Instant Karma and A Bit Of Arsenal Chat

There was something like, I don’t know, karma at play last night in the Bernabeu. Dodgy red card, offside goals; sound familiar, Bayern? Your social media chaps were awfully quiet last night in the gloating stakes. Payback, as they say…

Tin foil hat sales went through the roof. It’s all conspiracy in favour of the Spanish clubs and against Arsenal, it goes without saying. Refereeing incompetence is so widespread that it’s almost impossible to identify corruption. Almost, I said.

With the bribe culture at FIFA, it’s unlikely that other parts of game are whiter than white. Where and whom is the question. There is a strong case for saying that referees are just bloody useless when it comes to decisions against you, and on the rare occasions they get it right, good referees.

Answers may come in the Camp Nou this evening.

Mind you, genuine tin hat sales went through the roof at Leicester where Diego Simeone and Antoine Griezmann saw their futures uncomfortably unveiled. Atletico might be the only club to knock Leicester out of European competitions, doing so last night for the third time in the Foxes history.

Pundits lauded Plucky Little Leicester for “doing the Premier League proud”, which only serves to underline how far the footballing stock of English football has fallen. Direct, with a 1980s feel; hardly the type of football which will lure the world’s best talent to these shores.

It’s not as if the Premier League can claim they operate a protectionist regime girl the benefit of the national squad. The only thing they are protecting is profits for the moment. Got to keep that trough full with all those snouts to feed.

And What Of Arsenal, Eh?

Well, there’s not much going on to be honest. The players had ‘Excuse Day’ off. The extra preparation time for Sunday’s match will no doubt trotted out as the reason we’ve been beaten.

ArsΓ¨ne pretty much ruled out using a back three again; ‘needs must’ seemed to be his attitude and no doubt that City were by far the better team in the first twenty minutes at the Emirates will be shaping his thoughts.

That and now that we’ve got our confidence back through a win, we’ll revert to the usual back four shambles.

Shkodran Mustafi is rumoured to be a doubt and we can only assume it’s aΒ genuine injury; it’s a bit soon for the one which signals the end of his time at the club to strike.

Mesut Ozil, meanwhile, was enjoying a day sightseeing. The Heil, taking a break from its “We’re going to smash the oiks” electioneering, pondered if he was “saying goodbye to London”? Hardly, he’s got another half-a-dozen games to play for the club which is based in, you know, London.

Contract talks have begun with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere. It’s good of the club to go and see him in hospital after Harry Kane’s challenge left the midfielder with a hairline fracture on his ankle. It never rains, etc.

Where does that leave him as far as Arsenal are concerned? The suspicion has to be that a new deal is simply to stop him leaving on the cheap this summer. Having four years left increases his value somewhat more than just one.

Looking After Number One

Is it the right thing to do? We could let him go and take heart from watching him fulfil his potential elsewhere, raising more questions about Arsenal’s fitness and medical regime. Or, he could stay and do the same or waste away in the treatment room.

His spell at Bournemouth is not being treated as a universal success. The expectation was that he would be their best player, the star running the show. That expectation was wrong. The club wanted him fit and playing regularly while Jack wanted the same. If he’d stayed and fallen into the same injury cycle, would it be worse

There’s no straightforward answer. The club has to plan for the worst in that sense but also strengthen irrespective of Wilshere’s own fitness. Midfield is an area we need to invest heavily in this summer so it won’t be any surprise if one of the ‘names’ is sacrificed.

New signing Saed Kolasinac, who hasn’t yet put pen to paper because Milan are interested, has apparently been told that Wenger will be in charge next season while the Frenchman has apparently drawn up the list of targets to be signed.

A director of football isn’t one of them. A new CEO however….

’til Tomorrow.


37 thoughts on “Instant Karma and A Bit Of Arsenal Chat

  1. Morning oh, Wise One. πŸ™‚

    Forget all that Karma Kamelion for a minute — who is the lady with the gun? Just my type!! πŸ™‚

  2. Bayern Munich – Meh.

    Leicester coming over all Wimbledon 1988 vintage – it didn’t work did it? Although he’s getting a little long in the tooth now Godin has looked a fantastic defender for the past 5 years. Amazed he hasn’t come to England.

    A knowledgable friend said to me a long time ago that Jack Wilshere wasn’t good enough. I thought he needed time. Seems he was right.

  3. Morning,

    So Wenger tells a potential signing that he will be in charge next season, but doesn’t tell tge rest of the world? Although I expect him to sign on the dotted line again, if he hasn’t already, I doubt that’s how they will want to announced.

    I was hoping Jack would be using this season to get his game back, but he seems to have been an okay midfielder who will probably do an okay job for somebody. We have enough of those already.

  4. Unfortunately, and there is a sense of inevitability about it, I think Jack will probably be finished as a top professional footballer, as the important bits of his body, for a footballer, seem to have conspired to continually break down, and there seems no end to it.

    OK, I understand your reference to the Arsenal treatment room boys, but they can hardly be blamed for some tart like Kane breaking Jack’s leg.
    I have said, more than once, that Jacks predilection for using the outside of his ‘kicking’ foot, i.e. his left peg, has been a cause of some of his injury problems since his youth team days.
    I heard on the radio, from one of the ex-professional players that litter the airwaves, much the same thing. [Maybe he reads ACLF]

    I hope I am wrong, but if the latest problem wrecks Jack’s career, I am really sad about that as I watched and enjoyed his talent from my days of going to Underhill/Barnett etc to watch the youth games.
    Some really good players in ‘Jack’s teams’ at that time — all gone, and if Jack is finished …… what a waste. πŸ™

  5. Good morning folks, thank you Yogi for finding something interesting to say.

    Poor old Jack eh? The kindest thing would be to release him at the end of the season and allow him to find a club at which he wouldn’t be under so much pressure to perform. We really cannot afford an injury prone passenger in the squad.

    This Kolasinac signing nonsense is typical of Wenger’s transfer dealings, a leaked hint, a denial by the player and subsequent silence from the club. It must be unsettling for Monreal and Gibbs but makes it look as though Wenger is on the ball and planning for next season.

    Meanwhile, Fernebache have agreed personal terms with David Ospina.

  6. You’ve gone all Untold, but with genuine wit.
    A bit unfair on Kane blaming him for Wilshere’s injury I thought.It was Jack’s challenge on Harry that caused it, and he was caught accidentally with his follow through.
    One to add to next season’s injury list I suppose.

  7. Orson Kaert,

    Morning Orse
    I didn’t have a chance to reply to your text in Wells earlier in the week…..I went to Plattens last about 5 years back-used French’s since and felt no need to change.
    The Globe is alright but have you visited the Crown lately?…and the Fleece has upped its game-worth a look.
    Sad to come back yesterday.

  8. Jonnygunner,

    I suppose it’s force of habit, but I’ve been using The Globe for over thirty years, from when it was a lively local with a pool table and was used by fishermen and the life boat crew. Back then the grub a available, was two varieties of crisps, Scotch Eggs or a packet of salted peanuts. Nowadays it has a decent restaurant but retains a pub feel. We’ll be back there in a week or two.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay.

  9. Masterstroke,

    Yes Masterstroke, we must have been watching Jack Wilshere in an alternative universe.

    This would be Jack who, first half on 18 minutes, sloppily gave the ball away which rebounded to Kane who immediately passed to Son for Spurs to go 2-O up.

    This would be the same Jack the Lad who gave the ball away again (53 minutes) then went on a tilted, careening 20 yards run across the penalty area straight into Kane who was already releasing his shot?

    Where, arriving late to the tackle Jack ran through Kane and promptly broke his own leg in the umpteenth version of jack being idiot Jack? Which should have/could have resulted in a penalty but for the fact Kane stood up and shook it off.

    Perhaps someone could do me a favor and link me through to the Kane damaging Wilshere version.

  10. @DFS-,
    I feel so sorry for Jack. No fear in whatever he does on the field……..but he should have.
    My advice to him is to give up playing, get his badges and live a long life as a well-respected coach. (Perhaps down in sunny Bournemouth!). πŸ˜‰

  11. Great post Yogi

    At some point an injury for Jack was inevitable. I don’t believe that the Bournemouth medical team had anything to do with his staying healthy for most of the season. It was happenstance in the same way that even Diaby was able to make it through most of the season a couple of years. A professional athlete in every sport is constantly under stress. Many of them live on large doses of nonsteriodal antiinflammatory medications and Jack’s protoplasm is just not strong enough to tolerate constant stress of being a professional athlete. A lot of people blame Arsene or Arsenal but no one can alter Jack’s DNA

  12. I also think that we over rated Jack’s ability to have a positive influence on our results. We have talked about this many times but some the things he did were often eye catching but not that effective. Even in his first season he played a lot of minutes and often had the ball at his feet in the attacking 1/3 but still only had 3 assists and 1 goal.

  13. nicky,

    I hear you Nicky – he really might need to plot another course.

    Others (as have I) have long suggested he plays a deeper lying midfield role (as he has done for England). Guardian journalist Barney Ronay advocated for the same thing fairly recently in no small part because it would (hopefully) mitigate injury to some degree.

    However, as you say, the inbuilt fragility combined with his over-commiting is a recipe for disaster. After Kane picked himself up you can see him look back down at Wilshere as he walks away as if he instinctively knows Wilshere crocked himself.

    The silly aspect is Wilshere is currently in the shop window so to speak. Whether or not his sale was a genuine possibility, I am sure numerous clubs and managers watched that and thought ‘wow, that was rash’ and they now know he broke his own leg.

    I presume any potential fee just took a major hit.

  14. HenryB,

    The lady with the gun is just your type huh, well that was largely unexpected but then again, you do seem to have a bit of “craziness” about you and clearly your choice of women reflects that πŸ˜‰

  15. In regards to Jack, well unfortunately he is becoming the new Diaby when it comes to injuries and because of that I find it quite interesting that some still think that his career at Arsenal can be saved but and I do feel sorry for the lad, the longer he stays with arsenal the less likely Arsenal are to find a CM that we need. While not getting as many long term injuries, I actually think the longer that both Jack and Ramsey stay at Arsenal the less likely it is we not only find a partner truly suited to compliment Xhaka. Giving Jack a new contract, I tend to agree with Yogi, doesn’t necessarily means he stays just means a bigger transfer fee.

  16. The biggest factor in Jack’s staying fit this season was him staying on his feet and avoiding 50/50 challenges. I watched most of his performances for Bournemouth this season and two things stood out for me. One was how unremarkable his play was, and two, how very few challenges he had put in.
    The Kane challenge was his first typical Wilshere challenge he’s done all season.

    I recently watched a three minute clip of his famous Barca performance in which he went to ground four times to win the ball. Barca players were not accustomedto this sort of style of play hence Wilshere’s high succes rate of winning the ball in that particular game, but the PL is a different animal and years of throwing his young body around was bound to take its toll.

    Add to this the fact Wenger had him playing close to 4K minutes of football at 19, while players like Messi in a much softer league were gradually scaled up from 1500 minutes a season at Jack’s age, to2700 minutes and 3000minutes in his late teens and into his early twenties.

    Too many minutes during his formative years, particular style of play of going to ground , bad luck with some of the freakish injuries( Gabriel’s challenge in training a season ago), and most likely Wenger playing him when not totally fit, as he has done repeatedly with many Arsenal players( Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil and recently Bellerin) , and this is the end result of what could’ve been a great career.

  17. C:

    The lady with the gun is just your type huh, well that was largely unexpected but then again, you do seem to have a bit of β€œcraziness” about you and clearly your choice of women reflects that πŸ˜‰

    C, baby, you could well be right.

    When I was younger I was careful about throwing my weight around as I was conscious that I was a bit of a lump, and things got out of hand — I was forever in trouble with the Law.

    Nowadays I am careful not to let my temper get the better of me — and then someone goes too far!!

    Maybe that is why I always seem to go for confident, demanding women – and those who know me from a while back know I am bossed around by fiendish women — and I love it. πŸ™‚
    [One of them looked a lot like the lady in the pic above.]

    You keeping well?

    P.S. Did you hear that Trump and his son are big Arsenal fans — allegedly — and have worn the full Arsenal kit in The White House. How’s about that — best keep it quiet. πŸ™‚

  18. Wavey:

    I thinks its Nikita from the Luc Beeson film (La femme Nikita 1990).

    Hi Wavey, πŸ™‚

    Thanks for that — I will go and Google her. [That sounds a little rude – but you know what I mean.
    Oddly enough, I was telling C about my disposition πŸ™‚ regards women, and there is a preponderance of French women in my life — must be the accent! ….. and they are sexy!! πŸ˜€

  19. C

    It’s been obvious for many years that jack was to fragile to be a regular player. We should have sold Jack 3-4 years ago when there were rumors of $50M bids. We could have used the money to buy a CF. We should have sold Ramsey after his performance at Euro2016 last summer. His value will never be close to that level again.

  20. Jack wilshere should be sold…… unfortunately he has a broken leg now… expect him to sign a new 4 or 5 years contract doing nothing for arsenal for the next two years…. waste of money

  21. HenryB,

    Well that explains quite a lo my friend! Nothing wrong with your choice in women mate though two people wiyh a bit of a temper could end badly.

    Yea I’m keeping well actually, Arsenal have really spun completely off the hinges but life for me has been nothing short of fantastic. How about yourself?

    I saw the Trump stuff this morning and was sick to my stomach until a beautiful woman joined me for a cup of coffee simply because I had my Arsenal hoodie on πŸ™‚

  22. I’m not too bad, C, thanks, and I am glad that you are still a magnet for beautiful woman – or your hoodie is! πŸ™‚

    The beautiful woman that joined you wasn’t your wife was it? πŸ˜€

  23. HenryB,

    Yea glad my hoodie is too especially when you consider the current state of Arsenal.

    Nope it wasn’t as we are in the process of getting divorced. Not that it was anything more than coffee.

  24. Sorry to hear about the divorce, C. That’s tough.

    [Still you can always come on here and argue with Bill.] πŸ˜€

    Hope that wasn’t too insensitive!

    The situation with Arsenal is unfortunate for fans, with the clampdown on the managerial situation, even though it has been widely leaked that Arsene is staying.

    Me? I am looking forward to plenty of transfer activity this summer – both in and out. AW has said himself there are weaknesses in the squad/team and he will address them.

    Incidentally, I see our man, ‘The Jeff’ has been injured and is out for the rest of the season. Hopefully he will get some PL games next season – so let’s hope he has not got poor old Jack’s chronic injury problems in store too.

  25. Evening,

    Another night of great footie and the relief of not being emotionally involved. It’s really great watching without nervousness, anxiety or frustration and just enjoying some really good to great football.

    But to paraphrase “the happy football fans are all the same but the miserable ones are unique in their own special way”.

  26. Oupps, that should be “miserable ones are miserable in their own unique way” and nothing else. Sorry about that.

  27. Anyone else think that Messi isn’t half the player since he grew that stupid beard? A sort of reverse Samson in the facial hair department.

  28. Good to see Juve holding off Barca btw, some terrific players but cheating feckers so I for one will be glad to see them out. For someone who isn’t better than Wenger **cough** Allegri seems to be doing a damn fine job.

  29. andy1886,

    My thoughts exactly. Revealing to see Barca up against a good team, with a referee from the first whistle refusing to bow to either histionics from either the team or home fans.

    Neymar was the only live wire tonight, Messi was peripheral and Suarez AWOL. Juve could have won the game easily in the final fifteen minutes but they were so comfortable they lacked attacking intent.

    Semis should be really entertaining.

  30. By the way, I would love to see Allegri at Arsenal, but as many others have now said, why the hell would he want to leave Juve?

    I think it fair to say when ‘feelers’ were out end of the year he was open to at least consider the idea. However, I would think the longer this Wenger/Board/ owner fiasco plays out the more any potential candidate would second guess the club and a potential move.

    He’ll wake up tomorrow morning a national hero, in charge of an historic Italian club.

    If a well run Arsenal had quietly approached him at the start of the season with a concrete proposal to succeed Wenger in 12 months, maybe. Under the present circumstances, unless it is announced in the immediate future Wenger is to be let go, I think the chnaces are slim to none.

  31. HenryB,

    Yup, its tough but its life so I’m good.

    Yea the managerial situation coupled with the uncertainity of our 2 most talented players will make for a very interesting summer. Like you, I am looking forward to the in and outs of the summer especially since Arsene has not onpy thrown players under the bus but also has spoken of the weaknesses of the squad.

    I did see Adelaide was injured and I think he is a bit different as he won’t be pushed or rushed back and his style is more skill and languid than the all action style of Jack.

  32. DFS-,

    I actually think if Arsenal approached him (Allegri) he could be won over. Personally I wanted Conte 2 seasons back when he was getting fed up with the Italian FA and announced leaving the national team. Asked in an interview recently whether he had an regrets coming to England he replied: “I only regret I didnt come earlier”.
    Allegri seems less erratic than conte, so the transition from Wenger to Allegri would be less of a revolution than with Conte although I think Allegri is demanding at least the same effort as Conte does from his players. It could also be interesting to see Allegri and Conte go head to head in a struggle to determine who is the best of the 2. Thats a huge debating point in Italy.

  33. Raven,

    Absolutely, I’d take Allegri in a heartbeat, I think he could be the perfect candidate.

    However, reading between the lines I suspect things went sour on that front. I genuinely believe feelers were sent out to Tuchel as well as Allegri – Allegri admitted as much and admitted a potential interest.

    I presume this was the board/Gazidis on a fishing expedition, but then it gets hazy. Was it with real intent or was to to use as leverage over Wenger?

    Obviously, Allegri had to declare loyalty (of sorts) to Juve but I suspect several parties came away thinking they’d been dicked around by Arsenal. I am not sure Arsenal returning months later would be given that much credibility – unless the sacking of Wenger had been announced.

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