Arsenal To Pick Any One Of Four Signings. Apparently.


It is like a Hammer House Of Horror movie. The tension levels are rising with the musical accompaniment becoming more sinister as the moments passed, the hysteria whipped from comatose to lassitude. The door has creaked open and the Arsenal delegation is in Germany. It’s led by Dick Law but he has a new assistant, someone else to take the strain when negotiations get too tough; Abraham van Helsing. How else will they capture Count Draxler? Forgive my cynicism but I seem to recall a similar delegation visiting Spain in the summer and look how that turned out. Woah! Time to bang the trays and get excited, hot diggidy dang. 

The transfer window had quite passed us by. Not entirely but beyond the initial fervour about Draxler joining the swelling German ranks at Arsenal there wasn’t much going on. The odd loan deal here and there but rather like the Tottenham defence, hype has been noticeable by its absence. With less than three days to go, a kerfuffle has begun with all manner of convoluted methods exposed for a deal to be struck with Schalke. Tottenham apparently hold the key, as the media like to portray they did in the summer. For Gareth Bale, read Lewis Holtby. It hasn’t quite got the same ring to it but for Arsenal, the return of Holtby serves as a distraction, a smokescreen to keep the pressure off in many respects. If the deal falls through, let it be portrayed as Daniel Levy’s moment of glory; God knows after last night’s thumping by Manchester City, he needs it no matter how little basis in fact it has.

Transfer news ramping up was of as little surprise as stories of a long absence for Aaron Ramsey. Even though Arsène denied them immediately after Tuesday’s draw, I wonder if the full extent of his setback was known at that point? There is a week’s rest before the visit to Anfield and that may prove beneficial to all of the players, not just Ramsey. Jack Wilshere will miss Sunday’s match against Palace with ankle more knacked than initially thought but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain must be close to match fitness with the number of substitute appearances and reserve matches he has played recently. Equally, Tomas Rosicky is likely to be ready for Palace so options are available.

Mikel Arteta is optimistic about the squad being able to cope with the current stresses,

We had many options but that is one problem we’ve had in the last few weeks: we’ve had a lot of injuries, [such as] losing Theo for a long time, Oxlade-Chamberlain is just coming back, too many. Rosicky as well was out for a couple of weeks with his nose so we are a bit short at the moment but hopefully we can get people back.

That happens and we have to deal with it. The schedule is really busy now – we have some really tough games coming up in the next few weeks and we have to deal with it and do our best.

It puts Mathieu Flamini’s suspension into perspective, it is what makes it so irritating. Numbers are short and Arsène is going to struggle to rotate the likes of Cazorla and Gnabry if they need a rest in the next fortnight; Flamini’s absence exacerbates the problem, leaving the manager at the mercy of the injury gods who frankly seem to have taken an intense dislike to the man this season. It isn’t all down to the fitness regime at the club although the number of absences raises uncomfortable questions; some of these are bad luck, some are not. It is worth remembering that even if Draxler does sign, he is still recovering from injury himself so is not an immediate solution to the problem.

Of course his signature is about improving the quality of the squad as much as giving the manager options. It isn’t about targetting this player or that but the continual building process that should be in place. Something which is probably the hardest part of a manager’s job, certainly after silverware has been landed. In Arsenal’s case, chase the elusive trophy makes the job easier; Arsène knows he has yet to find the winning combination in that sense. When they crossed the rubicon, his job is much harder; he knows the players can deliver and rewards that with his trust in them. At this point, the process should not slow down as standing still rarely proves successful in itself with the factors which make a title or cup-winning season never replicated. In the following nine months, different pressures come to bear and other teams improve their staff.

With a couple of days left in this transfer window, there is still a chance of Arsenal of Vucinc up; time will Tello if it Matuidi’s or not…

If there was an over-reaction to Arsenal’s draw on Tuesday, the hyperbole showed little sign of dimming following City’s win that took them to the top of the table yesterday. Even without the help of the referee, they looked too strong for Tottenham. This morning sees a close title race turned into a procession, according to Martin Samuel. City are certainly romping away, a whole point ahead as the cock crowed. How anyone can possibly catch them with such a commanding lead is unfathomable. At the same time, Chelsea blew the chance to move into second and it was amusing to see Mourinho bemoan the “19th century tactics” he made so fashionable when they were used against him. Welcome to your new home, Mr Mourinho. These are you neighbours, Messrs Pot, Kettle and Black.

Arsenal will be looking to take back first place on Sunday and keep it with City failing to win on Monday at Stamford Bridge. In an ideal draw, a draw would be the best outcome, leaving Chelsea four points adrift. Just as Arsenal are entering a tough run of fixtures, City have theirs at the end of March; in an eighteen day spell they travel to Old Trafford, The Emirates and Anfield. Chelsea by contrast have a relatively easy run-in; Manchester City and Arsenal go to Stamford Bridge with a trip to Anfield their only tough away game. Arsenal may drop points in coming weeks but it is not the end of the campaign; the question is whether there will be enough games to make up any points deficit.

Testing times ahead but it is infinitely more preferable to be thinking of title rivals than wondering how to claw back fourth place.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. …stand corrected, arsenal site says Flamini is out for 3 games and Rosicky may be back for Sunday. jack fit for game thereafter so we may have just enough and should be able to manage with slight risk.

    Considering we still have ozil, santi ,rosicky and jack, creativity isn’t exactly our issue at the moment. Striker is along with exposure at Cback and to Arteta.

    Spend the money on more horse placenta for Diaby?:D

  2. off topic a little but i dont understand is all this hoo haa with big fat bastard sam and ze cock..

    why the fucks jose moaning about 19th century football when

    A..Jose parks his bus against every top team when he plays away and grabs his point..

    2…chelsea had 39 shots last night…39 shots…
    what the fuck has 39 shots and not being able to score got to do with how westham defended…or didnt really defend…chelsea just couldnt finish..

    very confused by it all but whatever…its making me giggle…

  3. @Santori

    Pato is a very good option given that he is young, experienced not to mention extremely talented and I for one love Brazilians and Pato. I have been banging on about getting him since Milan put him up for sale. The thing though is that fitness wise he isn’t capable due to his standing at his club to come in and play not to mention there is always a 3rd party involved that may not want a simple loan move. If Pato was to ever get refocused, he could be one of the best in teh World no doubt about it but his focus since Milan has been no where near where is should be.

    Tello is a very good option.

  4. @JJ

    I agree!!!!

    I mean 39 shots against a team that parked the bus is absurd and the fact that your team couldn’t find a way to put 1 shot in the net speaks more to your team then it does to West Ham.

  5. chelsea park the bus and its tactical genious….
    westham get lucky cos chelseas strikers had there boots on the wrong foot and its 19th century football..

    chelsea sell their twice voted best player and its shrewd move thats gonna win em the title…
    wenger sells his best player and hes lucky to be finishing 4th and his jobs on the line

    im just fucking confused and thats even before ive got my teeth into any of this transfer shite..
    why do we need another midfeilder? weve got about 400…so weve got a few niggles and suspensions? so what weve still got some left…
    its if we get injuries and suspensions to CB and striker…then we’re proper fucked….

  6. @JJ

    What’s going to make his comments even more of a joke is the fact that come Monday he is going to be parking the bus and having Luiz and Ramires run around and kick the shit out of Manciteh and play for the draw!

  7. IF we had to choose between Klose and Draxler for this window i must say i would be tempted to go for Klose. he’s vastly experienced and a well known game changer. Draxler, well he’s very young, and it probably would not be fair to expect him to “save our season”.

  8. always liked pato..can remember the week long ding dong with one of the conditionalist posidivas about whether he was shit or not and whether we should sign him from milan..
    that ships sailed though me thinks

    not fan of vuviciciconisofic ot whatever..dont see what he brings that giroud and podolski dont..

    quite like the idea of tello and morata…maybe we could tie up a couple of loan deals for those two..

    not even gonna comment on draxler..i knew the game was up as soon as we sent dick law to sort it out..he’d have got on the wrong plane..

  9. season doesnt really need saving does it..
    its not the same situation as when we are fighting for 4th
    weve been 1st for the majority with the current players but seeing as though weve had the injuries to podolski, theo and lo ox and ppl like park still havent got a game and bendtners played about 5 times it would help if we reinforce this position with a quality player..or two now theos crocked again..
    just to help see us over the line..

    in that sence it could take them a couple of weeks to adapt..they’ll be no rush unless we end up getting more injuries and giroud and podolski are fucked although podolski might as well be injured….

    we just need reinforcing..

    and not with another bendtner…

  10. @JJ

    I’m not sure the Pato shipped has sailed more getting the right manager to keep him focused. People tend to forget that Pato and Ibra were damn near unplayable at Milan when they played together. I think he has the potential to be a very good signing but the key will be for Arsene to keep him focused on futbol.

    I am with you, Vucinic isn’t better than Podolski and if we are going to do a loan deal than Tello for me is the man for the job. Electric pace, very good finisher, technically very gifted not to mention he knows how we play because they play that way at Barca.

    I wouldn’t be surprised either way if we did or didn’t get Draxler, personally I say sign him up but again wouldn’t be surprised either way.

  11. and i still think all the comments coming out of schalke are no different to all the crap we used to chat when we were about to sell a key player..

    all depends on whether dick law has found the right door out of the hotel and hasnt ended up in the cupboard or whether weve offered them 37mil and a whole earth pound as to whether it will happen or not..

  12. The thing for me is that Arsene would be playing a very dangerous game if he didn’t bring in anybody whether it be midfielder defensive help or striker help. Counting on Arteta this sesaon to play 4 straight matches with 2 of those against Pool and a Mata led Manure with no Ramsey and Jack on the mend plus no Flamini with his ankle is risky business.

    A cheeky bid for Fernando, the Brazilian that is both physical but technically very sound from Porto wouldn’t be a bad option. Porto are only asking 12-17M for him.

  13. @poodle

    Klose would be the idea replacement for Giroud but I would fancy that we get a different type of striker like Tello or even Draxler. Get exactly what we miss with Theo out.

  14. no i dont poodle i reckon klose is a very fine player who in his prime was very very very fine but will he play instead of giroud and can he play wingforward?

    if the answer to both is no then theres no point signing him..

    its pace we lack mate..

    we need speed…


  15. @C atlest if he brings in some quality and we fail we can say “we tried but ” bringing in nobody or someone that is not a game changer, well then we simply did not do a good enough job in the transfer window.

    And that will deffo come back to bite them in the ass. We have the opportunity now. As they say Fortune favours the brave. It would be brave to take the chance and splash out over the odds for a player that we do not know 100% will adjust and help us win this season. However as they say “fortune favours the brave”.
    Lets hope AW is brave this window.

  16. @jj Klose will come as a loan payer for 6 months to back up Giroud for when he is to tired? Its a brilliant plan C. If nothing els is available i think he is better than nothing really.

  17. i would be very surprised if we BOUGHT Klose. Surly it would be a loan… Together with one of the young spaniards, or even with Draxler . Thats my opinion anyway.. But I’m not sure “Only Draxler” is enough. I think we would need two players to keep up a sustained pressure on our rivals…mostly due to our luck with injuries and the fact that with rest Giroud is a beast.

  18. i think anyone we bring in now will be a loan…unless we can convince them to sell..

    but yeah id settle for two players
    id of thunked tello and morata but tello and klose sounds good..

  19. hmm what scares me shitless is that if Arsenal are not ready to pay 37 M for the kid Draxler this january you can bet both your eyes on the fact that City, Chelsea, PSG, Monaco or United will be more than happy to pay 45M for him comes summer…

  20. @JJ & poodle

    We need pace as JJ says and Tello or Draxler would be perfext in that sense.

    I have a feeling we may sign nobody which is even worse give our current injuries and Arsene looking for a striker in the summer then losing Theo.

  21. I’m not sure if I believe Arsenes comments because of recent he has spoke about Podolski and praising him and his importance but nothing came of that.

    We shall see though as it closes tomorrow and we will either have reinforcements or we won’t. If not then we will seriously have to question Arsene should he conti he not to play Podolski.

  22. Liverpool seems to continue their clever january buy line though. they done really well in the las january windows. Cutino, Sturridge, Suarez and now they may land this fellow with the hard name. Qualityplayers? well they have lifted the quality of the Anfield squad atleaast and made a huge difference for Liverpool.

  23. draxler deal not happening..
    the ITK guy who said the fee has been agreed jumped the gun
    that bloke ITK at bbc tweeting that deal has fallen flat wenger wont pay what schalke asking..

    ooohh isnt it all exciting..

  24. News coming in that Draxler has actually had a medical with Arsenal courtesy of Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt – Also did the Ozil medical.

  25. why would the bayern club doctor be conducting medicals for other clubs? unless hes the german national doctor as well…

    but in any case why arent we conducting our own medicals? havent we only just recently built ourselves a 20mil medical centre?

    has diaby drained it already or is it just going to waste??

  26. Schalke bigwig saying they weren’t prepared to ‘give Draxler away’. From this I understand that the usual Wenger under-offer was put to them.

  27. Well we don’t really need Draxler if AW has been working “Under the radar” on some other major signing. But if he ends up not strengthening when we could and we end up not competing in the end, having a horrendous February and blowing everything. Many will find it very hard to forgive. Especially as we had the chance..

  28. and why the hell would Schalke drop any valuation when they know other big clubs would pay a lot more for Draxler come summer???
    I cannot understand why they should do that? Why should they do Arsenal a “favour” when they know they can flog the kid for more? That would be really bad business for Schalke… Surly AW must know that?

  29. blah we could have used the 37M Draxler money to land Fernando and Mangala from Porto for example. Instead of huffing and puffing with Draxler. Agan i cannot understand why Schalke should want to sell their prized asset for under market value. Only a club with no economical sense or deep economical trouble would do so .

  30. But then again i don’t think Draxler is worth 37mil.

    30mil max. So i completely understand if wenger is unwilling to pay 37mil.

    Just too much for a 20 year old.

    Ozil was already world class, Draxler still has to prove himself.

  31. The fee being discuss is much lower.

    37m is the mythical buy out clause which no longer exist.

    Wenger and company are believe to have tabled 24m plus plenty of add ons which is already IMO extremely over generous for a young player admmitedly talented but who is yet unproven over a longer haul.

    Nor is he exactly a goal machine in Germany and he is cup tied.

    Considering Jovetic went to City for 25m under, and he is a player who scores more and has been doing it for longer, you can see how ludicruous it is to sign on someone in an area of the team we actually have some depth (as oppose to striker or CB)

    25m is a lot of money to splurge considering you can get the ‘headless chicken’ Konoplyanka for 15m (Cabella for likely less) plus possibly and up and coming defender/CB (say Kayoute at Anderlecht)

    And it does nothing to address the lack of variation we have up top.

    If we get sucked into the game of chasing (unecesary) shadows with Draxler, that would really be costly.

    Better a loan for a striker (as in Pato, I waive my fees) and maybe spend a bit of money on defensive cover if Chelsea and City are done with their feeding.

  32. @Yogi,

    Sorry I stand corrected with the Flamini ban. I was operating on old info. yes it’s 3 games. Thank you sir.

  33. @Poodle

    With regard why Wenger would bother with Draxler, he is one of the players Wenger is keeping tabs on as a possible replacement for Rosicky in due time.

    If we remember in the summer, we were also fishing around for Grenier.

    I think Wenger will decide to take draxler if the price was sufficiently low (I’d say below 20m frankly but maybe Gazidis has Oked a bit more), particularly since midfield is not exactly a requirement for most of the moneyed clubs at the moment so we are jumping the gun.

    But that does not mean he is the only player we are in the hunt for nor the only position we will fill rather the media has got itself all fixated again on a player and over hyped it. When you look at Draxler’s goals and assists, they are good but they aren’t exactly Ozil category (nor maybe even Jovetic)

    This all depends on Schalke. Unless they have mitigating circumstances to have to sell, yeah sure you are completely right, why sell to us when the price will only continue to inflate. he is a young man and can afford to wait.

    Thereby my worry that we are sucked into chasing shadows (Like Suarez) with this one and putting too much energy at the expense of more pressing areas in the squad.

    However I am quite sure that we are working in parallel on other fronts (less reported) as well and the ground work to some extent will be laid for Wenger to pull the trigger if need be.

    I also think he will wait a bit for some of the ‘big boys’ to clear the scene before going full in. we don’t want them to hijack our righteous cause which being the scum that they are, they would.

  34. @C,

    With regard Pato, agree, loan move could be complicated by third parties. There were reports we were in for him early December sounding out a possible purchase for 6.5m but Corinthians wanted more.

    IMO a loan is less risky but depends of course if the parent club are agreeable.

    with regard his fitness level, he has been playing through the season in Brasil so he should be fairly sharp. he will have to get re-adjusted particularly to the PL pace and questions mainly surround his fragility in the more robust English game.

    However I don’t envisage us using him that often. If anything with both Giroud and Betdner available, he could be more a right side Podolski and an option to have in lieu of Giroud over the last 15 minutes of games when teams start to get stretch and where he can exploit gaps with his pace better.

    Plus I also think he will help us considerably in our CL quest. He is one player who has deep experience regardless of his age in the CL and can hurt teams with a bit of magic (imagination/technique) we currently lack at the top.Also considering we will likely be playing most of the Bayern games on the back foot, wouldn’t we want a quick out let who can beat a man or two on his own on the counter?

    The last big question surrounds focus (he has a habit of off field distractions but so does Bendtner) and if anyone can focus a player who has lost his way a little, surely at the moment, it is Arsene. Metersecker comes to mind.


    Yehven Konoplyanka 24, described as a headless chicken by one Oleg Luznhy (remember him?)

    If this is a headless chicken, I’ll take him. Plenty of pace, great deliveries, tricky, and likely to cost 15m quid only (Not cup tied). Reds are tracking him, it will be a shame for him to go there.

    To me, he is more like our type of player than Draxler.

    A more mature head with plenty of international experience.

    Plenty money left over for other things.

  36. team against crystal palace

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