Arsenal Serge To Gnabry Victory In NLD


Arsenal 2 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur

1 – 0 Cazorla (31)
2 – 0 Rosicky (62)

“Tell me the child’s name.”
“I hereby christen this child Offside Adebayor”
“No, it’s Emmanuel”
“Trust me, he will get used to it

The rows of empty seats didn’t tell their own tale, they told the whole tale. Tottenham were well beaten, unable to resist Arsenal’s attack, incapable of breaching their defence and their supporters were not waiting around for the North London sky once more to be painted red. Goals by Cazorla and Rosicky settled the tie but there were many other positives, not least of which was an assured performance from Serge Gnabry. The German youngster was praised by Arsène post-match,

Today he has shown he is quality. He had a very good game.

He displayed that intelligence for Cazorla’s opening goal. Dragged out of position by Theo Walcott’s run, Tottenham’s defence parted. Gnabry serged across the pitch, slipped Cazorla clear; the Spaniard’s first time shot arrowed unerringly into corner with Lloris fooled entirely. That was a notable highlight, the key was the consistency of his performance whether it was advancing into the Tottenham danger area on regular raids or falling back to provide support to Bacary Sagna. It is occasions such as these where the Frenchman’s value to Arsenal really shines through. Were he to leave, the prospect of Jenkinson and Gnabry on the right would be discomforting, not because of their abilities but the inexperience. Sagna regularly talked to the youngster, guiding, encouraging, providing confidence to enable Gnabry’s talent to flourish.

Wenger will have been very pleased with the pace Arsenal displayed by Arsenal from the kick-off. Tottenham may have fortuitously carved the first opening when Erikson was denied by Fabianski’s sturdy block but from there on, they were worn down, their belief eroded and mistakes forced. That was never more evident than in Rosicky’s goal. Danny Rose has no doubt dined out on his winning goal a couple of seasons back, he may be more reticent to mention it now. The Czech robbed him of possession and kept his cool as younger, more athletic defenders sought to catch him, offering them a glimpse of the ball before lifting it gently over the advancing Lloris. Any pretence that Tottenham had that they were going to forge a way back into the game was crushed in that moment. In the build-up to the match, The Guardian ran a piece which offered reflections on previous cup meetings between the two sides. Of the 2001 semi-final, Tim Sherwood offered the view that Arsenal should have scored “seven or eight” on that day; he could have few complaints if his side had been beaten by five yesterday.

This was a return to form for Arsenal. Points had been eked out during the Christmas period but yesterday saw fluidity in the passing and dynamism in the movement that had been missing. Reassuringly, the defence looked secure without Per Mertesacker in the first half. There has to be sympathy off Thomas Vermaelen when injury deprived him of a rare ninety minutes. Personally, I thought he did well, particularly in making a superbly timed tackle moments after he had been cautioned for for a professional – read cynical – lunge to prevent a Tottenham attack moving to a more threatening position. A rare plaudits to Mark Clattenburg for not being seduced by the visitors histrionics as they sought an unjust punishment for the Arsenal captain. After the second goal, the tactic of retreating to allow Tottenham possession became a training ground exercise as Arsenal become more familiar, more comfortable with that style of play.

The knockout nature of the game lent itself to a more charged atmosphere in the stands, a greater needle on the pitch. Wilshere and the rest of the Arsenal midfield refused to be cowed by their opposite numbers as a more inexperienced triumvirate might have been. The most impressive of the three for me, was Wilshere. He prompted and probed, tackled and niggled; very reminiscent of how North London Derbies of yesteryear were played, pegging his opposite numbers back with ball and his movement whilst getting under their skin when they did not have it, particularly Dembele. It was a nastiness to Arsenal’s game that has not always been evident. I know the Derby brings that to the fore more but hopefully it is a sign of knowing the dark arts which his predecessors in successful Arsenal teams were never afraid to use. He has always been able to respond to provocation but yesterday, he initiated matters, he was the provocateur. A subtle difference.

The footballing puritans have moved into full swing, seeking to flay Theo Walcott for his ridiculing of Tottenham supporters as he was carried around the track under a hail of coins and missiles. It is ludicrous that the focus is on a forward who entered into banter is being subjected to criticism – and the puritans want him censured – whilst criminal acts are being blithely dismissed. Football really does need to look at itself and get to grips with the real problems. If authorities or puritans do not want players to engage, that’s fine but they might as well construct perspex shields between the pitch and stands, kill off the game entirely. If supporters want to hand out jibes, they take it back. If they want to throw coins, clubs should be punished but I doubt he new zeal at the FA extends that far! it never did before.

Walcott’s injury is a problem for Wenger. Nicklas Bendtner is out for a month, anything that long for Walcott and he may be forced into the transfer market. Listening to Arsène, you sense he is more inclined toward a loan deal to cover such problems, preferring instead to invest funds in the summer. Maybe that is the ‘feedback’ the club are getting from players and agents, that there is a reluctance to moved with a World Cup Summer coming. Certainly the club will end paying more for deals concluded after the World Cup Final has finished. There’s always some angle where players have been improved by their international performances isn’t there. A quick dip into the market such as the signing of Rosicky before the 2006 Finals began is the only sure way of getting that elusive bargain.

As it is, we’ll just have to seek solace in waiting for today’s FA Cup Fourth Round draw. What will Tottenham be doing? Who cares…

’til Tomorrow.

100 thoughts on “Arsenal Serge To Gnabry Victory In NLD

  1. A certain Arsenal 44 is destined for greatness. Nice review and I must add that he was unlucky not to score. Good to see Rosicky patting some players on the back during the game as encouragement. 2-0-14

  2. What a lovely Sunday morning it is, I woke up with a smile on my face! And have watched several replays of TV5 turning the young mascots spuds pendant around………… he is a true Gunner and showed real North London Pride. Gnabry is certainly ensured a few more starts this season after last nights performance but I am slightly concerned about our options up front with Theos injury! But the furore in the press about his gesture is fucking annoying, the spuds should be fined for the behaviour of their supporters…. the C#@ts. But a great win for us………. looking forward to see who we get in the next round, I’d put money on us getting a tough one……… but hey, who fucking care, top of the league and spuds were truly shafted!

  3. “After the second goal, the tactic of retreating to allow Tottenham possession became a training ground exercise as Arsenal become more familiar, more comfortable with that style of play.”……, I love that

  4. Theo’s injury doesn’t seem serious to me but it would still be nice to get in another striker.Lewandowski is going to Bayern on a free I think which to me justifies Arsene’s decision to sell the dutch boy by miles

  5. “After the second goal, the tactic of retreating to allow Tottenham possession became a training ground exercise as Arsenal become more familiar, more comfortable with that style of play”…… I. Love. That

  6. Woke up this morning feeling so energetic with the memory of a superb performace still stock in my head!the lads did very well!victory is sweet but sweater when it is against spurs!wishing Theo a quick recovery

  7. Great article great win and great atmosphere!
    I couldn’t agree more about the disgusting behaviour of the spud fans towards Theo and the medical team, yet all the media do is put the attention on Walcotts reaction.

  8. I really enjoyed that performance, everything about it. The best team effort this season, a real maturity and confidence shown by all the players individually and collectively. If they keep that up, we will win something this season. Fragility seemingly banished.

    As for the Theo hue and cry, thoroughly predictable. What should be celebrated as a very funny and engaging bit of banter is thrown up by the media wolves for the FA to sniff at. Football has fallen so far that I expect it to be made compulsory for all footballers to perform prayers to their particular deities prior to every match before exchanging gifts with their opposite numbers before kick off by the end of 2015.

    For Chrissake, get a bloody grip. We haven’t had a puritan government for nearly 400 years. A despicable performance by the hypocrites in the media and the lickspittle fools who swallow their cheap and empty rhetoric.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  9. The criticism of Theo is daft but the worst bit is handing the responsibility of grown men for their own behaviour to Theo for holding up the score on his fingers. The lack of outrage over people throwing coins to instead focus on Theo is frankly shocking. Each one of those fans needs to be identified and banned from The Emirates permanently in my opinion – banter and abuse is one thing, throwing missiles is another and it’s usually widely criticised by the commentators and press alike. It’s also drawn focus away from what was an accomplished display by Arsenal, who saw the last 15 minutes out with 10 men, again a big factor than many pundits seem to have ignored.

    I’d also like action to be taken against Bentaleb for the air stamp – even if it’s just a warning, that was a pointless act of aggression that shouldn’t be ignored.

  10. Nice write up YW.

    The outrage regarding Walcott is pathetic. Footballers (all, not just Theo) take dogs abuse from the crowd. People really are pathetic when they get all offended when a player gives a bit back. Roy keane was spot on for ITV when he labeled the fans as idiots.

  11. A nice review as always. Big ups to the Yogi’s Warrior!

    AW has no option than to reinforce in the striking department. Loan or permanent signing, we need a goal scorer to bolster the rank.

    Performance like last night keeps me wandering why AW and the manamgement have not deemed it fit to extend the contracts for Rosicky and Sagna. Those two still have some great things to give us. Act fast.

    All in all, I’m already looking forward to the next derby against our spendthrift neighbours. COYG!

  12. Its a striking difference in how we match our new young jewel Gnabry and “Older” young jewels such as for example Denilson.

    Gnabry is every bit as talented if not more talented than say Januzai, yet Gnabry at Arsenal today is allowed time and space to develop. No pressure is put on his young shoulders. Older players all around to support him and do what it takes, so all Gnabry has to do is enjoy and concentrate on having a good time.

    Denilson on the other hand. Was thrown to the wolves from day one, the clubs hopes and dreams was heaped on his shoulders, (and Nasris and Cescs). They were expected to deliver from day one and when they faltered they were slaughtered and we lost. Nobody was there to guide them, they themselves were the guides.

    In a way that shows how cynical a manager AW was to reach his goal which was to see through the transition of the stadium build. Everyone keeps saying AW was naive and stupid putting trust in young players. Nothing of it was naive and stupid. It was a calculated game. He threw them in, some he broke like Denilson and almost Bendtner(clearly he got to much to early which can break anyone if they are not mentally strong enough). Others, the absolute best are now flourishing on other arenas such as Cesc and Nasri.

    Its just striking to see the difference in how to ease in a crazy talent like Gnabry compared to “lesser” talents like say Denilson. I would imagine with Gnabrys talent, as good as he is, it would be a massive task to be asked to carry a team at that age. Then if you are not even that talented(like Denny) and be asked to do the same must be even more daunting.
    Its so unfair of Moyes to do that towards Januzai now, yes he’s a great talent but the lad is 18 and he’s expected to be the main creative element for one of Englands biggest clubs?

    Im so glad Arsenal don’t need to do that no more, but that we can give the proper talents a real chance to flourish and grow under the wings of more experienced personnel. Gnabry will have time to become the best without having to save the club every day. He has massive players to lean on. He will soon be a massive player himself. But he will not have to deal with the unrealistic expectations that played like Denilson had hanging over him at aged 19. And that can only be good…

  13. Fans need to start to understand that their behaviour will have consequencies for their team. If the spuds are fined for last nights outrageous actions by their supporters, it doesn’t really make much impact. £20,000, £40,000 or even £100,000 doesn’t really hurt a big team…. it’s change in their pockets. However, if points were to be deducted, idiot supporters would soon learn the lesson. Deduct 2 points from the spuds, their idiot supporters will then think twice before throwing objects at players!

  14. Morning all and great review Yogi.

    I listened to the game on Talk Sport with Ray Parlour and Clive Allen being double summarizers spicing up Nigel PPearson’s commentary.

    It was quite funny listening to Ray Parlour go crazy when Arsenal scored and Clive Allen swallowing a big lump of whatever and admitting that Arsenal were untouchable. I must say though, when Adrian Durham starts praising Arsenal, we need to get worried.

    But the most pleasing thing yesterday was the confidence of the whole team, and particularly how well Serge Gnabry played. Fabianski was also very assured. I wonder who we’ll get for the necxt round. Anyone know what time the draw is?

    On other matters – Miami – I hope you get to read this. I didn’t get a chance to respond yesterrday but our prayers are with you and your family as you spend the last precious moments with your father in law.

  15. @Consols.

    What the hell happened to the English cricket team. I go into the bush for a bit and the wheels just fall off like a nonsense. The whole team should be made to pay their first class tickets back from Australia if only to pay a shame tax.

  16. GA – what did you think of Theo up front yesterday? I’ve always been of the opinion, like you, that he didn’t have the requisite skillset to pull off that role but he surprised me. Still not sure if he could pull it off on a regular basis against teams that park the bus, but it seems he has been working hard recently and isn’t as one dimensional as he used to be

  17. As the elderly statesman of Arsenal, I hope Rosicky is given a good retirement package at Arsenal that leads to a job in the backroom coaching our youngsters. Mozart is a real leader and driver for this team. This is the silver lining to his injury woes and I think he must cherish every chance he gets to play to repay Arsenal back for the patience during his injury spell.

  18. @Poodle. To think of how Kyle Walker has been lauded as the best specimen of spunk to come trhough the England right back ranks. That’s what I call a performance without a football brain. Even if he had to tuck in on the right as Gnabry attacked the left, his job was to police mark Cazorla. How the fuck did he get drawn like a fool with Dawson and the other stooge when Theo run interference by spreading the Spuds defence like the thighs of a well paid prostitute.

  19. Jabber – I thought he was really good. Held the ball up well and was a constant thread. If he gave more performances like that from central, I would have to revise my opinion.

  20. what a performance from Serge, I believe we ve unearthed a future heir to ballon d’oronly if he continues to stay focuse. His movement both on and off d ball, decision is quiet impressive

  21. A confident , assured 90 minutes from all 14 was far too good for the Spuds.

    Interesting to hear TR7 mention our `shape` post match & how it can still be improved. There`s obviously been a lot of work done on that side of the game over the past 12/18 months & those responsible should be commended.

    Hopefully the injuries to Theo & Arteta will be minor. I thought Gnabry was excellent but he`s still very much a work in progress. Of the others , it`s difficult to single anyone out but I thought Nacho was excellent against Lennon & Professor Walker.

    Theo`s wind-up is a non story. You`d have thought those fans would have a sense of humour, surely.

  22. Speaking of signings in the January transferr window, what say you all of Arsenal making an audacious bid for an unhappy Rooney? Van Persie is obviously still pissed off that Fergie left him high and dry with a dinosaur and rumour has it that the Dutch man wants to leave United.

  23. Theo should be lauded for witty humorous but inoffensive response. Scoreboard! He also did a great job centrally–his finishing was slightly off and he deserved a goal for those chances and his all around play. We need to be able to play with different combos of forwards and styles of play. I hope Poldi will get more chances and succeed-part of which is also up to our team to learn how to make that effective.

    MA, thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Take care.

  24. “How the fuck did he get drawn like a fool with Dawson and the other stooge when Theo run interference by spreading the Spuds defence like the thighs of a well paid prostitute”

    Now that’s what I call poetry kids.

    Nice one Yogi. Great write-up. It was a good day. It was a very very very good day. What’s not to love about that performance and result? the injury to young Theo providing the only mood dampener.

    I agree with Bob re: Theo. The media striking a note of almost weird desperation in their mad haste to make something out of absolutely nothing. There is no controversy, just the familiar stench of bullshit, hypocrisy and false morality.

    Just seen MA’s post yesterday. I’d like to add my own voice to the list of those offering words of support. Went through similar, not so long back, when my old dad finally succumbed to the inevitable after a long drawn out illness. Words can seem a bit hollow, but nonetheless, thoughts go out to you MA.

  25. We should make a cheeky bid for RvP–10 million and one pound for an injury prone treasonous dupe.

  26. Hilarious and artful match review, YW!

    What spirit the team has! I think and hope this victory will have big bounties for our season in this competition and in the league. Vermaelen turning the Spud badge around, Theo giving some banter, Jack initiating the dark arts, a young player in Gnabry giving a spirited and dynamic performance surrounded by experienced veterans dedicated to the cause. What more could we want?! Get better soon Theo!

  27. Limestone, if we’re going to do the shameless – I’d rather we go for Rooney. Taking RVP back would be like – Eeeewwww! But then again, if he’s banging in the goals? But seriously, i think he’ll destabilize the balance we now have in the dressing room.

  28. Darius, I am as baffled as most England cricket followers.

    Complacency is the English disease. The team has shown signs of decline for a couple of years but the acceleration into total meltdown was unforeseen.

    I did get worried when we lost the No 1 teat nation status a year or so when the England captain said that ‘it didn’t matter’. An odd thing to say. Taking someone on tour, to Australia of all places, who was clearly unwell was clearly wrong. Its not as if they didn’t have recent experience of something similar. To take another who then gives up half way through showed a complete lack of leadership and planning.

    That, I think was the main problem. Weak leaders in the hierarchy and team. Self interested individuals allowed to plot their own course.

    Cook is clearly not the captain we hoped him to be but who else is there? The rot looks to be deep and it’s a long way back from where we are.

  29. Darius, my suggestion is for a cheeky bid in order to be cheeky, not to land RvP! As I said last week, he was oppressive to Rambo and that’s not tolerable to this team which belongs to AR now.

    I was against going for Rooney in the summer in favor of Higuain ( who would have been tremendous) but I could stomach Rooney better now. He wouldn’t be “saving” us rather we’d be giving him a way out of declining MU and furthering their humiliation like we suffered with RvP’s departure to them.

  30. Excellent Post, Yogi. So what’s new? 🙂

    How weird that some oiks have tried to castigate Theo for his innocent humour in the face of some no doubt scabrous comments, accompanied by hurled coins and missiles that could have done physical damage.

    Hopefully the FA will take action against the Spuds for the behaviour of their fans.

  31. Darius,

    I understand the FA Cup draw will be made after the Forest v West Ham game at approximately 2 p.m. UK time.

  32. Yogi.

    Superb review of a superb game. The real star of the show was again our team defense. Another clean sheet and another world class performance. The spuds created a couple of chances but they never really looked like they were going to score.

    Excellent fluid performance from our attack. Gnabry was impressive as was Rosicky and Walcott. I don’t think theo will be a regular CF but he handled the position very well. He showed last season and again yesterday that he is capable of playing there on a sporadic basis. His goal scoring is critical to this squad right now and I really hope his injury is not serious.

  33. @Darius,
    We were beaten completely in batting, bowling and fielding by a better side. It was about time the Aussies won a series.
    No excuses but the home side in Test matches has an enormous advantage, being able to select players from throughout the land, whereas the visitors are restricted to virtually the tour party.
    Johnson was the key, but his action still looks suspect to me at times.

  34. First real fast bowler that this side has faced for years, Nicky.

    He found out a few batting techniques that had gorged on average bowling in English conditions. Then they got frightened. Brian Close must have turned in his grave. A lack of technique is embarrassing at that level, a lack of guts is shameful. The shortage of application has been a feature of England sides since Atherton retired.

  35. Nicky, point taken, but the Australian 11 did not change throughout the series – not one player in one game.

  36. Guys, unfortunately Vermaelen didn’t turn the pennant away from the Spuds logo to the back of it. He actually did the opposite – turned it the right way around – and someone has reversed the footage.

    Watched the game earlier and he clearly actually turned it around to show the logo.

  37. Perhaps the FA will fine Arsenal Football Club for having the audacity to display the game score on the score board?

    If Walcott cops a charge, let alone a ban, the game has descended (or perhaps demonstrated the descent it has already taken) into farce.

  38. No need to change a winning side that has the other team down in the dust, Nicky!

    Coventry at home. Quite fancy seeing that one.

  39. Top post Yogi.

    Brilliant performance most definitely and was a return to the form that saw us top the table. Mozart was brilliant and his goal just exemplified everything that he was and still is as a futboler, mixing brilliant talent with a determination that drives not only a team but a club forward. Santi looked like, Santi again and it was a joy to watch. I remember watching late in the match when he is pinned on the sideline and toyed with about 3 Spuds players trying to get the ball and couldn’t because he is magic with the ball at his feet.

    Gnabry and Theo were a joy to watch as their pace and intelligence was on full display. I do think that Theo has the goods to deliver centrally. Gnabry is a talented player and the best part is that in this squad he will have time to develop and will not be forced to save the club.

    Nacho, job well done dealing with Lennon and the most overrated RB aka Kyle Walker.

  40. Honestly Theo’s finger salute to the Spuds is a non factor no doubt about it. The more appauling thing is the Spuds fans that were throwing coins and need to be banned. The best part was the Arsenal fans showering him with scarce.

    We drew Coventry at the Emirates. Could we possibly do the double?

  41. Sad news in the futboling community, as Legendary Portugal striker Eusebio has passed at the age of 71.

    Not old enough to have seen him live but have watches highlights and some of his matches and he was a striker that was birthed scoring goals.

  42. Big Sam was just biding his time with West Ham anyway, waiting for Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or PSG to come a knocking. Fair play to him though. Even great men need a hobby.

    According to Sly Sports, who, bless ’em, have done their utmost to turn this laughable nonsense into Theogate, the FA are awaiting the referees match report before deciding on any further action. Ffs. You have to laugh (or you’d cry a river of tears).

    Great draw that. Little bit cup run.

  43. Derby is giving the Chavs a terrible time forcing Mourinho in the 30′ min to tell Hazard to start warming up and he is the only one warming up.

  44. Gnabry bursting on the scene us very similar to the way the Ox did. The good thing as is that unlike the Ox, Gnabry is more luxury that need. Hype, potential and brilliance but it needs to be tempered and given time to mature.

  45. Mourinho must really dislike Mata as he doesn’t start nor come on as a sub.

    Mourinho has now brought on Hazard and Torres, while this Hughes has looked a good prospect and dmgerous for Derby.

  46. With Ox coming back and Gnabry developing, we might be able to cover for Theo for this month. But the key is getting Poldi firing. Ozil will create some great chances for him and he linked well with Giroud from the left. Rambo and Giroud should be back for Villa, I think, so we should be able to weather this slew of short term injuries as we stand and with 9 days off. The other big development is that Santi is coming back into form.

  47. Great win… great draw for the next round… thots and Prayers with Miami A and family…

    Take it easy

  48. @LSG

    I agree with getting Podolski firing and the return to form over the past couple of matches of Santi. Ox returning is a very goo thing no doubt about it. I think we do still need a striker though. The thing with both Theo and Podolski is that they are scoring goals and with our midfield goals drying up a bit we will need them their goals. I really do hope that Podolski gets starts on the left as I think that leaving our LB exposed cost us against Manshitty and top teams and Podolski influence will be massive.

  49. Limestonegunner

    The issue with Theo is he’s a slow starter, but once he get’s a run of 4-5 games he can be pretty lethal. He’s not getting that due to injuries which is worrying when we need his goals to compensate for the lacking of a prolific striker. Serge is looking good, but i’d rather we don’t pressure him at this stage! Giroud is back for next game, Ox back in full training but he’ll be about 2/3 weeks until fit again so i’m hoping Theo was just play acting a bit, because he’s starting to look proper sharp and he’s scoring good goals again.

    Good to see Mesut back, think we won that match without Ramsey, Giroud and Podolski! I thought Jack was good, his give and go is second to none! He hassled and Dembele brilliantly.

    Jackson Martinez is giving it big licks about wanting to sign for us….Very interesting. Can’t se Wenger snapping for him though, £32 million is a lot in Jan and i can’t see him splurging.

  50. Surely the main reason why England were so bad down under is that they simply had no match practice. Apart from a couple of games before the tour started, it looks like they only played the test matches. When a touring country comes to England they get to play a number of games against county sides both before and during the series and, therefore get match practice.

    Our players were simply out of practice and playing against a highly motivated team at home, who were more than ready, whilst our players were not.

    To go from the ridiculous to the sublime, I thought our play was reminecent of the 1970s Brazil team. Whilst our boys do not match the individual skills of those teams, the style of play, ie passing the ball around and then the killer pass is similar.

  51. @LSG

    I think its more with Theo about getting his all around game going. We saw that he scored goals the moment he stepped on the pitch but he is finally working himself back match fit and you saw the work rate yesterday as he chased down everything.

    I do like how Jack was pressing and following Rosicky’s lead in that he drove Dembele to the point of a bit of a head butt.

    Jackson Martinez for me would be absolute worth the splurge. Big, strong, quick, with very good pace, poacher and lethal. For 32M it would be worth it and he has basically said coke and get me in a very direct way.

  52. C

    Gary Neville actually made that point that exposure on the flanks cost us against Everton and City, so i agree, Pod offers more cover on the left and i think Theo on the right. He’s been putting in the tackles recently, wonder what’s gotten into him!!

  53. @MLF

    Podolski coming back fit will he massive and we could see the return of Giroud scoring as well with that move as Podolski is a brilliant crossed of the ball.

    Not just Theo tackling more but everybody. Theo has always tracked back to help Sagna but now he is putting in tough physical tackles. I like it!!!

  54. C

    He’s certainly pushing for it, have you seen the photos of him as a kid with the Berkamp top? Seems he was actually a gunner of sorts. I just can’t see Wenger buying someone at that price, simply because it would mean displacing Giroud or Theo etc and could disrupt the flow. But with all the injuries it could work..I think Martinez would destroy the prem league, he’s as clinical as Pod but with more pace and finesse

  55. @MLF

    He would need time to adapt but if he was to displace Giroud then so be it and that means he was the better player. We bought Ozil even though we had Santi. We need a striker and if we just wanted to find a body then we could just promote Akpom or kept Chamakh or even Park. That’s the thing, if we are to truly win the EPL not only this year but for years to come we will need to bring in players of top quality and if they displace our current starter then you up your game to make sure you keep your spot.

    Who saw Arsene spending 45M on Ozil? Jackson Martinez has said that if we come calling he would with no hesitation say yes so lets go get him. We need a striker, he wants to come and fits the bill so lets make it happen.

  56. I,d say the ridiculous to the sublime, Jigsol.

    Anyway, that was England’s decision so that the poor lambs could spend as little time away from home as possible. The Aussies were here for months when they toured.

    No explanation of taking players who were patently unfit to travel or were not fully motivated. Did they get any better over the 5 Tests?

  57. Good points, C and MLF! I am in favor of a striker but I am bolstered by Giroud’s return along with the others soon. It is sad furor Theo but hopefully he’ll be sharp and tested for the big games in Feb and March.

  58. Thanks for the write up as always YW.

    On the issues at hand.

    Podo up front, Gnabry to the right and one of our many left footed midfielders on the left. Short term problem solved.

    The issue of another striker is long term and requires much more thought. They may be able to find someone short term for a bargain, but it may cause more problems than it is worth. If the right player comes along then I am sure they will buy, but he must be really good in order to improve the squad otherwise actually we have reasonable cover as above.

    What’s more Ian Wright seemed to talk sense for a change when he remarked that Theo might be the long term solution. This may be the time to find out.

    And talking of Theo, I am with Bob ‘nothing to see here’. It is about time that the FA and the press looked at their own standards and I hope that they question him about it and if he has any sense the conversation will go like this:

    F.A…….. ‘So Mr Walcott, why did you feel the need to taunt the Tottenham Supporters?

    Theo….’I wasn’t taunting them, far from it, I was reminding some members of their crowd what the score was’

    FA……..’Oh, I see and why did you feel the need to ‘remind’ them of the score.’

    Theo……’Well, they were calling me ‘a fucking looser cunt’ (or whatever was being yelled that provoked him) so in the politest way possible I reminded them that it was them that was facing the deficit.’

    Without swearing, without glares, without added jibes (them being shit is much funnier than telling them they are) and without head butts and karate kicks I really don’t see what they have got.

  59. Mike Dean

    I recently reffed a couple of matches and found out first hand how difficult it is to do many things that they do including remaining neutral and not giving the players (kids in my match) ‘advice’ as they play. It is bloody odd watching professionals go through it though. ‘He’s open you numpty, pass to him’.

    The one positive to come out of it is that it looks like Fergie’s spell over referee’s desires has finally been broken.

  60. is it a silent G or do we pronounce it..?

    i agree with those who think theres much ado about nothing regarding theo…

    the lad was having a harmless giggle..the fa shouldnt even be looking twice at it…

  61. Man Utd dumped out of the FA Cup!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHh!!! No way Shrek will sign a new contract now LMFAO!!!

  62. I rather like Mike Dean. Human in his emotions and weaknesses.

    AitG? I’m surprised at you. It’s ‘losing’.

  63. I know I bang on about the youth sometimes, but on this occasion you could see in part why I do. Joachim Löw had already pointed out earlier this season that Serge has the world at his feet and he watches his development with interest. To some he is/was even a dark horse for the Germany squad having just turned 18 years. He has impressed for Arsenal when called upon and the hope must now be that he gets more opportunity to show what he can do and develop with the those opportunities.

    I want to thank all for the well wishes, been very long days and we are all quite tired.

  64. UTD and spurs out at the first hurdle..
    city have a reply..

    weve got a nice 4th rounder..with any luck by the time we at the quarters we’ll be the favorites for the cup 🙂

    id love us to win this one again..weve got 10 of these in the bag, UTD have might not mean much to ppl these days but holding the record for fa cup wins cant be a bad thing…

  65. @JJ

    The most pleasing aspect of the City draw was the idea of them having to play yet another game. They do however have a very large squad so that mitigates my joy some what. United losing was just the ticket this morning, putting even more pressure on their new manager.

  66. I thought Theo looked astonishingly good yesterday in the striking role, would have been better had he buried one of those chances. I am concerned that Podolski yet again did not feature.

  67. stay strong my goonibrother..

    we all like to bang on about the youth system to be fair..chezzer, gibbs, jack, rambo, theo..all first teamers that have been here since 16-17..
    gnabry will get his chance, as will zelalelagram i would assume..maybe a loan move next season and a breakthrough season after..

  68. He did, MA, very good. I too was concerned no Poldi. He’s got a great attitude but surely needs to be given faith and opportunity–hopefully he’ll feature more in upcoming games and demonstrate his thunderous left foot and score some goals.

  69. There is a good chance that Man City will collapse. Even with their big squad, the amount of games they are playing is insane. And Pelegrini being a new manager in England may underestimate the challenge. I expect a City slowdown in Jan/Feb.

    In the league, I’m more concerned about Chelsea. We are dealing here with a more experienced tricky opponent here, and we are playing them away.

  70. @goonerandy

    The City’s latest results:


    The slowdown is coming.

    And they are playing 2-3 more games in the League Cup and a replay in the FA Cup.

    And their big games in the league will be away from home. We’ll have to win against City if we are serious about the title.

    I also hope Pelegrini will prioritize the CL tie against Barsa.

    When is Aguero back btw? “Can’t wait”.

  71. this was a good win. I hope Walcott is out for a while. Two good goals. The second team we did well. Why are Spurs called Spuds? Can someone shed light on this. City was pushed to the limit by a Championship club. Man U stunk the joint out. Yes! The basket counts and a foul- David Moyes a man of genius. What about Nottingham Forest winning. It is cold here Guymon OK sixteen degrees. I agree Gooner Randy we have to beat Man Shitty at our house. Tomas Rosicky summed it best e kicked their butts

  72. SV – If anybodies squad can cope with lots of games it is theirs. I don’t see a meltdown on the horizon unfortunately. That said, as long as we continue to do what we are doing we won’t need anybody to have a meltdown.

  73. Just a quick note regarding Gnabry pronunciation. He did explain how to pronounce his name in German but that is an incorrect pronunciation. Since, he grew up in Germany it does make sense that he would prefer the German pronunciation.

    Gnabry is a name from West Africa (Ivory Coast). They do pronounce the G letter very differently from any European language. As an african myself, It bothers me when africans abroad do not attempt to share with others how our names should be pronounced. 🙂 Do we have anybody from Ivory coast, Togo or Benin that can help out?

  74. Did you guys see Rosicky talking the Gnabry towards the end of the game? That was a priceless moment.

    I can’t fucking stop watching the game

  75. The movement of Walcott, Gnabry, Cazorla and Rosicky was fantastic yesterday, especially the little interplay between Cazorla and Rosicky. Their close passing together with Wilshere’s hustling in the middle ensured that the Spurs midfield never really got near to the ball. It’s fair to say that we could have scored a lot more. Even the great Arsenal hater, Steven Howard, reported that it was a 2-0 thrashing.

    The coin throwing was a disgrace and we were all singing “you’re scum and you know you are” afterwards. What was so bad about it was that the medical staff were being indiscriminately pelted as well, they had nothing to do with the taunting. I can’t accept that coin throwing is anything other than assault and it’s cowardly as the likelihood is that the culprits will not be caught.

    Watching Juventus v Roma at the moment. I know that Gervinho has been playing well for Roma since he joined them, but tonight’s display is more like the crazy legs we were used to at Arsenal. Can’t say I really miss him at all. Paul Pogba is class, but I see no reason why he should consider leaving Juventus as it looks like they are going to win Serie A again this season.

  76. @goonerandy

    It’s not a squad that copes with many games, it’s rotational policy. And rotation is an art. Many decent managers failed in this art, just ask Rafa. It’s easy to get it wrong, to overplay the same important players or to rotate too much and lose stability.

    We’ll see how Pelegrini copes in his first year in EPL.

    I predict a good CL run for Man City, but a lackluster second half of the season in the league.

  77. Dean has previous when it comes to favoritism.
    How can anyone forget how he leapt in joy as saha scored against us.

  78. I meant to say I hope not out for a while my goof. Pelegrini is a very good coach. He had good success at River Plate Buenos Aries and Barcelona- didn’t win a title but this cat can flat out coach. He understands the South American players very well. He isn’t pompous ass like Jose Moreno. Pelegrini knows what it is like to be in a pressure cooker River Plate fans expects you to win all the time. Boca Juniors River Plate derby is nuts and very dangerous

  79. Let’s be clear, we profited from the naivety (some would say delusions) of Spur’s tactics in going toe to toe with us, believing to be our equals or better (thank you media pundits)

    And we were treated to a scintillating performance of a football we have not seen for a while,afforded the space and high line to operate against.

    Wenger gambled on two quick assets up top and won.

    But against the majority of more circumspect teams who know their limits, we are more likely to face teams sitting deep in their half where our more recent use of Giroud (or Bedntner) as a can opener may be better suited.

    Still we should marvel at the sublime one touch play between Rosicky, jack and Santi (whom without Ramsey and Ozil) were more than capable to turn on the bit of magic where they left off.

    Walcott showed a lot of bottle with his physical game and was unlucky not to score (a couple), Gnabry will push Chamberlain (soon to return) for a spot and it augurs well that we finally have very pacey assets to use as another approach to our game (particularly should we sit back with our now solid defense attempt to defend a lead and importantly catch opponents on the break)

    Which brings us to January’s requirements in the market.

    I don’t think we should be in the business of chasing shadows again for highly sought after players ina tight market with other suitors well heeled.

    Rather we will benefit from a bit of speed on the apex from an out and out forward (as amply demonstrated by the last game). However, where Walcott is better playing in space, this player will also require a bit more guile in working in tight spaces if need be.

    I can think of two options that may suit us and will not cost us a hefty price :

    1) Michu. He hasn’t been as prolific as last season but this may also be in part to service and opportunity as much. The Spaniard is suitably mobile, intelligent with the ball whilSt retaining an element of height.

    More importantly he affords us the opportunity of re-roling him to midfield (as a possible replacement for the superb but aging Rosicky) if need be, particularly in the summer should we find a more long term solution up top.

    Considering what Swansea paid, he won’t cost more than 10-12m

    2) Pato – Proviso his attitude and focus checks out, the Brazilian is a little on the short side (5’10) but offers plenty of pace, brilliant technique and predatory instincts in and around the box. He comes with bags of champions league experience, is unwanted by Corinthians and is only 24!

    …on the flip side, with the World Cup looming, it benefits him to consider rehabilitating his career with us on a bigger stage where we have recent success with Per and Podolski in career revival.

    Take him on a loan with first option to purchase which will hedge our risk at the same time offer Corinthians a window for a sale.

    BOTH these players should not be cup tied and will offer us sufficient bite we need up top to close the season with, never mind the more ‘spectacular’ names.

    If we discount the lazy media punditry pronouncing our death before the transfer window even shut (why?), we have a squad close to competitive in depth to anyone including Chelsea. We are short in the striker department by one and maybe in the CBack. An addition this January will more than give us a good opportunity to finish the season with a trophy or two*

    *which is more than our ‘rivals’ Spurs can boast having :

    a) Not won a trophy since black and white TV.
    b) Not finished above us for 18 seasons
    c) Not been in regular CL contention
    d) Had to change managers 14 times with similar results
    e) Spent 100m and have issues with depth despite the media lauding their ambition in doing so.


  80. Fred at Fluminense could be a good fit. The Duck would be good. Maybe Rooney or Javier Hernandez. Both want out

  81. Rosicky – he has added so much graft to his game and is such a combative asset for us in these sort of charged games. He’s getting on but on no accounts can we see it as he scampers around winning the ball for us like a 19 year old

    Santi – Despite his jolly demeanor whilst playing, this wee chap looks a fierce competitor and I get the palpable feeling he feels the heat in Ozil coming in. You can see he has been extremely frustrated with himself in not scoring over recent games but he looks like he is coming back into his best again. Great hustle in defense at the end.

    Defense – How many clean sheets has that been? The media ought to keep count if they can. You could sense the teams hunger to keep Spurs to a blank score even when we were down to 10 and the solidity in the middle is amazing. Both Monreal and Vermaelen have also done well coming in. Monreal in particular looks like he is getting use to the defensive side of things and adds goal threat for us going forward.

    Jack – Have to agree, he just adds something that cannot be quantified by statistics. he has the bite and tenacity to keep us competitive but he also has the ability to drive the ball forward from deep beating one or two players with a turn or his movement (something only the ever absent Diaby can replicate)

    If we can keep this sort of level in midfield, the goals will come for us. A couple of games we should bank points coming up. Unless you are a media pundit, you have to feel increasingly bullish with our chances to win something this season.

  82. We still have Podolski who is underused and has the best strike return rate per games started! May be not the best position for him up top but surely another devastating asset for us to push out left.

    Giroud coming back in and Ox also returning (where Walcott may face some weeks out)

    We are a bit tight but those media pundits who keep saying we lack depth are clearly quite clueless.

  83. @bobby gee

    Fred – My issue with older players is there isn’t an upside. It’s the same with Berbatov (never mind his attitude), they will want a permanent transfer and we will be saddled with their (likely high) salary which will prevent us from loading on someone more long term down the line.

    Which is why Pato for me is interesting on account of his age.

    United players – They may be cup tied. In the case of Rooney for sure. Plus I’m nto sure if United will relinquish him given the dire straits they are in, not least till the summer. Hernandez, is a good player but I don’t find him great.

    Some talk about Jackson Martinez (he’s an Arsenal fan) but I don’t see him other than a Giroud alternate. I think we need something different preferably as another set of tools to break teams down. If we take heed from the type of player Wenger was initially going for last summer (Higuain, Suarez), they were very different from the kind of player Giroud is.

    We’re missing someone who can turn on a bit of the fantastic right up top IMO.

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