The First Cut Is The Deepest For Giroud & The Transfer Supermarket

You thought I was going to put PP Arnold there, didn’t you…

Food prices are going to rise according to the People’s Supermarket, Waitrose. So are transfer prices you suspect, if any sort of ticketing cap is brought in. After all, the clubs will be poverty-stricken in that evenuality because of the nasty, moaning fans who don’t want to pay the right sort of prices for their tickets. Arsenal might be forced to pay out rather quickly as injuries are coursing their way through the squads veins. Olivier Giroud is the latest ‘victim’ rated as only 50-50 for Sunday’s clash with Priced Out Of The Stadium City, who are a prime example of what is wrong with football finances. Not because they have more money to spend than Arsenal, simply that they could afford to subsidise the ticket prices for their travelling support but choose not to.

Back to Giroud. It is an Arsène 50-50 which means that no-one really knows how fit the striker really is. It is questionable whether he would start anyway. Theo still hasn’t signed the damned contract and depending on which media outlet has been briefed most recently by the club or Team Walcott, hasn’t had a meeting to sort things out. If such a meeting hasn’t taken place, it is curious that the BBC could state the football side of matters was resolved and that it was only the split between wages / image rights which needed fixing. All of which can be done by telephone and email so is there a necessity to meet? Can’t the contract be agreed beforehand and then before Theo nips home from training he pops into Arsène’s office to put his squiggle at the bottom of the page. There is too much sensationalism around it and too much procrastination as well.

To be fair, I would put Walcott in on Sunday through the middle to start with but it is a double-edged sword. This season – and in previous League Cup campaigns – his opponents have not been the best centre backs in the world. Not even the best at their clubs. Facing Kompany, he will need guile as well as his pace. The Belgian appears physically stronger as well as being no slouch; Walcott’s speed will be an asset but I think we will see how much positional nous he possesses. Can he outwit his opponent? If he can, it bodes well for the Arsenal striker at club and international level. If he can’t, it is a painful lesson to learn in public. This type of game is key for his hopes; he has to be able to make the difference between evenly matched teams. I think he will but wait for the proof of that. If he can’t Loic Remy has re-emerged into the Arsenal transfer landscape following time in the wilderness where he attracted the unwanted advances of QPR and Newcastle. Such a spell must have caused doubts in his mind, sleepless nights wondering, “Am I really that bad that I want to play for Mark Hughes?“. It’s the football equivalent of The Simpsons where Lisa bemoans that she has lost her perspicacity during a teacher’s strike.

As it is, according to the manager there will be no more departures before any arrivals. I like his sense of revenge. All of that grief he is on the receiving end of, those dreams of sparkling new strikers or midfielders; he has crushed those hopes, extinguishing any signs of life. And keeping the deadwood too…

’til Tomorrow.


216 thoughts on “The First Cut Is The Deepest For Giroud & The Transfer Supermarket

  1. Bob,do you think it was Arsene’s way of saying he would have held him to his contract,and it was the boards decision to sell?
    I think both Nasri and RVP would have been held to their deal if it had been Arsene’s choice .But the board and that exit statement ,made that impossible.

  2. Wenger has made it pretty clear recently that he determines wages and transfers.
    And the Board consistently are seen to back him 100%.
    So I would suggest It was Arsene’s choice to let them go.

  3. So why is wenger still working for a board that undermine him then george? o Neil quit villa over the same things.

  4. fergie didnt ring the baord he rang arsene..

    hes lost the plot..doesnt know what hes doing or saying anymore..

    its the end game were just going through the motions until its over..

    confidence in him these days is brittle to say the least, he doesnt help himself one bit with recent comments about the balanaced squad and rvp..

  5. If I am being honest, I think AW would walk if the board were selling players against his wish. He has always maintained that is one of the reasons why he loves Arsenal, and has turned down offers from such clubs as Madrid in the past. AW must have sanctioned the sale.

  6. I`m very disappointed with Arsene`s words concerning RVP.

    It`s bad enough we sold him to THEM & yes, he`s only stating the bleeding obvious but this is rubbing our noses in it.

  7. I agree with you. I would add, that people are completely oblivious of the fact that we’re not the same club we were seven years ago. The manager hasn’t coped with the new environment, he’s done a decent job, but nothing worth writing home about.

    pretty embarassing statement considering

    a) arsenal built a stadium in 06
    b) we all knew things were NOT going to be the same
    c) getting into champions league with a bunch of 17 y.o and 21 y.o could be described as the best arsenal could hope for during its repayment phase, wenger made it the minimum requirement.

    as for coping in the new it wenger who couldnt cope or the owners?

    can the owners cope with dealing with the shieks roman and the glazers? no they why are you blaming the manager then?

  8. I always tought that one of the reasons we did let Song go was that we were getting Sahin in. Rumours say he was even schedueld for a medican but never showed up as Liverpool and “Hils ol chum Rodgers” has come in for him and he prefered them .
    Liverpool again show how absolutley talentless they are though. He is a very good player Sahin is. they did get him as they were willing to pay more of his wage than Arsenal was. YEt they never used him. Meaning they did waste alot of money. Ok the money going out on him alone are not so bad, but if you put it ontop of all the other weird things they done the last seasons the numbers are starting to look inclerasingly ugly.

    I also wonder if Remy is good enough for Arsenal. what you guys think?

  9. @Paulie Walnuts well maybe he dislikes city more than united? maybe city has acted worse behind the scene than united and this is really a message to the city board or managers or whoever rather than to us?

    What i was a bit supriesd about though is that Nasri cost city the exact same amount as RvP cost United. Both in the last year of contract.

    But if that is ture then one can argue that RvP was sold on the cheap as he was and is a lot better than Nasri.

    Which means Arsenal must have had an agenda selling him to United, cheaply in the first place…

    What agenda? I dunno…

  10. If I am being honest, I think AW would walk if the board were selling players against his wish.

    no he wouldnt. thats what selfish pricks like mourinho do.

    furthermore, if we didnt sell wed be running at a loss since the marketing department was found to be amateur in the pathetic 5m sponsorship deal they had agreed to these past 7-8 years.

    because if youre being honest you know that wenger would never keep a player just to win a title or two when the numbers dont add up. he will not put the club in jeopardy and i thank him for that. this isnt a computer game to say “oh fuck it lets just do it and we deal with the consequences later, worst case scenario we press re-load last save”

  11. We’ve got to keep our eyes open, when it comes to club matters. It’s not a picnic.

    says the individual who lets the tree hide the forrest behind it.

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