On Europa League, Winterslag and Hong Kong Phooey

In trying to undermine the mundanity of a very routine last Sunday of the season, the media has decided that Middlesbrough might win 2 – 0 at Anfield and Everton might nick a 1 – 1 draw at the Emirates. Which will be fairly impressive, given that they will be busy shaking the sand out of their boots having been on the beach all week. Perhaps they are thinking of playing in their speedos and flip-flops?

Manchester City could be dragged into the play-off picture if managerless Watford beat them 4 – 0 at Vicarage Road and Arsenal win 1 – 0. Got a headache yet? God knows why; none of it will happen. As much as I’d like to see Calum Chambers grab a hat-trick at Anfield or whatever it takes to beat Liverpool, Boro’s only away win this season came at Sunderland; ‘nuff said.

The Europa League it is then and rightly so. The sane treat it as a big adventure which is a positive spin to put on the current state of Arsenal.

Everything is up in the air; Wenger’s renewal, we’re told, is no longer a formality with Stan and Deliver, sorry, Stan and Ivan, both leveraging the failure to qualify for the Champions League for personnel changes.

Arsène isn’t much minded to be a catalyst for change and is telling them to ‘do one’, in an admittedly far more urbane manner. Unless of course, you think Luis Enrique, Thomas Tuchel or Max Allegri will be announced after the end of their respective seasons or the FA Cup final, whichever is later.

Hong Kong Phooey

There’s more chance of Penry, the mild-mannered janitor taking over than either of those three. That’s Hong Kong Phooey for the younger reader. Who? What?

You asked:

Hong Kong Phooey – the original cartoon – was typical of the Hanna-Barbera shows of the era. Scatman Crothers voiced Penry/Hong Kong Phooey, was also Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters in their cartoon series which featured in Banana Splits. Joe E. Ross, aside from his Car 54 work, provided the voice for Botch in the Hair Bear Bunch as well as Sergeant Flint. Don Messick was Spot in Hong Kong Phooey and the voice of Scooby Doo. I digress.

Anyway, Europa League it is and the chance of a belated redemption. Not for Arsène but for Arsenal. A confluence of events as contrived as needed for a Premier League play-off, could seem us face Winterslag next season.

Winter-what? Oh yea of such callow youth. Winterslag; Belgian part-timers, despite a fifth place finish in their first division, beat Arsenal in 1981/82 UEFA Cup, on the away goals rule. It was our European Wrexham.

Of course, Winterslag don’t exist anymore. Realising that beating Arsenal was the pinnacle of the club’s dreams, they folded and merged with Waterschei in 1988. Water-who? Good grief, you are young.

They are infamous in Belgian football. Basically, Standard Liege won the title in 1981/82 and 1982/83. The former came as a result of bribing Waterschei players so that they didn’t suffer any hardship or injury in winning the final game of the season.

Power, Corruption and Lies

Liege faced Barcelona in the 1982 Cup Winners Cup final a few days later and didn’t want to miss out on their fifteen minutes of fame. They lost for the record, 2 – 1. Yes, that’s the same Barcelona you love to hate winning the same Cup Winners Cup as Arsenal a decade or so later; it’s the competition you love to mock.

It really did mean something back in the day; ask Arsène he took Monaco to the final where they lost to Werder Bremen in 1991 or 92, I think.

It all came out ahead of the 1984 European Championships and basically scuppered what little hope of doing well the Belgians had.

You can read more about the corruption story here.

Anyway, 1988 saw Winterslag and Waterschei merge and form KRC Genk, who are in the semi-finals of the Belgian league’s Europa League play-offs. Which is almost as convoluted a system as it’s taken to get to the point where you’ve already realised that if Genk get through the Europa League play-offs domestically this season and in the Europa League itself, they could find themselves facing Arsenal.

As I say, revenge may be on the cards. In quite a convoluted way.

Away from that, Mesut Özil is dropped rested from the German Confederations Cup squad but Shkodran Mustafi isn’t. I doubt Alexis will get the same courtesy from Chile but as he’s leaving this summer, it’s someone else’s problem.

’til Tomorrow.

87 thoughts on “On Europa League, Winterslag and Hong Kong Phooey

  1. I can’t believe that it was ‘Penry’ the Mild mannered janitor. I’ve been thinking it was ‘Henry’ for the last 40years. Which means I was old enough to have the piss taken out of me by my school mates after the Winterslag debacle.

  2. Jonnygunner,

    That’s about as much of a revelation as the sun coming up tomorrow or stating that next season Arsene will move the goalposts to suit whatever outcome he delivers (avoiding relegation could become the new ‘TFT’). I’ll add a ‘ 😉 ‘ to keep Nicky happy.

  3. Good morning folks. The Telegraph, quite rightly, points out that had we managed to draw the opening game of the season (instead of losing to Liverpool) we would now be in fourth place and heading once more into the Champions League rather than towards Thursday night football.

    The moral being, get the transfer business done early, get the players back from the beach early and be ready to start the game when the first whistle blows.

  4. Winterslag – wonderful.

    I know somebody that went to the away leg of this game. It’s very instructive of the state of football in the 1980s when hooliganism was rife. The story involves the Belgian police, a deceased Arsenal ‘face’, and Arsenal’s current ‘Equipment Manager’.

  5. I have a Harlem Globetrotters programme from the late 70’s. Meadowlark Lemon is the standout name, special mentions for Geese and Curly.

    Wenger – Has he gone yet?

  6. Pete the Thirst,

    Wasn’t that Goose, not Geese. I remember watching a newsreel featuring a game between the Globetrotters and the Cowboys, when Goose managed to swap the ball for one with an elastic rope attached so when he passed it flew back to him.

  7. @Damon,
    You make a valid point. Only the loss of mega bucks would cause the departure of the Kroenkes.

    Nicky this is just utter nonsense, once again. There are plenty of reasons the Kroenke’s may decide to leave, chief amongst those is making a huge profit. How on earth are they going to lose ‘mega bucks’ ….. are you aware how much money they have already made? Unless the entire football industry worldwide collapses this is impossible…and given it is a growing industry and the world’s most popular sport (read soccernomics) this certainly isn’t going to happen in Stan’s lifetime.
    You don’t provide any evidence for your rangey assertions of ‘bile and hatred’ beyond ‘i refuse to discuss this’…..a sure sign of a man with a very weak, if not false, argument.
    I’m going to stick to my guns…..every response you give convinces me that you are an employee of Arsenal football club….it is impossible to make sense of your robotic replies otherwise….

  8. Brilliant Yogi,

    A blast from the past but yes, you digress.

    We should be thankful to qualify for the Europa league after the season we’ve had. I can see Everton taking us by 3 or 4 ( just what we need before a cup final) then having to listen to Wenger spouting that Europa will bring in more money than CL and that somehow it’s a better competition for the purists!

  9. “For me, it (fan demonstrations) is very bad. He is the manager who gave a stadium to the club, won cups, and he has been 21 years in the job. He is the creator of the stadium, the players and style of the club.”

    This is Alexis talking above….i can only assume he feels such loyalty to Arsene that he will sign a new contract come what may….? This from the man who has regularly ‘protested’ this season with his on and off field histrionics. And somebody ought to have a word in his ear explaining that Arsene did not gift the club a new stadium…the fans paid for it !! Amazing. And all rather hypocritical, especially if he leaves this summer….

  10. I always thought it was Henry the mild mannered janitor…… and now I find out it was ‘Penry’!

    YW, your messing with my mind!!!! – All that I thought was true is not what it appears….next you will be telling me Arsenal have been great this season and will beat Chelsea 4-0 in the cup final…

  11. I see no reason to believe that we will fair any better in the europa league….tactics, discipline, organisation, planning, fitness, skill…..all problems that arent going to be magically fixed by changing competitions.

  12. Salut YW. It is good to digress and forget the current trials and tribulations that are abound AFC.

    Hong Kong Phooey man your taking me back.

  13. Yogi, you surprised me, I thought you were going to write about Sanchez’s comments.

    Europa League, I think if taken serious we could at least challenge, its our current level to be honest based on manager and culture of club.

  14. @Damon,
    Sorry mate, I withdraw my comment that you had a valid point.
    Buffalo doesn’t agree. 😉

  15. I think you will find, Nicky, that Damon, Buffalo and most others here will find themselves united with Jonny in the file marked ‘bile and hatred’, in your mind.

    As you are filed under ‘hyperbole’ for me.

  16. C

    Nope, don’t believe a word of them. They are the words of a man who isn’t going to rock the boat. Let’s put it this way, if he buggers off this summer, the hypocrisy of them would be underscored.

  17. @Buffalo,
    With respect, you sure test the principle of free speech we have in this country.
    I’ll make it simple just for you. Damon’s point was that the Kroenkes are only interested in their mega bucks investment. While this prospers there is no incentive to leave. HOWEVER, If FOR ANY REASON THE INVESTMENT IS SERIOUSLY THREATENED they are likely to depart.
    I have deliberately put some of the words in capitals especially for you.
    You appear to be another contributor to ACLF who has a selective memory. 😉

  18. Nicky, I like how every comment ends with 😉. Evidently you know you are just joking and trolling everyone. Enjoy!

  19. @Nicky – “Sorry, but I have no wish to attempt to debate any issue with a guy whose selective memory denies the very existence of loathing, bile and hatred towards Arsene Wenger on this site for many months now”.

    Except, I wasn’t asking you to debate it – I was asking you to provide concrete examples or name names.

    I do not have a ‘selective memory’ – I just haven’t seen the incredible vituperative things you describe.

    As David Hume wrote in 1748, “A wise man … proportions his belief to the evidence”.

    Or, if you prefer something more contemporary, Christopher Hitchens would have remarked “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence”.

  20. @consolsbob,
    Have you taken a poll in order to come to your assertion?
    I have and gained support from over 3000 users of ACLF. 😉

  21. @Jonny,
    Please don’t blame me because you have failed to read the texts of the adverse comments about Arsene Wenger which have disgraced these pages for months. 😉

  22. Nicky, free speech does not exist in this country, you’re quite out to lunch if you believe it does. Your use of winks, capitals and phrases such as ‘with respect’ don’t do anything to lend weight to your points of view and you still haven’t provided an explanation as to how the Kroenkes are going to lose money or how their business of Arsenal might be SERIOUSLY THREATENED ?
    You talk of free speech and then of comments that have ‘disgraced these pages’……..not at all hysterical…..i think Limestone has it right….

  23. Ok – I have made my point but let’s be honest there is a world of difference between ‘adverse comments’ and the kind of powerful words you were throwing about yesterday.

    If you don’t want people to cry ‘foul’, maybe stay away from the huge box marked HYPERBOLE when pointing the finger at those people.

    I doing so you are trying to render genuine criticism of tired, stagnant, failing regime as invalid by pretending the comments have been far, far worse.

    That’s not on, because it isn’t true.

  24. If we want to talk about being disrespectful then I’m sure that it washes both ways and there are plenty of examples of words directed at fans by both the manager and other club officials can be placed firmly in that category.

    Since they are so keen to support the ‘business’ it might be advisable to treat their ‘customers’ with a bit more respect rather than like a bunch of gullible clueless idiots.

  25. Respectfully, I would ask all contributors to read the masterpiece of Buffalo at 11.42.
    It’s his forecast for next term, before this season is over, before the Summer Window has begun, signings agreed and even before lessons have been tabled in order to learn about the failings of the past.
    And you wonder why we old supporters from the 1930s call some of you irritating younger followers today, doom and gloom merchants. 😉

  26. YW,

    Maybe its the young naivity of me but I actually think that part of his words are true about it being on Arsenal if he stays or goes, but the rest, yea I think he is a man that has already made his feelings known about Arsene and Arsenal and he is toeing the company line.

  27. nicky,

    He’s probably pretty close to the truth. We’ve had more than a decade of the same failings. To hope next season is different is great, and I’m pretty sure most people who visit here do exactly that.

    To seriously think it will be is to cover your eyes and say “LALALALALALALALALA” until the conversation is over with regards the evidence of more than ten consecutive seasons.

  28. @Buffalo,
    Re the Kroenkes and their future with ArsenalFC, my advice is you should get back to Damon. The poor guy raised a point quite innocently, with which I agreed, only to be then confronted by an hysterical outburst from you for daring to do so.
    My shoulders are broad but rather old. I’m off for my usual post-luncheon nap (nearly typed post-mortem!) so let’s call a temporary halt to all this friendly banter. 😉

  29. nicky,

    If I’m honest I can see exactly where he is coming from. As we have failed repeatedly to learn from past failings why should we expect next season to be any different? Before signings? This season we have Ozil (£42m), Alexis (£34m), Mustafi (£32m), Xhaka (£35m) yet we have fared less well than when we fielded the likes of Denilson, Gervinho, Senderos and Song. Given the undoubted improvement in the quality of the players at our disposal why is it that far from improving the side has gone backwards this season? When you reach the only possible conclusion – that they have been poorly managed – you can see exactly why Buffalo might feel the way that he does.

  30. @Buffalo,
    Can’t leave without refuting your 1.20 that “free speech doesn’t exist in this country”.
    Such a disgraceful remark does you no credit.
    Tell it to the nation’s war dead, my comrades left behind in Burma and those who still mourn.
    I hope you will withdraw such an appalling remark.

  31. This is getting good…

    To loosely quote JW (Johnson? Willy?) Henry: “what do you think they’re smoking over there”

  32. I wouldn’t mind seeing Penry as our new Coach. Or better still, we could form a Penry / Henry axis, marching us forward to a glorious future.

  33. @Jonny,
    Re your 2.27 I didn’t miss anything. I made a very serious comment on a disgraceful remark and didn’t feel disposed to attach a “funny” to it. Like now.

  34. @Andy1886,
    Re your 1.54, I suppose “attitude” is affected by age. Every season most “oldie” supporters feel that it will be better than the previous one…….regardless of the squad, manager, injury list, opponents and referees. We see no doom and gloom on the horizon and our faith is sure.
    The worries and stresses we had in our early and middle age have all gone and we can now meander on towards the end of one life and the beginning of another.
    If only we could persuade others to regard “the beautiful game” and those who participate in it as only an exciting pastime, nothing more. I bet most of us on this site don’t even play anymore.

    When you think of it, it’s crazy to get that worked up over a sport.

  35. Nicky it is not ‘disgraceful’ to remark that freedom of speech does not exist in the UK, it is accurate.
    Libel laws, super-injunctions, how else do you explain endless criminal prosecutions for speech that is deemed ‘offensive’…..etc etc etc
    I’d be grateful if you stopped calling me ‘disgraceful’ for having a contrasting opinion, attempting to use shame as a weapon is not a strong tactic

  36. @Buffalo,
    You are clearly a disgrace for saying that freedom of speech doesn’t exist in this country.
    You use a play on words quoting, in a quite silly way, those limited situations when the use of the spoken word can fall foul of the law.
    You are deliberately twisting the fact that freedom of speech, like other freedoms, was obtained at a heavy cost over the years by those to whom you should owe much.
    Instead of fouling their memory.
    Incidentally, look up the difference between libel and slander in a dictionary because you clearly do not know the difference.

  37. Seems to me like you’re the one who has gotten worked up Nicky.

    But no, you’re right we should all just be passive consumers and watch as our club is stripped away from the common fan – an increasingly overpriced corporate snooze-fest. A collection of millionaires performing to further line the pockets of multi-billionaires who cannot even be bothered to pay the serfs a living wage.

    The alienated ‘supporters’ who can no longer afford to attend with their kids are all wrong and you’re right; how dare they complain. Why can’t they just enjoy the spectacle of the beautiful game like an exciting past-time.

    Well if you think this was in anyway exciting (as opposed to the predictable tedium I witnessed) you must have forgotten what real football tastes like. I suppose I have to admit – it has been over 10 years now.

    And what in the name of shitting-crikey has playing the game got to do with it?

    I’m an avid NFL follower and I also like boxing and MMA – should I climb into the octagon in order to be allowed continue these stupid passions of mine?

  38. Andy makes an important point. I just said something similar on my coiner what’s app group. If AW would take some responsibility and hold himself a little accountable publicly, I could still respect his leadership going forward even if I don’t really believe in his ability to win the big trophies anymore. But he finds every laughable excuse and makes embarrassing statements to avoid even an iota of responsibility.

    I wouldn’t be delighted but I could accept with loyal resignation his continuing if he put aside all the ridiculous things he has been saying and just spoke honestly: “we targeted the league and failed to challenge. I and the players made mistakes and failed in our quest. I don’t accept thus and will do everything I can and will make sure the club does everything to fight harder and be better prepared for next season to challenge and win.”

    He won’t even do this. I find it utterly demoralizing.

  39. “You are deliberately twisting the fact that freedom of speech, like other freedoms, was obtained at a heavy cost over the years by those to whom you should owe much.
    Instead of fouling their memory.”

    You talk some unbelievable bollocks, you really do. How you have managed to infer from what i said that i was somehow disrespecting the war dead and indeed am ‘fouling their memory’, i do not know. I’m hardly responsible for the erosion of free speech in this country. Bizarre. I suppose if you’re losing the fight, you can always cheat by making stuff up but hardly honourable is it ? Quite disgraceful, in fact, old crow !!

  40. @Jonny,
    If you are very lucky and live until you reach the nervous nineties (as Geoff Boycott was heard to remark) in reasonable health…..you will know what I mean.
    NOW, you will have to wait and be patient because from your rambling, disjointed 5.28 it’s far too early for you to understand. 😉

  41. Come on guys – enough.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, of course — but where they become personal and/or confrontational it is best to leave it at that — inevitably there will be tears if it carries on.

    Here is a bit of football news that I found quite interesting, in principle, although perhaps difficult to administer in practise. Still a step in the right direction.

    Here you go :-

    The FA has extended its powers to punish simulation retrospectively. [Yay]

    A new offence of ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’ will be in force from the start of the 2017-18 season, after the regulation change was approved by The FA Council today [18 May] and following a period of consultation with stakeholders over the past few months.

    Where there is clear and overwhelming evidence to suggest a match official has been deceived by an act of simulation, and as a direct result, the offending player’s team has been awarded a penalty and/or an opposing player has been dismissed, The FA will be able to act retrospectively under its Fast Track system.

    [Key Issues] :
    — Where retrospective action could be taken:
    — Where an alleged act leads to a penalty
    — Where an alleged act leads to a straight red card for an opponent
    — Where an alleged act leads to a dismissal of an opponent [where the alleged act led to the opponent receiving either one of the two cautions]

    A panel consisting of one ex-match official, one ex-manager and one ex-player will be asked to review all available video footage of the incident independently of one another and then advise The FA as to whether they believe it was an offence of ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’. Only in circumstances where the panel are unanimous would The FA charge the individual concerned. [Hmmm – tricky]

    This process would be similar to the one used now for a red card offence [violent conduct/serious foul play/spitting at an opponent] which was not seen at the time by the match officials but caught on camera. In this situation, three ex-elite match officials review all the available video footage independently of one another and then advise The FA as to whether they believe it was an offence worthy of instant dismissal.

    In accepted and/or proven cases of simulation and/or feigning injury, the offending player would receive a two-match suspension.

    Although attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled is a cautionable offence for unsporting behaviour, the fact that the act of simulation has succeeded in deceiving a match official and, therefore, led to a penalty and/or dismissal, justifies a more severe penalty which would act as a deterrent.

    Should a charge of ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’ be admitted or found proven, the Independent Regulatory Commission will have the power to rescind the caution or dismissal received by the opposing player as a result of the simulation if it chooses to do so.

    The Fast Track system for dealing with incidents retrospectively, which was brought in by The FA for the start of the 2004-05 season, enables disciplinary cases to be dealt with prior to the offending player’s next competitive game.

    Could be beneficial to all clubs and especially to Arsenal – because we never cheat – obviously – and if it works, all well and good, but proving simulation can be tricky – innit? 😀

  42. @Buffalo,
    First of all calm down. Always remember that if you have to resort to crude name-calling and bad language, you weaken your case.
    When you continue to claim that freedom of speech is absent in the UK, you indirectly insult our war dead who fought and died to preserve that freedom. That’s all. Please don’t do it.

  43. nicky,

    Nicky-I don’t think that what you referred to as disgraceful was that at all.
    Calm down mate-maybe have a longer snooze.
    I pointed out to you weeks back that every wind up comment(snide also) that you made was always followed by your favoured 😉.
    I said at the time you should maybe copyright it.
    You see it wasn’t just me that noticed….and today the birds have come home to roost and you’ve had your pants pulled down.
    Your age(as you always refer to) doesn’t get you a get out of jail card.

  44. Though I side with Jonny et al , I do wish the current Arsenal side had Nicky`s defensive nous & never say die attitude as this season may have been one to remember …rather than a re-run of the past half a dozen.

    Anyway , as we`re reminiscing (sorry Nicky , I can`t go back to the `30s) I was at the Winterslag home leg & remeber eating a rather nice pie at half time. Proper fan, me.

  45. Nicky it is not a claim, it is the law of this land. If you dont like it, stop taking it up with me, petition your mp or call a judge.
    I am not insulting our war dead, this is a ludicrous and charged claim and i find abusing their memory in this way quite unpalatable, but that’s your call.
    Once more for you, free speech does not exist. Enjoy !

  46. @Jonnygunner,
    I’d like to reply to your 6.35 but I can’t stop laughing over your request for me to calm down. Relax is my middle name. Sorry but the rest of it is beyond me. 😉

  47. @Buffalo,
    You really are a positive disgrace.
    Spare a moment to pray for our war dead, whose sacrifice allows you to peddle your rubbish on this site with complete impunity.

  48. Nicky you’re like a steroid taking version of the Major from Fawlty Towers. Thank you, i really have laughed a lot at your 8.03, performance art !
    You really ought to relax though. At your age. You’re just like my father, same age, i know about the reverse cycle of life, it’s difficult to keep your shit together. Pride cuts them all down in the end.

  49. HenryB,

    It is right that a player deceiving the on pitch officials should be punished retrospectively. But a penalty awarded wrongly cannot be later disallowed. The same applies to a player sent off wrongly, his club suffers his loss for the rest of the game but the advantage goes to the next two teams that the miscreant can’t play against.

  50. I’m sort of half watching the Leicester/spuds game, currently 1 – 4. I got to thinking, in retrospect would we have been better off if Wenger’s attempt to sign Vardy had been successful?

  51. Update 1 – 5, Kane hat trick. Now if Wenger had signed him when he had the chance……

  52. Orson Kaert:

    It is right that a player deceiving the on pitch officials should be punished retrospectively.But a penalty awarded wrongly cannot be later disallowed.The same applies to a player sent off wrongly, his club suffers his loss for the rest of the game but the advantage goes to the next two teams that the miscreant can’t play against.

    Was just about to say summit similar, not to mention direct or indirect free kicks gained through simulation that lead to a goal. Sounds like more smoke and mirrors to me, when we all know In game video is doable and would nip cheating in the bud immediately.
    Perhaps the foul association have a Cern machine and intend to Mandela the events? 😉

  53. Orson Kaert:

    It is right that a player deceiving the on pitch officials should be punished retrospectively.But a penalty awarded wrongly cannot be later disallowed.The same applies to a player sent off wrongly, his club suffers his loss for the rest of the game but the advantage goes to the next two teams that the miscreant can’t play against.

    Blimey — a football response — well done ‘Orse.

    It has always been the same when red cards are dished out. The next team get any potential benefit – that is why I think the Rugby Union 10 minute yellow card would be much better.
    The current opponents get the benefit of 10 men or 9 men, whatever.

    The club coaches/managers would quickly stop any nonsense and diving would (hopefully) cease to be a problem. [OK, that’s wishful thinking — but I would definitely give both Nicky and Buffalo yellow sin bin cards — they have both been silly — and boring] 🙁

    With Harry Kane going bonkers for Spuds, I need to go get a coffee and listen to Beethoven’s 6th Sympathy to recover! Sayonara

  54. League 2 playoffs the only proper footy I have watched for ages. Bloody brilliant. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  55. Tony Adams om Arsene’s abilities as a coach:

    “Because Arsene is essentially not a coach — and that is the second reason why I believe he didn’t want me. Back in the day I said in an interview coaching wasn’t Arsene’s strong point.

    Actually in the original draft, I said he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. And though I modified that in the final article, it didn’t go down well.

    It all left me feeling that I would never get a chance in any capacity while Arsene was there.”


  56. HenryB,

    Evening Henry,

    A noble effort, but I think you are defending the indefensible. It’s been a long time coming. At some point the ACLF collective were likely to crack at the snide digs and smart comments. I gracefully bowed out a couple of weeks ago when I realised that there was no way to have a genuine discussion with the man. I now sit on the sidelines watching what goes on with bemusement.

  57. Great post yogi.

    I love animated cartoons and films. Your Looney Tunes pictures have all been awesome. However I was never a fan of Himg King Phooey

  58. Whem was the last time one of our own scored a hatrick, never mind a double brace….oh well, we’d rather win 2:0 and then put on the legendary handbrakes!. I supose that’s enough whining for the day…. off I go

  59. the ‘I’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ is pretty rubbish.

    What about efficient, veil and your favourite, YW, aka Daily ‘Heil’ so I hope you are teaching your ‘heir’ not to be misled. 🙂

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