Arsenal Hit Radio Silence Until The End Of The Season

Ever searching for the new way to attract clicks, the hacks congregate in their favourite watering hole. Their credibility, shattered by transfers that never happen, needs reviving. The tired excuses – “lots of things can go wrong in a transfer after our sauces, sorry, sources tell us about it” – saw a healthy cynicism grow among Arsenal supporters.

In the smoke-filled bar, the aromas of cigar, Player’s Navy Cut and Gauloises – picked up by mistake while covering a Europa League tie – mingle. Amid the banter – “it’s only banter” – and bawdiness, Ideas on repairing the damage fly between the comrades of the sports writers union. Cross, back from his stint in the Arsenal PR team, quietly seething at the hack from the Heil.

Recalled to the frontline, he knew he’d been betrayed by malevolent hands behind the scenes. He’d done all that was asked of him, slating the fan’s favourite and deflecting attention away from the failing regime but it wasn’t enough.

The only sound which filled the bar was that of the rust-covered wheels of their minds creaking as they struggled for an original thought. “Eureka!”; the cry filled the air as, amid a windmill of flailing arms and gabbled speak, it became clear there was a new game in town: Director of Football Bingo!

In your super soaraway race-hate filled Daily Bile, we’ve got it all: transfer gossip, managerial sackings, and tales of three-in-a-bed romps between wannabe models and the married silhouette of a Premier League star whose wife, Mrs Silhouette and three silhouette children are devastated by our revelations – “I don’t recognise that silhouette, he’s not my husband” – we bring you, DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL BINGO! The same rules as before but this time in a position of POWER!

Still only 20p for the Luddites or a computer screen filled with soft porn selling the dream of your own Thai bride.

The Future Ain’t What It Was

Which is more or less how this game is going to pan out. Yesterday the club confirmed that they wouldn’t be announcing anything regarding the manager’s future until the end of the season so’s as not to ruin everyone’s fun of having a good old bitch about him and the team.

Taking a leap into the unknown, the speculation is that a new director of football will be named at the same time. An Arsenal ‘Dream Team’ the board would like you to believe but in truth, the nightmare scenario of Wenger having another person on the board who owes him their job.

Some took an even bigger leap. Arsène trains up the next manager before taking over as DoF in two years. He’s the Arsenal equivalent of Freddie Kruger; you just can’t go to sleep or he comes tearing into your life, wreaking havoc.

Neither scenario works for me nor should it for Arsène. The summer isn’t going to make the situation any better. Indeed, with nothing much to fill the space, it’s only going to allow things to fester in minds, with next season becoming more divided, not least in the boardroom.

Depending on which hacks version of events you want to believe, the directors are behind Wenger. Some reports claim it’s to offer their full support but others believe it’s just an orderly queue to stab him in the back.

The notion of a director of football is nothing new at Arsenal; it’s been spoken about for decades. If it is finally acted on, I suppose it’s being done in the true ‘Arsenal Way’. Nothing rash, just a lot of cogitation and ‘parking of ideas’.

Be-dumb, Be-dumb

The first name thrown into the ring is never the player we sign and the same principle holds true for the new board role. Which is a pity because Marc Overmars is eminently qualified for the role. Then again, Jorge Sampaoli has the credentials to be the new boss and a $1.5m release clause but we won’t get him either.

The notion of Arsène working with a new boss whom he can’t control, doesn’t ring true. Wenger’s adamant refusal to accept the concept previously is a huge stumbling block to progress. The reality is that Stan wants him to stay, increasing the value of his business through mediocrity.

It isn’t going to change while Kroenke is in charge either. His track record across the pond is there for all to see. Preferred to Usmanov in the beginning, he’s turned out to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unperturbed by success, unmoved by it.

Wenger is his ideal manager. Not just in how he manages the money but also in the lack of ambition. The status quo is what they both prefer. In fact, they are Status Quo; around for decades but the good times have gone. They are now an Arsenal ‘tribute band’. They look like the real thing, sound like it but you know it’s just a shallow interpretation of the past.

Another Arsenal shambles. But that really is the Arsenal Way. Seven years of success followed by eighteen of failure.

’til Tomorrow.

77 thoughts on “Arsenal Hit Radio Silence Until The End Of The Season

  1. Morning YW great read had me chuckling.
    It’s just a farce that the Arsenal hierarchy are blinded by.

  2. Watching the Juve v Barca game last night made it crystal clear that in contrast to top European teams Arsenal are about 4th Division standard.

    That game was entertaining, supremely competitive and made me think I may have chosen the wrong league to watch. Let’s face it – we know that at ‘only’ 3 – 0 down Barca are not finished and another enthralling match will ensue.

    Will we be up to that standard next season or the season afterwards? Will any British team be able to play and compete at that level? Silly questions, sadly.

  3. Cant be good for anybody to allow the situation to drag on. Fact is Wenger well past his sell by date and a board that does nothing just makes things worse. Needs a new face and get rid of Kronke.

  4. Morning,

    Pretty much as I assumed then. Let’s wait until the season’s over before announcing that Arsene is staying so that will soak in over the summer and we won’t get the uproar at the remaining games. Too late, it’s very clear from the delay that Wenger is signing up again. This accompanied with the story that he will go on a £200m spending spree to rebuild the squad, or more precisely that the BoD will claim that the money was available when Wenger doesn’t spend it. Rinse and repeat.

    I speculated that Wenger has his eye on Fergie’s record yesterday. Wenger made reference to it when he talked about retirement and how Fergie changed his mind. I still think that secretly he would like to break that record and I doubt that any manager will ever have the chance to after Wenger.

  5. Thoroughly excellent stuff, YW.
    Scary stuff for Borussia last night – thank Darwin’s balls they did not pull that off. I cannot imagine the fall out if they had.

  6. One thing that cannot be denied — AW is killing the blog-o-sphere – the only topic ‘Will he, Won’t’ or ‘changes – wut changes?’

    I’m thinking of setting up a blog; Knit one – Pearl One make your own balaclava!

    Gotta be more interesting than this drawn out nonsense, roaring like a lion promising big changes — finishing with a whimper. Sheesh!

  7. Totally.

    He was essentially a disaster as manager.

    In no time, he resorted to blaming his players, describing them as not capable of following his instructions, or some such.

    Granada must have run out of ideas.

    On another note how lucky is Tony Adams, for me he has never really shown any pedegree as a manager yet still manages to land a la liga contract.

    Well good luck lets hope you prove me wrong about your coaching abiities.

  8. Yep, looks like the club are waiting till everyone is pissed up on their summer holidays before the announcement. And they are hoping that people will take their frustration out on their wives and by the time we kick off in August the fans would have calmed down again and got back into support the club for the new season mode.

  9. Jonny,

    Yeah to be honest I just want him to succeed, its funny how some of the best players just don’t cut the mustard as managers.

  10. silvergunner,

    It’s easy to imagine TA as a motivator but a tactical thinker/innovator? Naaa.

    I’d love him to do well but, if he does, the calls for him to take the reins here would be a predictable bore…

  11. I do not know how you do it every day, YW.

    I simply get to the brink of posting and then often think better. It might sound absurd but sometimes I feel if you engage in the conversation it validates this stupid, endless shit.

    I have to admit I am at my lowest of low ebbs with Arsenal in years.

    The main concern/affront is no one appears genuinely concerned about damage done to the reputation of the club or its support.

    In recent weeks I was more excited to watch Sane and De Bruyne than our players. I am in thrall of Pochettino and Spurs…rightfully so.

    It’s sobering to realize you are not fed up with football as such but sick and tired of all things Arsenal.

  12. With the announcement being put back until summer, that might suggest those in the background are not all in agreement with a contract extension. I suppose it depends on whether those against can persuade the silent one, that his investment will be significantly reduced with a further 2 or 3 more years of Wenger in charge and the set up as is.

  13. michael,

    Maybe, although word seems to be it’s just about the terms and conditions, not if he signs or not.

    I can’t say that I’d ever wish Spurs well, I’ve sat in the East Stand during several NL derbies openly supporting the Arsenal in the eighties and got on all right with their lot but even so I hope they fall flat on their faces. Or better still agonisingly lose out on the title at the last minute and never recover. But that doesn’t stop me being objective and agreeing that they have a far more coherent and well drilled team than we do on barely half the resources.

    Let’s hope that season ticket renewals fall off a cliff and give Stan something to think about. Add that to no CL money and suddenly his investment doesn’t look quite so good. It’s true that Wenger is something of a shield for the owner but make no mistake Arsene can’t last forever and once he’s gone Kroenke will be next on the hit list.

  14. Andy
    Not that I know, but there seems to be mixed messages coming out, surely there must be someone senior who isn’t content as things are.

  15. DFS feel exactly the same way, many teams and players playing entertaining and attractive football, we certainly aren’t one of them. Absolutely love watching Sane, reminds me of Pires the way he glides, or that great Fergie quote about Giggs, “He was 13 and just floated over the ground like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind.” Up there with Fergie’s other greatest lines for me along with his geese chat to his players, “remember the geese” ! Epic.
    We don’t even have to imagine how bored the players and staff are, it’s on the pitch and written on their faces sitting on the bench totally emotionless, almost as if they’re all in shock. And the numb, meaningless froth that comes from the players and even worse, indirectly from the club to pet journalists, all the while refusing to speak directly, i.e actually deal in the truth for once !
    Big shout out to Stan for his strong leadership. We love you man. Such a great guy folks. Really loves his football, bleeds Arsenal. We are so lucky, careful what you wish for !

  16. Adams is Vice President of the Chinese company that owns Granada, he has been overseeing football matters at the club, effectively the Director of Football. He has now sacked the manager and appointed himself to that position.

    Imagine, if you will, Wenger is promoted to Director of Football, the new manager suffers a couple of defeats in the early months of the new season, The D o F seizes the opportunity to sack him and take over as interim manager. Asked when he will appoint a new manager he replies “Soon”. Asked how soon? He replies “Very soon”.

    Sound familiar?

  17. Bufallo,

    The really cool thing about Sane is the way he adjusted. He appeared to falter the first few games, lack a little confidence then found his feet under Guardiola. Now he looks unplayable.

    City are going to be very interesting next season. Apart from Sane and De Bruyne, you have Gabriel Jesus who looks like he will be another phenom and Gundogan both coming back from injury (Gabriel is already back training). Guardiola knows he has to stregthen defense and they could end up very strong.

    The one upside about this low point with Arsenal, is it has steered me to other players and teams, be excited for their progress. Its not all bad.

  18. I really enjoyed watching Juve trounce Barca last night. Actual high quality football by technical players with a determined spirit and organization. What a welcome change from the chaotic passivity and complacency on offer weekly at our so-called big club. That was top class football.

    If we were a big club, Gazidis would have announced AW will be leaving at the end of the season yesterday, thanked AW for his great service to the club, reminded players and fans that we have a cup to win and and end of season run in to improve our league position, and that the club will be making preparations to update our footballing structure accordingly as it seeks a new manager. (Like Andy, I would love to see a guy like Allegri). This fantasy is how a properly run football club would do things at this point.

  19. YW,

    “In the smoke-filled bar, the aromas of cigar, Player’s Navy Cut and Gauloises – picked up by mistake while covering a Europa League tie – mingle.”

    Are these hacks not aware of the 2007 law making it illegal to smoke in an all enclosed place in the UK. I believe even vaping these particular brands would be at the discretion of the landlord.

  20. Bufallo,

    “We don’t even have to imagine how bored the players and staff are, it’s on the pitch and written on their faces sitting on the bench totally emotionless, almost as if they’re all in shock…”

    This. I was saying the other day, they have not downed tools as such. It’s a slow laborious tap out, everyone out of gas.

  21. Awful scenes at Dortmund yesterday. We’ve seen football targeted before. i expect we’ll see more attempts given its high profile. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse, as Jonny said.

  22. I have supported Arsenal for 60 years through thick and thin, but it has never been as thin as it is now. I pay my Silver member subscription every year which kindly gives me the right to buy their expensive tickets. Well I have never seen such a gutless display from and Arsenal side as that against Crystal Palace on Monday. At least when we had a poor team, it always went down fighting.
    This lot just seem to be counting their overblown wages.
    Well I never thought It would come to this, but I have just about had enough. The struggle with the trains and buses just to get to the ground these days to watch a bunch of no-hopers just does not seem to be worth it anymore. I have just bought a ticket for Southampton v Hull which is very local to me. Saints will never win anything much, but they are an honest club. Arsenal will always be in my blood, but this money-making outfit is not MY Arsenal anymore
    Unless there is a seismic turnaround at The Emirates very soon then sadly I will hang up my red & white scarf (although luckily it is the same as a Southampton one)

  23. Spot on there, fella.

    I do not know how you do it every day, YW.

    I simply get to the brink of posting and then often think better. It might sound absurd but sometimes I feel if you engage in the conversation it validates this stupid, endless shit.

    I have to admit I am at my lowest of low ebbs with Arsenal in years.

    The main concern/affrontis no one appears genuinely concerned about damage done to the reputation of the club or its support.

    In recent weeks I was more excited to watch Sane and De Bruyne than our players.I am in thrall of Pochettino and Spurs…rightfully so.

    It’s soberingto realize you are not fed up with football as such but sick and tired of all things Arsenal.

  24. Limestonegunner,

    I actually think Gazidis wants Wenger gone; after all he is the only one beside AW who have some experience with the football side of a club, but the board is clueless whats going to happen next. So they opose him and he is clearly in the minority. Its gazidis who have talked about a restructure of the club while the rest of the brass has stayed silent or openly talked about prolonging the Wenger regime
    Maybe its because he wants to save his own job, cause I can see him leave/get sacked should the status quo win.

  25. There is far too much doom and gloom about by Arsenal supporters as we near the final stages of the season. We have no divine right to success because of our past. And it may do us some good to have to regroup and improve our lot.
    During the Summer break, much business is likely to happen. Our finances are good and we can anticipate a fair amount of comings and goings in the dressing room.
    Whatever decisions are made with regard to Arsene Wenger, whoever holds the managerial position next season can look forward to new blood and no doubt the opportunity of some changes in tactics, game plan and putting right the things that have gone wrong this season. Arsenal FC does not become total losers in one season.
    In the meantime we can still look forward to the semi-final of the FA Cup and the chance of playing in Europe next term.
    So there is much to anticipate. We must always bear in mind that although we get upset with poor performances, Arsenal FC continues to be the envy of many of our rivals, not only in our own land but throughout our world. 😉

  26. Raven,
    Possibly. Or he is currying some favour with/placate unruly fans. Or he is just a bland corporate diplomat. Or all three. I’m sure he has selfish reasons for wanting more authority at the club or freedom to operate with AW restricted or removed. But I’m certainly not convinced that he represents a strong moral voice for sporting ambition. He’s a corporate tool of Kroenke who would like to run the club along slightly more rational corporate lines which cannot happen with all football operations under AW, in my view. I am pretty much fed up with the owner, board, execs, managers and players. A much more profound change is needed at AFC to see it become a title challenger, I think. It will be a few years and a new manager will help. But there is rot at the top as well.

  27. nicky,

    Nicky i sincerely hope its not Wenger in charge next season as that would be tantamount to gross negligence. None of our so called rivals fear us anymore if anything we are the butt of their jokes, perhaps they envy some of our history like the unbeaten season but in general even the likes of the spuds this season look at us and chuckle.

    I do admire your optimism though, my days of optimism have passed. In my opinion we need a new coach who brings his own backroom staff, hopefully that will shake up the players out of their malaise and obvious comfort zone.

  28. Clockendjim,

    Truly sad to hear tales like yours ,Jim – but systematic of the disconnect happening between clubs & many die hard fans these days.

  29. nicky,

    I think if AW loved and cared for the club more, he would realize that he’s achieved what he could and that it is time for someone else to try. If he did, I think we could concentrate on finishing well, the cup, and summer business. He’s now demonstrated that he isn’t capable of progressing the club even after spending huge amounts of money. We haven’t challenged for the league in a decade, perhaps more. The last several years he has had ample resources and time to build a better team. He doesn’t want to admit it but it is becoming more obvious to fans and even the players that this is the case. The rest of football sees AFC as a laughingstock for our pathetic performances in big games under any kind of pressure, our repeated seasons, and our board’s unwillingness to do anything about it. If our rivals are mid table teams, yes, they do envy our consistent finishes ahead of them. If you mean Spurs, I think they are not going to envy us much longer. If you mean top clubs in major european leagues, they see us as a cautionary tale of stagnation when sporting ambition is too far subordinated to fiscal conservatism and complacency.

    I admire that you look on the bright side, but unfortunately our club really is in a mess right now.

  30. nicky:

    Arsenal FC does not become total losers in one season.

    Quite right, it’s been a long, slow degradation over more than a decade. I respect you Nicky, because you are my elder, but this drivelling nonsense has to stop sir.

  31. nicky,

    Sadly there’s a difference between optimism and plain old blind optimism 😉

    Unfortunately there isn’t any evidence to suggest that if AW remains in charge we can “look forward to new blood and no doubt the opportunity of some changes in tactics, game plan and putting right the things that have gone wrong this season” simply because:

    a) He hasn’t change his approach in years or demonstrated anything in the way of tactical acumen, the same things are going wrong but more so than ever.

    b) Arsene has stated that he doesn’t believe that there is anything fundamentally wrong with the way we are doing things, so why would he change?

    c) We had nearly £100m of ‘fresh blood’ last summer but it’s clear that we have gone backwards.

    Don’t get me wrong, even a new man might take time to turn things around. But to do that we need to make huge changes on the playing side and that simply will not happen until AW calls it a day.

  32. Limestonegunner,
    Yes. A culture change is needed but like you I am not convinced the durrent owner and board can do that. I think it needs to get worse than it currently is for the club before we see the necessary changes. I didnt like Hill-Wood at all, but at least he wanted the club to succeed and were willing to make hard decisions towards that goal.
    It irks me that so many people in the media slags off the Arsenal fans for wanting change. When the Fool fans forced an ownership up there they were seen as heroes.
    You are right that Gazidis can be all 3 and he probably is. But he is still the brass that has any football knowledge so we as fans have to hope he wins the struggle, if there is one ofc

  33. @Damon,
    This “drivelling nonsense” as you call it comes from you and other doom and gloom merchants, who talk down the manager and any players who do not perform to your liking. Bearing in mind (a) it’s a game, (b)you demonstrate how little you understand about managing a football team at top level.
    This time last year when Arsenal were approaching runners up place, no doubt you, with other fickle fans, were applauding the manager for his achievements over the past two decades. You and others must learn to accept the peaks and valleys because they constitute the history of Arsenal.
    And if someone like me who can claim to have loyally supported our great Club for over 80 years, can still look forward with patience to our future resurgence… should you. 😉

  34. Nicky, seriously I don’t want to comment on your powers of recall but last year when we barely scraped into second as Spurs capitulated, yet were still double digit points behind the title winners, the mighty Leicester who operated on about 25% of our budget I for one and probably a majority of us were not by any means “applauding the manager for his achievements over the past two decades”. We respect his achievements over the first decade but since then he has had little to write home about.

  35. @Andy 1886,
    I agree, as usual, with much of what you say. I hold no brief for Arsene Wenger except that I respect and accept whoever is appointed manager of Arsenal FC and at the moment he holds that position. And neither you or I have the power to remove him.
    Every so often I try to give rise to a cheery comment in a way that suggests we supporters still have a lot to anticipate in the remainder of the season and I also attempt to be optimistic in advance of next term….but to little avail. Why should this be?
    It seems that whatever the future good, there must always be an opportunity to express dissatisfaction and discord. Even if it’s only about the quality of the coffee at the Ems.
    If the Kroenkes appointed a new manager this Summer, I would immediately transfer my total allegiance to him and look ahead with much anticipation and confidence to the new regime. The sad forecast is that the fickle element, in the absence of immediate success, will soon require the head of the new man on a charger. 😉

  36. nicky,

    There is nothing ‘fickle’ by the way in wanting the best for Arsenal football club. If we were to transfer our allegiance from the Arsenal to one individual within the club at the expense of the rest then of course that would be fickle. Managers come and go as do players, there’s no point in fighting it.

  37. nicky,

    I suspect that there might be some determined to give the new man a hard time if he didn’t win the title or improve our fortunes dramatically straight away, but unlike your good self Nicky there will some amongst them that will continue with their agenda and wish that he will fail.

    Personally it depends on how he performs, most fans are not daft and can tell if things seem to be moving in the right direction, if so I’m sure he will have patience from the majority. Likewise with players, our new signings have had a difficult time this season but we can’t judge them yet. Under better circumstances I’m sure that they will be assets to the team. With the right structure and a coherent plan they will be able to show what quality players they are. It’s hardly surprising that they are struggling in the mess that we are in right now.

  38. @Andy 1886,
    Come on, Andy.
    Don’t you recall the outrageous mouthy behaviour of these fickle so-called Ems supporters towards (over the years) Denilson, Ramsey, Walcott etc. No wonder we have a reputation of being fickle supporters……not you and I of course. 😉

  39. Late to the party, but the sight of Andy and our own nonagenarian Nicky having an exchange is quite thrilling! 🙂

    I was hoping hat one or t’other would use the Voltaire classic; “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Come on, guys.

  40. Nicky you are a dictator’s dream ! I think you are totally wrong that “soon the new man’s head would be on a charger”, if anything the time and patience shown to Wenger and the club despite repeated underachievement, while paying world class prices, shows what an unbelievably tolerant and patient lot Arsenal fans are. Unfortunately for Wenger and the club you can only push people so far before there is the inevitable reaction. And you can only be so poor on the pitch, and boy are we poor at the moment. Indefensibly so. Not even sure Wenger or the players are arguing with that. Plenty to look forward to if Wenger leaves and if serious change is coming. Trouble is neither seem likely. If that’s good enough for you, fair play but there is nothing wrong with ambition. I know it’s very un-Arsenal these days.

  41. HenryB,

    Well I’m not one for slating players either – even when Gervinho was doing his best impression of not being able to hit a cow’s backside with a banjo. What I did find especially distasteful however was the seeming briefing by club insiders against our own player (Alexis) recently, a player who has at times carried his team mates almost single handedly. That was disgraceful.

  42. Sorry Henry, that should have been in response to Nicky @ 6.44pm.

    We often agree to disagree, I’m not sure who said that first but I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t Voltaire*

    *Just checked and it was first attributed to John Wesley in 1770. Even Nicky will not remember that.

  43. Great news: Sanogo hit a hat-trick against Reading (Arsenal fielding a very strong U23 line-up).

    Neketiah did the same, and missed a penalty, for the U18s against Man City.

    Scarcest crumbs of solace in times of great darkness.

  44. The fact there is a contract on the table points to the real issue. This isn’t on Wenger, this is all on the non-existent ownership. Dodgy Russian or not, it is hard to imagine he’d care less than our American.

    Wenger should not be offered a contract, nor should he have been last time. The lack of accountability at the club is laid at the feet of the owner and him alone.

  45. Nicky, for someone who preaches respect and an appreciation of what we have, you are very intolerant of those whose views disagree with yours. I have been to the Emirates with Damon and shared beers with him too.

    To dismiss his views as those of a ‘doom and gloom merchant’ when he always brings a measured opinion to the table is not only inaccurate but intemperate as well.

    Perhaps you should take a leaf out of your own book and explain to us how much you understand about ‘managing a club at the highest level’.

    Nor do I believe that the worth of a supporter is measured by how old he happens to be.

  46. Raven,

    I (now) have a similar theory myself.

    Its not as though Gazidis has covered himself in glory however I think we have all misread the situation a little.

    I think there has been a standoff for possibly the whole season (or when talks were initiated about extending). This idea carried even more weight when Wenger refuted Gazidis publicly last week.

    I think an impasse was already reached and now the two parties are at a stand off. An announcement has not been made because there is not anything definitive to announce – it .
    was not Wenger playing coy.

    Sadly, I think Wenger holds the stronger hand and will be backed but Kroenke.

    It would also explain why there have been rumors for some time Gazidis might exit this summer.

  47. andy1886,

    Regarding your back and forth with Nicky.

    As has been pointed out numerous times, When Wenger subbed off Campbell against Swansea last year it was a gigantic in your face FU to fans that enraged thousands.

    Apart from the turn on Alexis, the Guardian let it slip that some months ago the club was backdooring comments about Perez, implying he was a trouble maker.

    The ‘doff the cap’ routine is literally from another century but it isn’t even deserved in Wengers case.

  48. Dukey,

    This week, all the CL games underline the gulf.

    This was the stated goal, the ambition in the move to The Emirates, to compete at this level.

    This week Crystal Palace beat us handily 3-0.

  49. @consolsbob,
    I think its fair to assume that none of us have any knowledge of managing a top level football club. The difference though between people like the super-critical Damon and me is that would never claim that I could ever compete with the expertise of Arsene Wenger………unlike so many so-called “experts” on this site .
    I agree with your sentiments about age. Where we will always differ though, is about the real meaning of the word “loyalty”.
    And I’m not too sure why you consider important your visit to the Ems and sharing a beer with Damon, is relative to the point you are labouring to make. Does it mean you are also a purveyor of doom and gloom? 😉

  50. @Buffalo,
    To end the day…..
    “An optimist is a man who goes out in a row boat after Moby Dick, armed with some tartar sauce”. 😉

  51. DFS-,

    It does make you wonder who is behind all of this. Is Stan, an absentee owner seemingly little bothered with the day to day running of the club, really taking time to mastermind such shenanigans? I doubt it. Is it Ivan? I would have thought that he’d have more sense than to try something so obvious and transparent. Is it a rogue employee in the PR department? Unlikely as you would think that they would be reined in after the first episode. This feels like something that something you’d expect from a source that was contemptuous of the fans and out of touch with the subtleties of modern communications. If I were to look for the culprits I would start in the boardroom, it smacks of the sort of arrogance we’ve come to expect from this ageing clique of spineless wasters.

  52. andy1886,
    Reeks of Sir Chips and his hencemen, cause the PR is at the same time sly and amateurish. Its something old farts will pull out their arse and it shows cause its so easy to see through. Sadly there are those who will eat it up and believe the nonsence they are putting out there. It presses the right buttons but in a way a modern PR person would never do.

  53. DFS-,

    What really swayed me towards that view of the situation was the look on Gazidis face during that Palace defeat. He looked very disgruntled and angry with the whole thing.

  54. Raven,

    Yup, believe it or not it gave me the only humerous (sort of) moment that evening, he looked furious and exasperated.

    All I am saying is Wenger is obviously no longer ‘writing his own contract’ as was the rhetorical case before.

    I am not advocating anyone gets a pat on the back but I am at least heartened Wenger is not in the safe comfortable, unchallenged position his has enjoyed for too many years. Any weakening of his power base and control is welcomed.

  55. More Wenger related nonsense in the Mail and Mirror today as they claim that he is telling people close to him that he will sign a new two year deal. The way the club have let this all play out in the media is pathetic, we’ve gone from a club who can’t make a signing without a huge drawn out saga to one that can’t even agree a new deal with a manager without an even longer more painful drawn out saga. They may as well replace the cannon in the club crest with a single raised middle finger aimed at supporters.

  56. C

    Enjoy Disney world. My kids, grandkids and I have a lot of really great memories.

    If you have a chance make sure and try to find the time to get to the Yacht and Beach Club and go to a small restaurant called Beaches and Cream. Order the “No Way Jose”. It’s truly the best ice cream sundae in all of the world. Nothing else comes close. 3 scoops of ice cream with hot fudge, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips but what makes it special is the warm peanut butter sauce. Ask for extra peanut butter on the side.

  57. Bill,

    The best ice cream sundae is at Joe’s ice cream parlour in Swansea-an Italian family that have been there for over 100 years.They make their own ice cream and it’s truly fantastic.There’s another shop in Mumbles on the front,and its the only place you can get their product other than……in Harrods apparently.
    Sorry Bill😎

  58. Even the divas and the wengerites have excepted that things might have come to an end for Wenger. But if he still gets his two years it will be an Obama nation. . Well expect plenty of empty seats, I know a couple of hard core gooners who are now refusing to go until we get change and you can be sure there are plenty more saying the same. we are now in proper Limbo. I mean defeats dont even hurt now, that’s where we are at. No care, no passion, no pulse It’s just flatlined.

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