Sanchez Signs: Alex Is Arsenal’s With More To Come


If this morning you don’t feel like jumping in a fountain with a bottle of your favourite tipple, when exactly do you enjoy being a football supporter? “Alexis 17” is about to become the most familiar sight around the stands of The Emirates.

After years of shopping in the footballing equivalent of your local pound shop, the unshackling of Arsenal’s finances has, on paper, not been wasted as the club announced they had completed the signing of Alexis Sánchez from Barcelona for an undisclosed fee that everyone tells us was anywhere between £30-35m. Not a bargain bin reserve signed from the Spanish champions, no callow youth looking to make a name for himself, Sánchez has proven himself at the top-level of the game and in joining Arsenal, shown he has the ambition to test himself at the highest level possible. Arsenal are preparing to mix with the big boys.

The obligatory quotes promised the earth and such was the diplomacy that a career at the United Nations awaits on his retirement,

“I’m so happy to be joining Arsenal. A club which has a great manager, a fantastic squad of players, huge support around the world and a great stadium. I’m looking forward to meeting my team-mates and playing for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League.

 I will give my best and want to make all the supporters happy.”

Clearly no-one told him how demanding supporters are.

We’re not the only ones excited it by the signing. Mesut Özil tweeted the warmest of welcomes as Theo Walcott ran around like a giddy schoolboy jabbering his excitement over the winger’s arrival whilst in between sips of his celebratory Piña Colada, Arsène spoke of the depth and quality that Sánchez adds to the squad. Everybody’s a winner, smiles abundant; where’s the dark cloud?

The truth is there isn’t one; how can there be? It’s a great day, one where the spirit is lifted on so many levels. Having built a reputation of being a club where world-class players are made, we’ve signed two in a row. The ducks are lined up and someone has their eye in. More please, sir. More than that though, this is exactly the sort of deal that so often we, as supporters, have criticised the club for not doing. It’s early in the pre-season, the player will have time to train with the squad before the Champions League qualifier to the extent that the club have already announced his début at The Emirates Trophy; it’s a guaranteed sell-out even if the opposition is not the most exciting. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong but let’s be honest, anyone going is waiting to see a glimpse of Alexis Sánchez in an Arsenal shirt. There will be little surprise when the “Sold Out” sign goes up, if it hasn’t already.

No, this is a deal that so often has been missing; not just in the quality of the player but the fact that the club won’t have to wait for him to become familiar in his surroundings off the pitch. Yes, Sánchez will need time to adjust to the Premier League, we saw that with Özil, but we won’t have to wait four weeks for him to be comfortable with the style of play. He will have trained for a month before the first ball is kicked in anger at Wembley.

Having bumbled their way through many a summer before and attracted criticism for their antics around the globe, it’s only right this morning that the same people get the praise for getting the summer moving early, getting the player in when it matters. It is a business-like approach that I could get used to. Just sayin’ and all that; no time to rest on your laurels Messrs Gazidis and Law; a couple of other signings are needed to give the squad the depth required for the coming season. You carry on behind the scenes, we’ll enjoy the action up front. In case you are taking notes Ivan, compare the mood this summer to last.

Whilst there are slaps on the back, Puma almost got a doffed cap for the new kits. The home kit ticked the boxes, the third kit is actually half-decent, aimed at the leisure market as it is. Letting the side down is the traditionally non-traditional away kit; if only you had gone for a clear distinction between the top and sleeves; an entirely yellow body, clear demarcation for the blue sleeves rather than a superfluous blue bridge to the neckline. But for a first effort, a good start that shows a promising future.

Back to the signings. Talk immediately turned to Debuchy, of Khedira and Juanfran’s deputy at Atletico, Javi Manquillo. There is a buzz about the club, a sense of activity. It propels the feelgood factor along rather nicely. The latter is a curious link and seems as definite as Debuchy – if newspaper-speak can ever been taken as definite –  raising the immediate prospect of Carl Jenkinson leaving for a loan spell somewhere unless he is going to be converted into a central defender.

Strengthening the squad does carry a health warning but one that isn’t immediately apparent. Expectations rise with the arrival of a player of Sanchez’s quality, building on from the victory in last season’s FA Cup Final. For many years, the burden of winning the first trophy hung around the necks of the squad; that’s been lifted, the next one is the Premier League title. The club is investing to make this a possibility; the players, the manager, they now have the burden of delivering or at the very least making a credible challenge. The downside is that if performances don’t match those – we’ll call them aspirations – coming down to earth is done not so much with a bang but a nuclear explosion.

Mikel Arteta picked up whatever gauntlet had been thrown down,

When you are under pressure and end up winning that first trophy for a long time it creates a bit of momentum, a bit of belief in what we do. We need to go to bigger challenges now because for this club the FA Cup is not enough.

We have been playing for three or four years together now so we have experience, and if we add in the right areas we have a great chance [of winning the title]. 

Challenge accepted, I think.

The Spaniard identified the contrary nature of the defeats at Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Eastlands, given the miserly approach to the rest of the season. Reflecting on that campaign, it is hard to escape the notion that the team were at the top of the table for so long thanks to the relative kindness of how the fixtures fell. The squad deserve immense credit for winning the games they were expected to in the opening half of the season but failing to take points at Old Trafford hinted that they were not ready to move up a level. If 2013/14 is the stepping stone it is supposed to be, Arsenal are in good shape for the coming season. It’s now a question of delivering.

We can dream of that for a while longer. In the meantime, stick your feet up, settle down and surf the web for the best that Arsenal’s latest hero has to offer. Salivate at the prospect of the coming season and just enjoy.

’til Tomorrow.

194 thoughts on “Sanchez Signs: Alex Is Arsenal’s With More To Come

  1. @C

    You have to give some credit to Chelsea at the moment, they are selling players for inflated values. United were desperate last season and made the move for Mata, one that didn’t turn out in that season to have made a significant difference. This season they have reportedly moved Luiz for a staggering 40m (Sterling), anyone having watched the last Brazil game would have been scratching their heads and asking why. Costa I believe was 32m or so an apparent buyout clause stated.

    Chelsea in the past couple of seasons seem to have started making their football business an actual business, with a cost model. I know I was shocked as well. But, go look at the business they conducted and you start to see they are heavily investing in younger players and loaning them out with the intention of either future 1st team consideration or a sale. Matic a classic example, or though one that cost them twice for the player. Hazard’s little bro another and of course who can forget Thibaut Courtois. Bourinho even stated last summer that they could not bring in a new forward due to FFP considerations, near fell off my seat when I read that.

    Of course all that being said, Chelsea must have watched with interest the way City and PSG were treated and will now be wondering whether FFP should be a concern at all. The punishment was weak and watered down, the parties guilty basically having got away with it. This may give them reason to rethink their own plans.

  2. Bird, I have no idea whether it was strategic or reacting to immediate circumstances, only that that crop of younger players failed collectively on the pitch after the unfortunate 2007-08 season to progress and the best ones grew disenchanted with the approach and attracted by greater riches and competitive success elsewhere. At least in the short term. AW turned to using veterans to keep us in the CL, along with a mix of the better surviving younger talent. And some of those departing players probably now wish they were back at Arsenal. Cesc does. Song, I’m sure does. Last season, perhaps RvP did, though he won a title and now has Van Gaal looking out for him at MU. Only Nasri, after a bad time at the outset, can think he is happy winning the PL twice, playing regularly, and getting the kind of money he never could at Arsenal.

    Luckily, we are finally on an upswing. But still much work to do this summer and a tough season ahead. But with the right moves done in the right way, so far Arsenal are on track to make a big impact this season. I think AW wants to achieve major success on this possibly final 3 year contract. And it is time for Arsenal to be up at the top. Good times could really be ahead. The FA cup was a great first step toward really achieving big things with an improving squad with enhanced talent!

  3. I have not been close to a keyboard much this week but I had to check in to add to the euphoria. Top top signing of a player to strengthen our front line which has been underinvested for so long. I have not watched him play that much but I hope Sanchez can be a significant difference maker for us. It’s fantastic to see the no nonsense approach of identifying our target and actually getting that player. The fact that he was signed this early is even more impressive. I must admit that it is more then a bit of a surprise for me. Tip of my cap to anyone who said this year would be different. Full credit goes to Arsene for making this happen. Long may it continue. Goooooooooooo Arsene.

  4. @MA

    Don’t get me wrong I think Chavs have done well especially when you think about their transfer dealings and watching their youth run rampant over Arsenal youth last year. Couple that with Little Hazard, Lukuka and Courtois and you have to be impressed. Not to mention signing players like William, Schurrle and Matic. I do think they have started to, as you say treat it like a business. The question ofcourse is how long can they resist should they not win something next season on the back of the joke that was the FFP?

    The Mata deal as we discussed was very good business for Chavs( I hate to admit that) especially since it had no affect on Manure other than the lost of money thus far. It will be interesting to see how things turn out for them this season as you can already see players like Courtois and Lukuka say they don’t want to go back to Chavs unless they are starters.

  5. @C

    If Aurier was our second RB behind Sagna, he’d still be our second RB behind Sagna. Jenkinson, Debuchy and Aurier would be second to Sagna, though he is not getting any younger. To pretend otherwise as if to support a view that this player would have come through is nonsense 🙂 and you know it.

    I haven’t seen anything from Jenkinson that has given me any greater concern than what I see from any player. He got better with a run of games in the 2012/13 season but was denied that due to the lack of injuries in the defense in 2013/14.

    If the idea is to bring in Manquillo on a loan for a season and allow him to provide cover for Debuchy whilst ensuring game time for Jenkinson through a loan then it makes sense. The latter gets game time, something he needs. he won’t be given a even shake down with Debuchy because the latter had a fee paid for him, he’ll become the incumbent. Jenkinson goes on loan and shows what he can do then comes back and fights for the starting role. If that does happen then any loan move for Manquillo will not materialize in to a full transfer, especially given Arsene’s praise for Bellerin.

    Time will tell.

  6. I’ve noticed that too MA. They have tons of young players out everywhere on loan, esp. Vitesse Arnem! Some of the best young Ghana and Nigeria players I noticed were owned by Chelsea. Plus the examples you mention. They are selling players for extraordinary sums. I think the reason why is because of their success. Mata and Luiz are CL and Europa winners. Luiz won PL under Ancelotti. So this enhances their reputations and value, even if they aren’t quite as good as the fees suggest.

    Our players would be worth huge amounts if their obvious quality was enhanced with big titles. But on Chelsea, I have been worried for a couple of years that it looked like they might get their act together in this manner. If they can finally get a new stadium, it could be a long term problem and not just Abramovitch fueled. If you look at their turnover now, with a smaller stadium, their income is comparable or more than ours because of excellent commercial deals and prize money that is directly related to their on pitch success.

  7. Up until recently, though, Chelsea have been incredibly inefficient with their huge over spending. They are finally starting to catch on. But we’ll see. Under Mourinho they still seem incapable of playing attractively. If we move back up to the higher echelon of success, under AW we’ll be much more attractive as well.

  8. As far as Jenks, I think he has some work to do on aerial defensive work. He seems confused about how to handle those situations and also, despite being quite tall, not that great at heading away and timing his jumps over attackers. So, the idea that he might be repurposed and trained to fill in at CB seems a bit dicey. I’d much rather see him become an excellent RB and think he can and will ultimately be one. Loan doesn’t sound bad for a season if he goes somewhere and actually gets regular games. Recently, we’ve discovered that loaning players out hasn’t guaranteed that even in the championship or in smaller leagues on the continent. Coquelin, Miquel–players like this that I think do have real quality just haven’t gotten the games.

  9. @MA

    I was talking about the thought that bringing in Aurier this summer post-Sagna would kill off Jenks. It had nothing to do with starting infront of Sagna because he is a Shitty player now. The discussions(outside of you and I’s) that I was engaged in was why bring him in when there is Jenks and I have no problem with Jenks as I have said on several occasions, I actually rate him, but that doesn’t mean competition can’t make him better or the player brought in to compete with him.

    This Manquillo thing is interesting but if it is about cover for Debuchy(or whoever) then so be it if Jenks is truly off on a loan. The biggest thing is that whatever happens, its best for Arsenal and doesn’t set our defense back but instead either maintains or makes it even stronger than last season.

  10. @LSG

    Yea Stoichov is slamming Barcelona, apparently that was just part of it according to a mate of mine.

  11. @Lime

    A lot of sense in those posts.

    We have to acknowledge that the wisdom at the time the Emirates was being built, that the long term partnership with Emirates was good business, actually became a drag as the years rolled on. Football demonstrated its resilience to collapsing world markets in a way that even I hadn’t thought it would. I imagined some negative impact, but little was felt with players salaries rising in conjunction with ticket prices and TV deals. I do think that for this reason Chelsea have been able to keep pace with Arsenal even edge them, but Arsenal commercial partnerships have now hit new heights and these in conjunction with ticketing will see Arsenal finally skip over the 300m revenue line.

    My point is that Arsenal have the kind of financial firepower now that very few clubs in the world do. They have started to flex there muscle and long may it continue.

  12. @C

    I understood what you were saying mate, just pointing out that had Aurier been here in Jenk’s shoes the same would have happened to him. Both would have struggled for games. Nothing wrong with competition, in fact it is what we want. The scenario I gave for Jenk’s being loaned is the only one I can make sense of. The lad is 22 years of age and an England U21 international, he needs games, if that is on loan so be it. The talk of Manquillo is about a season long loan, that is why I called the scenario I did.

    Lime raised the one real concern I had on Jenk’s and that is his heading. He seems timid in the air, even though he is a tall lad, it is something that needs improving upon and their is no reason not to conclude it cannot be addressed. The kid needs games, no point in having potential if we cannot see him learning week in and out at this stage in his development.

    I also want Gnabry to get loaned this season, we should have enough depth without him right now (injuries permitting). Not only would be benefit from it, but I don’t want him turning out for the U18’s, U19’s (Europe), U21’s and Seniors, which is what happened last year.

  13. Good points there, MA. And it is good news for Arsenal. We are one of the richest clubs. Time our performance in the big competitions catches up with that rising status. We’ve done well in the past, but now the platform for real success is there. I do feel that AW always has brought greater value to the team; it is excellent that he has more to work with now and is looking, it seems, to fashion a talented side that can achieve bigger things.

  14. MA

    That is the scenario I see playing out. Debuchy in, Jenks to Newcastle on loan as a starter (clauses to determine a minimum number of games played?) for a year, with the Athletico boy in on a years loan to play back up.

    If Jenks performs, bring him back, if the Madrid boy looks better, trade up

    Either way, the winner is back for 15/16 season to push Debuchy for the starting berth

    I see Jenks as ending up as a CB, by the way, but that’s a fair few years down the road.

  15. @Lime

    I try hard to be balanced, trying not to get carried by a single argument, I also know I do not always achieve it. I do think Arsenal’s long term vision is starting to finally play out in the way fans had hoped. I like you do also believe that more could have been done in the past 3 seasons with the financial power available. I have just decided not to dwell on it because it does nothing for me at this point in the game. The focus for us all should be the future, with the preseason fast approaching and the season to follow. I would love to see an improvement in Arsenal going further in the CL, a deeper squad will help that. I also want Arsenal to kill off games, this tendency we have to play up or down to the opposition drives be batty at times.

    I have written all the players we have right now down on paper and I have been playing around with variations to accommodate certain players or tactical styles. For instance, where Giroud has his strength’s how do we accommodate those, just as if I play Theo or Sanchez through the middle. I understand for instance that Giroud though limited is also largely effective within those limitations. That said, well those limitations allow us to play with my pace if he is on the pitch. I cannot help but feel that were we to align Sanchez or a fit Theo to the flanks, then out balls from the counter could well be diagonal across the field as opposed to the lump up the middle to Giroud. This gambit was exploited ruthlessly by Liverpool who often had either Suarez or Sterling stretching the field awaiting the over the top pass.

    As I work through the names the biggest problem I see squad wise is the role Wilshere will be playing. Assuming all things are equal, I see him as a sub. Big season ahead for him, playing no favorites, he has a lot of work to do. Injuries permitting Rosicky is going to struggle to find game time either, which is not a knock on him just an observation.

  16. The best part of the Sanchez deal must be that we have the guy for what should be his best years as a player, 25 – 30.

  17. @MA

    I completely agree with you about everything that you said there. Aurier would have struggled for games and competition is what we have all been clamouring on about for years now. The Manquillo season long loan has really appeared out of thin air but I guess it makes sense on the back of the Jenks loan to Newcastle that has been discussed and what not.

    I think the 2 biggest areas that Jenks needs to improve on is his heading as you state but also the feel for when to get forward and when to stay back which comes about from getting match time. I do think that he has everything that you need just needs matches. I do hope just as I do with Gnabry, that their loans are to squads that play proper futbol and that they would get match time not like what we have seen all to often happen with players like Miquel, Le Coq, Bellerin(before he was recalled) and so on and so on.

    I actually think both will be ready to make an impact not this season but the season after in a big way if they can get a proper run out on loan this season.

  18. Wow! Just blown away by the Sanchez signing. I really thought this was going to be Higuain all over again. Well done Arsene, well done every one involved. What a fucking great feeling.It feels good to be shopping at the high end stores now doesn’t it. Buying stars off Real and Barca as opposed to Lille. Let’s get a solid DM and we could well see big things next season.

  19. #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave “The Titanic” lol “the lady at the start of Jaws” 🙂

  20. does anyone else think Barca’s team could be, and i saw could be, very underwhelming?

    Suarez Messi and Naymar is a dream trio, but everyone said that last season with Messi Naymar and Sanchez and it didn’t turn out that way, perhaps Enrique will play a better game, but i don’t think their going to win title, i think Real will return with a vengence. I’m surprised, they’ve been very quiet so far….

  21. Moe, that is pretty crazy. How does one “tear an anus”–wait, I don’t want to know!

    Will he be able to play the final?

  22. 75 mill to Liverpool for Suarez. I hope they spend it as well as Spuds did the Bale money last year…

  23. I think the whole Jenk’s thing is jumping the gun a bit, he signed a new deal a season and a half ago and no one expected him to dislodge Sagna last season, i think he’ll be loaned yes, but there seems to be a lot of people saying he’s getting traded or sold which is bonkers

  24. Javier Manquillo’s wiki page states he signed for Arsenal today… these things are written by other people of course, but interesting. The lad hasn’t played a whole lot, 3 starts last term and is probably most famous for his head plant and subsequent injury when competing with Ronaldo in an aerial duel. Athletico lost the game 2-0 to Real.

  25. Interesting issues, MA. This question deserves some real thought and discussion on the blog. Perhaps you can raise those questions about how we’ll play and use Sanchez in the next several days or next week after the WC final and Debuchy announcement. There is bound to be a lull in news and this is a meaty set of issues to chew over.

  26. Manquillo is an interesting RB. I think he turned down a move to Marseille to wait for Arsene having heard he was interested in the player.

  27. Why should we sell or trade Jenks? He is a good young player, fits the homegrown rule, loves Arsenal, has talent but needs games. Right now the position is filled, but Debuchy is getting close to 30 and probably only has two or three years starting for us. Jenks might, if he develops, be able to take over the position in two years. A loan somewhere where he plays 30 games or so a season is what is required.

  28. @Lime

    The money Liverpool got will be spent, at least in part. They have already acquired Can, Lallana and Lambert for around 40m. Obviously they wanted Sanchez but now appear to covet Lazar Markovic, who Chelsea had the first of first refusal on. That could be done for another 20m, or so reports have suggested.

  29. miami

    I don’t get this one…i think Jenks has a lot of growing to do, but i still think he could be back up next season! He wasn’t bad, he just needs a run of games which he could get next season with good rotation with Debuchy

  30. @Lime

    Couldn’t agree more with that post. Jenkinson’s simply needs games, for all the potential we need to see him playing and that won’t happen at Arsenal right now. I’m not sure Newcastle is the best fit, they have Santon and Yanga-Mbiwa for the role. But, a loan to a club in need of a RB would be smart for the players development.

  31. @MLF

    I get it. My scenario as described earlier is on the basis of acquiring Manquillo if that were to happen. All the chatter talks of a loan. Now, I don’t see any sense in that unless Jenk’s is deemed to need more game time in a loan situation. We will all be waiting to see what happens. I do think it makes sense on one hand, the problem is if an injury comes to Debuchy, we are placing a lot of faith in a new player who at 20 years old is younger than Jenks and made 4 starts (1 in the CL) for Athletico. I don’t know a lot about the player to be honest, but we may have to concede that Jenk’s could will have asked for a loan? I don’t know what the situation really is. I cannot imagination he’ll be happy riding the bench again now that Sagna has departed, can you? And if we are honest with ourselves, we know that Debuchy will be the first choice because we just spent (or about to) 10m on the player.

  32. LSG

    I have no idea,and i’d imagine he will be available since it doesn’t seem that big a deal, i mean we all tear our anus at least once! 😉


    LOL. How does one patch up an anus? I’d expect skin glue that they use for stitches!

  33. Am i correct in saying we got £10 for Vela’s cause being removed?

    Bentners £65, 000 a week ages removed as well as Park etc moving on!

  34. @Moe

    Having never suffered from anal fissure or tear if you prefer, I have no idea what medical application could be used to prevent inflicting further damage to said fissure, or indeed to prevent leakage.

  35. Maybe, just maybe Arsene intends to go for the jugular and land the premier leuge this coming season. He may feel we need two solid players for each position. He may consider Jenks a work in progress and want to give him game time where it won’t affect our title push.
    Just maybe.

  36. @MLF

    10m is one of the figures being quoted. Whether there is any truth to it is a different matter. The player apparently now has a 30m or so buy provision in his contract, so perhaps such a cost is not unreasonable. The problem is that the Spanish clubs outside Real and Barca, are not exactly flush with cash. 10m seems a lot under those circumstances.

  37. I don’t understand the new RB thing, what need is there? Unless Newcastle asked for Jenks on loan. It makes no sense.

  38. A lot of heat being created by the news that Khedira turned down a contract extension. Reports emerging that he wants to move to London… could this possibly happen? Lightning striking twice in a single window…

  39. what do you guys think, would you be happy with Khedira being the highest paid player at the club? He is 27 years old, obviously coming off an injury last season but his WC appearances have shown he is on his way back if not already there. So 30m (Euro) agreement, do you pull the trigger and make him the 150k per main man?

  40. Good reminder, MA–sounds like my wish is already partly filled! Apart from Can, who is mostly unknown to me, they haven’t impressed much with those purchases.

  41. @MA

    “The best part of the Sanchez deal must be that we have the guy for what should be his best years as a player, 25 – 30.”

    Along with Theo, Ozil, Ramsey, Ox, Gibbs, Kos, Jenks, Ramsey, Jack.

  42. @MA

    I would pull the trigger on Khederia, though I’m not sure if the reports of his contract demands carry any weight at all but I’m sure he would want atleast 100K which I’m fine with.

  43. @MA & LSG

    I think alot of how we play and line-up will depend on if another attacker is brought in. Should we bring in another more mobile striker that is capable of playing across the front 3 then i would imagine that we will be playing a more truer 433 or something similar to the way Germany play with Ozil in his favored ACM. If he brings in a out and out striker(which I doubt) then I think we will play more 4231. The way Sanchez was talking though it seems that Arsene has talked about playing more tempo and quicker ala the Arsenal of old.

  44. Miami Arsenal

    Personally, i think his relationship with Ozil could swing it our way, and £150k a week, well, how much have we wasted on the likes of Bentner, Arshavin, Squid, Park and Chamakh, i think he’d warrent £150, but, the only possible issue would be that hte club captain for next season might be a bit peeved…Speaking of which, who is our club captain for next season…Hmm! Personally, i think Mert has the quality and consistency, perhaps even Rambo but i don’t wanna ruin him haha!

  45. NB

    I hope they bring in a good CDM and Debuchy soon so we can have them and Sanchez on US tour and then a good pre season in conjunction with Emirates cup and Community shield. To think, we could start the season on a complete high with Community shield win, get them winning something a few games in and biuld a confidence for going into the new season!

  46. Well, since he has only one year on his contract and seems to want a move, I’d say if we could get him for 15million (with a little agitation from him) then we can afford to give him 110/week plus a nice signing bonus and use the transfer savings. But that sort of wage for a defensive midfielder is a bit too much, so I’d rather put more in the signing bonus and claim the weekly wage is lower. I think that’s the kind of money more justifiable for goal scorers like Sanchez or creators like Ozil. But if we are prepared to pay 20 million and 120k/week in wages, why not get Javi Martinez who might work to shield the back better and can drop into CB. Or Gustavo. He might seem low right now but he does put in a shift. It isn’t his fault David Luiz, Dante and Fernandinho were so bad around him. Khedira plays like Ramsey but not as much of a goal scorer. I think we need someone who is physically strong, dynamic, can pass but isn’t rushing forward but will cover when the fullbacks and Ramsey are forward.

  47. Limestonegunner

    i thought Gustavo was the only Brazilian player who looked like he was trying in all honesty, he was all over the place trying to cover for Fernandinho! I’d stil take him, great engine and being Brazilian he’s got the flair needed for going forward as well! Just hope Mesut and Per can avoid giving him stick for being Bra7i1ian…

  48. I agree, MLF. I wonder if Wolfsburg would part with him for 15-18million pounds? Gustavo is on really high wages there–8million Euros a year, reportedly–that’s like 122k pounds/week. Quite high. In a new contract he’d at least want a little more…

  49. Hmm, if that was the case, i’d go the route of Sami and as you say offer more in the line of bonuses, i think physically he’d need less time to adapt and having already played with Mesut, Pod and Mert won’t take to long to bed in.

    Jack is having a very quiet summer….See he wasn’t in any of the first team training photos. What date do the likes of Kos, Giroud, Sanchez, Jack and Ox etc get back? I presume the German lot will be given additional time off then catch up with team on US Tour?

  50. If Sami was to come in, do you think Sagna would be gutted given they wouldn’t give him an extension on bigger wages but will pay a pretty penny on Sanchez and Sami’s contracts? I imagine Debuchy will be on around 60-70k….Same as Sagna was

  51. a lot of Liverpool fans have jumped ship and are now saying Sanchez is overrated, all based on a Joey Barton tweet. Apparently Origi is a better fit and they’ve now got £75million to spend…However, they fail to note they’ve already spent £27million on Lalana, Lambert £4million and Can – £8 million. Hmm, there’s just something about Brendan Rodger’s transfers i don’t think is good business.

    But they play the best football in England now, based on half a season where the other top 4 had to play an additional god knows how many games over that period they were getting 7 days rest inbetween games

  52. I wish, LSG!

    Anyway isn’t it lovely to see how all of our players are genuinely excited by the prospect of being able to play with real talent, world class players. I think it goes to show that they all wanted these type of signings and are genuinely pleased the club is doing do well.

    Well done Arsene!

  53. @MLF

    Yea they are jumping ship fast, i have read some of the tweets and they are saying that they would have challenged without Suarez and that he is just a replaceable piece and they will challenge next season for the title.

  54. MLF

    Not a peep about Sanchez when he was at Barca from Barton, as soon as he joins Arsenal he’s already ‘inconsistent’ without kicking a ball. Gotta love these clueless people.

    Liverpool fans are bitter, and they know it. Theres no great pretence about it either, as soon as he rejected them he is now rubbish.

  55. I wish Liverpool luck in the Europa league for the next two seasons after they crash out of the CL group and fall into a fight for 5th with Spuds and Everton.

  56. LSG

    Yep, i would be surprised if the stayed in the competition next year,Van Gaal will get Man Utd back into the CL, so Liverpool will most likely lose out.

    I mean Suarez was everything to them in my opinion, that’s why teams feared them so much.

  57. its funny dukey, because getting rid of all the deadwood and buying players for 35-40mil wasnt the gloating posidiva arguement.
    it was always a doomer arguement to do what weve done in the last 2 seasons..

    the posidiva arguement was that the deadwood would come good and we were building something special and we didnt buy stars, we made them, buying players for 35-40mil wasnt the arsenal way it was the champ manager way and they were proud of that..

    now weve finally done it and everybody but them cannot be happy…

    confusious say huh?

    thats why they have their own special place to play , leave them to it mate..take no notice..i never did..apart from the kung fu panda and a few others who just agreed with whatever the club did and made it up as they went along but that was expected and it was funny having it out with them..

    the rest are just plain crazy..

  58. Gee, who has more credibility with me? Joey Barton, Robbie Earle or Hristo Stoichkov?!

  59. The comments from Liverpool fans is not surprising. They are even trying to water down the impact Suarez had on the team last year now, the 31 league goals and 12 assists obviously not enough to convince them he carried the team. Well, they’ll have a chance to be proven correct as the league us just weeks away from starting. I am curious however how many of them are picking Liverpool to score 100 goals plus this season without Suarez.

  60. I do think the Sanchez signing is a terrific piece of business, but I’m hoping the best piece of business well have been the introduction of Shad Forsythe to the staff. Widely regarded as one of the best and having been part of the German national set up since 2004. If he along with Colbert can keep introduce workable preventative regimes for players to avoid injury then we are going to be stronger period.

  61. Hopefully Sanchez will prove to be the big difference maker transfer in the PL this season. Cesc going to Chelsea is big, but given that Mourinho has a talent for shackling creative midfield players (Mata, Oscar), Cesc might not have the impact expected there. Here’s hoping his career goes into a further tailspin.

  62. ok i took a proper peek and actually went back a few posts..


    whatever happened to the ‘we dont need a world class striker, weve got giroud’ arguement?
    they are too busy jumping up and down shouting me me me that theyve forgotten all the me me me labels they threw at ppl when they were asking for a super duper striker..
    oh the irony..

    it will be also interesting/funny to read the gloating if/when we do sign a physical ‘holding’ midfielder…you know the type? the player who the doomers were asking for years ago but got the piss taken out of them because we didnt need steel or grit or height or physicality because watching us passing it about 5 yards trying to keep 100% possession was more realistic way to play..and was the ‘vision’

    oh yes i can remember all the debates…ive been around long enough and oh yes everyone chats total shit from time to time and shifts the sands…but at least stick to your original arguement..dont go 180 on the things you were saying half a decade ago and then claim you were right all along..

    you werent..youve adopted a doomer arguement, havent you? think about it, oh yes you have..

    funny eh? …carry on..

    everyone is happy as a pig in shit…old grudges have been laid to rest, the club is making progress and theres some serious gooneriverse group hugs going on, even le grove is a wenger wankfest yet all the self proclaimed positive ones can do is keep on dividing the fanbase and slag everyone off….even themselves, the arguements on there last few weeks have been worse than what they were on here…even after a cup win and mega super duper million pound record signings….it says more about them than anyone else…thats why yogi binned the fuckers in the first place..nothing to do with freedom of expression of opinions, but because they were tossers..

    me me me….me me me me miserable gits…apart from a few who i do miss, like george, whos a good egg really, just abit of a pedantic bell shaft.., but he knows that… and from what ive read hes in danger of losing control of his blog and he’ll soon find himself in a position they all put yogi in…
    you know who it is georgie boy, cut the problem out at source before it spreads and you end up having to amputate a whole limb to get rid of it and then next year they’ll all have joined forces and found another home slagging your blog off…

  63. If we sign Javier Manquillo, he could be competing with Jenkinson and Bellerin next year. It could also mean one of Jenkinson or Bellerin is on the way out – in which case Debuchy could still come in.

  64. i could think of many a word to replace devoted with, C – man


    sanchez eh? we all still got hardons or what

  65. @JJ

    I’m sure you could and they would probably all fit perfectly!

    Yup sure do and it was even better when my Manure coworker came in shouting about how he can’t believe this is happening and then my Liverpool co-worker went on about how incompetent Liverpool were for letting Suarez go and then letting Sanchez come to Arsenal.

  66. lol…

    liked the ‘weve won the sanchez trophy’
    ermm…who won what last year

    also liked the comment about one man doesnt make a team…ermmmm
    what like liverpool with suarez..

  67. My view on gloating supporters:

    You’ll throw your allegiance to your manager at me, I’ll ask where were you at York? Someone else says where were you when Tranmere turned us over and so forth. There is no better supporter than you, there is no better supporter than I.

    But frankly if you want to get into the happy stakes, consider this. I was down in the dumps, you were happy. Now I’m happy, you’re still happy. One of us has travelled a long way to euphoria, taken a buzz and a million from today, yesterday. I’m on the high of a lifetime, but you, you expected Arsène to do this….Just sayin’…

  68. 1) Sanchez

    Great signing and gives us a bit of creativity which we have been lacking up top.

    OTOH, I do not quite see how he can deputise for Giroud the way Giroud can hold the ball up for the team.Which leaves us dependent on Sanogo less we are intent on bringing one other striker or Campbell.

    2) RB. Debucchy is a solid pick. Experience in PL is vital, something which Aurier without would face possible transitional issues at our likely expense. Coleman was an alternative but would likely have been priced way higher on account of ethnicity.

    I don’t know why Jenkinson would go on loan. more likely Bellerin. However both these players are auditioning for succession at RB and Debucchy is a very convenient (and accomplished) stop gap. he isn’t keeping Sagna out of France for nothing.

    3) We still need a back up GK and very crucially a Cback. if Vermaelen stays, questions still surround whether he can rediscover the form that would make him good enough to rotate through meterscielny (which is crucial). Also we may need Miquel to step up (last chance saloon) to the first team at very least as a 4th choice. IMO, both these are far more crucial than adding a DM at this point (unless the DM plays as a CBack as well)

    4) I think Arsenal bumbling through previous summers is a bit exagerrated. Certainly do not think Ozil was a panic buy. It would be stupid of Madrid not to have considered who they could sell Ozil to at a late stage (of course it was stupid of them to sell in the first place) and more likely the hunt for a striker last summer was complicated by allocation of resources toward an Ozil bid late on.

    I find it quite naive for many on this site to think we are that amateurish with the market. Castigate Dick Law chasing Campbell in Costa Rica all you like but this world cup has proven Arsene correct in his assessment.

    meanwhile many voices were bleating on about Wanyama, MVilla or Luis Gustavo being an answer to our DM issue. Where are they playing now?

    There was a lot of simplistic shouts for Mitrogolou in January. Where is he?

    I think many here have to take a step back an understand our position in the market a bit better. yes agreed Wenger may have erred slightly too much on caution and there have been some poor assessments of situations (namely Liverpool and Suarez) but overall, you do not gain this level of consistency (without heavy spending) without some acumen in the market.

    You do not nip Ozil off of Madrid without some other clubs with greater ability to spend than us having shot their wad too early.

    Some perspective please.

  69. Next season’s 3 teams to watch IMO will be United, Chelsea and us.

    City I think may lag. I seriously doubt with Suarez gone that Liverpool have the capacity to play CL and be coherent in the PL. which is probably a reason why Sanchez was hesitant on going there. Their team needs far more work with mostly mediocre players being carried by a biting genius up top.

    Spurs. Well… Europa league for them would be a success.

  70. I wouldn’t mind Michu to be honest as well up front as a sort of insurance/stop gap to keep some of Giroud’s ability should he suffer a knock. His a creative player who can also deploy to midfield.

    Sanchez plays mainly out RW for Chile. Don;t think he will replicate his ability quite as easily as in the more technical and less physical Spanish league.

  71. santori have you see how stocky sanchez is? hes built like a brick shit house hes bigger than giroud he’ll have no problems leading the line we dont play long ball we play balls to girouds feet and he holds it up with strength and lays it off..

    sanchez can do that all day long..only difference is sanchez is quick and can where giroud can only basically lay it off, sanchez can turn and run..

    which is something weve lacked for a couple of seasons..

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