Campbell Deadline, Ox Concerns & New Name On Right Back List


It will never be proven of course yet I cannot help but believe that Robbie Savage’s continued employment at the BBC is, at least in part, funded by Adrian Chiles in his desperation to find a more oafish football broadcaster. This World Cup may well stick in the mind as being the first time that the promised festival of football arrives from the first kick-off but it will never be forgotten for the decline in punditry nor Chiles sitting on the beach with his shirt firmly tucked into his shorts, missing just the knotted handkerchief to complete the typically English repose. Thank god for Thierry Henry with his Internationalist attire and sharp put-down of the Welsh Sheepdog. Or perhaps that’s just me hoping Savage will be put down; I get confused.

It’s all a bit quiet on the transfer front, as you would expect with the focus on the injured and untested. Arsène spoke very briefly about Joel Campbell, refusing to commit to a future longer than August for the youngster. He might privately enthuse about the Costa Rican but if you in indulge in the dangerous game of taking Wenger’s words at face value, he is not sure that the promise of this international is going to translate to the Premier League. Perhaps he is; perhaps this is nothing more than managing expectations, preventing the hype beginning. Equally, he will be mindful that the absence of transfer activity is most likely to engender an underwhelming response given that a wide forward was not high on most people’s summer wish list.

What he will be sure of is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain not being fit for Thursday’s encounter with Uruguay. Not that Wayne Rooney is, the story stemming from his admission that he doesn’t take his place in England’s starting XI for granted. Of course not Wazza, and I am sure you genuinely believed that you had influence during the defeat to Italy. The left side of England’s defence was a problem all night but it is not a peculiarly English affliction as several nations have been exploited profitably by their opponents down that avenue. Whatever questions were posed, Rooney was not the answer.

I am not sure a half-fit Oxlade-Chamberlain is either but he might be a better solution than the United player. Via The Telegraph – an outlet fast becoming as close to a pet paper as Arsenal could get – the club has briefed that there are concerns about using Ox too soon, especially with the initial reports that he would not be fit until the Costa Rica match next week. With England’s campaign hanging in the balance, Roy Hodgson must be sorely tempted to use Ox to resolve the issue. The combination of Baines and Rooney didn’t work, Balotelli’s winner came with Welbeck occupying that side of the pitch to support his defensive colleague. It’s harsh on the younger of the United players, he closed down the Italians all night and worked his socks off for “the cause“.

Perhaps the problem isn’t the forwards, it’s an issue that no-one seems particularly minded to consider. Personally, I think Baines was the culprit, his positional sense all evening was questionable and it begs the question quite what Kieran Gibbs has to do to win an England place. He needs to solve the same sort of problems, at times too eager to push on into attack but such is Arsenal’s style that it is required from the full backs. He gets more protection from the midfield than Baines gets but Italy had too much joy in sucking him into a more central position, it left acres of space and most worryingly of all, neither he or Rooney learned the lessons which began early in the game. If England are to progress, Hodgson needs to find the footballing paracetamol for that headache.

Elsewhere, Arsène is worried that his quota of Spanish full backs who have not gone to Brazil is worryingly low and wants to sign Joseba Zaldua from Real Sociedad to solve that problem; Seamus Coleman is the answer to the questions posed by Bacary Sagna’s departure as Stephan Lichsteiner fluffed his lines during Switzerland’s win over Ecuador though. Meanwhile, the Cesc Affair can be put to bed with the player’s admission that Wenger did not want him. Or has it stuck the spoon into the can of worms about whether or you can have too many world-class players in your squad? It’s a row that will rumble on until May when the answer will be revealed by league placings. In no way should his comments at a press conference be seen as deflecting vitriol away from his shoulders for the coming year or so he is in the Russian Republic. He will be able to plan his hamstring strains this week when the Premier League fixtures are announced on Wednesday. Ashley Cole will be able to give him advice on missing trips to The Emirates…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Miami

    If that was a picture of your wife as one of your earlier gravatars then what the hell are doing spending all of this time blogging. I can think of much better things to do then pound a keyboard. 😉

  2. Bill.. ….you old dog…..

    I’m with you. USA USA….. Defence defence….. Offence… Offence.. ..attack attack… Shoot first questions later….


    stop when it rains
    stop when its windy.
    Stop for the sake of stopping every game takes 4 hours

    but seeing as though we got bill and C supporting england for a tad tother night, yeah USA..

  4. My daughter, in Paris for 2 years, claims I should support US and/or England and only root for Germany after those teams are eliminated. Patriotism is not my forte, and I know nothing about US team. I will root for them to finish 2nd in group of Death. My English husband feels England always snubs Arsenal, and it would not occur to him to root for England. I will be surprised if England gets out of their group. If France begins to start Giroud and Kosicielny, I will root for them as well.

  5. every reason not to get remy
    hes shit for a start..
    waste of money..
    weve already got theo, giroud podolski, campbell who are all better than remy..
    the only player hes better than is sanogo but what we need is somebody better then the others..put the money to good use for once in an area where theres a need..

  6. Hopefully Klinsman is smart enough to know that his only real chance is a well positioned bus parked directly in front of goal. Hope I am wrong but I can’t see us scoring more then 1 goal in any game, Tim Howard has to be the savior USA USA USA USA.

  7. @Arsenal Feminist

    He just signed a new contract and before that Bayern said they would never sell him.

    I agree though, though I really rate Gonalons, I would gladly take Khederia. Add Reus, Draxler, well there’s quite a few I would take!

  8. USA USA….. Agree jj, our American contingent got behind England the other night so tonight we’re all Americans, I’m off to get some Kentucky fried chicken potato wedges with miracle whip and a six pack of bud lights before the soccer game.

  9. anyway
    a foward could turn out to be the least of our troubles..

    fab gone, sagna gone, djourou gone, TV rumours gathering pace..
    cazorla and monreal wanted by atletico..

    were making money on the cesc and vela clauses..

    by the time our window starts we could well need a whole heap of players that wenger doesnt like buying in one go..

    a summer that promised so much could well turn into a complete crock of shit, again..

    but hes in brazil, not stressing, so we shouldnt either i suppose..

    trust in dick

  10. moe
    with JD making his move permanent in april and with the rumoured cesc and vela deals, weve possibly made 15mil before the world cup even started 🙂
    this coming from a club that says they wont be much happening until after the world cup 🙂

  11. My favorite group is this Nigeria, Iran, Bosnia, Argentina. I like all these countries and teams.

    I’m fully behind Ghana despite being an American. It means more to them and I want to see more African teams do well. But I’d take the US over Portugal, quite happily. And with Pepe and Coentrao out, they might actually be able to score against them despite no Landon Donovan.

  12. @JJ

    It is troubling the amount of players that could well be off this window. Maybe Arsene is prepared and is about to shock us all and bring in 4-5 players plus bring back Campbell.

    If we lose Santi, we always have Le Coq!

  13. @LSG

    you do remember that Altidore is the starting striker for the USA correct. If Dempsey doesn’t score of Bradley hit one of those long range missiles he hits from time to time, I truly am not sure they can score.

  14. Dukey @ 7:58

    You are an irreverent bastard which is why we all love you do much.

    Limestone. @ 8:00pm

    You and Henristic and JJ have always been my blogging heros but just drove a large steel needle deep into my eye with that comment. 😉

  15. Bill, you have been completely on the mark on Arsenal matters. Let’s not US soccer, of all things, a sport that is still barely in the top 10 of sporting concerns among American fans, come between gooners!

    I’m happy to see US grow as a footballing nation but I have a soft spot for the underdogs on and off the pitch in international football. Of course, none of it matters to me at all compared to Arsenal football…

  16. C, it is end to end and exciting even though the technical quality isn’t that high. Nigeria seems a much superior side athletically.

  17. nigeria
    all out attack..just cant finish..moses had a shot from inside the box that hit the dug out…thats what it looked like anyway..
    iran..defending for their lives but slowly starting to string some passes together..and they have a player called mick jagger..

  18. African teams are always more athletic than the opposition.

    I want to see Ghana win tonight because of what happened to them against Uruguay last time.

    But i also have a soft spot for USA because id like to see football grow over there, i like that they are fearless and upcoming.

    That’s why i totally agree with Beckham idea of a football team in Miami, i want to see progress there.

  19. Thanks mates. I was reading about the Nigerian team and how they defend like shit but are all out attack.

    So all this attack and shit finishing, that sounds about right.

    I agree with Moe, African teams will more than likely be more athletic than other nations.

  20. Tremendous tempo and pace to this match–two fully committed teams going for it. Excellent header and even more amazing Enyeama reaction save on Iran’s corner.

    Game needs a goal but an absorbing affair in this great WC so far.

  21. Limestone

    You know I was just kidding.

    I would love to see us go thru to the knock out rounds but realistically I hope we can at least draw or win one game. I never will understand how a nation with such a diverse potential population of athletes and who encourage their youth to play futbol can continue to be so bad at it.

  22. The biggest issue with futbol in America is the fact that the best athletes don’t want to play futbol instead they want to play basketball, baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse.

  23. I know, Bill. Just didn’t want people to think I wasn’t a patriotic American, which is a felony in the state of Texas, I believe! 🙂

    I do think Klinsie is making a mistake not taking Donovan. As C pointed out, Jozy Altidore doesn’t exactly strike fear into opposing defenses. He did get two against Nigeria in the last friendly, but really?

  24. C

    And also for some reason, football is seen as a soft game. I’ve seen alot of American’s say Soccer is what you play when you fail as a football player (american football).

  25. @Moe

    Its because its not as physical as football. Part of it is the diving and what not which is strange to me because it happens so much in other sports.

  26. Also it’s tragic what’s happened to Mikel. This is what happens when you leave a promising youngster’s development in Mourinho’s hands.

  27. Limestone.

    Lack of patriotism is a capital offense here in Texas. I grew up in South Dakota which is also conservative but much more moderate. Don’t tell anyone here in Texas that I said this, but I don’t like guns and don’t even own one. The part of the culture that I have really embraced is my growing love of horses.

  28. Limestone.

    I don’t really follow American soccer or international football in general other other then the World Cup. The World Cup is fun and so far the games in this one have been excellent. Right now I couldn’t name more then 3-4 of the American starting 11 without looking them up. The only ones I know are the ones who play or have played in Europe. I don’t think Landon Donovan would have been a difference maker but I was surprised Klinsman left him off the roster. Clint Dempsey is our best chance to score a goal I suspect. I think the only real chance we gave to get any points is by keeping clean sheets. Hopefully it will be a good game.

  29. First draw, first goalless game. Oh well. Played with intensity and the right spirit. Needed a winner otherwise Bosnia looks good for second.

    Come on Ghana!!

  30. My 7-year-old grandson:” Why doesn’t New York City have a World Cup Team?” That team I would support more wholeheartedly than I do the US. My husband Andy and I are going to the Arsenal/Red Bull game in July, my first professional soccer game. Maybe that will tempt me to find out something about US soccer.

    My blog is not yet about Arsenal, but it will be.

  31. Sucker punch byFempsey. Good skill against a sleepy Ghana defense. Ghana are clearly the better footballing side but poor end product so far.

  32. Feminist, I used to live in the People’s Republic of Berkeley. And it did seem like a different country.

    How did you get tickets for the Red Bulls friendly? I heard the game announced, looked for ticket info but couldn’t find any then a week later it was sold out! I will be in NYC that day too as it happens. I watched the Red Bulls v. Toronto FC in Toronto.

    Jozy tore his hamstring. Could use Donovan even more now.

  33. US perfectly content to sit back on the counter since the 5th min. Unless Ghana score, this will be te worst, most boring game of the tournament so far…

  34. Limestonegunner, we got the tickets the first hour of the first day they were on sale. First the page said they were sold out, but then they weren’t. They aren’t good seats; they are in the Red Bull fan section.

  35. poor form from klinsmann there..
    it wasnt an elbow… was a boot..

    oh thats ok then is it..

    do one savage..

  36. If the US wins this and gets something from a weakened and humiliated Portugal, they could face an already qualified Germany and perhaps get out of this group.

    It would be difficult to exaggerate how much better Ggsna are, yet a piece of skill by Dempsey and energetic defending have conspired with Ghana’s atrocious final ball and finishing to keep them @1-0. Amazing.

  37. Ghana seem to have run out of ideas now and are a little frustrated. I think the US can see this out and even hit on the counter after nearly 75 minutes of defending here in the 81st min.

  38. Spirit carries US through this game. Cruel for Ghana but they just lacked the finishing to make their dominance and quality tell to victory. A dire game turned into a late thriller. Again, this is a great WC so far!!

  39. Well how in the world could that have happened??? I wish I could have watched the game. Last time I checked it was 1-1. Never would have thought they could find the equalizer.


  40. Trying to move to fast. Never would have thought they could find the 2nd goal.

    dukey and JJ thanks for the help. May be we can make it out of this group.


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