Mertesacker, Rosicky, Ramsey: The Feelgood Factor Gets A Sugar Rush


As I was typing what was originally going to be this morning’s post, news reached me that a Stoke City fanzine is apparently creating another article which highlights more selfish and disrespectful behaviour from Aaron Ramsey toward them, their club and its players. Having the temerity to tell their supporters to quieten down from barracking him as opposed to seeking their forgiveness for scoring at The Emirates earlier this season, Ramsey has apparently made matters worse by signing a further extension to his contract at Arsenal and not donating the additional salary to Ryan Shawcross, whom they believe is due a share of the glory for his part in providing the midfielder with motivation to enjoy the heights of he currently occupies. Ramsey has further exacerbated the situation by returning to full training without donating his right leg to the Orc Hospital for use by those whose misfortune began when they were born in Stoke.

With the FA Cup Quarter Final looming, Arsenal have announced that Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have both extended their stay at the club. At the time there were rumours of a Third Man, a mysterious deal being agreed. Initial reports were confused and a few names were mentioned but The Guardian has reported the Ramsey deal as he begins full training, targeting the Tottenham game for a return although some outlets believe the trip to Munich is a possibility. An online petition has begun demanding that Arsenal enter immediate negotiations with Nicklas Bendtner to persuade the Dane not to leave the club. He has, he feels, been hard done by and explained that far from being displaying psycopathic tendencies, all his misdemeanours were cutting edge marketing ploys. Damage to cars in Sunderland? A stunt thought up by Bashem’s Body Shop. Trousers round his ankles outside a London club? Sue, Grabbit and Runne’s new Accident Injury Helpline Lawyers are waiting to help you recover on a nice bed of cash for the trip that wasn’t your fault. Nicklas is just misunderstood and it’s time the club recognised this. Let’s hope they see sense.

Topping off the whole contract cake is the cherry with reports suggesting the club is taking up a one-year option on Santi Cazorla’s contract.

The biggest plus out of that plethora of news is the indication that the tide has turned on the over-30s contract policy which has been slowly fading over recent years. Whether this is a final recognition from the manager that the older players have much to offer and are as important to the squad as youth or a practicality that can now be indulged financially, depends on your viewpoint. It was always nonsensical to offer players annual rolling contracts when more than ever, at that time in their careers they want the certainty of longer timescales. No doubt Arsène was right to release some or not offer longer contracts but some others you feel left too soon, that subsequent squads would have benefited from a touch more experience. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

I cannot think of any reason anyone would not feel lifted by the quartet of contract renewals. Mertesacker has formed a good partnership with Koscielny and provides the leadership the defence was missing. His is the strongest personality and one that commands respect, not just in his performances but in his desire to win and do well for the club. That and a self-deprecating sense of humour seem to make him as popular in the squad as in the stands.

The renewals of the older players contracts provide a stark contrast to Bacary Sagna’s situation. Of course we would like that to be resolved favourably but more than anything the deals for Rosicky and Mertesacker underline that the length of the contract offered is not likely to be the barrier to a successful resolution of the full back’s negotiations; it’s cash. I guess the question for the club is whether they can afford to let him go. Some of that will be influenced by Thomas Vermaelen’s situation; the Belgian is not going to relish another season on the bench, surely, and I would expect him to leave next summer after the World Cup. There is nothing wrong in his desire for first team football, especially as it may impact his international career. The question that the club has to weigh up is whether losing two experienced defenders at the same time is a cost they are willing to absorb? That is a small cloud on the horizon but with a few months yet before Sagna’s contract expires – and no obligation on the club’s part to sell Vermaelen, it must be said – there is much scope for the footballing landscape to change. And the racing certainty is that it probably will, one way then the other, such is the nature of contractual negotiations.

Please sir, can I have some more? Good news that is.

More? Yea Gods, people. OK, Kim Kallstrom’s ambition of matching Ju Young Park’s appearance record for Arsenal is finally on track with the Swedish international reportedly nearing readiness for first team action. This weekend is judged too soon in the reports but with next week’s trip to Munich sandwiched between the FA Cup and North London Derby, Kallstrom’s availability will at least give Wenger options in his team selection and (hopefully) not cause the return of Ramsey to be rushed.

That is it for today, it’s all good news’d out.

’til Tomorrow.

82 thoughts on “Mertesacker, Rosicky, Ramsey: The Feelgood Factor Gets A Sugar Rush

  1. With Wilshere having a bit of a slump in form, having Ramsey and Kallstrom as options is a good thing. A big ask for either to simply get into the groove though. That said, I don’t see as Kallstrom altering out game that much as he is more likely to “sit”. We have missed Ramsey’s forward running though.

  2. Yogi thanks for another great start to what is shaping up to be a long day.

    Its a shame that we have yet to sign Sagna to a new contract. I do think though that Mert was massive for us going forward with his leadership and reading of the game is simply sublime. Mert and Kos for years will be the rock that is our defense. Mozart is playing not like a player that is 33 years old because I know this might sound crazy but the injuries have preserved him.

  3. @GA

    I tend to agree with you, I think Kallstrom will play a part because of his ability to “sit” and his ability to pass. I know it will be unfair to ask Ramsey to come back and play at a high level but I don’t think the lad knows how not to give the work rate and thus will be involved naturally just because he plays so hard but smartly.

  4. Great post Yogi. Excellent news regarding BFG, TR7 and AR. BFG has been our player of the year if you ask me. I always thought we needed a lump in the center of our defense to organize the troops and he certainly fits the profile. An excellent leader and organizer. TR7 is the ideal squad player IMO. Highly experienced and able to play at his best even if he has not started a game for a couple of months. Yossi Benayoun showed up how valuable someone like that is to a squad. Aaron had an amazing start to this season and while that was not sustainable and he was moving back towards his norm when he got injured, he was still a big loss and I think he would have been more effective then Jack has for the last couple of months.

  5. @Bob

    Solid not spectacular, is a very good free kick taker and has a good to very good left foot for both passing and shooting.

  6. I think Nik B probably got more hype in his Arsenal youth days then any goal scorer that come through the academy. JET and Afobe were close but no other striker seemed to have Nik’s potential. He was brilliant in the youth leagues, had some excellent games with the Carling Cup teams and did quite well on loan for a season in the Championship. Then everything fell apart. For a while we blamed injuries and then we blamed Arsene for misusing him and playing him out wide. Although the man is clearly a mental midget, the reality is that he is just not that good enough to be a PL striker. He reached the ceiling of his ability in that year in the Championship.

  7. C:

    At this point in the season why would we try to use Kallstrom? We have Flamini and Arteta for the deep midfield. Wilshere, Rosicky for the box to box role and hopefully Ramsey coming back soon. I would much rather see Flamini and Arteta together then Kallstrom. Its not like we think he is going to be a great player even if he could walk in and play at his absolute best from day 1 and we certainly have other options. What do we have to gain by even giving him a chance to play at this point in the season?

  8. How could you throw Kallstrom on the pitch during squeaky bum time when he has never played a minute of competitive football with his new teammates and he is coming off a long term injury in a new league which is much different then where he has been playing. If we had absolutely no other options then you might be forced to cross your fingers and hope, but it seems absolutely crazy when we have other options available.

  9. @Bill

    Experience, understanding and futbol IQ. Not to mention at present Jack isn’t performing to be honest and is giving the ball away way to much and that’s not me being harsh its me telling you what I see. So with that if Kallstrom does play(that’s a big if but we have seen Arsene do strange things) he could be a player that is solid not spectacular, we don’t need spectacular we need solid to be honest. While we think Mozart should be playing more in that box to box role, Arsene hasn’t been playing him there to be honest.

  10. Bill – I pretty much agree with that. Decent player, but it would take him plenty of games just to get into our style of play and understand his team-mates. Handy to have if we have loads of injuries, but that aisde, I don’t really see much of a role for him.

    Five years ago maybe, but not now.

  11. C

    How do we know Kallstrom has understanding and futbol IQ? Even if he is Mensa level it’s going to be difficult to use that when he has never set foot on a pitch with his teammates in a real game. I always thought it takes time to get back in game shape after a long term injury and we never get a players best early in their Arsenal careers because it takes a full year to adapt to the PL. We don’t have any time in the schedule that we can allot for adaptation.

    If the goal is to replace Wilshere with steady and unspectacular then Arteta and Flamini together is a certainly a better option then KK at least until Ramsey is ready. No?

  12. @Bill

    I’m not disagreeing with you, I was just could see the thinking behind Kallstrom playing. It does take time to mesh with your teammates there’s no doubting that but there its also true that more experienced players tend to be able adapt a bit quicker to our squad because they aren’t being asked to be a regular but more squad player and just in case player. Its just the way it is, the more experienced players have a better feel and understanding for futbol as a whole, No?

    I have never been sold on having Arteta and Flamini playing side by side for a whole match, but that’s just me.

  13. Don’t forget Rosicky; he is more than capable of playing centrally (I quite like him there as it goes). And AOC.

  14. C – “ Its just the way it is, the more experienced players have a better feel and understanding for futbol as a whole, No?

    This is true. But I also think that as we already have players who know (and are used to) our system, I can’t see the logic in playing him. We have no dead rubber games so afford really afford to bed somebody in for 5 or 6 games. No hamr in having him available though, who knows what is around the corner.

  15. C

    I think we had a bad game or 2 while Flamini and Arteta played together. When something goes wrong we all try to look for a reason and the Flamini/Arteta axis was a convenient scapegoat. I don’t remember, but you mentioned that I said some of the same things myself. The reality is that we have not looked dynamic with any midfield combination and I don’t think the Flamini/Arteta axis was the reason we looked sluggish in those games. The last time they played together against Liverpool in the FA cup games was perhaps the best all around game we have played for months.

  16. Another aspect and consideration when one consider the prospect of losing Sagna is that it would really upset the composition of our bench – having him there means that we have an extra space available for midfield/attack. His versatility increases the options available to the manager and – given the number of people we would have vying for bench space if everyone were fit – this is not far short of invaluable.

    Exciting finish to the cricket in SA – 11 overs to go and just two wickets in hand to claim a great draw.

  17. @GA

    I personally like Mozart sitting next to Arteta or Flamini as I think that he offers more than Jack not to mention his level of work rate, class and futboling IQ makes us flow and play so much better there. The thing is though, Arsene hasn’t been playing him there preferring to play him either wide or behind the striker even though he is a better option than Jack is.

    That’s the thing, I think Arsene views him as somebody that can IF need be provide cover and we not lose much. Arsene has been known to do strange things and play players in both situations and under certain circumstances that he feels the player could offer something different and more whether it be Yaya starting against Bayern or Jack being started on the right flank.

  18. I agree with Andy. The real reason to play Kallstrom would be to see what he could for or validate the reason we actually signed him since we would look rather foolish to sign someone that never played. The former reason might be valid if we might keep him long term or we thought he could be a reasonable alternative if Ramsey struggled when he returns and I doubt either of those scenarios is realistic. As far as saving blushes for our transfer department, I think its a bit late to do that.

  19. @Bill

    For me the 2-3 matches that you speak about where they did play together, yes 1 of those was the Liverpool match where Liverpool cut us open in the first 20 mins and should have scored 3 or 4 as the midfield was absolutely ripped to shreds before Ozil/Ox/Podolski/Yaya kind of took over and took control of the match. The other matches we have played they have looked slow both in defending and helping to turn defense into attack. Now again that is just me and how I feel. I think in a match were we are going to STRICTLY play on the counter, sure they will play good because they can just sit back and defend but if we are to get back to our best then starting both of them IMHO isn’t an option. Thus why I could see Arsene using Kallstrom because he is a good passer but I’m not saying that he should as I have said all along, everything is a big IF for any player coming off of an injury, look at how long it is taking Santi to recover.

  20. We talked a couple days ago about how slow we have been turning defense to attack for the majority of the season and Flamini/Arteta have only played together in a couple of those games. I agree completely that they are not our first choice starting 11 but it’s not is a bad option that keeps us from getting back to our best as a team. It’s not our first option but I don’t think that it somehow hurts us.

  21. I have no qualms with the Arteta/Flamini axis.

    What we do miss though (when they play together) is drive from midfield. In tight games it is that which can make the difference and spoil the oppositions shape. Rosicky/Wilshere/AOC all are more than capable of picking the ball up and going past a few players from central areas. Ramsey does not really do that, but he does make runs into goalscoring areas.

    that is why Diaby could have been so important for us, he was great at doing that.

  22. We have been playing slower and I think as I spoke to earlier the fact that we have always had somebody in that “box-to-box” spot that pushes us forward from defense to attack and allows us to play that free flowing counter attacking style that we play when were at our best. For whatever reason since Ramsey went down we have slowed down, now Jack has his moments but as I have discussed I think he should be more squad that regular player until he gets back fit and firing because of the midfield options that we have and the fact that he loses the ball too much. Do I think Flamini/Arteta axis is a good option, not IMHO but it is an option nonetheless and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kallstrom and one of Flamin or Arteta as opposed to Arteta/Flamini but either way we are not asking any 3 of them to be dynamic play-makers but to just “sit” infront of the back 4 and get the ball as quickly as possible to one of our more attacking midfielders.

  23. spare a thought for Bayern. First Wenger unleases Sanogo on them, now Kallstrom!

    Agree 100% on the Australians. Just 4 overs to hold out.

  24. C – Ramsey appears to be the only midfielder that gets into the box hoping something will fall his way. Both Rosicky and Wilshere only really get into the penalty area when trying to pull off a one/two. Flamini and Arteta sit back and be the axis (which is fine, somebody has to do it).

  25. Andy

    We have talked before about Diaby. I think he is a case where absence really does make the heart grow fonder. In the few runs of games that he was healthy he had a couple of eye catching performances but he rarely put 2 good games together. He seems like a good guy and a good teammate and you have to like the guy. He had the combination of physique and technique to be a legend, but incredible potential often does not turn into reality. However we will never really know and its fun to drink a pint and talk about our chronic bad luck and how a healthy Diaby would have changed everything.

  26. Bill – I think the reason we never saw the best of Diaby (just glimpses of what may of being) was simply down to his balsa wood body. If he had a sustained run for us, I do think he would have been a superb player for us. As it is, he has averaged 19 games per seaon for us which is sad.

    I am not saying he would have changed anything, but from what we saw of him I really do think he would have been a very special player for us.

    A real shame. For him and for us.

  27. Stats –

    * Despite being 12 points better off, Arsenal have scored fewer goals (52) than the same stage last season (53).
    * Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the only Arsenal player to create two goalscoring chances v Stoke; he only played the final 16 minutes.
    * Olivier Giroud lost the ball with a poor touch seven times v Stoke; only five players (Peter Crouch, Jay Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Christian Benteke and Adam Lallana) have a higher average turnover-per-game rate than Giroud in the PL.

  28. Andy.

    As he matured Theo seems to have improved his long term problem with inconsistency, and while he still has his warts, Theo is now an important player. In theory Diaby could have done the same.

    I don’t think individual midfielders can change games the way a goal scorer does. However, if Diaby could have stayed healthy he had the potential to be a great midfielder for us.

  29. Hi, Just wanted to say that källström is quite an intelligent fotballplayer and I don´t mean just on the field. He´s a future manager if he chooses and an exellent commentator.

    To be fair, most commentators are old players and not verbaly brilliant. But listening to källstrom for five minutes explaining a game is a relief. He´s a clever lad with presence and if it weren´t for Zlatan he would have been the leader and captain for the swedish national team.

  30. I really think AOC need to play for the rest of the season from the right. He is the only option there that gives us any pace (Gnabry of course, but AOC is better). It makes such a different to our game.

    If he plays and Ramsey comes back into the team and is playing well, I think our season will be right back on track.

  31. @GA

    I agree, we do miss the midfielder that makes the late runs in the box which helps make us more dangerous. While I don’t mind having 2 players sit in attack, we can’t play that way when our attackers are midfielders as well when Podolski doesn’t play. Then when we do play with Podolski and/or the Ox on the flanks we have to play them the ball and I think that is the way that it could work with Flamini and Arteta at both pivots similar to the way that the Chavs do with Matic and either Ramires or Mikel then plays with a combination of Hazard/Schurrle/Oscar/Eto/William up top and allow them to just go and attack.

  32. Bill – What I saw in Diaby was the rare ability to actually boss a game. Sure, quite a few top level players heavily influence the game. But not many dominate it. I saw Diaby do that a few times (not many mind, as he was always injured two games later).

    He had plenty of crap games, but I do think is largely due to the fact that he could never play a run of games to get into the groove of playing on a regular basis. That is where form comes from and he never really had that.

  33. Diaby if it wasn’t for a couple of ankle killing tackles could have been one of the best midfielders in the whole of Europe. He also could have been a difference maker given a run of matches and allowed to play especially with this team. He could have been special but injuries have taken their toll on the lad. Such a shame to be honest it really is.

  34. C – Yeah, I agree with all of that. Arteta/Flamini is fine. Just not in conjunction with Carzola, Ozil, Rosicky, Wilshere.

  35. @GA & Bill

    I agree with GA about Diaby bossing a match. He just didn’t do it in attack but when you watch him, he has that rare ability to make a tackle and then in the save movement start the attack either with the dribble or a pass. If he was ever to regain form he would have been an absolute joy to watch!!

  36. Do you know, jonny, and many won’t like this, but Giroud has always reminded me of Crouch.

    Who is, I hasten to add, an underrated player. In his prime anyway, not now.

  37. Jonny.

    If we continue our current scoring pace this will be the lowest scoring arsenal team since the turn of the century.

    I am not a huge Giroud fan but I think that stat you mentioned is another one of those that is easily misinterpreted. Giroud plays by himself up front and he will be surrounded by deep lying defenders and under pressure with nearly every touch and pass that he makes. Even with an immaculate first touch he will lose the ball sometimes if surrounded and every pass he makes will be under pressure and contended. By necessity he will lose the ball more then a midfielder and his pass completion percentage will always look poor. All that said he had a very poor game against Stoke by any standard.

  38. Andy and C

    Perhaps you are right about Diaby and I remember a few eye catching games that showed some great potential. I think the number of those great games goes up and the number of not so great games goes down in our minds as we get further from having seen him on the pitch.

  39. Tomas Rosicky just scored against Norway. A beautiful goal from outside of the box after intercepting goalkeeper’s roll-out.

  40. Why is TR7 still playing international football ?

    So , it seems Kallstrom is bright & can take a free kick. That`s two things he`s got over Jack already then.

    As for Diaby, I think he`s very much viewed with rose tinted specs. Even when he had a run of games (& yes , there were a few) he was woefully inconsistent. As Bill said , sounds like a nice lad …but….

    Fingers crossed for no injuries tonight – we`ll need everyone bright eyed & bushy tailed come Saturday lunchtime.

  41. Bill,

    Giroud doesn’t play by himself when he is in his hotel room at 3 in the morning though.

    Bloody aussies.

  42. Dukey.

    The little brain that swings between Giroud’s legs out muscled the bigger one between his ears. I wish he was as good at scoring with his feet.

  43. Dukey.

    I don’t have any problems having a go at Giroud when I think its reasonable but fair is fair and I can’t fault him based on those stats because When I watch I don’t really feel like he consistently loses the ball more then expected. All the players leading the league in turnovers are strikers except Lallana. I think that is to be expected. Somebody might be able to find the stats, but with our back to goal style and the multiple short passes in the attacking 1/3, I suspect Giroud has more touches per game then almost any striker in the league. Suarez may be close and I would love to have him despite the fact that he turns it over a lot.

  44. Wilshere now injured for England.

    Has stood up but really we should substitue him.

    No point trying to run it off.

  45. C

    He looks alright, but Wilshere should be more careful, he always comes out of a match bruised and bloodied.

    I hate when he tries to go through a group of 3 players that surround him..

  46. @Moe

    Yea and that is why I wouldn’t mind Arsene giving him a couple of weeks off so really heal.

    He does do that alot and then he loses it, rolls around instead of picking himself up. I see that a lot in many of the better English futbolers.

  47. Ozil with an assist and Mozart with a goal. Hopefully those help them get their swagger and mojo back!

  48. C

    When you watch international football, it kinda reminds you how good our players actually are.

    I mean we have world class players at our club.

    I personally am starting to think that our style limits players , it takes something away from them. I mean they are individually excellent but in our system they struggle to shine, their individuality and maybe sense of freedom in terms of attack is maybe stymied by our style.

    Or should i say our recent style. But then again was the style different when we had players like Fabregas and Nasri, with Van Persie and Song? We were more attacking, more dangerous and far more likely to score.

    I don’t know but Arsenal teams have always been exciting, dangerous and could create 1000 chances, maybe we didn’t score but at least we were good to watch.

    I personally don’t know which has had the bigger impact , the change of players or a potential change in style.

  49. I guess Wilshere by running out again just proved that for him it is more important to play a friendly against Denmark than to win a cup with Arsenal. Should he not have run straight to the docs and make sure he would be ok for Saturday? I mean after all this is a friendly…

  50. Why do they get caps(those blue ones in the pic Wilshere posted on face) for every game they play ? is that some English thing?

  51. It’s the 68th minute. The score is 0-0. Everything is so predictable. The defence is steady and snuffs out any attempt to overcome it. The midfield is full of quick passing movements which lead to nowhere, while the attack is largely bereft of any sort of finish.
    Since the departure of Wilshere, even my limited interest has disappeared.
    Is there anything more boring these days than a friendly international match.
    I can’t stand any more of it and unless the Ox comes on I will switch off……zzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. wilshere, gibbs, walcott, ox, jenkinson our 5 brits. I find it annoying that Liverpoops five brits are better than ours…

  53. Hi Jonny, Bob et al,
    Well what a brilliant game of cricket.
    The good news is that it puts the 5-0 drubbing into perspective. Maybe English cricket isn’t that bad after all.
    Or is Australia becoming the Bayern Munich or Barcelona of world cricket?
    probably both!

  54. Poodle.

    Right now I agree that their Brits are better then ours even with Walcott healthy. I remember a lot of talk a couple of years ago that Arsene was building a group of Brits that would dominate the English team for years to come. Does not look that way right now but to be fair the Ox might tip the balance back in our favor in the next couple of years if he becomes as good as I hope.

  55. I beg to differ Bill,

    whilst sturridge and sterling are in form and even that Jordan Henderson I would not swap sturridge for Walcott, i’d rather stick with the ox then swap for sterling and Wilshere is or will become the better player then Jordan. jenks will be better then the toilet thief …and gerrard is an old man now so he doesn’t count.

  56. Different game Nicky,
    I was referring to the Aussies beating Sth Africa.
    England playing the Windies.

  57. Nicky,

    Phil is an Aussie…and an Aussie who happens to pop in everytime they win , so I suppose we will be seeing him a lot more in the future….

  58. Fair play Phil – the Aussies surprised everyone – gutsy performance all round.

    I do however think this Oz team is still in a rebuilding process – there are 4-5 old/aging/injury prone players in that team. Even Johnson is 32.

    It’ll be interesting to see where the two teams are when they next meet – obviously England have a LOT of rebuilding to do too – it may well come down to how well both teams can blood their new charges in the time in between.

  59. Dukey.

    I was going by right now

    Sturridge has 18 goals in 20 games and can play wide but he is big enough to be effective in the center. I think he is better then Walcott right now.

    Sterling has been better then Ox this season but I expect Ox will be the best of all of the Brits by World Cup 2018 and hopefully sooner.

    Johnson > Jenks. Henderson = wilshere this season.

  60. Very true Dukey, mind you I was around when we were getting smashed, i just didn’t talk about it!
    i agree Jonny,
    Like the Arsenal, there is the nucleus of a good side there.

    On to football, great news about the re signings. Extremely disappointing if Sagna isn’t re signed. Very professional, reliable,and as somebody mentioned, versatile.
    If others are deserving of increases, then so is he. Pay him.

  61. @Moe

    I completely agree, look at even just our midfield players, Germany’s attack is based on Ozil and his brilliance and he did it again yesterday. His touch in composure in the box is top class and he calmly found Goetze who didn’t have any choice but to score. Look at Santi and Podolski, both are pretty much locks for their country even though said countries are packed full at their respective positions.

    I agree, I think our style restricts are players and I think Arsene seems to struggle to allow the attacking players the freedom and expression to be at their best while at the same time not fully believing that if he does that the team will still defend together. I think that if he does give his attacking players more freedom like he use to do that they will want to defend because they will always try and score and want the ball.

    I mean even Giroud prior to him joining Arsenal was rarely ever a player that played with his back to go around the box when he played for both France and Montpellier and was at his best and now he struggles. Its strange because if there was ever a back 5 plus pivots I could trust it would be this lot especially when Flamini is shielding who adds a bit more bit and bark to our defending.

  62. Moe, C:

    The back to goal style is dictated by the players we have up front. The biggest problem is not necessarily the style but the lack of goal scorers in our front 3. We have been talking about that since last summer. The injury to Walcott was a huge blow because we have so little scoring depth. The fact that this team has been defense dominated is the only thing that has kept us this close to the top. We need to spend some money this summer

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