Just Reward For Ramsey?


The Easter weekend kicks in with matches in the Premier League and elsewhere affecting promotion and relegation matters. No Arsenal today and no musings on Everton’s game as they take on United once The final whistle has blown at the KC Stadium.

Cardiff City’s attempts to survive include complaints to the authorities that the Cockney wide boys from Crystal Palace indulged in the footballing equivalent of industrial espionage. Not for them a network of scouts to watch their opponents and divine tactics or strategies from those reports. No, they went to straight to the horses mouth. Allegedly. Whether foul play was afoot will become clear in coming weeks. Whether the footballing authorities will decide this can of worms is worth opening is another matter. If true, it’s nice to see that Arsenal aren’t the kinky team who don’t bother watching the opposition beforehand. Boom, boom; it’s never too early in a post for a cheap gag.

There is a point to mentioning The Bluebirds or did their maniacal owner dispense with the colour from that? Are they now just The Birds? No wonder Tippi Hedren didn’t want anything to do with the Cardiff Tourist Board. Anyway, their favourite son has been nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year and, sort if, rightly so. The hesitancy cones from the fact that Aaron Ramsey, for it is he, missed three months of so of the season. Which in fact is a testament to how well he played up to that point.

No-one can dispute that before god injury he was in the form of his career, leading the way in front of goal for the club for a while but generally giving energy to the performances. What difference he would have made had he not bee injured is debatable. He wouldn’t have stopped the collapses at Anfield and Stamford Bridge; even Superman would have struggled with saving those days but other matches would, I am sure, have yielded more points.

The attacking aspect of his play was eye-catching but it is his all-round game which impressed most this season and that pushed others on. It’s that attitude which was most missed in his absence. Injuries have hurt Arsenal this season, there is no doubt of that, and Ramsey’s was as crucial as Walcott’s. With the Lee flamboyant approach this season, those goals were missed as the squad did not have a natural replacement for either in that respect. In the end, it all comes back to that, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless, well done to the lad for his nomination. Should he win it? He has as good a case as any of the others. The nomination is reward in itself, recognition of the journey he has followed since returning from his broken leg, of the improvements in his game as he matures as a player. Winning would, in a romanticised version of football, be the flip-side of that injury. Just reward, you might say.

That’s it for today, back with a preview of the Hull game in the morning.

‘Til Tomorrow.

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38 thoughts on “Just Reward For Ramsey?

  1. Our Aaron deserves to win the Young Player Of Half The Year award.

    More than that he’s won the respect of Arsenal fans , many of whom had huge doubts about him.

    His drive, energy & determination are inspirational to those around him & Yogi is right to point to those attributes as those which have been missed since Christmas. That he stands out in our squad in this way says much for our recent struggles.

    We could do with a few more Aaron Ramsey’s

  2. … or the band in which ronnie wood played before the yardbirds ( I think).

    Spot on with the just reward judgement for Ramsey, Yogi.

  3. @Paulie Walnuts,
    Quite rightly, you draw attention to the fact that many Arsenal fans “had huge doubts” about Ramsey not so long ago. The word “doubts” is an understatement. The abuse he received from time to time was an absolute disgrace and unworthy of home supporters of any world-class Club. They know who they are.
    Now they come out of the woodwork and claim that the lad is already better than sliced Welsh rare-bit. What a fickle lot they are.
    Ozil is also receiving the ” Denilson treatment” in only his first season in probably the toughest league in football.
    It’s about time ALL those who profess to support our great Club, elect to give 100% backing to whoever wears the Arsenal shirt, for as long as he does so. Let the inevitable abuse and insults come only from our rivals.

  4. Ramsey’s return has been remarkable. His last couple of seasons have promised little and the conversion this season smacks of someone determined, not just to improve, but also make a difference. He is to be highly commended for his resurgence, especially when others around seem to lack the drive or direction. Namely Wilshere for one, whose own form seems to have taken him from Fab No.2 to struggling to deserve his continual inclusion in proceedings.

  5. Mind you. Having said that about Jack it must be a bit demoralising to keep having the squad ‘improved’ by the addition of a torrent of new players in his position.

  6. Big trouble in little China…Lo Pan, Vincent Tan – nice and rythmic! Okay, Vincent is Malaysian but that’s still a fine piece of work Yogi!

  7. @The Gamb,
    I never cease to be amazed that Wilshere is still a professional footballer, given the appalling GBH he receives on the field of play in most games…….most of it condoned by the referee of the day.
    Despite this, it’s to his credit that the high standard he has set has not diminished.
    I feel though that on a number of occasions he has been selected to play when not fully fit.

  8. Of course you`re quite right about fickle fans , Nicky, although I think that`s long been the case & not just at our club.

    What I think has happened more recently is a reduction of `bedding in` time. New signings really have to hit the ground running. Although I`ve been a little disappointed with Ozil for instance , it`s tempered with the realisation that there are lots of reasons why he`s struggled a little in his first season. Some of the stuff you hear about him is way over the top IMO & all it will do is eat away at his confidence.

  9. Nicky @ 9:04

    Absolutely spot on. Once a player puts the red and white shirt on he is part of the Arsenal and should be supported and not jeered.

    Of course saying that is akin to saying that pigs can fly. Although I have seen a horse fly, and a house fly, but I ain’t seen no elephant fly! 🙂

  10. Glad ram is back. His form improved this season, however , he deserved the crit, his form had been fickle. He must have taken it on board as he improved.. im hopefull but lets wait and see

  11. @drn, please read, consider, accept, and practise Nicky’s post @0904; Ramsey most certainly did not ‘deserve’ criticism particularly when he was learning his trade on the right wing or at right back. I very much doubt he would have taken on board the criticism of terrace experts or pandits but instead worked with his coaches, his peers, and his own critique to find his plane of playing. Perhaps wanting to repay some of the faith and belief shown by his manager and supporters, as well as breaking through whatever residual psychological impacts existed influenced his performances this season. Just saying…

  12. Guess I’m a fickle fan then. I don’t believe in yelling outright abuse at players when they are plying their trade in red and white on the pitch, hearing a Ramsey called a c*nt by some of the fans sitting around me is just wrong. But I do think it is reasonable to express your frustrations when players appear clueless or sloppy on the pitch. I know AW played Ramsey out of position on occassion, but there were times when he played in the middle and tried stupid back heels, or slowed play down as he didn’t know what to do going forward. It’s fantastic that Ramsey has developed and now has a determination and a confidence on the ball that perhaps appeared beyond him on the past. Maybe it’s AW’s habit of throwing youngsters in at the deep end that makes life so difficult for them. It has taken a while to see if Ramsey was going to sink or swim and I’m glad that he has developed into an integral part of this team. I still cringe when he tries one of this back heels, but they more often than not come off nowadays.

  13. Of all the players we’ve missed through injury it’s Ramsey. If he and ozil had stayed fit i think we’d be a lot higher in the table. I’m worried about Theo coming back, it’s not unusual for players of his type to come back and have lost their pace a bit, in which case it would be devistating for him as it’s his best attribute! His first touch is still imo rubbish but his finishing has improved ten fold.

    I’d like to see Diaby, Theo, Jack and Ramsey shrug off their injury problems next season and to do so we need to strengthen the whole midfield to allow for proper rotation! Flamini/Arteta with a youngster can manage at home vs the Sunderlands and Norwhich’s of the world.

    If he stays i expect this investigation into why we pick up so many injuries to wield a plethora of reasons allowing us to get to the bottom of it.

    And we’ll find out soon enough if Kosielny is resigning or not, god, i hope they give him what he wants he’d be a hard one to replace

  14. Perhaps someone will put me right on the latest report that PSG are headhunting Koscielny.
    I’m told that he has 2 or 3 years left on his current contract, in which case isn’t it against the rules of FIFA or UEFA to seek to sign a player so early in his contract?

  15. nicky

    They are apparently after either Kosielny or Luiz. Given Jose doesn’t seem to like Luiz that much i’m hoping they agree to sell. The worry should be Bayern…they need a CB, he’s quick, he can pass and he’s played in a team that likes to dominate possession, but they also win a lot of trophies….Worrying times

  16. Ramsey has a rubbish first touch, MLF?!? It may not be as sublime as Ozil’s but Rambo is a technically ver gifted player. Just consider his assist on the third goal in our most recent match–his cushioned header that he improvised because the cross was high and a bit behind was as delicate and precise as a brilliant pass from the same position.

  17. Kos had started to grumble about winning things. Barcelona and Bayern would naturally be interested in a defender like Kos. The best way to convince him that Arsenal canmatch his hopes as a footballer is to get a top midfielder and a couple forwards, quite apart from any replacements for departures, early in the window.

  18. You’re right Limey – this squad is a happy one but it needs to start winning and show progress, or we will not be able to retain those few stars we do have.

    The worst case scenario would be to have another similar season next year and watch the vultures circle for our best players – if we struggle to be able to retain talent we will really be in the doo-doo.

    AW was right that keeping the squad together should be his main priority but he’d be a fool not to also realise that the way to keep the squad together is to strengthen it.

  19. That’s right, Jonny. At this point it really is a matter of being decisive and effective in strengthening this team, for better results and better morale. We can’t stay in the CL participation equals complete success cycle much longer. Fans, players are all getting a bit ancy about it.

  20. Oh my, looks like that tactical genius who loves the mind games has had his trousers lowered at the Bridge this evening. Never mind.

    MLF ,
    I think Theo has said that he’s been advised that his pace shouldn’t be effected following his op.

    On the subject of hanging on to our better players it’s obvious ambitious players won’t hang around to finish 4th every season. Kos will be off if he gets the chance I reckon – same as Cesc , RVC , etc & you have to wonder about our younger players moving on at some point too.

  21. Limestonegunner
    Theo has a rubbish first tough, not Ramsey!!

  22. God, this year looks set for Liverpool to win the title doesn’t it.

  23. TBH Moe – I didn’t have to wait for his absence to realise: as soon as it was announced how serious Theo’s injury was, I said that it could cost us any realistic chance of the title this season.

    Once we have addressed the other deficiencies of the squad a priority must be to get some more pace up front – we are too reliant on one player to get ‘in behind’ and it has proven a prominent feature of our capitulation.

    The title really is Liverpool’s to lose now. Pathetic, moronic and ugly comments from ‘post-game Jose’ again – I hope they throw the book at him, long and hard this time and covered in hornets and raw sewage. His behaviour is fundamentally NOT ‘clever mind games’ as people like to portray it – he’s just a sore fucking loser with scarcely and iota of grace to be found in his DNA.

  24. Sunderland’s performance and result at Chelsea rather puts our monolithic clusterfuck of a shambles into perspective eh?

    We have to learn when to ‘play football’ and when not to – clue: away from home against the top 6 we might be better keeping things tight and ensuring the game isn’t already over by half time.

    Sunderland visiting the big teams this season –

    Chelsea 2-1
    Man City 1-1
    Liverpool 1-2
    Everton 1-0
    Spurs 0-1

    7 points from 15 and no games more than goals difference.

    Except when they played us at the Emirates and got trousered 4-1. 🙂

  25. Let Liverpool win it (I can hide for a while). At least they’ve entertained along the way.

    Maureen is indeed a terrible c**t.

    All very funny though 🙂

  26. Good to see ol bighead has still got it – Gervinho has missed another open goal from yards out when it would have been infinitely easier to score.

    It’s an amazing talent – as far as I am aware, unparalleled in the history of football – if only there was some kind of use for it.

  27. You ruined Gervinho. It was all your fault.

    And mine. All of us. We all ruined Gervinho. Bastards, the lot of us.

    Maureen, though. Heh 🙂

  28. jonny

    Yeah, only some of us saw this. But i remember alot of people generally thought Theo was a huge waste of space. Sad really.

    And Gervinho’s ability to miss is unparalleled, i can safely say there isn’t anyone better at it.

    I thought he was alright to be honest,maybe not as an inside forward but maybe teach him how to cross like Podolski and tell to take on the fullback. He’ll beat him every single time.

    Mourinho is a very sad man, he doesn’t know what he wants. His tactics are short term, not long term. That’s why he only ever lasted 2 or 3 years in a job.

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