Giroud Injury Is The Test Arsène Has To Pass


They tell me patience is a virtue and Arsène is the most patient and virtuous of men. Look at last summer, the reasoning goes, he signed Mesut Özil as the transfer window closed. QPR will be hoping that he leaves signing a striker that late as well. With Loic Remy having ‘failed’ one medical already this summer, they will be accede reluctantly to the deal with barely five minutes to go. Long enough for the paperwork to be filed with the Premier League, too late for a medical. Arsenal have form in this area, Mikel Arteta signed without a medical being necessary.

It all depends on the results of Olivier Giroud’s scan yesterday. Strikingly, histrionics have been noticeable by their absence in this morning’s press, probably because of City’s comfortable win over Liverpool last night which served to prove nothing that we didn’t already know about the coming season; they are very good, Liverpool will struggle in front of goal without Suarez and if Jordan Henderson is the answer, Jack Wilshere isn’t asking the right questions of Roy Hodgson.

Giroud, we are reliably informed, will be out for any length of time ranging from weeks to months. More will be revealed at Arsène’s pre-match press conference today and from that the expectation of transfer activity in the forward line may be gathered. Whatever the case, this incident ought to spark action from the manager. I know he has to praise the likes of Campbell and Sanogo; anything less would undermine their confidence.

However, there is scant evidence that either is a replacement for Giroud. Campbell has played most of his career as a wide forward and Sanogo for all his endeavours must surely be testing the manager’s belief in him. A goal may change that but four against Benfica didn’t open the floodgates. He worked hard at Wembley but was unable to score either of the presentable opportunities he had, something a player with aspirations to lead the Arsenal line should surely have done?

Campbell believes he has the abilities to slot into the team but when talking about the future, he is careful not to pigeonhole himself by talking about one role in the side. Mention the World Cup and thoughts turn to a hardworking centre forward. Likewise the three seasons on loan and the winger who cuts inside springs to mind. Versatile certainly but a long-term alternative? It’s a hard time growing up in front of the Arsenal public, Sanogo and Bendtner will vouch for that.

Both players may be the future but Arsenal’s needs are now. Very few of the young players who have come through have been immediate successes but that is what Arsène requires.

More importantly, it seems most likely that Arsenal will go into the Champions League qualifier this week without a recognised centre forward. It will change Wenger’s thoughts on the game, particularly since Saturday’s first half experiment with Alexis Sanchez in the central role failed due to others not working in tandem with the Chilean. That will come over time I am sure but can Arsène afford to take that risk in a match of such importance.

How he must rue the opportunities his charges missed in Istanbul. How grateful he must be that Demba Ba did likewise.

It is a headache the manager could do without, particularly since he built up Giroud at the weekend. It’s ironic in an Alanis Morissette way that Wenger’s Champions League future should rest on the fitness of one of his own players. Having withstood pressures down the years from rivals, he finds himself with a home game in which Arsenal must score at least once to progress and a distinct lack of in-form goalscorers. Indeed, if Arsène persists with Sanchez as centre forward, all the club’s scorers this season will be missing from the starting XI unless Wenger decides Laurent Koscielny’s injury is worth risking in a match of this importance.

If Giroud is absent for months, it raises questions about the reported departure of Lukas Podolski. Arsène’s patience may have run out with the German but his short-term needs override the ambitions of the player. For all the talk of deals being agreed with Juventus, Arsenal need to qualify for the Champions League and Podolski will offer some physical presence through the middle tomorrow. He will however be cup-tied and his value to the Italians diminishes as a result; would that sink a deal if it is made? Should Arsène worry about that in the absence of other alternatives arriving?

Elsewhere, it seems that William Carvalho wants to be Arsenal’s William with Sporting now ready to deal at £24m which is only €30m if you use the kiosk foreign exchange rates and I hope Arsenal get better deals than that. The FX rate that is, not Carvalho who seems to have all the physical attributes that are desired in a midfield signing. Whether anything happens on that front depends you suspect on Giroud. One arrival this week is feasible, expected even if Champions League qualification is achieved. Without that, it might well end up with Danny Welbeck…

A transfer window with Arsenal desperate for a particular type of player and the clock ticking down? Who would have guessed at that happening?

’til Tomorrow.

197 thoughts on “Giroud Injury Is The Test Arsène Has To Pass

  1. Miami,
    I realise it’s a stretch, but I am just not a great believer in coincidences.
    Besides it validated my existing view that he was/ is on the outer!
    However the Giroud injury has probably saved him for now, and it’s cheaper than going into the market.

  2. @Phil

    I have felt for a while that Podolski is on the outside looking in. I’m not sure what the issue has been, given when he plays we tends to score at not quite a goal every two games. Certainly a decent record, moreover he has done it from the wing for the most part.

    I’m not defending Arsene either, he doesn’t need it. It is his job to manager the side and regardless of what I or anyone is thinking, he’ll do it his way. I was one who thought it would have been better for Arsenal to have moved on from the man in the summer. But, I do think we have options at CF, it is really about how we determine our style to suit these options.

  3. Just wondering,
    I don’t expect Wenger to comment on incoming transfer rumors, but when the press has been suggesting or promoting the Podolski leaving story,
    Then I would expect him to come out and support his player by denying the rumour.
    Until today I am not aware of him doing that

  4. Who knows why.
    Lack of defensive mindset ?
    Personality clash?
    Desire to create Sanogo?
    More followers on Twitter?

    There is no doubt that last year he was almost inevitably substituted first. Not a sign of endearing confidence by the manager

  5. It seems like Arsene`s luck with OG has finally run out.

    No problem though – we have a flange of suitable candidates waiting to take their chance…..quite possibly in the Europa League.

    When AW says he`s `sad` you have to expect the worst. Two strikers in before next Tuesday ?

  6. I am curious why Arsene wants to wait until after tomorrow to make an announcement on Giroud, obviously his reticence to offer up the information now makes his pending announcement on Giroud sound ominous.

  7. Following terrible news on Giroud (and I fear for our CL return leg), Podolski is rightly kept on for the moment as insurance should Wenger not find pre-requisite quality in the market for a striker.

    Frankly we need a player with both experience and super quality.

    We do not need any up coming strikers as we already have two of the best in Sanogo and Campbell who will get a chance now.

    However experienced back up would mitigate risk should either or both young strikers not fire.

    The options are limited. Maybe a loan for Eto?

    Falcao would be great but with the sale of Di Maria, RM is in pole position and the striker’s sentiment is in Spain with Los Blancos. However should RM fail to bite, we are next in line IMO as Juventus cannot match us for price should we want to show gumption.

    There has been talk about his price being too high but sans RM, Monaco will have to consider selling at a different bracket being that they need to shed and Falcao is 28-29

    There is also the slight possibility that even if Falcao is bought by RM, that they may relinquish Benzema at the right price given he has never been particularly popular at the Bernebau.

  8. Santori
    We do not need any up coming strikers as we already have two of the best in Sanogo and Campbell who will get a chance now.

    On what do you base this statement. Sonogo has zero goals in about 15 games and Campbell who I do rate has done nothing to date and has player about 10 minutes of competitive football for the club. A up and coming striker would be some one like Morata.

  9. Di Maria has just passed his medical and now my Manure co-worker is going crazy saying they are set to win the EPL this year and that with Giroud’s injury we are set to battle for a Europa spot.

    I said to him “Di Maria is a great get but your not going to win the EPL because you still have plenty of holes to fill”

    He said: ” You need to worry about Arsenal, you all almost lost to a shit Everton side”

    I said: “Everton finished ahead of you last season and are a good side, plus Manure have already lost to Swansea at Old Trafford and you should have lost to Sunderland if Altidore or Fletcher could finish”

    He said “Swansea are a better side than Everton and Sunderland are better than people think”

    I need a drink talking to this kid.

  10. @Moe

    I find it hilarious when people talk like that to be honest. I mean when you look at Manure’s spending this summer, it leaves much to be desired but he feels like they have done really really well this summer.

    76M Euros plus incentives, plus wages for Di Maria
    30M plus wages for Shaw
    16-20M plus wages for Rojo
    20-25M plus wages for Herrera

  11. L’equipe saying we are looking at Cavani for 47mil. Still reports of ongoing talks for Carvalho in Portugal press. I’ve just decided we are getting them to make me feel better……but you never know!!

  12. I wouldn’t mind having both of them to be honest. We know Cavani can do a job and I think a change in scenery may help him get back to his best.

  13. It won’t happen. Arsene has set his stall out and that’s it. We will maybe get a DM or a CB but a striker is out of the question for Arsene.

    In his mind he is standing in the way of Sanogo’s development.

  14. @Moe

    I do think though that should we qualify, we will see atleast 2 additions to the squad. I think a CDM that can play CB and now potentially a striker.

  15. C

    I agree, it seems maybe that some of the signings are dependant on us getting Champions League football.

    It makes sense if we are getting a player already IN the Champions League, then he would also want Champions League football.

    Although Di Maria didn’t seem to have any problem with this.

  16. @Moe

    I hope that is the case and I think that it is. I think should we get in a player like Carvalho will surely come and don the Arsenal shirt. The striker will be interesting with us already being linked with Falcao, Cavani and Jackson Martinez.

    Yea Di Maria didn’t seem to mind but then again if the reported 190K/wk is true, you can definitely see why.

  17. My Manure co-worker just said that Di Maria is 10X better than any player we have including Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and Theo.

  18. Jackson Martinez who is playing right now would be cup tied for the CL unless Lille can over turn the 1-0 they are currently down and given what I have seen, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  19. @C

    Never say never mate 🙂 but yes, given the way Porto are dominating Lille it is hard to imagine the latter will qualify. That said, it is still only 1-0 on aggregate.

  20. I had a wee chuckle when I saw that United are losing to MK Dons with half time seconds away. Grigg scored for the Dons.

  21. Eto has officially signed for Everton for 2 years. He decided to go to Everton after LIverpool signed Balotelli.

  22. The amazing thing is, with all the hoo and haa over Giroud, we still only have three central defenders. Are we really about to go into the season proper, with Monreal as 4th choice and with the injury prone Gibbs once again injured?

    This cannot be allowed to happen, surely?

  23. Quality, quality finish.

    Let it not be forgotten Martinez has/had a release clause – no one can say there were no possible options at the level required. But it won’t stop them repeating it anyway.

  24. @Jonny

    That is why I want to sign a player like Carvalho who can play CB if necessary and do so quite effectively.

    I do think though once we qualify tomorrow, we will see 2 signings coming in.

  25. Who is presently our back-up LB now that I think about it? If Nacho starts, Gibbs is out injured, Flamini starts at CDM then who backs up Flamini.

  26. Trust Jonny the doom monger to bring every body down…

    Moe; can you link to the piece where Wenger stated he wouldn’t be signing a striker because he doesn’t want to ‘kill’ Sanogo.

    Hello all!!! 🙂

  27. I can’t believe that MK Dons are putting it to United the way they are right now. United have now used all their subs. About 25 minutes to go.

  28. C

    That’s exactly what Hoddle was saying the other night; signing a DM who can play as CB.

    The fact we didn’t have a replacement CB lined up as soon as TV5 left is either very worrying, or a sign we are holding out for a specific player AND CL qualification.

    Although we should be making signings regardless…

  29. I wonder what LVG is going to say after this game… 2 loses and 1 draw in 3 senior outings. Yes, this United side does not have a lot of stars for sure, but they did have De Gea, Evans, Januzaj, Kagawa, Hernandez, Welbeck etc.

  30. Fuck off Dexter! 🙂

    Agreed – if Carvalho is not a late signing (as he could feasibly act as a better 3rd/4th choice CB whilst actively filling the DM position) then I don’t know what we are playing at. I don’t know why we have waited so long to snap him up – guess AW is back to his old tricks…as you say we should be making signings regardless.

    Heaven forfend we might start a season with the key positions adequately covered…

  31. @Dexter

    Yea I have been banging that drum all summer long. Sign a CDM that can play CB if needed. It makes sense especially since Mert and Kos are coming back and Chambers has done well as our 3rd choice CB.

  32. C;

    To be fair(to me!) I have been on and on about signing Javi M from Bayern for weeks now! 🙂


    I think for one reason or another, the options have changed. Khedira replacing Martinez, then Sammi being usurped by Schneiderlin, who in turn has been chucked for the Portugese…

    Either that or we simply ain’t signing any one!! 🙂

  33. But it is frustrating to see us not adding players in positions that have been crying out for strengthening. The DM was one such position the manager stressed needed looking at and would see a new addition.

    I guess until the window slams shut the only thing we can do is sit tight and hope for the best.

    In an ideal world, we will sign at least two more.

  34. Moving on to the game tomorrow I hope Rosicky Campbell Podolski start. I’m pretty sure Moe’s fave Yaya will also start! 🙂 the rest of the team almost picks itself which is just soooo us!

  35. Steve Claridge
    MK Dons 4-0 United

    “That fourth goal probably summed it up in a nutshell, Afobe just wanted it more. It’s gallows humour from the United fans, they’ve been brilliant. But what they’ve watched beggars belief and borders on the disgraceful. I don’t think we’ll see to many of these players in a United shirt again if this is anything to go by.”

  36. Lets no get to cocky about United losing. We have a very tough game with a lot riding on it tomorrow.
    Im not as confident as some.

  37. @Pistol

    If you cannot enjoy a day where United get pounded 4-0 by a lower league club then there is something wrong. I am far from confident about tomorrow, but that day has yet to dawn 🙂

  38. Miami

    O Im enjoying it, Im just keeping my excitement chained up till we get through our fixture tomorrow.

  39. Once we though Ill call up my whole family and gloat. Every one but me supports them thanks to a relative that played for them.

  40. @pistol

    Oh I get ya mate, I do.

    I’m worried about tomorrow, nerves of steel I do not possess right now. That said, we should be favorites and these guys are more than capable of getting through. Time to man up and get the right result.

    Still, fucking League One MK Dons spank United and an Arsenal player bags two… great day 🙂

  41. @Moe

    They won’t get a pass like Liverpool get, but they will versus what would have been said had it been the Arsenal.

  42. Come on PF! The fact we are in a play off for the CL is something united fans would give their right nut for!

    Getting stuffed by a 3rd tier team is hilarious whatever game we have coming up! Enjoy!

    We will win tomorrow, we always do…

  43. Miami
    My grand father played for them, how bad is that.
    Im the black sheep in the family for supporting Arsenal. My poor grandfather, god rest his soul never forgave me for it either.

  44. True Miami. Where is the slating for Liverpool? We come back from 2 down and it’s doomsville in the media and stupid vacuous articles on the BBC website, yet LFC limp to a 3 nil defeat and it’s onwards and upwards for Rodgers Rovers…

    Pffft I say.

  45. Mk Dons 4-0 man utd.

    Sorry that just looks sweet as in text..

    Jimmy bullards dad has done wonders for his mk dons, he deserves immense credit.

  46. Miami

    I have Dennis Berkamp to thank for that. He was my favorite player and when he moved over so did I.

  47. I don’t understand this argument that Arsène should publicly support his players by denying rumours. He wouldn’t have time for anything else. Arteta to Bilbao. Campbell to You-name-it. Podolski to Juve/Roma/Wolfsburg. Cazorla to Atletico. Giroud to Monaco in exchange for Falcao. Weren’t there rumours about Koscielny too at one point? Who wants to spend their time adding credence to such garbage?
    The players know what’s going on/not going on – that’s all that matters. What fans choose to believe is their business.

  48. I have the old O2 shirt emblazoned with Bergkamp and I have a signed picture… 🙂 totally nerding out.

  49. The Mancs start to the season has been a complete calamity. It does help me see our current issues in a different light. I still have a lot of concerns about how we have looked so far. I can’t remember the last time our squad put together a comprehensive display that left me feeling that I had just witnessed a brilliant performance. I think last year against Napoli at home is the last time I remember feeling that way after a match.

    I hope we have more of those days to come sooner rather than later this season.

  50. well i know its tempting to laugh at both Celtic and United but we probably should wait until we done the job against Besiktas no? 🙂

  51. If one can’t smile when the Mankers get shafted 4-0 and get rooked for £60m for a bottle of coffee liqueur, when can you?

  52. Giroud out till new year…! That’s about 20 games isn’t it? We simply have to get a striker in, right? Practically new spine needed….CB, DM & striker. The DM and striker being starters,the CB a backup.

  53. Dexter

    Wenger said something a while ago about being careful with signings because it would block the path of some youngsters. I’ll have to root around for the quote though.

    And Sanogo has something, i don’t know what though. However i don’t think he is ready to be number 1 striker until his finishing becomes better. His shooting is very erratic, he needs to be calm.

  54. Moe

    Yes I recall Wenger making a general statement about how signing a player could block the progress of a young prospect. But that was in about 2007!! 🙂

    I hope those reports on OG are wide of the mark. That would just be horrendous bad luck for him and the team.

    Now, let’s get behind the team, beat the Turks and then we can get back to deciding who we are going to sign!!! 🙂

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