Per-fect Honesty About Now


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So to this morning. Well, it’s all a bit quiet, isn’t it?

’til Tomorrow.

I jest of course although I make no promise that you won’t regret the decision to continue but I’ll do so in the hope that something can be salvaged from the wreckage of this Wednesday morning. To be fair, it’s not looking promising but last night’s win in Munich put some perspective on Per Mertesacker’s honest assessment of the season. It was not Real Madrid’s victory – that’s so passรฉ now that even the nouveau riche side of Manchester can do it – but the manner in which Bayern were dismantled that highlights just how far Arsenal’s performance levels have yo rise to become genuinely competitive on the Champions League stage.

The most successful club in the tournament’s recent history were hung, drawn and quartered by the most successful club in the tournament’s history. It was an object lesson in dismantling Bayern and whilst I understand the joy some took in their defeat, it is chastening to compare it to our own performances in two seasons against the Bundesliga champions. No doubt Wojciech Szczesny’s sending off impacted the outcome of this season’s first leg but if anyone truly believes Arsenal are currently capable of producing the performance level reached by Real Madrid last night, given the level of opposition, they are simply fooling themselves and ignoring the evidence of this season.

Mertesacker highlighted the squads failings in the away matches against five of the top seven team sum. He was entirely honest when he observed that,

The fans wanted us to finish further up, we were top of the league for a long time and everyone dreamt about getting the title, but it takes more than just staying at the top until the winter period. We couldn’t afford those away [defeats] against big teams so we didn’t deserve to be in the top three. That is something for next year that we have to manage better. I think the early away games killed us. Hopefully we can learn from that.

The defeats he referred to are nothing new in terms of win, lose, draw. I feel he is overly optimistic in suggesting we will learn lessons from those defeats, we haven’t over the past few years so why will next season produce that improvement? In the cold light of day, no-one can produce evidence that we will. Essentially, it falls into belief that we will and that goes to the core of being a football supporter; when the evidence isn’t there, we believe, we hope, to irrational lengths most of the time.

Eastlands was not unexpected given the performance in Naples during the preceding midweek. Anfield and Stamford Bridge followed the pattern of the conceding early goals but in truth we could have weathered those storms had we picked up points at Old Trafford and Goodison Park; four points there would have offset them but even then, the fifteen dropped there were not as costly as those dropped against Villa, West Brom, Southampton, Stoke, Swansea. Three wins in that grouping and the top of the table was in sight. Or can we put it down to such simplistic measures? The results are the tapestry of the season and no one point dropped was more costly than the other. Arguably not beating Chelsea, Everton, City and United at home was as costly, particularly since two of those teams would be within reach had we done so.

Back in the early-80’s, George Graham wrestled with a similar problem with a younger side. It took him a couple of years to get it right with his teams in 86/87 and 87/88 paving the way for the title the following season. Wenger’s teams of 1999/2000 and 2000/01 did the same, the latter season sitting in second place for almost the whole of the season, even if it was somewhat depressing knowing that not even being undefeated away from home was enough to land the Premier League title. In both those scenarios, it was easy to see that progress was being made, there was something tangible that you could see would lead to better. It’s harder for the manager now, the footballing landscape is different and both he and Graham only had one team to overcome. Now there are three or four; the trade-off to that is that below eighth, the teams seem to be below average in quality with a genuine interchangeability between the top of the Championship and mid-table in the Premier League. Despite some poor results, Arsenal have cracked that particular nut, taking 47 points so far from the bottom half of the table, equal with United as the best record in the Premier League. The problem is top half; we have the fifth best record with the points gap on this section of results far more damaging than the good done against lesser teams.

I want to believe that the lessons will be learned from this season, I genuinely believe the players want to do so but it is not a problem they can solve themselves. The performances in some of the matches was so at odds with form that a major contributing factor had to be that we were sent out with the wrong gameplan. Liverpool have overcome everyone at home who has gone with a plan to attack them; Chelsea sought to stifle and then take advantage of mistakes. Frequently, despising Abramovich’s money or Mourinho stands in the way of recognising that between their depot and our relatively open style of play, is a happy and successful balance. Arsenal used to have that balance, Wenger’s teams in the early part of his era at the club were rarely exposed so readily from the kick-off. Any team can have an off-day which we might have put the drubbing at City down to but when it happens three times in a season, there is a more fundamental problem.

That’s where the lesson has to be learned. Time will tell if it is.

’til Tomorrow.

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171 thoughts on “Per-fect Honesty About Now

  1. Chelsea will be happy to stifle, shut up shop and time waste their way now to the end of the match.

  2. Exactly, I would imagine though that Simeone will make the right subs and Villa isn’t a bad striker to bring off the bench when you need a goal.

  3. Costa is ALWAYS frustrated.

    The thing I have noticed though, is that when Costa gets frustrated, he honestly plays better. He is already a beast and with Cahill on a yellow he can be aggressive knowing that Cahill is 1 tackle away from Chavs going to 10 men.

    I don’t understand how Ramires doesn’t get a yellow for all his fouling.

  4. Adrian is basically the younger version of Villa. I do rate Adrian and think that if given a run of matches he has goals in him for sure.

  5. Mou will probably switch up and bring on Oscar or Schurrle to get a goal. Hopefully Atletico get a second on the counter. That would really put this Chelsea side under pressure to score.

  6. What about us going for him? All these Atletico young strikers turn into world class players: Torres, Aguero, Falcao, Costa… Adrian? If so get him now before he is a 30 million pound player!

  7. Now that is a nice surprise. Hopefully Athletico can see this out. If this season is an indication, its going to be tough for Chelsea to score no matter who they have on the pitch.

  8. @LSG

    I said that we should go after him last year when he, Costa and Falcao were playing really well together. I think if we could bring him in and another main striker, I wouldn’t be adverse to it. As you said, Athletico just seem to churn out strikers like a bloodie striker factory.

    Honestly if Costa leaves(he says he’s not leaving and hasn’t even heard anything about him leaving) they fully expect Adrian to step up for them.

  9. The best part about this whole thing is the fact that Athletico have faced Barca and Madrid where they have had to play on the counter and beat both of them.

  10. If we didn’t already have Ramsey and Jack then I would want Koke.

    Athletico should have scored a 2nd there!

  11. How great would it be if Chavs didn’t win a trophy this season and we lift the FA Cup like we will, especially after Mourinho call Arsene a specialist in failure.

  12. Big save from Courtois. AN has been in possession and making chances but that Terry header very dangerous.

  13. Completely agree. The thing though, an open game favors Athletico not Chavs.

    Penalty!! Costa earned a penalty and Eto with a poor challenge!

  14. Damn Stamford Bridge penalty spot is off, the ball won’t stay on the spot!

    Costa scores, Chavs need 3 goals now.

  15. Costa has come alive now. Athletico’s pace on the counter coupled with their defensive record spells trouble for Chavs.

  16. C, Chelsea need two more for a total of three. Discipline is key. Don’t give away cheap free kicks!!

  17. @LSG

    That’s right.

    Interesting that instead of bringing on Oscar or Schurrle to help create, he is bringing on Ba.

  18. What a season for AM. Low net transfers with best player sold every couple years. Modest overall wages. They might have a famous double.

  19. If Athletico win their next 2 matches they will win La Liga, then face Madrid in the CL.

    Chavs aren’t going to win fuck all this year and we will more than likely win the FA Cup the same year that Mourinho called Arsene a specialist in failure.

  20. True, but challenging to the last several games and CL semi is a sort of season that has been beyond us for years. Still specialist in failure has a nice ring!

  21. I tend to agree with you but the thing is, even with them spending money and Mourinho being hailed as the manager to bring Chavs a title this season and on and on, it is nice to think that the only clubs in the EPL that will win silverware this year are Arsenal, Shitty and more than likely Liverpool.

  22. if Athletico win either La Liga or the CL, Costa has ABSOLUTELY no reason to leave. They will only get better next season to be honest.

  23. Whoa, I’m really liking this Atletico side. Move over Pep, Simeone is now the neutrals favourite young coach.

  24. And as for Mourinho, the less said the better. Arsehole got what he deserves. Hope he gets sacked, again.

  25. Mourinho always looks as miserable as his football.

    Has the man ever looked happy? He’s like a disgruntled old man.

  26. Morning M’Lord Norrthbank, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Damn! What I meant was — Northbank OUT.

    That’s better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Howdy, clock-end, ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have dealt with that first place jumper – NB – so you should have a clear run! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I think it was terrible that Chelsea were so comprehensibly thrown out of the CL — Maureen – tactical master my ass.

    So happy this morning.

    By the way, if the Chavs don’t win the EPL does that make Maureen a serial loser?

  29. Morning Henry

    Maureen has covered his arse………… all he’ll say is that he’d said they wouldn’t win anything this season. But we all know that was a big porky.

  30. As it is so quiet this morning – I am going to chat to Morthbank’s chorizo.

    Hi chorizy – comment รงa va- how’s it hanging? I bet last night’s wonderful result took the bend out of your string.
    Anyway take care and watch where NB sticks you.

  31. Salut, Northbank, didn’t see you there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Tart always covers his ass. If they had won – he wouid have claimed that he had personally scored – but when they lose, it’s because he only has little horses, or that he told us his plan was not to win it until next year. Prat!

  32. It’s going to be an all spicy chorizo final in Portugal.

    I described Bayern as a soft german Rostbratwurst yesterday……………. how could we describe Chelsea today……. a knacki Frankfurt sausage. Bendy and breaks easily?

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