Sanchez Inspires Belief, Khedira Would Confirm It


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Alexis Sánchez’s signing this week has given credibility to stories of the club’s interest in Sami Khedira and the resurrection this morning of Lars Bender as a viable alternative to his fellow countryman. It doesn’t matter if they are true or not at this moment in time, the Chilean’s arrival gives a sense of activity that is more believable than this time last year. “Buzzing” is a word I used yesterday to describe the feeling that the club signing a world-class player and it’s a feelgood factor that can only be increased as the summer progresses with the issues surrounding the depth of the squad addressed.

It isn’t only supporters who feel lifted by the arrival of players of the quality of Sánchez; the squad does as well. Even those whose future is subjected to the most tenuous of speculation are visibly lifted by this kind of signing. Mikel Arteta observed,

I’m delighted. He’s the type of player we were looking for. At some stage [last season] we didn’t have that pace up front with the injuries we had, but this year we will. We will be a threat in behind teams and he’ll give us another option.

He’s a character, too. He’s a fighter and very ambitious. I think he’s the type of player that the Arsenal fans will really like.

It isn’t rocket science to work that out; football fans down the generations have always been excited by the arrival of vibrant attacking players and we are no different from our sporting ancestors. It creates a real atmosphere about the club with even people in the office who know nothing about football, talking about Arsenal spending this kind of money. Not in a bemused way either, it’s the sort of chatter that suggests a club is moving forward and not the retrograde steps of selling your most prolific striker. That’s a sign that Liverpool are still trailing in Arsenal’s wake; we’ve been there and done that several times already with a number of star players kicking their heels around the globe having realised the grass was indeed not greener.

Sanchez spoke of winning trophies and it is an ambition shared by his colleagues, crystallised by Arteta,

It is a very good statement to show where we are going. I think we are going in the right direction, the club is ambitious, the directors are ambitious and we are going to fight for big aims.

The FA Cup was good but not enough and we want to improve on that.

The Spaniard summation captures the mood perfectly. The millstone was lifted with the victory over Hull six weeks ago and having weighed heavily around their necks, has been laid on the floor to be used as a stepping stone towards bigger things. It’s crucial that the club capitalise on the mood at the moment, potential signings are attracted by the type of player Sánchez is. There is no coincidence that Arsenal is mentioned as a potential destination for the likes of Khedira with salaries previously unimagined, deemed credible in the club’s wage structure.

As Arteta points out, the injuries hit us hard last season and now is the time to invest to mitigate their potential for disruption. Getting the business early means less pressure on Theo Walcott’s recovery, for example. In theory, Arsenal having plenty of options on the flank ought to be able to bring him back gently without needing to throw him into a hectic schedule of games. That can only be good for the player’s health and in turn, the long-term well-being of the club. It also has a knock-on effect in the dressing room; players will be more minded toward renewing their contracts if they believe in the club’s desire to provide them with the silverware they crave. Winning begets winning.

The move for Khedira has been given impetus by Real’s desire to sign everyone’s favourite Hamez and Kroos from Barcelona. If he or Bender arrive, that for me is the midfield and forward line resolved. There is an adaptability surrounding the likes of Walcott and Sánchez that provide flexibility for the squad. Yes, it would be nice to have a player to directly challenge Giroud for his place in the side, that kind of competition only brings the best out of the squad. It is not so urgent now and frankly if he, Podolski and Sanogo can’t score with the sort of service Sánchez, Özil and Cazorla among others, can provide, they aren’t good enough to play for Arsenal. Giroud has proven he can score 20 goals a season, the key for him is to now add another ten; that is going to be the difference between the manager pursuing an alternative next summer and Giroud being lauded for his form.

It’s the prospect of that attacking line-up which has people salivating over next season. Now to address the defensive aspects of the game to give them a base upon which to build. Mathieu Debuchy is taking a long walk from Newcastle so the club are looking elsewhere which unless there are plans to develop a versatility in the squad, leaves question marks over the future of Carl Jenkinson. Arsène has either developed an unhealthy obsession with right backs or he is entirely unconvinced he has found a long-term successor to the departed Bacary Sagna. We shall see who wins that battle.

’til Tomorrow.

77 thoughts on “Sanchez Inspires Belief, Khedira Would Confirm It

  1. JJ is a unique character, I have to say I enjoy his posts, seldom fails to bring a smile.
    That is not saying I necessarily agree…. just there is no grey area with him.

  2. i agree entirely
    sanchez and khedira/bender/schneiderlain and thats two areas addressed
    (i do prefer khedira becuase hes the quickest and i prefer a midfielder who can cover the ground quicker) but frankly there are lots of midfelders who seem realistic buys right now and any of the names being banded about would do nicely..
    apart from barton..

    i cant see us buying a million RB’s this summer..we only need one…unless jonkers has had a word and wants a reshuffle outside the first team..its not like we dont have the money to do both although id be concerned if we are still looking abroad to fill our baby teams with..

  3. i hate it when that happens yogi
    your waiting for the post and you think fuck it il comment on this one while im waiting and then booommm
    new post is up and youve missed your lines..damn you

    morning mick.. 🙂

  4. Happy days for Alexis’ arrival!

    Interesting that Arteta has featured so heavily in clubs kit launch and marketing, yet you would have to think that midfield would then be split down the middle with the deeper position occupied by one of Khedira being preferred to Arteta being preferred to Flamini. The B2B spot then being taken by one of Ramsey first, then Wilshere and Ox fighting it out with Ox also filling in on the wings when required.

    Although I can’t be sure of the reliability as it might have been in a tweet but I do recall hearing that Wenger has pointed out he sees Jack as a deeper lying playmaker… feel free to correct me if I’m making up a launch point for a Daily Heil article.

    Good problem to have!

  5. Yogi goodmorning,when will allow me come first? Always coming close…..sad mood….Khedira story is really heating up,wish that area be sorted asap….goodmorning all

  6. Bloody hell, JJ trying to get first place………… is that a first?

    Morning all

    Nice image Yogi…. a very horny Sigiourny Weaver….. did I spell that right? You defo the Daily star of the AFC blogs. Three mornings running and we get boobies. Next ot will be Samantha Fox! 🙂

    I’m hoping a couple more signings will be announced sometime this week. Not to sure about Khedira…. something about his hair style just isn’t right! Schhhhnid Land would be a better choice me thinks. But who am I to complain if we get someone with a dodgy haircut…. but I am reminded of Gervinho.

  7. “I am the keymaster are you the gatekeeper?” Love that movie.
    So in previous summers being linked with the likes of Kedhira brought expressions of yeah right but this summer we have expressions of yes please. I know which I prefer.

  8. As for dodgy hairstyles Northbank…..we have lost Sagna so we have room for a shocker again. If a crack in player is under the barnet I’m ok with it….Gerv was as dodgy as his do!

  9. Does Sanchez coming in lessen the pressure on Giroud? I’m not so sure. I think Remy could now be a wise investment for us, just to provide trustworthy alternatives when Giroud isn’t on his game – and there were times last year when it looked like he couldn’t hit a barn door. Sanchez will add goals though, which is what we need – if Mesut can do the same then they’ll be flying in from all angles.

    Bit mystified over this RB business. Is Jenks on his way out then? Not seen Manquillo before, but unless that’s a complete rumour it looks like we’ll end up with one RB too many….

    and I really like Khedira JJ. So solid. It’d mean a backbone of the team built around world cup winning players (I’m calling Germany for tomorrow) – this might be simply luck, or Wenger pre-sight? I prefer to think that it’s no coincidence.

  10. Sanchez is the best signing so far, he has character, pace, creativity, strenghth and never give up spirit, I’ll prefer Khedira or Morgan Schenderlin in holding midfield, Serge Aurier @ right back, Angel Di Maria @ left back and a better center back 2 bring more competition 2 Kosky and Per. Then a rude striker against Olivier

  11. Buzzing indeed.

    What a change from last summer.

    “There’ll be fun and laughter and peace everafter….”

    Well, I bloody hope so.

  12. Morning all

    Not for the first time, I’m with YW and JJ on this one. Any of those listed in that midfield berth would sort it and we’d be onto the RB and 2GK. The right back situation is weird, but looks like it’ll get done. Just got to let that play out now. 2GK shouldn’t cause major probs. Then were stocked and ready to see if there are any upgrades available at the last minute with whatevers left in the pot

    Good times indeed!

  13. It’s possible that Wenger is under-impressed by Jenkinson, but sending him out on loan is not necessarily a sign that his future is done here. Defence is one area where experience trumps.

  14. If we don’t sign another forward, I’d like to see both Sanogo and Campbell being retained.

    Personally, I’m really intrigued to see how Sanogo’s career pans out. It’s obvious to me that Wenger has seen a lot in him during training that we haven’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have been thrust upon Bayern. I do really suspect that the floodgates will open once he grabs his first, but injuries may define him.

  15. I wonder what the answer will be, as Arsenal come up against Chelski in the alleged acquisition of Khedira.
    On the one hand you might have a fair offer accepted by club and player.
    And then enters Chelski with obscene offers in roubles which cannot be matched by Arsenal.
    The presence of 3 German internationals and the reputation of Arsene Wenger as coach at the Emirates is the only advantage we have.
    Or the eventual implementation of the FFP regs.

  16. has anyone watched Ogenyi Onazi.wins his tackles,runs the pitch,really physical and can transit defence to attack. Nigerian international who plays for Lazio. i think he is better than shneiderlin.a more restrained khedira.

  17. nicky

    By the looks of things, clubs will have to sin so many times before a material punishments is handed out, FFP is a pointless regime. The only hope can be that the PL is a lot sterner on the clubs.

  18. @Yogi

    I agree on FFP. The sanctions passed down on those deemed to have broken the rules were not in truth a deterrent, more a slap on the wrist.

    On a side note, I saw that Etihad have acquired 49% of the Italian Airline Alitalia, so expect that to be City next over generous sponsor 🙂

  19. talking about 49%, it seems readers of have concluded by that same percentage that Alexi is the buy of the summer to date. Ander Herrera came is in second with 16% of the vote.

  20. JJ/Yogi; Sorry, if this is dredging up old news, but just responding to a few earlier posts… But it is a shame we all can’t just get along! 🙂

    But then again, I always did like a good scrap!

    Things did get very dark over the last couple of seasons and I am glad I stopped frequenting any blog TBH. Seemed like the real world is bad enough, dont need it in a place that where I want to enjoy myself and banter with a few (not always like-minded) Gooners.

    But that was then, this is now and fook me! Did I pick a good time to return? FA Cup win and signing a player who I literally dreamed about the Arsenal signing before the world cup!

    Things are good, and despite my misgivings and criticisms, the board, Gazidis, Dicky Law and most of all Wenger, deserve nuff respect innit.

  21. Alexis Sanchez is the Non-Biting version of Suarez but for less money…

    I know some people will not see it this way or say they play in different positions, but the characteristics are there:
    *He’s a fighter and very ambitious
    * Physically fit
    * Not afraid to take people on
    * Score Goals
    * Cheaper
    * And of course he DOESN’T BITE

    I think signing him is a coup, we tried to sign Suarez last year for 40 million and we failed, so Arsene went about finding similar player and got what he wanted.

    Great signing, I believe…

  22. The prospect of having a player like Khedira sign for Arsenal is absolutely unbelievable. Even though Chelsea may try to sign him at the last minute, this may not attract the player since Wenger would have sweet talked him along with a chorus of German players whose relationship with khedira would surely trump the so called relationship with morhino. Although, as some would say, in the final analysis money talks. But, it must be said that money does not talk to all people, especially if you have a lot of the stuff hanging around your bank account like Khedira surely has.

  23. khedira rumours are growing legs and starting to walk..
    said this about a week ago about sanchez..

    could well be done then 🙂

  24. Hope so J.J. If this signing happens, I will personally advocate for your being assigned to the post of Mount Olympus as the man who portends the future.

  25. two owls..
    from a personal point of veiw i would cream my knickers if we signed sanchez and khedira in same window because those are the players i wanted us to sign..

    its not often i get what i asked fact i cant remember the last time it happened..probably campbell…maybe arshavin..

    but to get two in the same window…? my gosh…the wenger posters will be going back up, screensaver of him in his james bond pants…

  26. Actually NB I’m not even in the category of ‘next time’ with respect to the Netherlands. I find it so difficult to be interested in this team. And, this lack of interest is for obvious reasons. Most of us are more than aware of the behaviours of some of the players and of the manager. I do not need to elaborate on these issues at the moment.

  27. 69ner
    i want brazil to do it because their women are fit as fuck..if i were a cameraman id be wouldnt even see the game id be too busy panning into the crowd..

    i wouldnt be able to even be a player for brazil..everyone be running out onto pitch and lining up for anthem and they be like wheres JJ-inho gone..cos i’d have ran out of the tunnel and made my way to row DD seat 34… saying how you doing..

  28. JJ,

    The minute that bastard Maureen appeared on the scene I think we might have problems getting Khedira – he does it out of spite – and because the Chavs have the money.

    That Side Show Bob seems clueless.

  29. ah yes henry b
    but we have the money also..
    and we have a squad full of germans, including his best mate..

    i fancy us to be honest…chelsea only take midfielders we dont want 🙂

  30. Kuyt. The fact he has been playing so much tells you all about the quality of the Dutch side and their style.

  31. Hope you are right, Jon Jon. 🙂

    Mourinho has always believed in buying up players just to stop other clubs having them. My dislike for that tart is never going to abate.

  32. im not even watching the game anymore..
    ive got the brazilian womens beach volleyball team on you tube…

  33. Looks like de Guzman was offsides too for the cross leading to the second goal. No luck for Brazil.

  34. kuyt would get into this brazilian team to be fair, limey..
    without neymar, they are bang average..

  35. i think roman got bored and those days are over to be honest henry..
    they have started to balance the books somewhat these days..
    luiz for 50mil?
    that would have been like us getting 50mil for squillaci…

  36. I’d rather Javi Martinez if he’s available for 25 and 120k/wk. he can drop into CB and we need that back up. I like Khedira but he goes forward a bit much–that’s Ramsey’s game and we need a more disciplined partner. I read any interesting comparison of Schneiderlin, Bender, and Khedira and statistically the Schneiderlin is by far the best passer and Bender the best tackler with Khedira more the all rounder. I’d go for one of the others who will also be cheaper and add another striker or get Martinez at the high end. Khedira gets lots of injuries as well. But I would still be completely thrilled if we get him. Absolutely delighted, in fact. He is a great player and a winner.

  37. your being really unfair on sanago and podolski .
    podolski is any day better finsher than giroud .
    podolski scored as many goals as giroud merly playing 60 percent of giroud’s playing time .
    second season he was injured and hardly got playing time .

  38. the dutch are bang average as well
    exception of a couple of individuals..they just more organised….
    but you know its bad for brazil when LVG doesnt play for extra time and pens to try beat you

    good luck with that at OT next year by the way..they’ll be flying planes with banners before xmas…

  39. Oscar deserved a penalty. Shout for penalty handball earlier too. This ref has certainly not been favourable. 4 questionable big decisions all against Brazil.

  40. Two unworthy semi-finalists here. Netherlands have been dining out on that Spain result all tournament, and Brazil should have gone out to Chile.

  41. thing is with two box to box mids they can take it in turns to get forward..
    confuses the shit out of the defenders if theyve been coached to man mark the on rushing mid becuase they dont know which ones going to onrush, like when youve got two wingers and you tell them to swap sides..confuses the fullbacks especially if they pull them in on the wrong foot..
    not only does it add confusion but you can keep players fresher without altering the style or shape of the team..
    if rambos been running about like fuck for 60 minutes and needs 10 minutes to calm down and avoid red zone and 4 months out with a strain and hes the only box to box, your shapes giong to change if he chills for said 10mins. becuase nobodys getting forward..
    but if youve got khedira? your shape aint changing..
    not only that but of they alternate throughout the game they wont need a rest..simply by taking it in turns they are getting their breathers…

    like ive said id take any of the players mentioned i think the squad will improve but if we can get two box to boxes in the centre we really will be laughing..especially in this need pace and power as well as skill and if your engine room has two players who can do that your controlling the tempo all day long..

    there could well be a case for a player to ‘sit’ in the big away games in Cl especially but arteta can do that, especially if hes got khedira and rambo in front of him..

    4213 when we want to control and conquer….4123 when we want to contain and counter… 🙂

  42. LSG, it suddenly seems like Khedira might be on the cards.

    Wouldn’t have been my choice, but he’s still a very good player. And thinking back to one of our best midfields under AW, neither Petit nor Vieira were stricly DMs, but they found a great understanding together. And I guess at City, Fernandinho and Toure are both box-to-box players but worked well together for most of last season.

  43. Petit and Vieira was a different era of course. But they took it in turns to probe.

    Whatever happens I’m excited to see how it pans out.

  44. Dunno, that seems excessive, JJ. We’re missing a bit of midfield physicality (and I suppose it needn’t come from a traditional DM), but beyond that need we’re well-stocked with players in the middle.

    Call it rotation, planning for injuries or whatever, I just can’t see us spending big on someone that’s going to start on the bench when everyone’s fit. I sort of see Khedira-Ramsey working because they can share attacking and defensive responsibility.

    Also, one of the best things about Ramsey over the last 18 months is his defensive improvement. Despite his goals, maybe we’re lining up a more conservative role for him in the future.

  45. Like maybe he could be our Schweinsteiger to Khedira? AW has always liked his defensive midfielders to be cultured.

  46. Joachim Loew calls Khedira the heartbeat of the German team and their most important player. I believe that Mou said similar whist at Real. Seems like the man we need, a winner. Funny how when the saintly Arteta makes comments about signings and how we needed more pace last season especially with injuries, heads are nodding in agreement but when us mere fans were suggesting similar we were told we were no nothing idiots and that our squad was perfect. Cest la vie!!! It just amuses me to see people who two weeks ago were saying that we didn’t need any new players ,that Jenkinson and Bellerin would replace Sagna and that if not for injuries we would have won the league,go apeshit barmy bonkers with new Sanchez avis on twitter etc.Obviously Arsene does not share their confidence in the ability of our squad to achieve major honours hence the shiny new toys. Not a dig at anyone here btw.

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