Alexis’ Treble Has Leicester Dancing To His Tune


Leicester City 2 – 5 Arsenal

1 – 0 Vardy (12)
1 – 1 Walcott (18)
1 – 2 Sanchez (33)
1 – 3 Sanchez (57)
1 – 4 Sanchez (81)
2 – 4 Vardy (88)
2 – 5 Giroud (90+2)

An emphatic victory which might have quite easily ended in defeat. Already trailing to Vardy’s twelfth-minute opener, the ball bounced against the woodwork. Sixty seconds later, instead of doubling their lead, Leicester had been pegged back and from that moment on, there was genuinely only one team who was going to win.

And quite comfortable it turned out to be. Arsenal, not rock-solid in defence, were inventive and fluid in attack with the triumverate of Cazorla, Özil, Sanchez supporting Theo Walcott, freeing the England striker to produce his best central striking performance for the club. We knew of his pace but he combined it with intelligent movement that stretched Leicester’s defence time and again throughout his eighty minutes on the pitch.

The equaliser summed that up. Breaking at pace, Walcott’s run latched onto Cazorla’s pass as it caressed the turf toward into Theo’s path. Leicester claimed offside, it was marginal and needs video technology to assess; the sort of decision which infuriates when you are on the receiving end.

The afternoon was topped off in second half injury time when Olivier Giroud netted his third of the season, joining Sanchez and Walcott as joint top scorers. Is it the weight lifted off his shoulders? Who knows, we can but hope. Ten minutes isn’t much to go by but Giroud seemed to adapt quickly to the pace of the game, something you need a substitute to do.

His finish was excellent, the sort that Giroud thrives on. Almost instinctive from that position but one which has gone begging in recent weeks. A sign of things to come? I think we will find out against Olympiakos as Wenger rotates the side ahead of United.

Alexis garnered the headlines with his hat-trick, drawing praise from Claudio Ranieri for his performance,

When he plays at this level he is an amazing player and can do everything. The ball and him are both together.

A hat-trick brings you that kind of praise but for the first time this season, things came together in ninety minutes for the Chilean. Passes zipped to the their destination with precision and his mind was alive to opportunities, encapsulated with his second as he nipped behind a static defence to head Özil’s chip past Schmeichel.

All three of his goals were well-taken in their own right. The first had the poachers instinct, taking the space at the back post as Walcott dragged the defence toward the ball. His second displayed more courage; Özil’s was the sort of chipped pass which lures the ‘keeper off his line and invites a collision if the recipients timing is off. The third was just a confident finish, taken from distance and kept low.

All three were the sorts of goals we expect a player of his calibre to score. All three are the sorts of chances he has been missing so far this season.

Wenger was equally as effusive, labelling Sanchez, “World Class”. It’s always a term to easily bandied around but it’s all relative. There is a dearth of consistently talented performers at the moment and Sanchez is easily among the best in the world. Compared to previous eras? That’s not so easy but then looking back tends to bring a romanticised version of the player of the time. In becoming the 100th player to score a hat-trick for Arsenal and the first for a couple of decades to score one in Italy, Spain and England marks him out as a special at the very least.

There were areas of concern, or rather the defensive side of the performance needs working on. Part of that was the absence of Coquelin, Mathieu Flamini stepped into his shoes for twenty minutes. His hamstring twanged and Mikel Arteta came on. Neither provided the barrier Mertesacker and Koscielny is used to and Arsenal rocked for a few minutes, never quite convincingly dealing with Leicester’s early pressure.

Vardy’s opening goal gave them momentum in the same way Walcott and Sanchez’s strikes did for Arsenal. Indeed, once the second went in, Arsenal were able to put their hosts on the back foot, mindful that the counter-attack might – and would – bring further punishment.

His second was equally poor to concede. There was too little pressure on him as he took control of the ball. Inside the penalty area, Vardy should not have been afforded the time to pick out a precise finish into the corner. Arsenal have got to work harder at closing space down. Even with a three-goal lead, they can’t afford to switch off; it just makes their lives unnecessarily harder for the remainder of the match.

Coquelin’s absence may yet be short-term but with Flamini suffering an injury, I hope that Wenger exercises caution in bringing back the younger Frenchman. Arsenal ought to be able to win on Wednesday without Coquelin and of the two matches remaining before the international break, the visit of United to The Emirates next weekend is by far the more important.

For a couple of hours, Tottenham supporters were able to enjoy leading Arsenal in the table. Quick to post on social media, “Mind the gap“, they had their time in the fun. The final whistle restored the world to an even keel. Arsenal were above them once more in the table and the performance hinted at a return to form generally. The key is now to prove that it wasn’t a one-off but is genuine.

’til Tomorrow.

59 thoughts on “Alexis’ Treble Has Leicester Dancing To His Tune

  1. President Sepp Blatter, 79, and Uefa president Michel Platini, 60, could be suspended by world football’s governing body, ruling the latter out of the presidential race at the organisation.
    ( Guardian )

    Before I get immersed in the pure joy of a hat trick from a Chilean marvel and seeing both strikers get on the score sheet, I would like to for once celebrate Swiss efficiancy. You have got to love ‘2 birds with one thrifty stone’. Especially when the victims are so fucking wasteful and crooked.

  2. I enjoyed the highlights as I missed the game
    Chuffed to see Sanchez back to scoring
    Theo looked dangerous and scored we need that consistency
    Crunch time for dm, after a summer where everyone and his dog screaming for wenger to sign a dm we now have le coq and Flamster injured if Arteta cops it that would be prophetic
    Ox I have said before just switches off at crucial times in the game and he did so again for the second goal he was just sauntering about waiting for the break instead of tracking back

  3. Good report YW, fair summary of the game. I was a bit relieved to get in ahead at half time but I thought Mikel was steady 2nd half and our quality came through.
    I guess we’ll go with Arteta / Santi against Olympiakos and put out pretty much our best team as the loss in Zagreb puts a bit more pressure on the game.

  4. Good morning To all. As you say Yogi the defence did appear as though they were missing a special hinge that allows them to operate with more efficiency. Coq. allows the defensive efforts more stability. They play again on Tuesday and one hopes that le Coq. might be afforded another rest in favour of Arteta and another midfield player. I wonder if that might be Chambers Yogi? But, what a game!! They were all firing from the hip in the kind of entertaining game of back and forth that in many ways suits Arsenal very well. I did have some doubts about Ramsey’s game and he does appear as though he is wrestling with gremlins. Great effort from the lads!!

  5. Apologies YW. I did not think I would be first on the score sheet with that last post.
    Theo showed what he is capable of; we saw him do this down the wing. Down the centre of the field a sublime finish is needed, not a cross into the box, crack that and he will be awesome with some lovely touches he gives us a very different skill set than the poacher Giroud.
    All good.

  6. The outstanding memory for me about this game, was Ozil’s superbly weighted chip for Alexis (5ft nothing) to collect and beat the goalkeeper with a header.
    So much good about Ozil is simply missed by most of us….. except perhaps those with a trained eye. The guy is an “assists” genius and should be nurtured by Arsenal as long as possible. The attack simply revolves around him at times.

  7. I did notice in this game that our lads were being knocked off the ball and I thought our size will need upgrading. Who will be back up to Arteta? Will that be Chambers or the Brazilian?

  8. Morning,

    watching at the time and looking at it again this morning on MOTD, I felt that the Cech was impeded for their second. I doubt he would have got up quickly enough to get to the ball, but he was definitely pushed down again by the Leicester player when he tried to get up.

    Great to see our forwards firing on all cylinders for yesterday’s day and I’ve got to say I was impressed with Walcott’s hold up play. He did some great work holding off Huth and dispelled some of my concerns that he would be too easy to knock off the ball when hassled by a big CB.

    Our run of four away games wasn’t a complete disaster, although it didn’t start well. Now we have to show that home games aren’t a problem either with back to back games at the Emirates. These are the games we really need to improve at. Where teams come to keep it tight at the back and play a lot deeper to try to deny us space. We have made hard work of these games in the past as we seem to think that possession for the sake of it is enough to pick up the points. Too many times we have seen players charge up the field to lend a hand as frustrations start to show, immediately leaving space at the back for visitors to counter. I’m still of the view that we should go with two strikers when teams want to park the bus. It would really give them something to think about, because they usually find it easy to close a lone striker out of the game. I don’t think its particularly gung ho, just deploying our players in areas where perhaps they will have more impact.

  9. Great write up, YW, and some excellent posts to start off the day. Wavey, key points: we have had trouble at home and dealing with pressure games. Two big ones coming up this week and it will be interesting to see how we handle them. I suspect we beat Olympiakos with OG playing a larger role but might not manage it against MU because they will sit deeper and we don’t yet have an answer for this. They’d perfornsnce was very rncouraging: holding off Hurh as you said, playing effectively on the one twos and even back to goal, and great movement off the ball.

  10. The weakness of our defense clearly showed the need for a proper Adam who can move dynamically across the pitch when fullbacks are forward. Hopefully Coq is back for MU. We could win that one too if he is, perhaps.

  11. Nicky, I thought Ozil had a poor start but improved in second half. Cazorla was steady. Ramsey had a pretty ineffective game dwelling on the ball when decisive directness in the final third or even in the box was needed.

  12. It was a cracker for entertainment. I wish Leicester well. Hope they take many points from MU, City, Chavs, Spuds and Pool.

  13. Finally, Ox’s lackadaisical defending U.S. Threatening a promising career. Not just on the goal but on several trips into our box by the opposition he was passively watching and waiting for an outlet for the break.

  14. Lackadaisical defending IS threatening…

    Having trouble typing this morning and autocorrect has its own ideas!

  15. Well done to the lads. I didn’t watch the game as it was far to nice of a morning to spend indoors. But, it sounds like it was a good entertaining match.

  16. Ox does have some aspects to his game which are quite disappointing. At times I wonder if he lacks the football intelligence to grasp the fullness of his game. Going forward on the wing is not his problem. It is his inability to see what is going on around him in the defensive third of the field. He stands about as though he is not needed in areas like the 18 yard box just looking at the players around the goal. This has happened on too many occasions to be other than pure worry for the coaches. But I have seen this seeming lack of interest in other areas of the pitch as well and it is as if something turns off in this player. To be honest, I would have thought that the Ox would have grasped these things earlier in his career since there is no doubt that the Arsenal coaches would have brought this to his attention. Everyone sees his potential to the extent of the National Team but the switch has not been turned on for this player.

  17. LSG

    are you putting subliminal messages in your posts as a warning to us? “U.S. Threatening”, are they going to invade us? Are the Canadians trying to give us a heads up?

  18. Well done to the Arsenal its makes the weekend much more enjoyable.Man City looked very ordinary without there star players Silva, Kompany, etc but there is no excuse for them with the money spent on the squad. You would hope there is a course on the offside rule for the assistant referee’s. How can an England manager be so happy about a offside goal.

  19. LSG

    > Finally, Ox’s lackadaisical defending U.S. Threatening a promising career.

    Well, I have no knowledge of Ox’s political views but it’s a bit harsh to suggest that anything other than resolute support of Obama’s policies will affect his football.

  20. Good summary of a great game.

    I note you made the point the defense was sloppy – it was – although reading some other blogs you’d have thought they all played well. Vardy made Mertesaker look like an absolute chump, and several members of the defense were guilty of lapses through the match…but let’s not dwell on the negative too much. Can discuss again before MU.

    Thrilled for Sanchez who needed to find his way out of his funk.

    Thrilled for Groud as he is a vital part of the team.

    Finally thrilled to see Walcott much more mobile – I have no issue calling him CF if he actually places himself to the left and right as well as the center. That’s where he scores from and he did yesterday.
    If the likes of Walcott, Sanchez and Giroud can find a semblance of form at the same time, we will become a handful for anyone.

    Quite excited about Olympiakos – in part because I think they might be intimidated already. I am going to believe that at least a few demons have been cast out the last couple of games and if we put on convincing display midweek, we should be primed for Man United. Drawing level with them should provide real incentive.

  21. Yogi

    Awesome report. Fantastic and very entertaining game. Best news is to see the fog of the Copa america hangover lifted from around Alexis. We really needed him. Walcott played a good game and he is clearly the number 1 CF. Nice to see Giroud score but I have never put much emphasis on scoring as a sub in game that was already decided but it still was nice to see him on the score sheet. Cazorla and Ozil were certainly both excellent in midfield. We miss Le Coq’s energy but the sky certainly did not fall in when Arteta came on.

    With regards to the defense its always a bit of a disappointment when you don’t keep a clean sheet and we were really in trouble in the first 20 minutes but I thought we did well enough after Walcott scored. Their consolation goal was unexpected and we need to eliminate those sort of mental letdowns from our game. There is no doubt that Le Coq is our best DM and hopefully he will be back for the ManU game. However to me the biggest problem defensively this season has been our right flank. Most of the goals we have conceded seem to come down that side of our defense. I have always said that defense is a team effort and poor defense should be blamed on the team and not individual players. However, the majority of goals and most of the damage done against us this season has come down our right flank. Nacho’s side is always rock solid and if you are going to pick a weak link its probably been the Bellerin/Debuchy axis on our right.

  22. Its nice to see that it only took Alexis 6 games to get over his Copa America hangover instead of the 15 games we needed to clear last seasons world cup fog. Hopefully Alexis is back to firing on all cylinders. What the heck is going to happen next season when we have basically the entire squad suffering from Euro 2016 hangover???

  23. Enjoyed the entertainment value yesterday. One minor gripe is that Ozil continues to miss prsentable chances. Assist master he may be, but his scoring efficiency is terrible. Still, a minor gripe.

  24. My son’s ticket is available for the Olympiakos game on Tuesday. I have put offer out to a couple of mates who are mentioning it around, but no one has claimed it yet. Very reasonable price as I’m only looking to cover the cost rather than make any kind of profit. It’ll go to the first one who claims it, no bidding wars here.

  25. Bill –

    Wouldn’t the goals coming down our right be a direct consequence (at least in part) of playing Ramsey on the right as a false winger? It means whoever plays at RB, Bellerin or Debuchy, is often left with little cover.

    Although, for Vardy’s first goal yesterday Mertesaker had gone wandering in nomans land for the umpteenth time….

  26. What a game eh, lovely. Manure dropping points would have made for a perfect weekend but, we won and the sun is still shining.
    Hope to God Alexis and the wizard finish their careers at arsenal. Oz could score more but hey, constant supply of assists and pre assists will do.
    And to be fair to the ox who does switch off more often than not. The whole defence froze. His primary instinct isn’t to defend. Why three defenders was not leaping towards vardy I’ll never know. Inside our six, had time to pick his spot.

  27. That was exactly the type of performance that we needed on the back of the past week or 2. Were Leicester open and attacking, sure and we all know Arsenal, especially players like Theo, Ozil, Sanchez and Santi thrive in matches like that, but it was great to see us snatch this one when it looked like we were on the ropes a little after Flamini went off and Vardy scored his first. I thought Theo’s goal was massive in terms of snatching some momentum for Arsenal and then his movement which allowed for Sanchez’s first really got us going.

    I thought Theo was excellent and not just with his movement and pace but his holdup and link up play with his back to goal was impressive as well. More performances like this please and thank you. I thought both Santi and Ozil were slow starters but seemed to come to life once Leicester scored and both nabbed class assists with Ozil taking top honors.

    It can’t be understated how excellent Nacho and Bellerin were yesterday. Not only did they provide something in attack but their defending was excellent. They continue to increase the gap between themselves and their backups.

  28. Ramsey is starting to worry me, i get he doesn’t enjoy playing on the right, but Theo afforded him to balls in the box to hit first time and he didn’t even look to shoot inatead took 2-3 touches and lost the ball. Not just that but he struggles in possession and seems to run around with the same work rate but way less effective.

  29. For Vardy’s 2nd goal, I thought Ox was most culpable as he seemed to just stand and watch Vardy while everybody was back defending, those are the types of situations you want him working his socks off to help defend our lead instead of sitting back and watching.

  30. @captain

    Yes he is in the team, they have basically handed the keys to the attack to Zelalem and he has been brilliant for them.

  31. Great game yesterday and it felt like something like this was coming. You cannot create the amount of chances we have been and not score the goals eventually. While it may be fashionable for some to say we don’t play good football anymore, I still think we are amongst the best when our players are confident and healthy.

    Arsenal without Coquelin and also Ramsey on the right have been topics that have so many Gooners worrying but I think when the unit is functioning as it was yesterday, we can still produce really good, winning football. Arteta’s use of the ball allowed Cazorla to play higher up the pitch and he matched Özil for the highest number of key passes on the field (5) so that is one benefit of having Arteta instead of Coquelin. That said Coquelin would have been ideally suited to a game like that when we didn’t have the ball.

    As for Ramsey, I agree with Bill. I don’t think his position on the pitch is the problem, it is his form but we know how good Ramsey is and he will play himself back into form. A little support from those around him and he will be back to his brilliant box to box, goalscoring best.

    I was one of those who doubted whether or not Theo could thrive as a centre forward but I am so pleased to be changing my mind. Theo has looked very impressive in recent weeks and looks to be improving all the time. It would be great if he could become that quality striker we all wanted this summer. So far, so good Theo.

    Two back to back home wins and we will be in great shape.

  32. DFS

    For whatever reason just about all of the joy that the opposition has been getting against us this season has come down our right. Ramsey is everyone’s favorite target right now but the main defender on our right is the fullback. The other team targets that side of our defense for a reason and if there is a single defensive weak point so far it’s been Bellerin and Debuchy IMO.

  33. @DFS

    I agree about Leicester, but you do have to give some credit to their Maniac Manager from last season because after he went mad and choked out the opposition, the team went on a brilliant run and their fans responded. I think their hadd working never say die attitude really does lend itself to their supporters and in return their supporters offer them such brilliant support.

    Just think, when they were 3-1 down their supporters were still as liud and as supportive as ever, imagine if it was the Emirates and we were down 3-1 to say Chavs or Shitty, do you think the Emirates would have been nearly as loud?

  34. Ramsey is certainly capable of playing better then he has in he last couple of seasons but his biggest problem is overly inflated expectations based on what he did in the 13/14 season

  35. Bill, it shows also that the tactical balance AW likes of using a mid out on the wing isn’t working to stabilize it defensively because he wanders in centrally. But we all knew Bellerin would be stronger as an attacking fullback than a defending one given his approach and youth. The surprise is how poor Debuchy has been, no stead of being solid, he is trying to imitate Bellerin’s game.

  36. Mean lean

    Bit early to say that Theo was the answer at CF. early signs are positive but he has to be consistent and stay healthy which has always been a problem

  37. Perhaps Ramsey is a little distracted by his interest in more modeling and endorsements. I thought he was more sensible, down to earth. Boyd Hilton on Footballistically Arsenal mentioned that Ramsey was putting real effort in this arena from his contacts in the fashion/advertising/media world (he’s an editor at Heat magazine). By itself, nothing. But his play has been less driven, assured and concentrated this season and last. I wonder if it indicates anything about his focus or attitude. I hope he realizes that he still has work to be at the level he is capable of as a player.

  38. Theo’s play is encouraging. But it is pretty far yet from consistency at the standard we require. Plus there is the health issue Bill reminds us of. Hopefully those incessant injuries are behind him. But I certainly liked what I saw yesterday from him.

  39. @LSG

    Problem for Debuchy is that to my mind he has always been a more attacking RB but hasn’t adapted his game with his lost of pace and legs and thus his defending has suffrred. Another problem for him is that Bellerin has become an even better defender as was to be expected.

  40. Theo has to be more consistent but the thing that people need to remember is that he is still pnly 26 years old, and is learning to be a CF on the job and doing a good to very good job at it. We all knew he could stretch any defence with his pace but his movement has been really good even when defenses drop off and close the space because they aren’t just creating space for him but for other like Sanchez’s first goal; his movement literally took 4 players from Leicester out of the play (both CB’s the FB and the GK all came after Theo) leaving Sanchez wide open. Another encouraging thing was his back to goal game, he held off Huth and Morgan on several occasions and either linked up play or spun off them with the ball and ran at defenders.

    His all around game was on display yesterday and as he continues to get a run of matches and build on his confidence, surely we will see his game get better and better.

  41. Bill
    Maybe the reason the opposition has been attacking our right side, and the reason it’s seen as a weakness is not because of Bellarins defensive abilities, but because he has no one infront of him.
    Ramsey spends more time in the centre or even the left than he does where he is meant to play.
    IMO Bellerin is doing a stellar job due to the fact that he pretty much has to be our sole defender and attacker on that right hand side.

  42. @Bill

    That’s absolute madness mate even for you. Bellerin has been literally left by himself on the right, when Ox plays he doesn’t track back, see Vardy’s 2nd goal and the goal in the cup when he played infront of Debuchy, and we all know Ramsey offers no help or support on the right. Bellerin has been really good attacking and defending on the right. I mean ofcourse teams will find some joy down the right when they are essentially overloading that side with the winger, the FB and often times one of the midfielders is for the opposition but make no mistake teams aren’t finding as much joy as you think.

    Our FB’s(Nacho and Bellerin) since the start of the season have been our best players since day 1 against West Ham.

  43. Bill,

    I am not saying he is 100% the answer, I said he is developing well in that position. He is improving and scoring. That’s all we can ask of him.


    I think it is wrong to say we have no cover down our right. Ramsey works very hard for the team defensively and you can see that in his defensive numbers. Also the team is structured in a way to help that side. Coquelin or whoever plays there is often on that side as Bellerin is used as out width. It’s all intentional.

    Oh and Vardy’s goal happened because Per pushed up too far at right centre back. Had he stayed goal side we would have been in position to deal with him.

  44. Quite how anyone who has been watching Arsenal this season can question Bellerin is beyond me. The boy has been superb. He was not at fault for any of the two goals we conceded yesterday. Neither can he be held liable for many of the goals we have let in so far in the season.

  45. @Mean

    I didn’t say Ramsey was helping defensively, I said he isn’t providing cover on the right flank which he isn’t given he spends most of his time centrally or drifting to the left. Bellerin more often than not is left on his own on the right. Yes Le Coq does shade to that side but given that he also covers for Nacho and does his defensive work centrally, it does leave us unbalanced but it worked against Leicester.

    I do agree Mert got caught too far up, but that’s also how we play, Mert pressing the striker and Kos sweeping up behind him and Mert kind of rotating back. I think Vardy’s first was on both CB’s given that Mert got caught oo high up and Kos instead of trying to close down Vardy, drifts to the back post to cover the other Leicester player. O well, it happened and we won.

  46. @Mean

    People will always have a gripe with Theo, first it was he needed to score goals, well he is doing that. Then it was he needs to show he can play with his back to goal and link up play, he has done that. Then it was, can he stay fit, so far so good. I think people need to let it play out and see how it works out. I know one thing is for sure, so far this season we habe looked best with Theo leading the line so long may it continue.

  47. Our right side was never attacked when Sagna played at right fullback and he never had great defensive players in front of him. Everyone is now picking on Ramsey. He has been poor in the attacking half this season but the one thing Ramsey has always done is work hard and the idea that he is leaving the right side completely uncovered seems like a stretch. Ramsey is certainly more likely to help out compared with Theo or the other players that played in front of Sagna. That does not mean that Bellerin is a poor defender however the most logical explanation why teams target our right side must be that he is our weakest link in the back 4.

  48. Perhaps my memory is faulty but I don’t remember any team getting much joy down our left flank. There has to be a reason for that difference. Sanchez was not playing very well early in the season but Nacho was always solid no matter who is front of him. Nacho is just very good just like Sagna was really good on the right before he left. That does not mean that Bellerin is bad and I certainly think he has been better then Debuchy and I am not campaigning for selling him or anything silly like that. Its early in his career but I think the only logical conclusion is that Bellerin’s defense suffers when compared to Nacho and to what we had when Sagna was our right back.

  49. Ramsey does work hard but with little organization or (of late) little product.

    Ramsey weakens the right flank going forward and in defense. When he plays the false wing, heat maps, average position maps and stats show we attack twice as much on the left as we do the right. Bellerin rarely ventures forwards as he cannot leave the flank totally exposed.

    Ramsey in the roaming role becomes the epitome of a fraught dependance of organic talent to win rather than intelligent / creative team tactics.

    When players are on form we are unstoppable. When they are not, we have little in terms of Plan A and nothing regarding Plan B as a default position. Each player then faces the individual stress of having to create a breakthrough on behalf of the team

    The pressure mounts and is a key reason why during poor games, the team collectively reaches a point where nerves, like a virus, spread through the team simultaneously – they all recognize ‘we’ are having an off day.

    As regards Ramsey, in essence Wenger is saying his talent is so great he can roam wherever to create plays. It is absurd. Who else across Europe is afforded such a role? Name another play who is given the freedom and responsibility. He displaces other players and I can not imagine they are happy with this or stand around thinking Ramsey is a far greater talent than them.

    If De Bruyne showed up at City and was running around the pitch playing, false right wing, No 10, inside left and even left wing as he felt fit, we would all be laughing and wonder why Pelligrini did not wind him in.

    Finally, as we are all witnessing, with Ramsey not in good form (which goes on for considerable spells) he is just another player who Wenger leaves to languish and play themselves out of it.

    Ramsey is a talent but is a perfect example of a player who needs to be placed in a very specific role. I can imagine another manager placing him in a strict deeper midfield play- making role and him excelling. At the moment he is simply looking increasingly hapless.

    Like other players, I hope he finds a vein of form, but I do not think he is being utilized properly in the first place.

  50. I was checking the online Torygraph this morning and the headline was
    “Rodgers must be given time” says Hairy Redcrap.
    I thought that was a bit hypocritical of Hairy. Surely he’s the one who should be given time for all his nefarious financial chicanery.

  51. Nice read.

    Giroud though would be absent for Olympiakos’ visit to the Emirates (dismissal in Croatia), so we would get to see Walcott in front again.

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