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The FA Cup is not quite ready to be melted down for scrap metal. For only the fifth time since 1990, England’s premier domestic cup competition will reside in the trophy cabinet of a club which is not currently in the top five of the Premier League. That dominance of the game indicates a fundamental problem facing not just the FA Cup but English football in general; the sheer predictability of it all.

But that is to deflect attention away from Wigan’s thoroughly deserved win at Wembley. Congratulations to them on their victory. If someone had told them their role in proceedings was to lay down and let the money talk, Roberto Martinez and his men took no notice whatsoever. Immediate comparisons were made with Wimbledon’s 1988 victory over Liverpool, the route from non-League football to silverware. Reminiscent indeed, even more so with the similarities between the headers from Lawrie Sanchez and Ben Watson.

It was an object lesson in teamwork and of utter arrogance; Manchester City played as if it were a formality and their nose was bloodied as a result. Time will dilute the achievement of The Latics, Zabaleta’s dismissal will played up as a key reason for the win. Influenced it? Possibly but Wigan had forged enough chances with him on the pitch, sufficiently for a reckless lunge to be enticed shortly after having been cautioned.

Roy Keane actually did observe that Manchester City lost due to a lack of investment, you didn’t imagine it. A staggeringly inane comment on the face of it but one which is not quite as senseless as it appears. Oh, alright it is. If he had observed that for their money, the Manchester City players were shambolic wastrels, few would have argued with him. All of the money in the world means nothing if you do not spend it wisely. Mancini fell into the same trap as many of his predecessors; he failed to strengthen a title-winning squad and the hunger which was fed as the gold medals were hung around necks, was sated. Perhaps Keane had a point.

For Arsenal, it is a warning that concentration will be required on Tuesday night. There are uncanny parallels with last season’s encounter at The Emirates. Arsenal chasing the Champions League, Wigan in a fight for survival. The crucial difference is that Arsenal were more comfortable in their position, complacent if you like. Defeat made life a bit more nervous but did not overly threaten the ultimate target for the season end. This time it is different. Chelsea’s victory at Villa Park has all but sealed third for them. Even a win on Tuesday night will still leave Arsenal requiring a slip from their London neighbours. Defeat would consign Arsenal – you would think – to Europa League football; surely Tottenham will emerge victorious over an insipid Stoke City team, especially as they are likely to be safe from relegation as final whistles blow at grounds around the country this afternoon. The reality is that six points leaves Arsenal in the Champions League qualifiers next season of their own accord, irrespective of anyone else’s efforts.

Wigan’s win has inspired some fairytales in this morning’s press, none more so than at the club’s former pet newspaper. Reports in this morning’s Daily Star Sunday equivalent have Arsenal wanting to test United’s resolve to hold onto Wayne Rooney. I am sure Arsenal do want to test United’s resolve but there is a world of difference between wanting and doing. Ask Emmanuel Adebayor; he wants to stay onside but can’t do it. Thankfully. Arsenal it seems, will be busier trying to persuade Aston Villa to sell Christian Benteke, whose £20m fee makes the figures bandied about for the likes of Cavani and Falcao seem entirely reasonable, despite being grossly over-inflated. FFP is a pipedream. As is much of the transfer talk that we will see this Summer, as I had to remind Number One son yesterday as he almost hyper-ventilated at the prospect of a rotund Scouser turning out in the red and white of Arsenal next season. It is as likely as George Osborne making a genuinely funny joke about Star Wars on national television.

That’s it for today as the crucial week of Arsenal’s season begins.

’til Tomorrow.


Budweiser’s FA Cup Fan Film – To The Dreamers


96 thoughts on “Cup Of Joy & Sunday Morning Gossip

  1. Morning Yogi !
    That Wigan win, without the extra time i was wishing for, made me nervous yesterday… Now, after a good night sleep, i think it may have been a valuable warning shot for our team not to underestimate them, despite all their injuries, and be 100% focused. Mental strength will be necessary.

  2. Fantastic win for Wigan full marks to them for a brilliant team effort, the best thing about it was that oil money won’t always buy you everything in life.

    Its going to be a hard game on Tuesday and with the Wigan players on such a high it will see them through the fatigue that surely will take effect against us.
    We need to be at our best and start off quickly and go for that early goal, we can’t afford to let Wigan have too much of the game, they have players who could put one over us.

    Lets hope Stoke do us a favour today, COYG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful team effort from the pie eaters yesterday.

    Martinez is such a likeable chap too. Not likeable enough to want them to stay up if it means taking points off us on Tuesday , however.

    I`m not sure Villa will allow Benteke to leave this summer but if they do I would hope it`s to the club he followed as a boy. Perhaps we could swap Bendy for him.

  4. Great stuff Yogi,your right about Keane being right- if the Man City board would have bought the players Mancini asked for they wod have won the cup and defended their league title successfully- I think their board was half-heartedly attempting to address the forthcoming FFP issue by only spending £15 m on players instead of £38m!

  5. Perhaps if they’d been able to move a few on, which they can’t because they are paid too much, they could have refreshed the squad without spending a ton more money.

    Still, who cares?

  6. Yogi

    Today is just another example of your greatness as a blog master. It’s Sunday which should be a day of rest and there is not really that much arsenal news to write about. Despite that you put out another one of your consistently fantastic posts. I just wish arsene could figure out ow to get our squad to play this consistently. We would win the league every year. Top quality stuff again. Cheers.

  7. Bill, how much is Yogi paying you? 😉

    Very, very pleased for Wigan. The seeming “we’ll just turn up here” attitude of the multi squillionaires in blue was obvious from the off. Where they even all that bothered about the FA Cup?

    Still, as Bob says, who cares? not I.

  8. Top post again Yogi, you are truly consistently brilliant!!!!

    Congrats to Wigan they truly deserved it and were the “better team”. Happy for MartineZ to who seems to work magic every year with no budget at all. We must be weary and understand that Wigan like to play fútbol and can play and we must show them respect and play hard and like we have been playing and 3 points will surely be ours.

  9. Savile, Hall, next up Tarby, maybe Basil Brush ………………..

    Taps nose Harry, taps nose

  10. Harry

    If you have been following the blog for years you will know I have been saying the same thing about yogi for 5 years. I may make a rare mistake (depends on your point of view) but I am consistent and I am certainly not wrong about yogi. :).

  11. Anicoll how many more of our national treasures are going to be outed next, if Timmy mallet gets done then we might aswell all give up.

  12. I thought it was great. Wigan won and no one thought they would way to go garoto. the dogs rule the house at least for this day. In America we love the dogs. You are right we better be ready for the Wig guys. They are fighting for their lives. Check out bobby gee word press. One more point. It is not just the EPL. Scotland, Spain, Germany, and most of Europe. very predictable who will win.

  13. Bill, I love ya baby. You know that. Yup, you are nothing if not consistent, I’ll give you that.

    I hope not ‘Coll. One of my favs as a kid was Basil. There was always something shifty about Sooty and Sweep though, in my humble opinion. Go get ’em Yewtree.

    Indeed YW. Or the Rooney to Arsenal “rumours”.

  14. Alumina just made a double save from a penalty in the championship semi final and launched the attack from which Watford scored to get to Wembley. All in the 6th minute of stoppage time.

    Great stuff.

  15. Bob

    Just saw that. What’s the betting Watford come up and an Almunia save somehow, directly or otherwise, has a detrimental impact on us.

    Charlie Adam – what a fool.

  16. The Watford fans actually love Alumina. He was good for us at one stage…….but …well the fans done im in.just like poor old denilson.

  17. Fucking Adebayor. Bah.

    Meanwhile – Grannyshagger Wayne hasn’t even made the bench.

    Methinks he may have played his last for MU.

  18. Adebayor has played well the last few games – he really only tries when he is about to be sold or when has just signed. Lazy, mercenary bastard.

  19. dont get me wrong id be happy for spurs to drop points but whatever..

    all they are doing by winning is making it more of a spectacle for the veiwers but it wont mean sod all if we win our games

    fuck them and what they do we can sort this out ourselves, we dont need other teams, especially fucking stoke doing us a favour..

  20. So we still have to win our last two games? as we were then.

    Wazza’s gone gone gone. Not even there to wave goodbye to Uncle Fergie. Ouch.

  21. jonny, i agree
    i noticed that too, adebayor only seems to play for his money when hes negotiating a new one..

    for the years in between hes what you said he is..

  22. Spurs were dominating in the first half anyway. Sending off just made it much much harder for Stoke to hang on. Nothing has changed, we needed to win our last two games at the start of the weekend and we still need to do that. As we have seen in recent weeks, you can’t expect other teams to do the job for you. Wigan will be the tough game, but if we close them down early on and get one of those early goals we have been getting in recent weeks we can get the three points. Wigan always play as if the believe they can win. Knock that belief early on and stay on top of them and they struggle. Their defence is poor if they are pulled around. Man City played in front of them and the Wigan defence was comfortable.

  23. From Fat Wayne’s Twitter 3 hours ago –

    “Wayne Rooney ‏@WayneRooney Looking forward to today’s game. Excited to lift the trophy and receive my 5th league medal.

    That’s a huge ‘Fuck Youse’ from Fergie there.


  24. Rumours of a handbags at dawn with Phil Jones. Zzzzzzzz.

    I should really stop reading all this crap.

  25. I would be very excited to have Rooney. A change in scenery would probably do a lot for him. He is versatile and skillful and is a proven PL goal scorer. However there is absolutely no chance of us taking on his weekly wage.

  26. Crumbs – it’s going to be a whole new look Premiership next season. The biggest 3 spenders will all have new coaches.

    A Fergieless Man Utd with no Rooney or Scholes (again), Pelligrini in charge at a new look City and probably Mourinho in charge at Chelsea.

    Going to be some big player ‘ins and outs’ as three new managers shape their squads in accordance with their visions – this should suit us – we just have to hope we can pick off some super deals in among the chaos.

  27. I have a bad feeling about this top four race now.

    The other results have gone the wrong way with four late goals in four games saving the skins of the rivals and putting pressure on us.

    And the FA cup final.

    We’ll draw with Wigan I think.

    Preparing myelf for a media lockup in the summer.

  28. Meanwhile…Piers Morgan thinks we should go for both Rooney & Mancini.

    What a monstrous shit-grenade that provocative fucker is.

  29. I saw an interesting statistic ion the Times yesterday that in 10 of their last 14 games, the scum have scored a goal that made a difference in the last 13 minutes and injury time, which is now 11 out of 15.

    To say that is simply luck would be unfair, but, nevertheless, it is pretty fortunate.

    Can we really compete against that?

  30. @Jonny

    The funny thing about Rooney is that he isn’t starting today. That’s a big Fuck You Wayne from Fergie!!

  31. What a colossal prick Piers Moron truly is. It boggles the mind that anyone in possession of any of their faculties would “follow” the tosser on Twatter, let alone any alleged Arsenal supporters. The guy is a f*cking publicity seeking f*cktard of truly epic proportions.

    I despair for the human race sometimes, I really do.


  32. I have decided that if we are to splash cash and are looking for a young attacking player who is creative and brilliant I hope we go after one Marco Reus!!!!!!

  33. Just to be clear Harry – I wholeheartedly agree.

    I don’t follow him but someone I do does.

  34. heh if we beat Wigan we save both Newcastel and Sunderland… Guess they both own ut then. Newcastel to loose and Sunderland to win in their last match of the season….

  35. I can’t believe anyone on here would Jonny. He’s a truly unpleasant piece of work, and always was.

    Arsene should put a sneaky bid in for Wazza though. Oh, at least £2.50. Throw in some free Mars bars as bait.

  36. It would be easier to write off the Tots’ late goals as luck, but there may be more to that.

    I’ve heeard from some journalists and even former Arsenal players that the Tots’ training facilities are absolutely state of the art and the best in the league.

    May be the facilities now make them better prepared physically for the whole season and nullify our long standing fitness advantage.

    We did need a striker in January.

  37. I doubt very much that Piers C&nt-Trumpet Morgan was even half interested in football until it became `fashionable` in the 90`s.

    Her certainly doesn`t love it as much as he loves himself.

    So , the Spuds are determined to get us on the telly next Sunday.

    Just knew those chav hillbillys from Stoke wouldn`t do us any favours.

  38. Wow Adebayor really hates Arsenal. I think that passionat hate it what he feeds on these days. I guess he feels angry because he was sold after he behaved like a dick? hmm….

  39. Why would we want to sign Rooney. He’s a vile human being and would be a excellent fit at Chelsea.

  40. @Jonny

    Lol fair enough I should have kept reading.

    Funny enough though he doesn’t even make the bench whole the dutch cunt does. ThaT for me more than anything signifies the exit of Rooney. A player Fergie brought in and nutured and won things with, once unstoppable and now the dutch cunt has taken that mantle there.

  41. I don’t think he even likes football – he’s just aware that it’s popular, wants to be seen to be a fan, and we’re unfortunate enough to be the team he’s chosen arbitrarily (I curse the day!). The worst thing is he’s so bloody embarrassing.

  42. Poodle – Adebayor’s hate has managed to drive him to 4 league goals this season. To think we got £25 million for him a couple of years ago!

  43. I must admit that Scholes retirement is difficult for me because I always rated him and thought he was one of the best. More importantly he is one of the last of a dying breed of 1 club men! I was reading an article and didn’t realize how highly he is thought of by the futbolverse from players to managers. Obra, Xavi, Pirlo says he is the greateast midfielder they have played against and they all tried to pattern their game to match his.

    Carragher, Scholes, and Lampard leaving Chavs(more than likely) are some of the last 1 club men out left in world fútbol but I hope they inspire the likes of Jack and Theo to be 1 club men.

  44. At least the Newcastle result has gone our way. They’ll have nothing to play for in their match v us

  45. Wigan could still catch Newcastle if Wigan win both games and we beat newcastle. The GD is similar. If we can get a draw or better with wigan then newcastle is safe and will be in cruise control next weekend. Wigan has to win against us or they are relegated. If wigan wins its last 2 games there is a real chance they will catch Sunderland who finish the season at WHL.

  46. If Wigan win their two games incl. Villa, they’ll overtake Villa. It’s in their hands.

    The fact that they need a win against us may help us to have more freedom in their part. But who knows? Ask Man City.

    If we do not win against Wigan in the last home game of the season, we do not deserve CL. Simple.

  47. What happens when two teams need a win in a game of football such as Arsenal and Wigan?

    A draw happens.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    I would expect us to at least be in a better shape physically. But the jaded afair at QPR with strange late subs does not make me optimistic.

  48. If Wigan win their two games, Sanderland will be saved only by a win at WHL.
    Are they playing without Sousignon? Isn’t gonna happen.

    But Wigan do need a win at our place. Which makes the game a likely stalemate.

    Hope Arsne has a trick prepared for this one. Shoulf we play on the counters?

    Or should we just hope that the british players at Wigan disobay Martinez and drink like mad to celebrate the FA Cup?

  49. Good thing about all of that is that Newcastle can’t go down so we should be able to win easily there if we play reasonably well. In theory the season should come down to the Wigan game.

  50. @Bill


    I would take that before the season started.

    A home win against Wigan and we are in CL.

    No excuses. It’s in our hands.

  51. Yesterday’s match at least should remove any complacency from our players (we’ve seen too much of that this season IMO) . We’re going to have to be at our best to beat this Wigan team.

  52. I am a bit slow today, couldn’t work out how Newcastle and Norwich were safe as they are only 6 points ahead of Wigan. Then it dawned on me, Wigan’s last game is against Villa so for them to win both Villa have to lose their last game. As Villa have 40 points Newcastle and Norwich are safe. Blimey, took me a while.

  53. Wildly optimistic maybe… but suppose, just suppose:

    we win both our last 2 games 3 – 1, and Chels v Everton is 0 -0 draw. We and they will be level on points, GD, and goals scored. How is 3rd place decided, play off, drawing of lots, head to head record or (surely the fairest of all) alphabetical order???/

  54. I know we have had the reputation for working miracles on shoe string budgets but this year that is certainly not true. The actual amount of money we spent to assemble this squad is probably around 175M if not more. Even worse our wage bill is top 10 in European football. Having to win the last 2 games of the season to climb into 4th seems seems like significant underperformance. I think we over performed based on the monetary parameters during the prior decade but since 2010/11 we have underperformed. I guess the positive thing has been the fact that we have never had one really down season that dropped us out of the CL during these 8 years. Strange thing is that we could not even figure how to win even one trophy during all that time. We are lucky that liverpool has been so poor and spurs have been chokers. Hopefully Arsene can bring back some of the magic that he had early in his career when he got the best out of his players and teams. I remain hopeful but that he will find whatever it takes since I expect arsene to be here for many more seasons. The alternative is to increasing our spending so we are on par with the top teams.

  55. HTL, first place would be decided by a play off so I assume the same would apply to 3rd.

  56. If Wigan do not win at our place, they are officially relegated.

    For us, a draw is the worst. Even if we lose, we could still beat New Castle and hope the Tots do not win against fighting Sunderland in which case we would still finish forth.

    But a draw would make Sunderland safe which is the end of story. An easy win for the Tots in their last game.

    Come on Arsenal.

  57. My goodness SV. Get a grip man. Stop worrying about everyone else. I just cant see a depleted Wigan coming to our patch and getting in the way of our only objective.

  58. me I can’t stand the tension. My 80 year old dad life long arsenal fan said we need to be playing with the big boys Thursday night football is not for us. So lads time to step up destiny awaits, or something.

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