Arsenal Puncture Bubbles In Derby Win

West Ham United 1 – 3 Arsenal

1 – 0 Diame (21)
1 – 1 Giroud (41)
1 – 2 Walcott (77)
1 – 3 Cazorla (83)

Despite representations to the contrary, this was not Big Sam’s return to bullying ways. Reading some of the coverage this morning, the stories were written before kick-off. Allardyce wanted to relive his glory days at Bolton and give the visitors what is represented as the customary bloodied nose, and failed. The aerial bombardment is still there but this year’s Arsenal has more depth than the nouveau from northern France, is of fuller mind and body, leaving West Ham to be the acquired taste.

And it is one that few want to, Matt Law of this morning’s Sunday Mirror at least having the wherewithall to point out that the boorish behaviour of players is reciprocated in the stands. For all of the complaints about the Ashley Coles, Steven Gerrards and John Terrys of this world, the stands are little better. Not quite back to the 1970s but heading there. Upton Park devoid of the purists football on which they prided themselves, is just another grubby little footballing backwater.

In the middle of this stands Santi Cazorla, short of height, grand of stature, a sparkling performer once more for Arsenal. Praised post-match by all, Theo Walcott captured the Spaniard’s contribution,

He’s come in to the Premier League and taken it by storm. He’s our conductor. His goal was fantastic. I don’t even know what-footed he is, to be honest.

Certainly the mantle of key player has passed seamlessly to the Summer signing and gliding across the Upton Park pitch, the Player of the Season at many levels is emerging. His sumptuous strike to confirm the win was fitting closure on the early evening proceedings. It came as no surprise, West Ham had been warned by earlier effort which had Jaaskelainen scrambling across the goal as the ball fizzed wide of the post.

For Walcott it proved an interesting cameo; effective as a wandering striker, he was still cast to the flanks. Optimism this morning comes from headlines which have no substance beneath; I do not believe he will remain at the club beyond the summer but it would be nice for a player to disprove that theory. But Walcott deserves credit for his twenty-nine minute cameo; piercing runs through the hosts’ defence offered a glimpse of his central striking promise. A shame for Walcott it is overshadowed by the book-ends from Giroud and Cazorla.

Arsenal dominated the opening quarter but found themselves a goal down. Jenkinson’s opening raid forced a corner from which Giroud’s effort struck Carroll. It was the only tangible effort from the control and midway through the half, Arsenal were made to pay as Diame cut into the box and found the finish that the time and space afforded him, deserved. Power and curl on the shot defeated Mannone. The Italian saved from Carroll as West Ham’s predictable tactics bore fruit.

The visitors recovered their poise and as half-time approached, parity. Giroud had been denied a scoring opportunity when Mertesacker got to the ball first. The second time he made no mistake, the Frenchman starting and finishing the move at near post, following Podolski’s surging run to the byline. A relief for the striker, his hard work paying off and the settling in process will no doubt have become a little easier. Nolan might have made such joy short-lived but missed when it seemed easier to score.

West Ham resorted to Allardyce-type in the second half, Carroll beating Mannone to one effort with the ball skewing wide rather than into the empty net. The thuggery emerged with Vaz Te putting his shoulder into Mannone’s head with costly effect, the striker will miss up to twelve weeks following his dislocation.

Arsenal should have been awarded a penalty as Ramsey tumbled in the area with replays – the crucial part – showing an entanglement of feet to prevent the Welshman’s progress. None was forthcoming. Walcott’s tidy backheel was narrowly missed by Giroud before the substitute gave Arsenal the lead, Giroud reversed the roles and the England international slid the ball into the net beyond the grasp of Jaaskelainen.

It was not a match from which Arsenal emerged unscathed, Kieran Gibbs’ thigh injury is likely to see his withdrawal from the England squad, a reprieve for Ashley Cole no doubt as even Mr Creosote believes that the Chelsea full back should be suspended. His morph into a tabloid headline last night was utterly laughable.

The win recovered confidence following last weekend’s defeat, two wins in three days following the Chelsea defeat was the best response possible.

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145 thoughts on “Arsenal Puncture Bubbles In Derby Win

  1. Fucking typical Utd. Cleverly spots RVP’s run to the far post and overhits his cross and guess what? The fucking ball goes like a bullet into the top corner! 3-0 Utd and this game is surely over now. Why Pardew went with a 4-4-2 is beyong me. His forward players were double marked all game and what little advantage they enjoyed in midfield was immediately lost anytime Utd countered as they needed to commit their midfield to their own attack in order to help out their 2 attacking players.

    On a positive note De Gea looks very uncomfortable with crosses and set pieces. If only we had the ability to make use of that.

  2. Dex – You’ve got a point. But today the Toon only have themselves to blame.
    BTW: Pardew struck the motherlode with an 8 year contract. I think he is massively over-rated. But when you can help sell Carroll for £35million, the owner must owe you a lifetime debt.

  3. Oh true, newcastle and pardew were the architects of their own downfall today no question. It was just a nice safety blanket having Webb there to assist if need be! 🙂

    De Gea is an accident waiting to happen, should’ve been putting under way more pressure, IMO.

    Im only waiting for el twattico laters.

  4. Don’t worry – Ashley will have more clauses in Pardew’s contract than Andy Carroll has nits – he will end up owing Fat Mike money

  5. Anicoll5 @ 5:42 pm
    Chuckle, Chuckle. You are a wise man. Ashley won’t have a problem firing him if they end up struggling in the bottom-half.

  6. Newcastle losing great result for us.The Spuds and them are our rivals for 4th place.Just need Everton to blow up

    Good chant to RVP from the Geordies “She said no”

  7. Shotta

    How do Utd do it?Yes they are an average for man we are probably better than them.But 1.They are a team of winners that makes a big big difference.2 They have the best manager in the business without him they would stuggle to get top 4.Thats how they do it

  8. I have to say Dexter, you really are on a roll mate. Keep it up!!

    Time to peel my ass off the sofa and take The Girlfriend out. She has been giving me THAT look, never a good thing that look. Laters 🙂

  9. “you seem to delight in spoiling a good mood”

    Deliberate provocation from the mood spoiler extraordinaire. Pots, kettles.

  10. Bollocks ,I agree with Stew and Dexter.
    Miserable mood spoilers should be called out

  11. Nice post YW. Well we have the second best GD in the league and we seem to be expressing ourselves very well. Giroud should relax a little now he has popped his premier cherry.

    I just rolled in from a nightmare busy shift at work. On the plus side I cooked for Kirsty Maccoll’s mum. Sausage, egg and chips if you were wondering…

  12. Good evening to you Jonny.

    Gotta say, I really liked Giroud’s goal. Yes, it got this so called drought talk halted, although it was never an issue as far as I was concerned. But the way he got to the cross, his goal poaching instinct to get to the near post, we have missed that sort of striker’s nose for a goal type thing for ages.

    The dutch cunt wouldnt have scored that. He’d probably have scored 3 complete stunners mind, but you get me. 🙂

  13. All three finishes had things about them to admire – but yes that was a good gamble by Giroud. Attack the space as they say.

    You’re right TDC would never have made that run – he’d have hovered further back. And then probably scored or hit the post.

  14. Was Messi born a bail bondsman? The amount of times he has bailed Barca out suggests he is not merely a footballer. 2 goals for the Barcunts.

  15. Messi and ten other blokes taken the lead in Barcelona against Ronnie and some other blokes

    Hang on ………….

  16. So Don, please tell me what was so good about singing, “She said no”. I need enlightening as to when rape accusations became a laughing matter.

  17. I’ve got to say this was a brilliant Classico. We might all hate the Barcunts but they played some brilliant stuff. Real Madrid was more direct but they had some brilliant passages of play including two well taken goals by the fake Ronaldo.

  18. This Don fellow is bang out of order and gives ACLF a bad name with this crude, misogynyst rape-related stuff.

  19. Some exquisite play going forward though both sides almost entirely reliant upon their respective genius

    Barca poor at the back and as for Pepe I would not swap the Portugese lummocks for Stepanovs

  20. newcastle did play really crap though.They looked about as headless as villa. And villa was a sorry sight today. If they continiue like that they will go down. West Ham looked like barcelona in comparison. and that says alot….

  21. It’s just come to me where I think I may have seen andy Carroll before-episodes of “a hit man and her” at 2am on Sunday mornings (1989ish)-me drunkenly eating a kebab with a topless dungaree wearing andy Carroll dancing behind michela strachan & Pete waterman on my tv screen. Yes it was definetly him.

  22. Jonny @ 7.45,

    Really not surprised with that – Kirsty was always down the chip shop after all.

    El Classico ? More drama queens than a Gok Wan house party. Great viewing though.

  23. A frightening thought, Mel. As if it was yesterday. As if it was yesterday.
    And now Michela Strachan does Spring Watch. Anyway, I sort of liked Hit Man and Her. I prefer Spring Watch, though. Love Spring Watch. Thankfully no Pete Waterman on Spring Watch. No Andy Carroll for that matter. Although I’ve heard he can often be seen with the aid of night vision goggles.

  24. Yes Mingus,that’s him doing big box little box by the trees, not sure about michela-always struck me as the kind of girl whose sofa was covered in cat hair and she’d roll her own fags,lovely girl but just not my type.

  25. Just watched the Westham game highlights on Arsenal player. At 40.27, after Giroud’s goal, notice the group of stewards in the background in green uniforms. There is an Asian lad who is delighted with the Arsenal equaliser and how his team leader berates him for celebrating! It is hilarious!

  26. ” as for me I have always had great respect for Arsene and what he has done for the ARSENAL . Today’s game will be the biggest all season for us .”
    That from fat Basterd before the game.
    Maybe we should give the shmuck another chance.
    NAH he can go do one.
    Luckily DON VITO & MIKEL are alright and not seriously injured .
    JETHRO’S injury if of course a big concern .
    How long before either of FABIANSKI OR WOJO are back in action.?
    Can MARTINEZ do the job,just incase??
    VILLA and NEWCASTLE were as toothless as
    Feel free to fill in the blank.

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