Academy Shortlists and Criminal Administration

It was tempting to headline today with Return of the Pat but it struck me as a bit Cristiano Ronaldo, marking me out as a one-trick pony. Liam Brady’s departure at the end of the season signals a change behind the scene, the chance to indulge in some fantasy football coach manager. Currently slumming it at Manchester City in his role as, well, who knows what he does beyond being wheeled out like a Young Mr Grace on state occasions. The media are building up a shortlist for the club, Dennis Bergkamp’s name already in the frame and if you consider his background beyond the pitch, probably the more qualified of the pair to carry out the role.

Which is where the arrogance of football supporters comes into play, we presume that any return to the club is taken as a dream for the former stars, that any approach cannot be turned down but let’s be honest, pontificating over this is a lot less likely to send people into meltdowns of a similar scale to that when they think about transfers (or the one’s that got away). Certainly Bergkamp or Vieira being successful – and sustaining that success – after a playing career would buck a well-established football trend, namely that the players who reached the peaks on the pitch, rarely scale those heights once the boots are finally packed away. The best managers have rarely been great players; no-one really knows why but the popular theory is that the lesser players have a greater desire to prove themselves, a greater love of the game. Perhaps that is true and it is probably the case that the stars have more likely been financially secure without the need for work beyond the white lines, the need for an income sated in their playing days.

Whatever the case, Vieira and Bergkamp both have attributes which you would want instilled in the first team, let alone the youngsters. Having legends coaching at the club is a benefit in terms of their achievements demanding respect, that their charges listen. Which is more than the Premier League has done, ignoring the demands of Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Ironically, two of that quintet would have fallen foul of just about every financial measuring stick available.

Ever late to the party, the clubs are looking to manage their way through a financial mess with a half-arsenaled solution, limiting spend in one area to give the impression of competition and level playing fields. In order to compete with the top clubs those lower down the food chain need to be able to pay more money. Once they have exhausted the commercial revenue streams, soaking them for all the money that they can, it is supporters who will pay next, perhaps even earlier, through rising ticket prices. The shortfalls have to be made up somehow.

Which all ties in with the European Commission‘s view on football transfers. They think it is leading to a closed shop in the elite with not enough money filtering to the lower echelons of the game. Wow, who knew? Apparently the clubs through various bodies had input into this. The most eye-catching change is to limit fees for players who have renewed their contracts to 70% of gross wages due, the EU is ensuring that the richest clubs will have more money to spend on wages thus perpetuating the elite they are striving so hard to prevent. To put that into an Arsenal context, Robin van Persie would have cost Manchester United approximately £3.5m in the Summer compared to the fee agreed between the two clubs. Little wonder than Ivan is no longer wittering on about FFP when he knows the EU and EPL are looking to shaft the club royally.

Anyway, football returns tomorrow with the trip to Wearside, something to look forward to beyond the balance sheets. Santi Cazorla believes Arsenal are just like Spanish sides. Presumably he thinks this in the context of passing and possession, rather than playing with a centre forward who is taunted by banjo playing cows every time he drives through the countryside. Whatever the case, back in the morning with a pre-match preview.

’til Tomorrow.

45 thoughts on “Academy Shortlists and Criminal Administration

  1. Afternoon YW 😉

    Nice write up by the way. Get both of them in I say. Both understand football, both have the winning mentality, and both are Arsenal legends.

  2. A high transfer fee’s in themselves are not an issue. There have always been clubs which could afford more than others, that is he way of the world. So bringing in laws in transfer fee’s would solve little.

    The problem is inflated transfers fee’s due to crazy and unsustainable investment. The market is distorted. Although ironically the world record involved two world giants without that type of finacial doping.

  3. Nice one YW.

    I agree with Andy. And it’s not often I get to say that 😉

    I had to read that last but one paragraph twice before I grasped it y’know. Finance and percentages and all that goes straight over my pretty blonde head. Now I understand why Ivan the terrible doesn’t mention FFP these days. Duh.

    Keep up at the back Harry ffs.

  4. I wish it had been called Financial Fair Solution – or some such – would have been much more fitting.

    This latest effort sounds like they have moved towards the idea of solving the town’s lack of drinking water by shitting in the well.

    FFS indeed.

  5. We appear to have two parallel sets of financial regulation in place. UEFA rules say losses cannot exceed 45m € over three seasons, the PL say £105m over three seasons

    Okey dokey

  6. I agree with all of the above. It’s all too bloody agreeable isn’t it. I need someone to disagree with..where’s Bill?

  7. Great post Yogi, thanks for that.

    I can’t for the life of me see the legal justification for the limit of a transfer fee being set at 70% of gross wages due rather than 100%. Seems to go against every facet of Contract Law, as I understand it, and reckon a Selling Club would be able to recover the missing 30% through the Courts if they challenged it.

    As for Head of Development, it would be great to see either Paddy or Denis back at the Club in some guise or other, but personally think Terry Burton is a shoe-in for the role this time around.

  8. I disagree 🙂

    There seem to be a lot of rumours about Jovetic and more importantly Arsenal’s interest in the front man. If and it is of course a HUGE if, the rumours have some legs then the acquisition of Capoue and Jovetic would indeed be nice signings. I understand that AA and Squillaci are free agents at the end of the season freeing up some salary space and then we have a number of loanee’s also looking for new homes.

    What am I disagreeing with 🙂 Vrrroooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm

  9. DB10 as purely an offensive coach my mouth is dribbling as that prospect, Only need to do the same with PV4 but tbh I can’t see him leaving his cushdy number at city.

    The situation with TV and LK is just what many of us feared a dual defensive injury leaving us with potential PM and Ignasi Miquel as recognised defenders not the best with our trip up to the stadium of light. Hoping LK is ok after picking up that knock for France.

    Potentiall could have a back four of :-
    BS, PM, IM, NM – I think most will agree it is a bit inexperienced…..

  10. Silver – “Potentiall could have a back four of :-
    BS, PM, IM, NM – I think most will agree it is a bit inexperienced…..

    Not really. All are exerienced players aprt from Miquel.

    I would rather we do that than move Sagna to CB where he will be unfamiliar and brink in Jenkinson who is also inexperienced. The fewer changes we make, the better. At least with Miquel coming in it is a simple one for one swap. Sunderland are not some great attcking force either, we should be fine.

  11. Is there any evidence that PV is Amy good at – you know – coaching ?

    Lovely chap but the impression I get is he has never had any actual coaching responsibilities

  12. anicoll – Very true. You would think that Bergkamp’s roles since ending his playing days, would be much more suitable. Even more so, given that he has carried our these roles at Ajax where their youth develpment is legendary.

  13. I saw you were used on the Arsenal site. I mentioned it in my blog for Saturday. I gave your website as well. Ronanldo I call the fake Ronaldo because he never shows up in the big matches.

  14. Great write up Yogi.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bergkamp back nurturing our Youth system as was mentioned by GA he has continued at Ajax who keeps putting out great players. Him coming would be an absolute joy not to mention a great PR move and a boost to the club.

  15. @Silver

    I disagree with you mate on it being an inexperienced side as Miquel would be the only one lacking experience but has played quite a few matches for the 1st team last term as a stand in LB and CB and played quite well I must add. I rate him highly with and I venture to say so does Arsene hence him letting JD go off on loan. I think this could be the beginning of Miquel as our recognized 4th CB.

  16. @MA

    Apparently there is a deal in place or in the works for us to sign Capoue prior to the summer window opening similar to that of Podolski.

  17. goonerandy ever the optimist ….

    I hope you are right, NM might be experienced defender but not so in an arsenal shirt and anyone who knows me, knows I rate IM highly, I don’t want to see BS at center back either although me might do a good job there my critical mind is just questioning the loan of Djourou out of the club. He would have been perfect in such a dilemma….

  18. DB10 has already done the youth coaching role.
    If he is currently a senior assistant, presumably his next gig is to be the manager. Running a youth academy would be a backward step for him.

  19. We should all be thanking Jose Mourinho right now if reports are true. Apparently Malaga offered both Santi and Isco to Madrid for a combined 35M at the beginning of last summer’s transfer window and he kindly declined saying that he didn’t think that they would fit into his team or their style of play. Ironically he the went out and spent 40M on Luka Modric.

    I love Mourinho!!!!! But how come Malaga didn’t offer(though I don’t know if they did) both Isco and Santi for 35M, I’m sure Arsene would have jumped on that!…right?!?!?!?!?!?

  20. @Markus

    Yea he did if I’m not mistaken. but how exciting would it have been to have Isco and Santi for only 35M.

  21. I don’t think Dennis has ever been head of Ajax’s youth development set up Phil which is regarded as one of the top jobs in the club, he has coached youth players and is currently one of De Boer’s assistants so I am not sure if heading up our Academy would be a backward step.

    Whether Dennis does have managerial ambitions I don’t know and if he does then a brief stint with us would not suit either side

    Question is can you be a manager if you won’t get on an aeroplane – or aHead of Yoof Development ?

  22. @Markus – Not sure where I read or heard this, but I think Santi refused(s) to play for Real Madrid for political reasons. It’s certainly true that the area he was born (Asturias) suffered a lot from Franco’s regime and there were even war crimes committed.
    Either way, the fact he had two chances to go there but chose us makes him a hero.

  23. ARSENAL would be very fortunate to get DB back at the club in any capacity ,
    Same goes for HENRY AND ROBERT,

  24. @Henristic
    You think he’s the player Arsene meant when he said we were very close to another signing on the last day of the window?

  25. Snippet from Wiki on DB10:

    Upon retiring, Bergkamp insisted he would not move into coaching. He turned down an offer to scout for Arsenal and instead concentrated on travelling and spending time with his family. However, in April 2008 he began a fast-track coaching diploma for former Dutch international footballers and undertook a trainee role at Ajax. Having completed the Coach Betaald Voetbal course by the KNVB, Bergkamp was appointed assistant to Johan Neeskens for the newly formed Netherlands B team on 26 October 2008. For the 2008–09 season, Bergkamp returned to Ajax in a formal coaching position with responsibility for the D2 (U12) youth team. Following the promotion of Frank de Boer as manager of Ajax in December 2010, Bergkamp was appointed assistant manager to Fred Grim, dealing with Ajax’ flagship A1 (U19) youth team.

    As of August 2011, Bergkamp has been de Boer’s assistant at Ajax.

    If he is number 2 to de Boer he may well have higher ambitions than being head of Arsenal’s Yoof Acaademy.

  26. Les Reed and Matt Crocker who run the Saints Academy have turned out some tidy footballers these past few years

    I wonder what they could do if backed by a bigger better club ?

  27. Yogi, a nice write up again.

    I disagree with C!

    The article quoted by C, has been harvested from! By sickle, a proper harvester, would have used a scythe.

    Richard III having been found “loitering” in a Leicester Car Park. Perhaps it was the ghost that was loitering?

    Richard III leads to Edward IV, which leads to the Battle of Barnet in 1471. The Battle of Barnet, is referred to in the novel “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens. As the novel was written in the early 1850’s, we are given a brief glimpse of the landscape, as it then was, in a carriage drive from London to St. Albans. Chapter VI – Quite at home – would give you a quickie to the pages.

    IF, that is not enough for those seekers after the truth, the word “football” also occurs in Mr Skimpole’s “how fond he used to be in his school-time, of football”. It can be found in the same chapter.

    IS there any earlier reference to “football” in any other novel, by any other author? Prior to say 1850?

  28. You made my day Yogi should i add no should i subtract question are you a doctor in football matter.let me call you DR YOGI.Any offence doctor?

  29. However Harry, Richard III invariably leads to Armitage Shanks. Which of course, takes us to Billy Childish. Actually when we get to this depth of six degrees, NOTH makes perfect sense.

  30. Well god bless Billy Childish Yogi, but I’m way out of me depth. I have a sneaking suspicion that our friend above could be a bit of a genius, that his posts are a riddle that contain the answer to all of life’s mysteries. Hmmm. It’s either that or a stark warning to the kids: drugs are bad, ok.

    Still, as long as he’s happy eh.

  31. Well mates reports circulating that Santos is off to Gremio in Brazil on a 6 month loan since tu Brazilian Tranfer window doesn’t close until tuesday and Monday is a national holiday which we ALL wish we were at(Carnival!!!!!!). Will get updates as I get them.

  32. Thanks Wavey,
    Anicoll, you make a compelling case about the willingness to fly and be a manager.
    After all if DB did come to us, he would have to take the train to Norwich, and not fly with the team.

  33. Well I’ve just got in and I’m sober,I honestly can’t make head nor tail of it,in fact it’s made me feel a little bit inadequate.

  34. Mel – At least you got to go out mate! After driving home from New Jersey in a blizzard for almost two hours, then trying to find a parking space which took another 40 odd minutes, I finally got in the door to find we are out of beer/cider!!! FUUUUUUCK!!!

    Last time I let friends crash over. Thirsty bastards the lot of them. I bet the Mark the Spud drank the last one too, cheap git that he is. Still the $100 I will win come St. Totteringham’s Day will go some way to appeasing my disappointment. Some way.

  35. LOL
    Forty min. For a parking space. You poor man.
    I once heard half the people in California where actually new Yorkers driving around looking forward parking that ended up over here.

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