A sense of Injustice. Newcastle V Arsenal match report.

Newcastle 0:0 Arsenal

This was a game of very little incident, except for two altercations, both involving Joey Barton. I suspect you’ve all seen the game, I probably don’t need to go over the 2nd and main incident again. Mid way through the 2nd half, probably seething with rage and seeking retaliation from an earlier stamp by Song, Barton decides that Gervinho is simulating when he goes down in the area. He grabs Gervinho angrily with both hands by the shirt and in the resulting melee receives a limp slap in the face, which causes him, this hard man who has done bird, to go down like Monica Lewinsky, and cry foul to the referee. Speechless. Not only that Gervinho is then sent off, but that a penalty decision is not given, given that it did look like a trip (however soft) and the case for it was a hell of a lot stronger than last year’s 2 risible penalty awards. And the other grating thing is that Gervinho was provoked into a reaction by Barton in the first place, which makes it in my book a ludicrous injustice. Barton should have walked as well.

Now, in the interests in balance. It has to be said that Song should have walked as well. He did stamp on Barton, presumably because of some earlier incident, which I did not see. Pardew said that this beahviour from Song was out of character. It probably was. Still, it was disappointing from a viewpoint of discipline. We lost momentum last year because of Diaby’s reaction to Barton, the same player. We can ill afford incidents like this, particularly in the current climate of negativity.

The Barton Gervinho incident of course overshadows the whole game. In reality, it was not a turning point, as both sides were defensively parsimonious, very parsimonious. On reflection, I was nervous at half time. We had dominated possession, but hadn’t really created any clear cut chances. In actual fact, I can’t recall any clear cut chances in the entire game. Gervinho was a threat  in the first half, making 4 or 5 incisive runs, alas with little end product. Either down to a lack of synchronizity with VP or just poor finishing. Still, Gervinho’s directness was encouraging. I thought Rosicky was composed, and sprayed the ball around well. At the back we looked composed, we defended set pieces well, and dare I say it, Szczesny, Koscienly and Vermaelen looked commanding.

The 2nd half was more of the same, save the 2 incidents involving Song and Barton, and then Barton and Gervinho. We lacked any real punch to create space and openings for clear cut chances. Our defence I thought was outstanding. The only worrying moment was in the last 10 minutes where a Newcastle player went through on goal but could not make contact. Frimpong came on in the last 5 minutes, presumably to scare the opposition. Djourou was brought on in the last 2 to shore up the back line. There was a breakaway chance led by him after that, where the ball was squared to the wrong arsenal player and it resulted in nothing.

All in all, it was a relief not to have lost. The away crowd, normally very supportive, at one point were singing ‘Spend the f*cking money’. I shudder to think of the reaction if we had lost, but we looked quite good defensively. Unusually for us, we lacked sharpness up front, and failed to carve out decent openings. Walcott when he came on, was half a yard off the pace, which will be down to just coming back from injury. We have to hope now that the FA will review Gervinho’s suspension and be kind to us, reducing it from 3 games to 1 game. A return of Wilshere would also be welcome. Anyway, let’s enjoy the positives. It was a clean sheet and the portents look good with the Szczesny, Vermaelen and Koscienly triumvirate. To give credit to Newcastle, they were defensively well organised, competitive and disciplined. They have a bit of bite, and some physical players. Like us, they needed more cohesion and firepower up front.

Transfer news ? It looks pretty bleak at the moment. Cesc is more a less a done deal as you know. Nasri didn’t travel with the squad, put down to a mystery ‘illness’. There is the quite bonkers rumour going around of a Tevez Nasri swap. There are 2 interesting rumours, amongst all others, that stand out for me. Sochaux midfielder Marvin Martin and Marseille winger Andre Ayew. The latter player, Ayew, is an exciting Ghanian winger who plays for Marseille, and has a €13.7 million release clause. Martin is a midfielder with a very impressive assists record and is vying for a place in the french national team  with Nasri. It could all be a load of guff, but I think patience is called for in the final 2 weeks of the transfer window. We have at least £60 million to spend, so we have the financial power to make any deals happen. We just have to hope that AW makes the right calls and can find adequate replacements for Nasri (if he does go) and Cesc.

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscienly, Gibbs, Rosicky (Frimpong 85), Ramsey (Djourou 92), Song, Arshavin (Walcott 61), VP, Gervinho
Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Jenkinson, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Frimpong, Chamakh

Newcastle: Krul, Colloccini, Simpson, R Taylor, S Taylor, Cabaye (Lovenkrands 81),  Gutierrez, Tiote, Ba (Obertan 46), Sh Ameobi (Best 73)
Subs: Forster, Willimson, Gosling, Lovenkrands, Best, Obertan, Sa Ameobi

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491 thoughts on “A sense of Injustice. Newcastle V Arsenal match report.

  1. Dexter

    Arsenal will say undisclosed fee as they always do, won’t get a proper idea till the half yearly accounts in November I think but was angry with the fee during the week and this has blown it all up again.

  2. Lew

    I just cant see us kniocking back £31m, then agreeing to less mate? Doesnt make sense to me.

    Anyway that’s that, the judas twat has gone and we should move on. I just found it all very nauseating all the heart string tugging about it being his home town club and all that crap.

  3. I ‘m intotal agreement, want to see Barfa now fall apart and finish 2nd or 3rd in Spanish league, get dumped out of CL (preferably by us) and win nothing for the next 6/7 years.

    George, can we stop changing names now, Im feeling slightly Schizoid……. I want to go back to being Northbank 🙂

  4. Well the teves/Nasri swap story is a lot more plausible than the Sagna to the spuds story in the People today!

  5. I would now suspect a leftfield signing from Arsene in the next couple of days, or perhaps a swap deal involving a Barca player.

    RvP or TV for captain?

    Thanks for the memories Cesc, feel free to return in a few years when you realise what a bunch of cunts Barca are and you discover that Arsenal is in your DNA .

  6. I’m with you Dexter on being disillusioned with football.

    The club can charge our own fans more money but cannot hold out for proper transfer fee for a world class player.

    Carroll – £35 mil.
    Fabregas – €29 mil then €1 mil a year for 5 years with a possible €5mill add ons. = £35 mil

    So Cesc worth the same as Carroll. Disgusted with the board.

  7. Well the only thing which gets me over being dumped is lots & lots of promiscuous activities. That means we’ll buy a ton of players or we win a ton of trophies. Here’s to the latter.

    Victoria concordia cresit.

    Fuck Barcelona. Should they ever sell our erstwhile 4, I will laugh and curse them to hell

  8. Awful display. No cutting edge, flat performance.
    We need som1 in the middle that’s very creative. Sign Toni Kroos. And sign Jack Rodwell as back up for song or for kosc/verm.
    Sign a striker of quality. Tevez for Nasri + 20 mil sounds nice.

  9. “And he is a semi perma.crock”

    I’m hoping that has something to do with our willingness to do business with them. Maybe we know we’ve sold them another crock!

  10. George

    Yeah, that story appeared today man.

    I have always felt we would sign a fair few players this window, time’s running out and I do wonder if we are waiting till our Champions league place is confirmed? I seriously fucking hope that is not the case though.

  11. Gains,
    I didn’t say he never gets injured, you obtuse liar. Anyways let’s hope he is out long term. That would do me just fine.

  12. No it wasnt an awful display, but I expect nothing better than complete reactionary bollockds from a spud

    Why do you post here?

  13. dupsffokcuf

    The initial fee for Cesc Fabregas is the same fee Barcelona paid for Ukrainian flop Dmytro Chygrynskiy in 2009.

    From @catalconspiracy on Twitter

  14. Well I for one am intending to start the new season with an open mind. I am a massive Arsenal fan since 1968 when my dad first took me. Born in North London and proud of our club!

    I hope Arsene makes some signings, two would do for me. Gourcoff and Cahill would be my choice but what do I know? Thats what I hope, I think they would make the difference to our season. If we sign no one then I’ll be disappointed, let;s just see what happens before we make judgements.

  15. Delboy

    Gourcuff was the flavour of the month a few seasons back wasnt he? Seems to have gone off the radar recently. As well as creativity, he would add some height and presence to the team.

  16. Dupsff

    Hope that isnt the case, but you never know.

    As for that Cesc fee, I seriously doubt its right, just barca PR if you ask me.

  17. George, from what I saw today RM was clearly the better team. I wouldnt be surprised if they are tops of the 2 team league at seasons end.

    Cesc is good but its no sure thing he will make them that much better, we will have to see on that one. You just never know.

  18. I wanted the Fabregas nonsense to end. Now it has come to an end i feel a bit sad, we watched him grow at Arsenal, 8 years is a long time. He could have become one of Arsenal ‘s all time greats but he wished to go back to his homeland at least not for the money and I can understand it. Anyway we move on and Wilshire will fill that void and if he does well, Fabregas will be forgotten.
    Tonight Lee Dixon has joined the doom brigade, he thinks Arsenal will miss out on the top 4. So far no one has given us any hope at all. But as an Arsenal I beleive we will challenge for the title. Wenger is not finished recruiting. So far Denilson,Clichy, Fabregas and possibly Nasri, Eboue and Bendtner on their way that is 6 players out so I would expect at least 2 more signings and that could change the whole picture.

  19. Lee Dixon is a Man City fan, I wouldnt expect him to back Arsenal.

    The hacks are tipping the scousers simply because they have spent alot of money, never mind the fact Dalgleish has been out of the game 10 years and his methods and tactics are out of date and crude.

    So, if we spend £50m by the end of the window, will we be in the pundits good books?

  20. Real were the better team because Barca ain’t shit without Xavi Hernandez. Also, I think they got mugged on that Alexis Sanchez deal. There’s no way that dude is worth the price they payed for him. When Barca starts up again, however, you’ll see them overtake Mourinho and his limited managerial acumen. Real Madrid is a one trick pony. Their game only involoves getting the ball to Ronaldo, period. Their defenders are also dirty fuckers. That Carvalho is a fucking pig and so is Pepe.

    Is it me or does Benzema have a touch of the Bendy’s? I saw him get into three goalscoring positions where he fumbled them pretty badly. For a guy so hyped I think he’s rather shit.

  21. It is hard to criticise fromer gooners/ pundits, I think once you cross the line and become a pundit loyalty or emotional ties go out of the window. You have to prove to the audience and your bosses that your views are not biased and sometime they go beyond that and become very critical of the club they played for. Well, we can’t expect any favors, it is up to the players and the manager to prove them wrong, also the fans have a part to play, they cannot give up on the team and follow the rubbish in the media.

  22. What is important is for our players to fully believe in themselves and their manager. What will put them over the top is that they are fully committed to eachother on and off the pitch if possible or as much as possible.

    I dont care what other people say about our team. Since Henry left we were never going to be in the top 4 so it doesnt matter what these clowns say.

  23. Glad Cesc is gone and the whole saga has come to an end, time to drop Nasri off in Manchester and move the fuck on. There is a challenge now for the rest of the squad to step up and get over the transfer of Cesc. Nasri will not be missed, very good player that he is but his absence adaquately covered by the squad. Cesc is different you dont get over a player like that you simply adapt and move on.

    COYG!!!!! i think the Italians could be in for a spanking

  24. I have said all along that Cesc will probably regret this move in a few years’ time. He is not going to be an automatic starter. He will probably play a bit part role in a team that may haul in a few trophies this year.

    He had a chance to be the main man here and could not handle the responsibility. My sincere hope is that Real Madrid now swing the pendulum back in their favor and dominate La Liga. It would be quite a turn of events if he left for his boyhood club and trophies only to land in another 6 year drought at Barca.

    Anyway, fuck Barca, fuck La Liga, and fuck Joey Barton for good measure. We will move forward…the future is still very bright. Time to enjoy the ride!

  25. Paul, I detest Cesc for what he did, but he’s going to improve Barcelona immensely. The way he can see two passes ahead of everybody on the pitch is going to make Barcelona even more deadly than they already are. Plus Cesc has grown up playing in the EPL and will be a bit like a bull dozer with magnificent touch and vision. He’s going to make that league his own in a couple of seasons. Arsene wasn’t messing around when he called him one of the best players he’d ever seen eventhough Cesc was only sixteen years old at the time.

  26. Without any more signings we are top 4, no problem.

    But we can win some shit with the right additions. Today was the darkest bit before the dawn, Nasri leaving won’t even register now!

  27. Gains- I don’t give a shit about the 2 spanish clubs, they live in a bubble in la liga. They should come to the premiership and deal with character like Barton and the folks up north like Stoke during cold winter nights. They will not survive, Messi will not play a full season, They very rarely get injured in the spanish league, Any faint touch is a foul. here in England you have to snap someone’s leg before they get that red card out. I watch some foriegn sport channels and all I get is reruns of Barcelona -Madrid games because there is nothing else to watch from la liga.

  28. ACLFers – I was vehemently in support of the manager’s declaration of his intention to do everything possible to keep Cesc (and Nari). Cesc is a very special player who will be difficult to replace. Only over the past week was I convinced the battle was lost. While I can only wish Cesc the best, I am convinced that despite his undoubted achievements at Arsenal history will always remember him as a “nearly-great”, unable to lead his team to a title after four years as captain. Soryy Cesc but history will not absolve you.

  29. I have a very good feeling that this may be the season we finally get the best out of Arshavin as well. It seems that everyone has forgotten how good he can be. Hopefully this is the moment that will push him forward to take on more responsibility with the club.

    I would still like to see Arshavin in the hole behind Van Persie with Walcott on the right, and Gervinho on the left. That is a devastating amount of skill and speed to have in the attacking area.

  30. I would also like to see Walcott up top with Van Persie in the hole/Bergkamp role, with Gervinho and one of Ryo, Ox, or new addition on the wings.

    I also feel like this will be the year that Vermaelen and Koscielny cement themselves as one of the premiere defensive partnerships in the league. If they can stay injury free they will be immense.

    It would also be great to have Diaby back in the fray…I am starting to get excited about the possibilities with this squad again. Hearing the Cesc saga is finally over has really brightened my outlook. Like finally breaking up with a girlfriend that you knew was wrong all along, but kept the relationship going in spite of it.

  31. Vice- Maybe we want to Cesc fail but this is not the main issue here, otherwise we will become like Spur, a club exist simply because they want to see Arsenal fail. We are Arsenal and we need Arsenal to be succesful and what ever happens to Cesc, Barcelona, Spurs will not concern me at all.,

  32. 1 Loose Cannon,

    Very true…I am not one to hold grudges or wish bad things on people. I just wish footballers would be able to see that what makes heros and legends is the ability to lead and overcome obstacles, not jumping ship to a ready-made winner. The entire idea of leaving for trophies is nothing more than an indictment on the player’s own ability and resolve when placed in the context of a team like Arsenal.

    This statement is a little more true for Nasri than for Cesc, but regardless, I get really tired of hearing it. If they were jumping ship from a team like Fulham or some other mid table side then I may understand their point. For Cesc, it was the easy way out, and Nasri just wants the prestige of having a wage package that will boost his ego. T

    Losing them both may be the thing that finally galvanizes this team and solidifies their mental resolve.

  33. I know we would probably have less posession, but I think our game may evolve that way anyhow now that Cesc is gone. I think we will look to play at a much higher tempo now. a midfield of Arsh, Jack and Song would suit me just fine.

  34. I definitely think a proper thrashing of Udinese would do a world of good for the vibe around the team right now. We need something to change the mood of our pathetic fan base.

  35. Cool…So Rio definitely did himself in for a few weeks then. Vidic didn’t seem to be quite as bad.

  36. Not going to the game Tuesday, hope the fans get behind the team from start to finish.

    I’ll be there saturday though and I’m going to OT again. Bout time we won there again. Having Rio and Vidic missing is a start!

  37. I’ve been hoping to see Theo upfront ever since he came to Arsenal. I wish we get to see that this season. I’ve also been hoping to see Vela played upfront ever since he single handedly destroyed Sheffield Wednesday with his finishing.

    I would not mind seeing this against Udinese:

    Arsh—–Lil Mo——Gerv

    Devastating pace, directness and creativity.

  38. 1LC

    Can’t believe I forgot about their dodgy keeper! It is getting better and better!

    As for that marvin marvin dude, never heard of him?

  39. If we really are in for players who are waiting till we are in the CL proper, then we shouldnt be going for those fuckers in the first place.

    Shit, we are also going to need to get Theo, RvP and Arshavin to sign new deals before the year’s out or we are going to have the nasri shit all over again.

  40. Dex, here you go:


    “Today, Sochaux are eighth in Ligue 1 and play the best football in France outside of Lille. At the turn of the year, no team had attempted more dribbles or more shots from outside of the box. The attack that was firing blanks – just 28 goals in the 2009-10 campaign – is now being supplied live rounds from the ammunition factory in Martin’s feet.”

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BLdwC6fTi0&w=425&h=349%5D

  41. did we ever have RvP and Cesc together for even 50% of a season lately?

    Anyway. hope we can get back to the same highest level as soon as possible but most importantly improve our lowest level this season and be more consistent come springtime.

  42. -Sorry Cesc but history will not absolve you.
    -fuck you Cesc
    -Cesc who?
    -Fuck off cesc, you judas cunt. Running off to barca after Arsenal made you blah, blah..
    -I detest Cesc for what he did
    -Cesc will be forgotten..

    8 years commited to your team.. More commited to Arsenal FC than all of you put together.. Ungreatful bastards! and still you wonder why hes leaving..

  43. FUCK you cervey and your FUCKING mercenary team BARKA. now go by yourself another trophy you FUCKING cock.

  44. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14531861.stm?

    brilliant press conference.

    I had some dude on here yesterday sasying that the press inocently write these articles and the fans take it the wrong way. he could not see the way the media manipulate the view of fans.

    Wenger clearly warns against it.

    Also remember when the media were saying fergie was past it and needed replacing and a few of their lot actially bought it and were telling everyone that would listen that he was passed it.

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