Dull Dutch Dumped Out As Sanchez Heads The Queue Of Signings


Is that what you meant Harry?

Following Germany’s rout of Brazil was always going to be a tough act and in fairness to both Netherlands and Argentina, needed Leonell Messi to replicate Maradona’s 1986 waltz through the England defence, van Basten’s 1988 European Championships volley along with Pele’s 1970 effort against Czechoslovakia whilst Robben copied his dummied effort against Uruguay, both scoring this time. The decisive moment had to be the ball cannoning off the referee’s backside into van Persie’s face and onwards to the back of the Dutch net whilst Blind, Martins Indi and Vlaar re-enacted their favourite Marx Brothers routine.

Despite some comedy defending, no-one else had read that script and we were left with a semi-final entirely in keeping with the knockout phase; tight, defensive and not a lot happening for 120 minutes. Louis van Gaal had been hailed as a tactical genius for bringing on Tim Krull for the penalties win over Costa Rica. It wasn’t, it proved to be a fluke as he took the chance that two players who had been doubtful for a match always destined for that ending. A tactical genius would have factored that in and selected Krull to start, knowing his three subs were likely to be needed elsewhere. If the Newcastle stopper was good enough for a place on the bench, he was good enough to start. The press stopped penning their eulogies for Manchester United’s revival wondering if van Gaal is the Dutch David Moyes.

In the end, we were left with the unusual sight of a Romero playing the role of hero. Half a century after Cesar ran amok before being captured by the combined might of Bert Ward and Adam West’s combined Thud! and Kerpow!, George rescued the family name with a better display of goalkeeping in a shootout than the Dutch substitute managed in the last round. Compared to Cillesson, he looked confident and more likely to save than his Ajax counterpart.

All of which left us with a repeat of the finals from 1986 and 1990. The latter was just awful, with Argentina deciding to kick anything which moved although if memory serves, it wasn’t much of a foul that led to Brehme’s penalty. Perhaps the referee just wanted to put us out of our misery following Monzon’s dismissal and I forget who the second Argentine player to receive his marching orders was. 1986 was a more entertaining match, perhaps the chance for Leonell to prove his pomp is at least comparable to Maradona before the performances became drug-fuelled craziness.

All the while this was going on, Arsenal were frustrated in their attempts to sign Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean proved particularly adept at the game of hide and seek he coerced Dick Law into playing. The Arsenal Negotiator-in-Chief thought he’d found the elusive winger in the broom cupboard beside Ivan’s office and is desperate to find him before the official launch of the new Puma kits. That cat is well and truly out of the bag and the media are running with the angle of Sanchez’s signing being announced at the shindig this evening. It’s a bit more subtle than that though. With Sanchez’s hairdresser confirming the past week’s worst kept secret, a deal which was being held up as Barcelona and Liverpool thrashed out the details of Luis Suarez’s transfer is now being held up by Arsenal as the club tries to resolve the ‘details’ which stopped the circus in its tracks.

Now we are told that the Catalans are desperate to unveil Luis Suarez as their player today lest John W Henry run out of whatever it is he was smoking when he thought he would be keeping hold of the Uruguayan. The writing was on the wall for that relationship when the forward’s agent brokered what they thought was a deal with a rival club; perhaps it was lost amid the graffiti which daubs many a wall in the city. For Barcelona supporters, knowing Suarez can’t play until October at the earliest must be like finding your parents have bought the best Christmas present in the world for you, only to realise that there are months left before you can play with it.

On the radar still is Mathieu Debuchy whose price has more volatility than the stock market, £10m the quoted fee in several outlets. Joining him will be David Ospina, the Colombian goalkeeper who the club want to sign from Nice. Which is nice. Nice not nice. Forget it. Meanwhile, whilst we were all bored stiff watching the semi-final last night, Arsène wafted a piece of paper under Florentine Perez’s sleepy head and with the squiggle duly appended, signed Sami Khedira for £23m. Apparently. The only stumbling block is going to be his wages but as with buying an expensive car, if you can afford the initial purchase, you can afford the upkeep or you don’t buy. And still Antoine Griezmann’s Mr20% hasn’t got the hint; the Arsenal ship has weighed anchor and is almost out of the port with only a change of heart by Alexis Sanchez resurrecting that opportunity,

All of which is just the sort of tattle you want from a transfer window. C’mon, admit it; this time around, the summer is less traumatic that last. Amazing what a club can do when it puts its mind to it, isn’t it?

’til Tomorrow.

222 thoughts on “Dull Dutch Dumped Out As Sanchez Heads The Queue Of Signings

  1. Worst launch ever!

    But i’m not complaining, even though they made us wait for this long just for an alright 1:37 clip

  2. Yogi

    Are we allowed to embed stuff here (tweets or images) or is that for the admin? Or maybe it would get abused if you allowed it?

  3. Just an advice from Barca fan:

    You shud be careful of how Sanchez is used. I see there is a tendency here to use him as a striker. He ain’t one. He is more like that No.10, who can be devastating behind a true center forward. You still may have to sign a quality striker. I am not sure which one, but a goal poacher is a must. May be with Sanchez also available Girourd could transform himself to one.

  4. Sanchez. DONE!!!

    …so much for Wenger only panic buys last minute and Wenger never spends. Where are those numpties now?

    I’m still not convinced he has sufficient height to be an option should Giroud get a knock but here’s to Sanogo I guess and an excellent signing regardless.

    Will bring us more trickery which we need and a player who has been very consistent.

    Fantastic news.

  5. Liking the new kit (though it is no 91 away shirt!). The new signing again seems a statement of intent & done before the 11th hour – and hoping the boss can put the jigsaw together, with the last couple of pieces and am looking forward to this season big time.

    Guessing the new boy won’t play at the Emirates Cup ?

    Enjoyed the Dusk til Dawn reference yesterday – lovely film all seems normal until the sun goes down and the people in the bar turn into Suarez.

    Too early to say it but great time to be a gooner….

  6. Debucchy next. Solid if unspectacular but more PL experience than Aurier and cheaper than Coleman.

    Still need a back up GK and a Cback (or two)

  7. Still feel we should get a striker with a bit more height. not sure if that will be on the cards now though with the money spent on Sanchez.

  8. @Kadigah:
    I was just saying so that you guys don’t make the same mistake we did with him. He is brilliant talent. Lots of talent and an equally bigger heart. But to get the best out of him Arsene needs to use him in his favorite position.

  9. How about this for a line-up?


    In a 4-3-1-2.
    Since we have an excess of talent in midfield, this is the best use of our players in my opinion. This formation will afford us more chances of squad rotation and keeping every star happy with games here and there. Ox could easily fit into this as one of the midfield 3. Podolski could play as one of the front 2 also.

    I feel it’s important for guys like OX, Jack and Theo to get games. Things get positively blurry when/if we sign Loic Remy as he could play upfront as the 9 or in the front 2 drifting wide and supporting the 9. Giroud remains crucial for us but at least with a Remy he could get some rest and remain relatively fresh all season.

    There should be no issues resting Ozil too. Anyone one of Rosicky, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey and Alexis frigging Sanchez could play in the 10 when push comes to shove.

    We should try to keep Vermaelen too. I don’t know if I trust his abilities as a top central back anymore but he wasn’t all bad when he played last season. From the economic POV too, we still have more important purchases to make; central/holding midfielder, right back and a 2nd goal-keeper. Are United dumb enough to help finance our bid for a new and more promising central back?

  10. Happy Days!!

    Imagine a starting eleven of:

    Debuchy Merts Kos Gobbs
    Ramsey Sanchez
    Walcott Ozil

    With options from:
    Vermaelen Monreal Jenkinson
    Flamini Arteta Diaby
    Ox Wilshere Podolscki Cazorla Rosicki Zelalem
    Gnabry Sanogo

    Underpinned by:

    Eisfeld Campbell Miyaichi
    Coquelin Djourou

    Pinch myself!!!


  11. Koye,

    Interesting that we were writing at the same time. Must be something in this bilateral optimism!

  12. Good morning all,

    It feels so much better getting an early signing.
    Its Alexis Sanchez. ALEXIS SANCHEZ!!!

    Not even going to bother about the various formations and setups because I have this funny but unusual feeling that we aren’t done in the market yet.

    Debuchy?……DM?….and maybe another forward, Remy?!

    Gooo Arsene!!!!!! *in Bills voice*

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