proving to be a defender of the status quo. The backroom staff, en masse, are being offered new deals with no new coaching staff foisted upon the manager.

Arsène’s loyalty to the coaching staff is admirable but it is also a weakness. New ideas or a different way of thinking is less likely than with new blood. A new manager coming in would have brought new coaches with him but retain some staff to stop change overwhelming the club.

David Moyes failure at Manchester United was due to the wholesale changes he wrought in the staff. As well as being out of his depth, of course.

It re-affirms Arsène’s hold over the club, diminishing Ivan’s influence. I suspect we’ll hear less of what Gazidis thinks over the next two years. On the surface, it looks like the manager routed him in the boardroom.

Talk of a director of football by any other name, is fluff. In typical Arsenal fashion, we’re dealing with the periphery, everything around the edges. At its heart, the beast remains untamed. That’s not to say we don’t need to do things better, just that too much power rests in Arsène’s hands.

He beat Ivan hands-down. None of the assembled media called Wenger out on his ludicrous description of a director of football so the narrative went his way. More importantly, he still doesn’t have anyone to push him, to question him. Instead the deafening wall of silence will sit before him.

Plus C’est La Même

That’s not to say Arsène doesn’t deserve credit for the end of the season form. Too little, too late it proved in the Premier League but as a pointer for how to get the best out of his squad, it’s key. The question is whether he will stick with three at the back or revert to the comfort blanket of his favoured flat back four.

Aaron Ramsey doesn’t think it should, admitting it suits his game. The Welsh international observed,

“That system suited us at Arsenal; it showed with the way we finished the season and winning the FA Cup in that formation.

“It gives us a lot more security defensively, [we are] not so suspect to counterattacks. But also it frees players up — and my game — to do more things, get into more dangerous positions.

“I’m confident it will [continue to be used].”

I’m glad you are, Aaron; I’m not.

Ramsey touches on an issue we’re seeing more frequently at the club: square pegs in round holes. Wenger’s stereotypical player – mobile, technically gifted – doesn’t suit the defensive side of the game and isn’t necessarily fitting with a defensive plan. The back four was frequently exposed by a lack of protection from those further up the pitch.

The key to moving to a back three is in the players minds. They believe the defence is less vulnerable and confidence in themselves is restored. That’s half the battle with Arsenal and has been for many years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Arsène but if it is, don’t wait so long to do what’s necessary.

’til Tomorrow.


82 thoughts on “Free The Chilean One, Wenger’s Powerbase Confirmed & Rambo

  1. Good Post, YW, merci. 🙂

    After the battle of wills betwixt AW and Ivan, the mooted changes leaked (broadcast) widely, that there had been a catalyst for change after we got stuffed, and some of the change were slated to be with some of the back room staff going.

    Inevitably there was only going to be one winner, and bit by bit we all came to understand that it would be a case of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose — in other words, sod all, as you said.

    Never mind, as AW may have responded to Ivan’s ‘winds of change’ attack, ‘après moi, le déluge’ let’s hope he is wrong.

  2. Good morning folks, thank you Yogi.

    So the change in formation suits Ramsey, well that’s good to know. He says it frees him to get into more dangerous positions. Really? I never noticed how dedicated to defending Ramsey has been all these years.

  3. Everton have agreed a £30m deal with Sunderland for keeper Jordan Pickford.

    It’s likely that even average PL sides will be spending big this summer. Possible that they are spending some of the Lukaku money (the assumption is that he’s off), but nonetheless if we don’t pull our fingers out this summer the only we’ll be going is backwards. As if another two years of Wenger wasn’t enough of a backward step as it is.

  4. £30M for Pickford, THAT IS FUCKING MADNESS! Maybe its just me but it feels like Mignolet all over again and Liverpool don’t even want Mignolet.

  5. Bonjour Henry comment t va? Qui la meme sitaution continu avec Arsenal Rien change.

    Qui j suis bien merci.I am not hopeful with regards to next season.

    TOn a brighter not the Sun shines bright here in the South. Cest tres chaud ici a Montpellier. It’s to hot to go out, to do anything.

  6. Haha Ramsey said it frees him, when has he ever been disciplined in his play? Last I checked even when he played on the wing he told us publicly that he roams around and goes where he wants and Arsene told him he can but just has to try and make his way back to the right wing.

    Personally, I prefer a back 4. So nothing changes and we have 2 more years, luck for me I am still naive enough to think that we will get Lacazette and another top quality player.

  7. C it sounds to me, that you think Sanchez is gone, I agree, talk of keeping him and running down his contract is nonsense IMO if he wants away then let’s do it for big money not the 40 million Bayern are offering, Ozil I think will struggle to secure a move to a top club, but again if he wants away then let’s do it and not flap around waiting for him to change his mind. I’m not sure about spunking 60 million on Lacazette

  8. Your photo is most timely. I am presently in Minneapolis (flying to Calgary today).

    I spent half a day at Paisley Park yesterday and paid my respects to the tiny purple genius.

    Reading the post, I am reminded that maaaan – I wish we had missed out on Europa.

    A clarity of purpose and a reduction in games would have done this lot a world of good.

  9. buckagh,

    I actually think we should keep Sanchez and Ozil and add some quality, the problem I have have is that all the changes we heard about are not happening because it seems Ivan has lost to Arsene. If Arsene sold Sanchez to Citeh, there would be no hiding from that PR disaster. I actually would give Lyon 60m for Lacazette but would also be tempted to throw it at Dortmund for aubameyang just to tempt them.

  10. buckagh,

    If £30m is the going rate for Pickford I don’t think £60m for Lacazette is that big a leap. £40m for Alexis seems way too low, but the short contract is clearly the issue.


    So basically it would cost more than double what we would get from Chezzer to replace him. We clearly need every penny we can raise to sort out other positions, so I’m with you on trying to figure out why we would send so much on a keeper at the moment when we already have one.

  11. C,

    I think it would be pretty clear that it was Arsene who sold Alexis to City, so he’d have nowhere to hide. I don’t think he cares though. He has already shown his disdain for the opinion of the fans. It would be typical Wenger to let Alexis go to City and not fill the hole in the team.

  12. Beautiful post, Sir Yogi!
    It is obvious that Arsene Wenger can do a good job of simulating attack football by holding possession and playing an accurate passing game. However the boss lacks the ruthlessness to produce results in his players and that was why I think Sanchez made a mention of Ramsey having an opportunity to score which was squandered, after the Spurs game. It could be this reluctance to be ruthless and to scold players that need to be coaxed, that actually irritates players with a fiery nature like Sanchez and Robin Van Persie. I can remember several seasons ago when Oxlade was having a fine game against Manchester United and I think he was substituted by Arshavin and RVP was not excited at the prospect. Same RVP advised Ozyakup to move to another club sometime before his switch to Manchester United.
    So when we talk about Arsenal lacking leaders on the pitch, the real leadership problem starts with the manager Arsene Wenger and his style.
    Enjoy this short clip of Arsene’s supposed tactical masterpiece in the FA cup

  13. Wenger might have “won” the battle in the boardroom, but Gazidis surely just has to get the popcorn out, pull up a chair and watch unfolding the train wreck, confident in the knowledge that he’s going to be proven correct in the next few months if he just folds his arms and watches.

    Wenger’s arrogance will doubtless continue whilst he looks for more midget midfielders, loses Sanchez and then expects fans to accept that he “tried but there was no quality available” when we get some unknowns from Lesser Slobivia in to replace Sanogo and has a poor start to the season yet again because 75% of the squad are still on holiday or out injured.

    There’s a fair chance Wenger will regret pushing to get his way and signing that new contract.

    I don’t think we’re going to see any of the big name strikers we’re supposedly trying for arrive (I’d love to be proven wrong, but somehow I doubt that’s going to happen). Wenger will offer the usual packet of crisps and half a jam sandwich and then pretend that was a genuine effort.

  14. Wavey,

    Exactly which shows again just how shit they are at negotiations. Szczesny said he is coming back to Arsenal on Saturday so we will see what happens. But 30m for Pickford is RIDICULOUS and MADNESS.

  15. Wavey,

    Yea it would show that it was Arsene, the thing is that in this case it would be that much worst especially because of the falling out of CL. I do hope that we make a signing soon to address our areas of weakness, I know people will say there is still plenty of time and its early days in the summer months; but we see clubs already addressing needs and weaknesses around us and while the signing of our Sead is a quality signing; its perfectly clear that we need striker help and while only Silva (who I think is quality wise is on par with the best young CF’s in Europe including Morata) has moved thus far, we need to see something happen.

  16. Griezmann has signed a new deal with Athletico until 2020 which makes his transfer fee should he move be astronomical at worst.

  17. Hi C,

    Not sure I can agree that the Pickford deal is MADNESS (madness to gentler souls) 🙂

    OK, I agree, to the extent that I would not want Pickford to join Arsenal, and said so 2 or 3 days ago, but for two clubs who do want to deal, with a willing seller and an equally willing buyer, is simply capitalism in motion! 😀

    Griezmann allegedly signed that contract extension with a big increase in salary to £235K per week, but he refused to increase the ‘release clause’ valuation, and that remains at €100m.

    He will leave as soon as the transfer embargo is lifted, as Manure had already agreed the salary at £300K, and that they would meet the buy out price.

    How did you get on with the President Show – frightening, eh? 😀

  18. Wavey,

    of course its the short contract, just another Wenger fuck up, I hope I’m wrong but imo Sanchez checked out months ago so lets makes the most of it and if that means Citeh are the highest bidders so be it but I don’t trust Wenger to use the money to get the best out there

  19. HenryB,

    I should have clarified, its MADNESS by the fact that he is 23 years old, performed well at Sunderland but they were still relegated. The other thing is, if he is worth 30m, they why is there even talk of anything less for Szczesny from Arsenal outside of wanting to get rid of him. I have to admit, it isn’t madness for them but it shows boggles the mind to think that Sunderland wanted 30m for him and got it and we are set to sell Szczesny based on reports for 16m.

    Griezmann did sign and his release clause didn’t go up but I would be interested to see what happens next summer because there is no way they sell him in the Winter. I think that he signed because there is still a lot of “wanting to stay together” between he and the club.

    The President Show had me laughing I have to say.

  20. Lacazette for Giroud swap, please and thank you. Though the Lyon President has made some interesting comments about if PSG want him he is willing to sell in order to keep both the player and the money in the French league.

  21. Ospina price going up – is that because Szczesny is off to Juventus as reported?
    Suppose AW will wait to see all summer what happens with Sanchez’s agent, then sign someone spectacularly bad like Gignac on a long contract in August. Cult hero in France for trying so hard despite having a comfort layer around the middle, but being utterly cr*p.

    Can’t believe anyone really thought Ivan would get the better of Wenger!

  22. C,

    think Giroud will score more goals than Lacazette any day.
    Pay Torino what they want for Belotti. A proper striker. (dream on)

  23. Great post Yogi

    Arsene was always the heavy favorite to win any back room power struggles. I assume his goal throughout the whole negotiation was to maintain his control over aspect of the clubs football operations and the reason he held out was to gain more leverage. I don’t understand the charismatic attraction that Arlene maintains over a segment of the fan base and our board room. He was a great manager at one time but clearly that time is long past. Why they remain so completely dedicated to the man is a mystery to me. He is just a manager but I guess to each his own.

    I am reasonably confident Arsene will make at least 1 relatively big money move this summer. Unfortunately I am also confident that our creativity and technical skill first ethos will be the major theme of anything we do. Hopefully we will stick with 3 at the back because it seems to be a more solid defensive set up and an unexpectedly strong defense will probably be the only real hope we have of moving back up the table. We are going to need to keep a whole lot of clean sheets next season especially if Alexis is sold.

  24. Sam,

    I would take Belotti too. Your crazy to think that Giroud out scores Lacazette. Compare their numbers both now and take Giroud’s numbers when he was in France.

  25. $30M for Pickford is over the top. I am not a fan of Wojo but selling him for $16M and then paying $30M for Pickford does not make sense. If we bring Wojo back he will have to accept being #2 for a least a year and we need to have a very good back up because when Wojo does play Arsene will need to have him on a short leash.

  26. C:
    Lacazette for Giroud swap, please and thank you.Though the Lyon President has made some interesting comments about if PSG want him he is willing to sell in order to keep both the player and the money in the French league.

    The President of Lyon, Jean-Michel Aulas is a little strange French. 😀

    He does not seem to get on with Arsene too well, so that reduces our chances for Lacazette.
    There is always something to mess things up.

  27. Bill,

    Why would he have to accept being the #2 and why would Arsene have to have a short leash? I know you only follow the PL, but I think in this case its really limiting your knowledge of Szczesny and his development over the past 2 years.

    It would be like me talking to you about horses knowing very little about them myself 😉

  28. HenryB,

    Yup, always something but your right and I would say he isn’t the only manager of a French club that doesn’t seem to like dealing with Arsene.

    At least Arsene will be able to tell us, “He almost signed Lacazette” before he scores a hat-trick against us in the Europa League 😉

  29. C

    Arsene had a front row seat watching the mess that was the 5 year wojo era. Those 5 years were every bit as bad as the almunia years. You can’t just ignore that. I accept that wojo has been good in italy but he is coming back to the manager and the club culture that was such a huge problem for him just 2 years ago. Wojo has to prove he really is a different player

  30. Bill,

    Don’t forget that in some of those years he actually wasn’t the start because Fab. If it was such a huge problem then how did he win the Golden Gloves, had a bad half season then became the player he was.

    Actually, nevermind, lets just agree to disagree on this one.

  31. C

    You know as well as I that Arsene handed the job to Wojo in 2010 with the idea that he would be our GK for many years. The only reason Fabianski was ever the first choice was because of Wojo’s long stretches of inconstancy and poor form. Arsene had to drop Wojo at least 1 and probably 2 other times and finally he gave up and bought a decent GK and sent Wojo away. You have said many many times that when Arsene has a favorite he sticks with him far longer then he should and Arsene stuck with Wojo for 5 years. Like it or not Wojo had to be pretty bad to lose Arsene’s favor.

  32. Pickford is overpriced but not by much – he is English and young and was coveted by numerous suitors. Also the money for Lukaku will be sizeable and other clubs know that.
    He has way more mental strength and character than Mignolet – that’s harsh..
    I’m a fan, so maybe take it with a pinch of salt but…I think this is a VERY good signing for them.

  33. I cannot believe Ronaldo, with years of multi-million pound salaries, bonuses etc could have felt it was OK to play fast and loose with the Spanish tax system to the tune of some €15m.

    Could it be he was acting similarly with the British tax system for years too? Pity that Jezzer could not win earlier, he would have taxed the ass off him, so there would not be anything to play fast and loose with! 😀

  34. Jonny,

    In between starting your own Calgary Stampede, I could do with some info, please. [You are clearly enjoying your North American tour — maybe you will stay?]

    I am moving my digs soon, so I wonder if Pickford has given up his removals business now that he is going to Everton? 🙂

  35. Bill,

    What’s your point, he was young. De Gea was dropped for poor form in his early Manure days, Van de Vaar had to go to Fulham to resurrect his career before moving to Manure and being what we remember. Young Gk’s, same as most young players are inconsistent but as they develop and mature they become more consistent, some rise and some fail but judging and getting rid of a player based on how they performed when they first broke into the team makes no sense. It would be like judging you based on the person and employee that you were when you were 20-21 years old; it doesn’t make sense.

  36. C

    Full credit for Wojo for resurrecting his career. Its unfortunate he needed a change of scenery before he could figure it out. I doubt he would have improved if he had stayed with us and you have to be concerned that he may struggle again when he returns to a team that can be a defensively disorganized as we are.

    I agree that it makes no sense to sell Wojo for $16M and then spend $30M on Pickford. However, we have a good GK who may not be the world’s best and we are certainly not desperate for a new GK. it also makes no sense to hand over the job to Wojo with no questions asked.

  37. Bill,

    Not once have I said “hand him the job with no questions asked”, I said let him battle for #1, Cech is an aging GK who was just as culpulable as others during our poor run of form and while he is still a good GK, he shouldn’t be handed the #1 shirt next season without question either. To be honest, the only players that should be guaranteed a spot are Sanchez if he stays, Nacho, Bellerin now that he is fully fit again at RB ro RWB, Ozil only because of his quality and everybody else should have to fight for their spot including Kos and Ozil if he isn’t on form.

  38. I was just wondering how small a stick has to be before you stop using it to beat the manager and club? How you can keep digging up the stories to moan and groan about, lets face it your just Winaholics,who cannot be happy unless we sign all the players,win all the games and let those that know better (ie the author ) run the game, it’s almost as if the multi billionaire owner who pays the multi millionaire manager and millionaire CEO can’t know what they are doing (even if somehow in the past they have done it so successfully to have earned these vast amounts of cash), if you fail to give it your seal of approval.
    Of course you could be deluded fantasists who live in a totally utopian world where everything works out perfectly.

  39. Ox is having an absolute shocker in midfield. Given the ball away three times in the last 5 minutes.

  40. Hahahaha i find this all terribly funny now….of course Arsene should do what he wants guys he won the fa cup, the man is a titan !! Of course he doesnt need to make any changes, or the club to employ a doff, he’s been doing a sensational job for years, wonderful record in the league and cl.
    Sanchez wants out does he ? This is the same cat who at the end of the season was prattling on about the fans supporting wenger ? I thought pires said we would sign mbappe ?
    Basically Kroenke is a colossal prick who is milking the club for every last penny, nothing will change, i would put my house on next season and in fact this summer’s activities being exactly the same as it has been forever in the hyperloop that is arsenal. We will be second rate but who cares the tv money is fantastic.
    Well Satan, sorry i mean Stan, enjoy it you’ve killed off my interest in this nonsense, a habit you spread to fans like a virus in all your ‘sports franchises’…maybe he’d like to move the club to Birmingham to grab some more fans…….fair enough wenger won the facup but with staggeringly easy games all over the place and he should have resigned immediately, as he should of about 17 times….i imagine stan bunged him an absolute fortune and any terms he liked because this is a business now, nothing else, and all he wants is your money and to take money out of the uk. and all wenger wants is another massive power trip and to continue his delusional dreams. I think ill go and be sick. maybe in the usa….

  41. philbet …”it’s almost as if the multi billionaire owner who pays the multi millionaire manager and millionaire CEO can’t know what they are doing (even if somehow in the past they have done it so successfully to have earned these vast amounts of cash)”

    yes….i mean bang on money, earning power equals competence said literally no one, ever, anywhere…..especially those with any humility who have actually made a lot of money. jesus….i despair… wonder these two have got fans over a barrel if people like philbet can be rolled down the hill of life like a slippery barrel….thanks for the laugh though….enjoy being exploited

  42. Philbet,

    “I was just wondering how small a stick has to be before you stop using it to beat the manager and club? ”

    If it’s small enough I’d shove it up their arses instead – satisfied?

  43. Ha! Stones really is a terrible defender. To be fair the majority of us on this site called it too, biggest waste of £50m that I can think of.

  44. West Ham, reports say, want Giroud and are willing to pay 20m; thank you for your service Giroud the money from your transfer will be spent on Lacazette or Belloti or Aubameyang.

  45. Southgate made a huge mistake in playing Ox as one of two holding midfielders, it is obviously not his game. He isn’t disciplined enough in that role and just hasn’t got the awareness. He hasn’t been helped by the players around him, but you have to expect you are going to be closed down quickly against a team like France. If Ox is playing in the middle he needs to be much further forward. Not sure what Southgate was thinking as it left our midfield very weak.

    Can’t see how Giroud out scores Lacazette, but there were some who argued that Giroud was better than Higuain when he was a potential target.

  46. I just saw a stat that said in teh first half Ox played 18 total passes and complete only 61%; that is shocking from a player in midfield. Ox should and will always be a player that is best used on the flanks. He doesn’t have the close control, consistent passing or quick thinking mind for midfield but on the flank he can use his athleticism and explosiveness and he can whip in crosses and cut inside for a shot.

  47. Wavey,

    HAHAHA, I remember getting in a couple of arguments with people saying Higuain only scored something like 120 goals in 170 appearances for Madrid because he played at Madrid and Giroud was a better goal scorer. Whats funny is if people actually took a look at Giroud’s club career, well its that of a ‘meh’ striker. I mean didn’t Defoe outscore him last season for a shit Sunderland side?

  48. Bill,

    I have to agree with C, Chezzer had a mixed career at Arsenal but has clearly reinvented himself at Roma and is now wanted as successor to Buffon. Goalkeepers have very long careers relatively and many only really start to shine after a few years in the job. They often have fantastic spells and disastrous periods in their early careers, but the quality ones come good. Looking at the young goalkeepers in recent years, so many have had really dodgy spells at their clubs. Joe Hart was vaunted as one of the potential greats and is now on his way out of City. He is likely to have to take a step back to come good again. We may have managed to get Chezzer through his rough patch without losing him. I’d like to see him battle Cech for the main spot for a season before writing him off. He’s an Arsenal player with a couple of years left on his contract, so it’s not exactly a risk. With Ospina likely to be off I can’t really see the issue, especially as getting one of the two young England prospects is going to cost £30m.

  49. C,

    Both stars, but going cost plenty. Lacazette at £60m doesn’t seem too scary to me in the current market. 32 goals in the season just gone is nothing to be sniffed at.

    England were so so tonight. Whilst there was contact for a penalty, the red card decision was harsh. That didn’t stop France for looking for and getting the winner. They had the quality and Southgate’s team selection was poor. It was only a friendly, but he didn’t do a particularly good job. Pretty sure we won’t see Ox playing in that deep midfield role again.

  50. Wavey,


    Both of them will cost loads, I think I heard Dortmund want nothing short of 90m for Dembele. Lacazette, back to back 30 goals seasons…..I’ll take that.

    For all the talk of Ox in midfield, outside of 2 or 3 performances, he hasn’t impressed. I think its best for him to be on the flanks.

  51. C,

    I think he can do a better job further up the pitch, but agree he has proved most effective out wide.

  52. Wenger should use the loan system much more than he does because he could use it to develop that raw talent that needs shaping. Wenger is not great at developing players himself, so why not identify coaches at other clubs who can develop players? If Eddie Howe is seen as going on to bigger things isn’t it worth placing top youngsters with? Never in a million years do you want players placed with Pulis, but some of the weaker teams work much harder at developing players as they can’t afford to spend heavily in the transfer market.

  53. Wavey,

    I think he could help further but on the flanks he can be really good if he can improve hus end product which is the major issue no matter where he plays and ends up.

  54. C,

    He’s generally played pretty well for England either on the flanks, or through the middle. Tonight what was probably his worst performance for England, largely because he was required to play so deep. Pretty major gaff from the England coach, but I guess he can claim that he was being experimental in a friendly. Any Arsenal fans could have told him straight off that playing Ox in that role tonight was never going to work.

  55. Next season’s fixtures due to be released at 09:00 today – can someone tell Wenger so that he can be ready when the season starts this time? 😜

  56. No idea why that posted twice.

    Next two games are both away at Stoke and then Liverpool. Chelsea away is game 5, and in November, a traditionally poor month for us, the first two games are City away followed by Spurs at home.

  57. Orson Kaert,

    Nope, the PL know that we are traditionally poor starters so they’ve given us a second try in case we’re unprepared for the first one 😀

  58. Honestly Yogi I think there is something really crap about 4,5,1. Not enough strikers, nor a good enough one, too many players fillyfallying around in the middle and too many pushing forward from the back.
    I hated it, it demoralised the team and it caused us to get regular thumpings. What is there to change? We just need to invest in a few forwards and backs if the squad is short of that position.

    Mahrez? Low priority.

    Can we thank AW? Well in the sense that I can watch football again without a gagging reflex, but I thank Conté. He is the one who had the balls to do this and show how much better it is in this league at this moment.

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