A Dose Of Sanity & High Demands – A Normal Arsenal Day

Pleasures and wayward distractions prevent Big Al’s normal weekly contribution, his family fearing for his sanity when he came home with 60,000 white permanent marker pens and a plan to buy a Sea King helicopter to transport them all to The Emirates tomorrow. Apparently it’s off some bloke he met down the pub is keen to shift one before departing for a gap year trip to South America. Al, is protesting at the black bag protest, planning to draw smiley faces across the bags that are being left in the stadium on empty seats in protest at the way the club is being run. Being Arsenal fans, it is a useful protest and in the current environment, economically viable with the stewards being encouraged to remove the bags and save them for use by the cleaners at the final whistle.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter, save for the fact that it won’t actually achieve anything. Laudable as standing up for your views are, an end target ought to be obvious; in this instance it is another of mish-mash of views that do not have clearly stated demands or aims.

It has been media fodder, announced at a similar time that the AST announced its own agenda for the coming weeks. Quite rightly, they have steered away from – and made a definitive statement to that effect – commenting on managerial and playing performance. That is however twisted to suit agendas that want to promote dissention in order to sell advertising space.

There is nothing contentious in the AST observations, which along with the AISA statement recently, show that the genuine concerns of ordinary supporters can be reflected maturely and constructively. Even if you do not agree with all of the observations, both organisations do good work on behalf of the whole fanbase in engaging with the management of the business side of the club. Like both, I find the silence of KSE disconcerting in that it allows speculation over their long-term vision for the club to become fact rather than any truth does. To me, the lack of engagement with supporters simply emphasises just how much of a reluctant owner Kroenke is.

Away from that the playing squad came into focus with the revised squad listing submitted to the Premier League. Manuel Almunia is left kicking his heels, an ignominious end to his Arsenal career with the Spaniard making way in the main list to allow Thierry Henry’s inclusion. It essentially means that he will not be playing first team football until the summer unless he can find a loan deal with Wojciech Szczesny preferred as substitute on Sunday against Aston Villa.

It also shows how loaded the squad is with non-homegrown players, the economics of which possibly hampering signing of the talent desired in the January window. It is simple to sell the players on paper, the same simplicity noticeable by its absence in the real world. The club could have omitted Abou Diaby to allow him to regain full fitness but took in my view, a positive step with his inclusion. It gives the player a tangible target rather than a vague promise of next season. Whether than backfires or not will only be known come May.

Andrey Arshavin will not be making any space either. His agent is reported this morning as stating the diminutive Russian will be at The Emirates until the end of the season. That may be needed with rotation of the squad coming to the fore over the next month with the chase for fourth place and Milan. A return to the central role cannot be dismissed, especially if Robin van Persie is rested as speculated this morning. Henry may be the more obvious replacement this weekend but for a home match against a team in the relegation zone, Arshavin may well start.

The fight for fourth has left Mikel Arteta optimistic, realistic and chastising in equal measure. Reflecting how most Arsenal supporters feel about the current situation, the Spaniard observed,

It’s going to be tough to finish in the top four but I think we have the quality and the desire to do it. I know how good we are but we need to start showing it. We need to get on a good run and start winning games like we were doing a month ago because Chelsea are doing well.

Arsenal are reliant on teams dropping points. Equally, we must beat those teams around us in the coming months; the outcome of the games might be decisive. There is little point in hoping Spurs drop points in their tough matches; we have to win ours first, something that has not happened in the Premier League this year. When that changes and gaps to Chelsea and then those above have been cut, we can look at the situation then. At the moment, the first point and clean sheet from Wednesday has stopped a losing rot. As Arteta opined, a winning run has to start against Blackburn this weekend.

Finally, the last time Arsenal scored twice at Old Trafford in the League and won is the subject of today’s Arsenal On This Day.

’til Tomorrow.


447 thoughts on “A Dose Of Sanity & High Demands – A Normal Arsenal Day

  1. ah george, a little bit of Uzmanov and a dash of Muinho and whoops! we will be as rich, glamorous and plastic as City. we will win cup after cup after cup with mercenaries and a multi billion pound transfare budget. it will acutally be a bit like playing FM2012. Plastic club throgh and through….

    @Suga “innocent until proven guilty”
    Thats the great thing about corruption and bribery, you will never ever be found guilty. Cos everything can be bought.
    There is no “innocent until proven guilty” in the world of Usmanov. You are just never found guilty, simple as. And if somoene should even come close to prove you guilty, you just fire them, bribe them, threaten them or find othe ways to keep them quiet.
    “innocent until proven guilty ” is a concept that i dont think real is in line with the belives of the Ruling classes in Russia.

    Let me just add this link before i go to bed..


    Suga,i really fail to unerstand why you feel you have to defend a man like Usmanov in the first place. We all know how he is, and we all know what system he comes from and in what political environment his wealth was created.

    This system, this regime is that not the exact same regime that Poland fought so hard to get rid of? and are you not Polish? And yet you sit there and defend and argue for the russian system and the russian oligarchs that based upon waht you know about the russian system and the russian problems with corruption etc must be obtained with illegal meassures….

    Do you really want our club to be associated with a man like that? Or do you just not care aslong as we got enough money to win cups?
    Cos i can understand that, but i cannot undestand how you can defend a man like Usmanov or a political regime built on corruption.

    But this is ofc my opinion and eveyone els are entitled to think whatever they want. I think i will end my political debate there…

  2. If Kroenke is the lesser of the two evils, it begs the question what is he ever done to help our club ?
    We are desperately in need of investment, we need quality players to come in, is he going to help out ? of course not.
    Our club is being left behind, and if things don’t go well we are going to be out of the top four with the Yank not doing a thing to help out.
    Usminov’s past is dubious but at least he wants to put a shed load of money in but his relationship with David Dein means he is never going to be able to.
    It saddens me to say but i just can’t see us getting anywhere the way we are going, don’t get me wrong i do not want the club sold down the river but i fear for the future.
    I am not a doomer, i have supported this club for fifty years have been a long standing season ticket holder. seen them play abroad even seen them lose to Swindon Town in a league cup final, i know what pain is !
    Arsene who i love to death for what he has done for our club needs to work a few miracles !

  3. poodle,

    I am merely showing that the whole ‘lesser of two evils’ regarding Kroenke is bollocks…

    and by the way, AU is the only thing standing between Kroenke and plunging the club into debt the way Glazers did with United…

  4. @highbury lament
    what you say is indeed interesting as alot of our unappy fans wants Dein back and Usmanov in…..something that is very contradictory…
    It was Dein the saviour that after all introducecd Kroenk to the club…

    I also totally understand your views and points…

    But let me ask you, if we potentially did get a sheik or a oilbillionarie to own us. And we got a 2Bn transfare budget and could splash and buy whoever we want. Would you not feel it a bit plastic? LIke up in ManCity? it just feels so plastic, so fake, so mercenary. Nobody are there cos they want to, cos they care about City or cos they care about the fans. Most, not all but most of the city stars are just there for the money…..I would find it hard to cheere on someone that got 250k a week…..it just feels wrong…

    I agree with you that some investment would not hurt. that maye a couple of players in the 10-25 m bracket would be in its place.
    Howeve AW has frequently stated that those players are almost impossible to buy atm. But that is where we are, that is our price range.. The podolskis and Vermaalens in the world. The marivn martins and Mvillas of the world before they go and become famous…

    I will indeed be intersting comes summer if we are not in top 4….

  5. kroenke is bad news for this club., he is just here to get as much as he can, he has started streamlining the business already ….cunt could not give two hoots about what we do., if we get cl footy, if we win a cup…just another business in his ever growing portbloodyfolio.

    always dodgy having someone leading the club who could nt care less and is only interested in turning over as much money as he can get his buffalo wing sticky coated fingers on.

  6. Does acting like a smart-ass give you an orgasm or something?

    I never said he had forgotten anything (did I say you forgot your glasses? You probably just traded your intelligence for your ‘millions’)

    What I said is Wenger is showing himself as a has-been; a man who despite his past successes has been unable to adjust with the times and these days talks gibberish (did you hear his goalkeeper-striker analogy or his cup final BS?)

    I don’t claim to know what exactly changed (went wrong – please don’t mention the stadium) but at least I can see there is something wrong

    By the way, did you notice we don’t even have the fluid passing game that Wenger loves so much anymore?

  7. Poodle,

    give me someone who will invest ahead of the profiteering toupee wearing twat any day…

    check the records of the other KSE teams: zero ambition, trying to do things on bare minimum, quite frankly, our only saving grace here is that unlike in the US leagues, you can actually get relegated from the league…

  8. Why would someone want to piss hundred of millions of their own money away “INVESTING” as some halfwits call it(must be the worst investment in the world .How much will Roman or the Oily Arabs see in return for their investment) in a football club?
    Just one good reason and I will cede.

  9. @suga what you bring up here is a whole different discussion and it is indeed worrying if Kroenk does not support us over the next couple of years. But that does not mean we have to swap him for Usmanov. I am not trying to make a argument for why we should keep Kroenk. Im trying to make an argument for why we should not have Usmanov.

    However it was David Dein himself that introduced Kroenk. David Dein the man the fans wants back. David Dein that if he came back we would start winning again.

    Surly the fans should trust David Deins judgment if they want him back so much? After all it is said that Dein is the one who brought us trophies in the past….

    but im off to bed now.. have fun pondering our future financial situation peeps…

  10. Poodle you too make very good points, and yes you are right it would feel plastic if we went down that road.

  11. er…george ..coz thats what owning a club is all about. well not the spending millions but you have to invest something if you decide to take over a club…its not a normal business now is it.

  12. george,

    I don’t think you unberstand the reasons behind AU willing to buy the club, it is meant to be a western crown jewel of sorts for his portfolio, making the club look successful is a thing you are expected to do being in his position, it would be pretty much rude not to…

  13. Will you try your hardest to let this sink into that concrete dome you call your head? I DID NOT SAY HE HAS FORGOTTEN ANYTHING!!!

    I’m not going to act like Jabba or AA and try to convince you of anything. Waste of time arguing with an idiot and such…

  14. Wordsworth on the extinction of the Venetian Republic:

    And what if she had seen those glories fade,
    Those titles vanish, and that strength decay,
    Yet shall some tribute of regret be paid
    When her long life hath reached its final day:
    Men are we, and must grieve when even the shade
    Of that which once was great is passed away.

    Ode to Arsenal Football Club slowly going down the drain.

  15. @suga i know…. as you see i wrote “fans” not “I”….. but then im not someone who sorley misses Dein. Im kinda indifferent on that point.. If he comes back then good, if he stays away then good….

    again comes Summer and we are out of top4.. the aftermath will be interesting indeed….

  16. stan doenke should have bought a fukin midfielder wrapped him in a bow and just gave him to wenger and said stop fukin playing young ramsey to death, he is still just an apprentice.

  17. @ SUGA3 | February 3, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    it is you who is being stupid here, Usmanov would not be where he is if he did not play his cards correctly, I mean, do you seriously think that Kroenke would stick up for the editor of a newspaper he owned if he published an article about how Obama was elected as a result of vote rigging when there was neither any real evidence of it nor it would do anyone any good?

    Suga, you may have been interested to see the BBC news tonight. If you missed it, here’s a link. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-16883195

    By coincidence, they happened to show footage of widespread ballot-rigging in the recent elections. They barged into a lecture hall where people were forging signatures for nominations. They interviewed people who admitted to having voted several times in one district in one day. They referred to it as “widespread institutional conspiracy” and “blatant cheating”. A statistician who they interviewed stated that the cheating was “critical to the outcome” of the election.

    So, would you like to rephrase your question? Perhaps, “do you seriously think that Kroenke would stick up for the editor of a newspaper he owned if he published an article about how Obama was elected as a result of vote rigging when there was real, credible evidence of it?” I know how I would answer that question, how about you?

    You should know by now: when you spout rubbish, the chances are good that someone on here is going to call you on it.

  18. BB,

    yeah, because someone voting a few times would definitely own up to doing so to a foreign TV channel, especially in Russia, do me a fucking favour…

    can’t remember if it was Lenin or Stalin who said that it was all about who counted the votes, not who voted and how…

  19. @ Suga

    “yeah”, because you are more likely to be right than the BBC, the election monitors, and the tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in protest…

    You said there was no evidence, my point is that there is, apparently, ample evidence.

    Feel free to try to distract by citing from previous dictators, although that quote seems to me to imply your agreement that there were voting irregularities.

  20. BB,

    Usmanov is not stupid and can’t allow one of his papers to publish this kind of articles, given his position…

    plus, I believe the common misconception here is that AU would behave in the same manner here as he allegedly does in his ‘parish’…

  21. Suga, we can agree on the former, but let’s also agree that you overstated the case.

    Re the latter, difficult to say. Abramovich is, of course, not Usmanov, but he certainly has not stood back and let the football men get on with it. If I had to guess, I would think that AU, having invested millions, would similarly want to interfere.

    I’m not a particular advocate of Kroenke (I think it is too early to judge him), but I would say better the devil we know (even if we don’t know him very well). In this matter, I would respect the judgment of the board.

    Right, off to bed!

  22. LOL that would be because they would not let me post and/or alter the posts.
    They are incapable of debate.
    Really ,they are a real dumb lot.
    That is why you do well there.
    In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is King.
    You are just not quite as stupid as the rest of them

  23. george,

    Geoff only bans people who start with abuse towards the site outright, which is disrespectful…

    and since we have been getting things right collectively for the past few years, then we can’t be all that stupid, surely?

    yes, there are some things that make me flinch, but the thread is policing itself fairly well, IMO…

  24. SUGA

    Interesting you mention such a moderation policy. It’s been introduced here now; disrespect the “site” as it were, you’re off. A considerable number of such commenters are no longer able to post, new posters are unable to get through without moderation and my tolerance levels are at an all-time low. I mean, I don’t suffer fools gladly at the best of times but there’s not one jot of gladly in my sufferance at the moment.

    Some are sailing extraordinarily close to the wind at the moment reading through some of yesterday’s comments.

    Right, I’m off to write today’s post.

  25. YW,

    the truth of the matter is that I have never called you anything Geoff gets called and that is a fact, it’s only fair for me to defend myself when I get abuse, hope that’s fair?

  26. PS: Want Man U to beat chelsea, at the moment I’d prefer Man U to win championship rather than shitty. Don’t want other teams to think by just spending money they can win tropheys. Not just because Na$ri and Cli€hy went to city to win something…………….;

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