Disappointing Result But The Title Race Is Alive

Arsenal 0 – 0 Sunderland

Arsenal’s rise to the Premier League summit stumbled yesterday, a mixture of their own performance, another outstanding goalkeeping display by the visiting custodian and bumbling officials contributing to a disappointing result. Disappointing but not disastrous. Even if Manchester United win this afternoon, the true gap is still three points.

A slow start deprived Arsenal of an early goal, Sunderland had two early chances, Malbranque and Bardsley both missing the target. The latter’s miss seemed to provide the spark for the home side. Crisp passing found Clichy on the left, his cross narrowly evading Bentdner’s lunge, Nasri thumped his effort into Mignolet’s chest. It was not the first time during the proceedings that a shot would fly comfortably at the Belgian.

A pattern for the remaining seventy minutes was struck when Szczesny saved well from Sessegnon and Malbranque was culpable once more when Djourou closed down a potential chance. The match was going to be incessant Arsenal pressure, interspersed with sporadic Sunderland raids.

Wilshere threatened to break the deadlock before the first half’s best chance for Arsenal went begging. Djourou flicked on a corner, Bendtner acrobatically shot, the ball landing once more on Mignolet’s chest. If the Dane had been denied by a routine save then, Mignolet’s next intervention was more athletic.

Bendtner latched onto Jack Wilshere’s sublimely chipped pass and lashed a powerful, dipping half volley goalwards. The Sunderland ‘keeper arced his back and his fingertips deflected the ball over the bar for a corner.

The second half descended into a dogged affair from kick-off. With fifteen minutes of scrapping passed, Wenger changed things around with Denilson making way for Chamakh. It opened the game out and gave more attacking  options.

Denilson is an enigma. Having started as a defensive midfielder, his first team breakthrough was in a more attacking role. His performance yesterday was not his greatest yet he did little wrong. With Arsenal on the front foot for most of the game, the Brazilian needed to provide a barrier in the centre of the pitch to midfield raids by the visitors. That they utilised the flanks more was an indication of their route to the Arsenal goal.

Chamakh  almost made an immediate impact. Breaking free on the right, he crossed for Arshavin, the Russian’s shot was straight at Mignolet, the Belgian beating the shot away. A foot or two to the goalkeeper’s right and the power of the shot would surely have beaten the Sunderland goalkeeper.

Mignolet was proving a stubborn barrier and with eighteen minutes to go, he would once more deny Arsenal when Koscielny was scythed down on the edge of the area. Nasri curled the ensuing free-kick toward the top corner, Mignolet putting a firm palm on the ball, his defenders completing the clearance from the central third of the penalty area.

Mignolet would be beaten before the final whistle though, rescued on both occasions to keep a clean sheet. Firstly Chamakh’s powerful header rattled the inside of the post and secondly, when Arshavin appeared to beat the offside trap to score, he was denied by the flag of the Referee’s Assistant.

The decision was as controversial as the penalty denied when Bramble blatantly shoved Arshavin in the second half. Whilst the offside was a matter of interpretation, the denial of a penalty was baffling. Arshavin broke through, Bramble started pulling the Russian’s shirt outside of the area.

As the Arsenal striker shot, Bramble’s apparent stumble caused him to fall with outstretched arms into the Russian’s back, forcing Arshavin off balance. With Bramble having been committing a foul outside of the area, there is no rational belief that he stumbled inside, the defender dived deliberately at Arshavin hoping for the contact to appear accidental.

Szczesny preserved the point with a stretching save from Wellbeck before the ball hit the Pole’s chest following Henderson’s shot.

In his post-match interview the Arsenal manager credited Sunderland for their defending whilst offering that his own side lacked creativity. Fàbregas was sorely missed as was van Persie although it is hard to say definitively whether either would have made the telling difference.

For Arsène, attention turns to the Camp Nou. Wilshere is out of training for ‘one or two days‘ but it seems unlikely that he will not play in the Champions League, especially with Walcott and van Persie definitely out.

What is of more concern is sound of thousands of towels wafting through the air as cornermen around the globe concede the title race. It is completely bemusing for the negativity surrounding the result to be taken to that extreme. With a gap of three points, Arsenal will be level if they beat United at home in eight weeks time. By then, the roles might be reversed with the visitors needing points to close a gap. Who knows? Defeatism is simply not necessary or acceptable.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Fergie didnt talk to the media coz he was looking for a crate of bottles his fukin team lost.

  2. I don’t think that complaining about the referees is a very useful past time and that is irrespective of their frequently doubious decisions. Referees do not defeat teams with decisions. Teams defeat themselves. This especially applies to Arsenal, who, if they were able to capitalize on a small fraction of their attempts on goal, would blow the top off the statistics in the league.

    Arsenal are an especially high quality team who do not take advantage of their possession of the ball. Contrary to some who think that this team lacks tough, aggressive, players, Arsenal are very much a tough aggressive team who control the possession of the ball in virtually every match they play with the possible exception of the Barcelona match this year. Arsenal are in need of their players to fully exploit their possession of the ball!

  3. Henristic, Whilst Jack Wilshere is a good player, I could mention the fact that he has had a long run in the team alongside our best players, and that he was no more outstanding than anyone else yesterday, but what is the point? You have your opinion, I have mine and neither of us is about to change the others’ point of view, so this conversation is over as far as I am concerned.

    It was nice to see someone wearing a Denilson shirt at the match yesterday – you don’t see it often, but it’s nice to know that some people are able to rise above the herd mentality and show some support for the less glamourous members of the squad.

  4. Poodle,

    I agree that the PL has to change from within but I believe changes are indeed happening , if not quite as quickly as we might like.

    There are only a few teams who now play the percentages. Even Wolves tried to play some decent stuff today on that bog of a pitch of theirs & you only have to take a look at Blackpool to see that the penny has dropped with some, if not all English / British coaches.

    Unfortunately, the Carling Cup Final result gives credence to spoilers but I`m optimistic things will improve over time.

    All of the teams likely to be promoted to the PL play good football too so next season should see a better product on the eye for those of us who prefer `proper football`.

  5. With respect, jonjon, I believe the comment I left was for the attention of Poodle.

    If you really must know, sir, sou Brasileiro e Canadense. And very cultured since we’re on the subject of culture. I’m willing to bet that you worship my nation’s footballing exploits, much like the rest of the world has done for DECADES (5 times World Cup Campeões, soon to be 6).

    You are more than free to observe up-close and personal, our passion for the beautiful game, when O Seleção plays on the 27th of March at The Emirates. Notice how we cheer-on our national team unreservedly. Don’t forget to bring a binoculars, a notepad e sua paixão along with you. Rsrs 🙂


  6. Passenal, this is not a dig at Denilson but there is no way Denny could produce the display Jack did v barca.

  7. I wondered when someone would bring that up, but Jack was an unknown quantity to BBB – they were so focused on Cesc, surrounding him every time he got near the ball, it gave Jack the freedom to play and he took the opportunity well. But you have a short memory and seem to forget the first leg at home last season, when Denilson came on and suddenly we started winning and holding onto the ball and came back into the game in the second half. Denilson is a good player, the problem is that he keeps being compared to Song, Cesc and now Jack. He is not any of those players, he is his own player and he offers something to this team in the right circumstances. All I’m asking is that he is given credit for what he does and that he is not slaughtered for not being what he isn’t.

  8. Ah you found it, YW. I suppose he was in shock – Nani’s behaviour was very similar I thought.

    I could be wrong, but I think a lot of people see a video like the one of Denilson above and fail to understand how it helps the team – and if that’s true then there’s no way he can win. Still, looking at a couple of the errors yesterday, he doesn’t appear to have much confidence at the moment (understandably), and I’d be a little nervous playing him in Barcelona.

  9. Oh, and I don’t get the clamour for Ramsey – the boy hasn’t played in the PL for a year. There’s no way he’s going to be making his comeback as a starter.

  10. OOU, he would be away from the negative influence of the crowd at Emirates, which might help, although he probably won’t be selected unless the first choice 3 are unavailable. He was not outstanding on Saturday, but then again neither was anyone else. I could not select a MOTM as no one stood out on the day. The whole team was a bit blah, IMHO.

  11. YW

    Totally agree. These words should echo throughout Goonerland…

    “Defeatism is simply not necessary or acceptable.”

  12. Yes, that’s possible, Passenal. I don’t think the Arsenal fans are going to be able to exert either a positive or negative influence up in the stratosphere on Tuesday.

  13. I’d love to play Denilson against Barca as his style of play is much the same as theirs only with added interception-y goodness. We gave the ball away a lot in the opening half an hour of the first leg, something we can’t afford to do at their place and something Deni is an expert at avoiding. On the other hand the trio of Song/Wilshere/Fabregas are pretty much the first three names on the team sheet provided they’re fit, but it’s nice to know we have the Brazillian on the bench ready to come and shore things up towards the end if things are still going our way.

  14. with respect spinelli
    when you insult my nations culture in my presence then it dont matter who your adressing your comments to does it..
    yes i agree your countrys football is sometimes mesmorising and beautiful and youve had some of the worlds greatest play for you
    as for the culture of your fans..well thats a different story fella..

  15. I think the Man Utd defeat will provide a brief moment of clarity for many of our confused and muddled brothers and sister in Arsenal. The fact that Utd have conceded more goals than Arsenal and our improved defensive performances from the start of the year actually seems to be getting through to some of our more fickle fans. Last weeks howler aside and the Dowd assists at Newcastle the defense have been very good in recent months. JD and Kozzer are very good together and have developed a good understanding, TV even if fit would not be an automatic starter for me.

    Utd were well beaten today and intriguingly the FA cup tie provides a real opportunity for Arsenal to add a bit more pressure. I honestly think that if we could turn them over at OT it would cut deeper than just a cup exit. Could it affect the destination of the league, who knows but it would definately give the players a boost. Arsene will of course have to balance the injuries fixtures and importance of the match but i’d love it Keegan style if we could give them a bloody nose at the theatre of illusions. To those who have abandoned hope I just say surrender yourself to the season and enjoy it good or bad, were still in three competitions that of course may change in the next week but you’ll actually enjoy your team alot more. Last Sunday hit me harder than the CL final crazy I know, but I know the reason I like every other Gooner has invested more time and heartache with this team than any under Wenger and it hurts, but their good and could be one of the greatest Arsenal teams ever, deep down we all know this. Can they get over the line well its a point closer than this day last week and if we can keep going until RVP Cesc and Theo get back WE ARE NAILED ON COYG.

  16. “Yogi’s Warrior – I think people are overreacting because of the reason Cbob said: it’s too soon on from Birmingham.”
    I tend to think people overreact (just off this season) due to Leeds, Orient, Ipswich, Newcastle, Spuds, West Brom. Nothing is easy and nothing is given this season.. even if people want to keep saying matches are walkovers. Hopefully our players will finally stop playing like they think certain matches should be… fans can be forgiven for overconfidence.

  17. Observation: Barcelona’s attack on the right with overlapping Alves was quite strong in the 1st leg. Any views on how we may counter that threat?

  18. Busch, I don’t believe the players have been playing like certain matches are walkovers lately, I just think games are tougher than people realise. Even the lowliest teams raise their game and play out of their skins when they face us. Arsenal is a massive scalp for them. It’s the people on here expecting 4 – 0 etc who are disappointed when the game is harder than that. Very little credit is given to the opposition or acknowledgement that sometimes you lose, that is the nature of sport.

  19. I see Song may miss the Barca game. Not too much to be worried about if I’m honest.
    Would prefer to see Denilson in there, in his place, but Wenger might go for Diaby. I would bring Diaby in as a sub, I think he’ll make a bigger impact that way. I fear that he may not be able to cope with the swarm of Barcalites snapping on his heels, especially if he hogs ball as he sometimes tends to do. They tend to tire towards the end of games and won’t press as much, and that would be a time to unleash Diaby. His powerful runs could very well turn out to be devastating at that stage.
    Denilson on the other hand can play the one touch pass and move game as well as any of them. He’ll help us keep possession better, which may go a long way to relieving us from the intensity of their attacks.

  20. True Passenal, the games are tougher. But sometimes we shoot ouselves in the foot by not playing up to the standards we’re capable of. Take the recent Sunderland game for instance, you yourself admitted we were below par and no one stood out. That has nothing to do with how well Sunderland played.

    Games that we can win at a canter are few to non-existent these days. We need to play at our best or close to it, to take anything from the majority of games we’ll be faced with from now on.

  21. What a strange title race this year; nobody seem to want to win it. We had a chance at the weekend to really apply pressure to Manure, but did not take it. Manure then had an opportunity to punish us and put a healthy gap in place, but they did not take it. It is still in our hands.

    If Song does not play tomorrow I really don’t want to see Denilson play. My thoughts on him on here are well known, but my reasons for not wanting him to play are simple. One of his faults is that he is not that great at tracking runners off the ball; against Barca at the Camp Nou we cannot afford that to happen. I am not trying to get into the Denilson debate here, as it is pointless.

  22. We’ve had to deal with some bizarre decisions lately – on top of the penalty and non-offside, there was that ridiculous foul throw call just when we starting to put some pressure on them. That was really strange, a little bit like Halsey stopping play when the ball ricocheted off him against Ipswich – they’re just small decisions but they have an impact, and maybe tell us something about the refs’ sympathies.

  23. We have had some stupid decsions go against us, but we have also had plenty go for us. It is selective memory to forget about them, so it seems that ref’s are biased against us (when they are not).

  24. No GA, I’m talking about the really bizarre – rewriting the rule book kind of thing. We got lucky with an offside last week, but that was an honest mistake by the ref. How often do you see a referee give a foul throw these days (even when it’s a fair throw)? And what possessed Halsey to blow up when the ball bounced favourably for us off his back, or the Everton goal – when have we seen a decision as downright mental as that? Come on now. We’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty outlandish stuff lately.

  25. OOU – Oh, I agree with what you are saying. Some of the decisions you mention are beyond bizzare. I am just saying I don’t believe that there is some sort of conspiracy against us (I am not saying you implied that either mate). The Halsey one was the worst for me.

  26. Oh my god, give me strength.
    Busch: You named six teams who should be beaten by a team as talented as Arsenal, three of them aren’t in our league (literally) and one is a relegation candidate. If you want to win the title can you really afford to take one point out of six against Newcastle, blow a two goal lead against Spurs and lose at home to West Brom? For all the credit that’s heaped on the team for performances like against Barcelona and Chelsea, serious questions and criticisms have to be levelled at them when these kind of results are produced.

    Denilson is shocking, he’s played 150 games for us, so it’s not like he’s inexperienced and he’s been involved in two-thirds of the games this season, so this “not up to speed” stuff is just crap. He’s not strong enough or concentrated enough to be a defensive midfielder (not in this league anyway) and has the creativity of David Hillier on Valium.

    Diaby is hugely talented, but is another one who takes too long over his passes and has a streak of sloppiness about his play. I would cut him more slack than Denilson because of his catalogue of injuries, but these games are where he has a chance to make an impression, does he take those chances or forever be a squad player?

    Ramsey is twice the player of Diaby and Denilson combined, the quicker he can get back on the pitch for us the better.

    Lastly, I do realise that these players suffer from comparison to world class performers like Fabregas and Van Persie. But if they are consistently outshone by a kid like Wilshere in his first season in the team then they have to have a serious word with themselves and the manager needs to clear them out. If he’s going to persist with the youth “experiment” then fine, I can live with that, but if they haven’t made an impression enough to be thought of as first-teamers after five years at the club then it’s time to move them on and give some of the others like Lansbury and JET a proper go.

  27. Block4 – Heh, quite a rant. I agree with pretty much everything you said though. I rate Diaby, but take your points about him. He is so inconsistant; one week he looks a world beater, and the next awful. He is worth persisting with though, as we know what he can produce.

  28. Anyone for a Clichy/Gibbs combination on the left side tomorrow night – lots of pace and good defensive cover?

    By the way, we seem to be building Ramsey up into some sort of Messiah – which may lead to some disappointment when he finally does appear – which I am looking forward to, but dont think at the moment he has the flashes of genius that Diaby has, for all his inconsistency. Would play him ahead of Denilson certainly, but Diaby adds something extra into the mix while Ramsey I would see as more duplicative…

  29. Soooo united fall to their 3rd league defeat in 5 games, on each ocassion a win or draw would have meant another step to the title – BUT – the blew it – they choked – their ‘rock solid’ defence ships another 3 goals in a game that might have actually secured the title for them and they proceed to get spanked and lose. Their manager wont talk to the press because hes sulking in the gents loo at Anfield.

    I know all this happened – but you wouldnt think it by the press reaction…….

  30. No, GA, conspiracy is way too strong. I’d love to know what on earth Halsey and Dowd were thinking though.

    Yeah BJ, even last season Ramsey was only just starting to look convincing in the month or so before his injury. He’s going to need time even to get back to that level – you can’t just drop him straight into the starting lineup on a title run-in. I think we’ll probably see him against ManU though. And had we been two or three up he might come on the other day.

  31. goonerandy, I was reading the comments and I just got frustrated with the apologists for the poor individual and team performances. Then people saying, but look at Man Utd, they didn’t win either. So what? The real problem for us is that we didn’t take advantage, why would I care that Man Utd have a rubbish side? I care that our side can’t beat Sunderland at home, who, in case people haven’t noticed, have just as much of an injury situation as we have and who also don’t have as much talent in the whole XI as in Wilshere’s left bollock!!

  32. Block4 – whilst the performance was sub standard, the players did put in a shift, as did the Sunderland players. We didnt create as much as we can but we did create enough to win but it wasnt to be. Sure it was a missed chance but as it turned out we still made a gain on united. Oh and maybe you dont CARE that united lost, but you have to be pleased they did – thats what you want from your rivals isnt it – for them to blow it in games so you can be there to take advantage. They have done it to us often enough..

  33. It really is a glass half full/empty situation. Did we gain a point on Manure, or miss the opportunity to really put them under pressure.? As they were playing Liverpool and we were playing Sunderland it is glass half empty this time I am afraid.

  34. I’ve had no internet for the weekend and then some, I’m ill with the flu, didn’t get to watch the match, my place is getting fumigated, we draw and doomer come out like cockroaches, I’m at work, I didn’t win the lottery, people annoy me, and I’ve read posts that bug me from the usual people that bug me which could lead to that same old most annoying discussion that never gets resolved but there would be no point, despite them admiting such thy still throw down the gauntlet leading to that very discussion.

    People have gone to war for less

  35. All of the above said, the lge is still in our hands. The lge game against Manure is more and more starting to like like it will be a decider. A win at their place this weekend (although in the FA Cup) will give our squad the shot in the arm that it needs to believe it can go the distance.

  36. Wrong GA, just wrong. If we’d won and Man had won, we would have gained nothing. AS it stands, the way things played out we gained a point (even though three would have been nicer – but I’m not complaining). We still gained and thus the situation is still better than both teams winning.

    Embrace the reality and mold it with a bear hug

  37. Deise, I said I don’t care that they have a rubbish side, that’s the argument trotted out when discussing our players. Of course I want them to lose, that’s the only way we’re going to win the title. And I didn’t criticise the effort either, it’s the quality of certain players that I’m calling into question. If we win games we should, like Sunderland, Newcastle and West Brom at home and Spurs from two up at half time then what the rest of the title contenders do is immaterial, we’d be walking it by now, that’s what I mean by concentrating on us. If we do our job properly and come up short fine, you’ll hear no complaints from me, but when we drop points against average sides then there are legitimate questions to be asked. I have no idea why Wenbger indulges these guys.

  38. Gadget – There is no denying that Sunderland are a team we should be beating (especially as champions elect). Therefore it is a missed opportunity. If you think that is wrong, then that is up to you.

    Manure dropping points against a Liverpool side on the up is not totally unexpected, especially with both 1st choice CB’s missing.

  39. Sunderland are a good side. They’ve beaten Chelsea and Man City and taken points off Man United and us already this season. We should’ve won it with a penalty and a perfectly good goal wrongly chalked off. It’s very disappointing and we can all feel robbed but noone is going to win every game from now til the end and run away with it. The standard of the league is too tight and every team is going to have everything to play for right through the run-in. Buckle up…

  40. Fair enough Block4, i getcha. But on the flipside to that, if man u beat the sides they should (they are still better that most all other sides in the league) they would walk it. But yeah, i get what you are saying – there have indeed been terrible results and performances but that seems par for the course for all the top 4-5 this season

  41. Any Given Sunday wasn’t Stone’s best movie but that damn Paccino speak is stuck in my damn head.

    Talking of movies I watched Mesrine yesterday. That dude had mad swagger. And Vincent Cassel is the man!

  42. I am starting to find myself in agreement with the BBC’s tag for Tottenham Hotspur as ‘Europe’s Great Entertainers’. Heurelho Gomes truly is a joy to watch. In the fine slapstick tradition of Harpo Marx, Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati… Wonderful man.

  43. Big Johan 9.26
    I was advocating a Clichy/Gibbs left hand side to my fellow Gooners at half-time on Saturday. No one seemed to like the idea ! I hear both Cesc and Jack are on the plane to Barca, fingures crossed.
    As always COYRs

  44. Hey, Gadget, youtube Rob Brydon’s Al Pacino impression if you’ve not seen it already. Quite funny.
    Btw – agree with what you were saying a few weeks ago about the Arsenal Family. Wholeheartedly. Just didn’t have time to post my agreement. Of course we’re a family. Anyone thinks we’re not can fuck off out the family.

  45. Should, should, should. If everything went as should be the word wouldn’t exist. Will, will, will: BORING!! The illusion of free will keeps us going, that why things that should pass may or may not happen.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll find my waaaaayyyy home, or maybe I’ll be spontaneous and board a flight to Bari! Oh whatever should I do?

  46. I had a dream last night about the Barca game.

    I’m not going to share the result or scorers because i don’t want to jinx it.

    But I liked it.

    A lot.

  47. @ Block4
    we have slipped up against some teams. But far more often, we have beaten those teams. In a competitive league, played with real human beings, we can’t expect to win every single match we ever play. You say you don’t care about ManUre’s results but the point is that they, and every top team, lose/draw some matches they shouldn’t on paper. That’ss normal.

    Denilson’s confidence is shot but there is a very good player there.
    Why else were Barcelona interested in him? You have to admit, he would fit right in. In AA ‘s first season he singled out Denilson as one of the to players at Arsenal.
    Most midfielders in the PL are outshone by the 19-year-old Jack Wilshere.

    @ goonerandy
    Added to the bizarre decisions we have had to put up with, many refs are enforicing the letter of the law against us, but not against our opponents. We consistently have the lowest number of fouls per yellow card.
    There doesn’t have to be a mass conspiracy for the refs to be unconsciously biased or consciously corrupt (and they don’t even have to be doing it for money).

    @ Two Owls
    We have to try to put the game beyond ref interference, but goals in football are not easy to come by. It is ridiculous that perfectly good goals are disallowed. It should not happen. It doesn’t just happen to us, I know. But the penalty decision was something else.

  48. @ deano

    You’ve already jinxed it as far as I’m concerned! Whenever I get those dreams, we end up losing. 🙂

  49. Gadget – Just answer this question with one word:

    Should we be beating sides like Sunderland?

    If the answer is yes, then that is all that I am saying. If no, then you don’t think we are very good.

    I am well aware that things are not as black and white as that, all I have mearly stated is that this weekend feels like a chance missed. Manure dropped points, and we did not beat a side we should be doing. I am not even critising the side (as I realise what henious crime that is), just saying we missed a good opportunity.

  50. Shouldn’t Manure be winning big games? Shouldn’t they have taken the opportunity offered by Arsenal drawing against Sunderland?

  51. @Deise, yes if Man U beat the side they should they’d be walking it. As I also said, if we do our job properly then I have no complaint with being second. We are not doing our job properly.

    @FunGunner, teams don’t win every game that they should on paper, granted. We have slipped up in too many of those games this season. I’m not unrealistic, we didn’t deserve to lose at Old Trafford, but a freak goal did for us, that’s life. We lost at Chelsea, no shame in that, they’re a good side. Drawing at Anfield, it’s a tough place to go. But both games against Sunderland (a missed penalty up there don’t forget), both against Newcastle (four up away and just didn’t turn up at home, plus a goalkeeping error), West Brom at home (poor peformance and more bad keeping), Spurs at home (We should NEVER lose from two up, see Newcastle away), Wigan away (two points dropped from some terrible defending on a set piece) and that’s just league games! We’ve made hard work of Ipswich, Leeds, Huddersfield and Orient in the cups (two replays we could have done without) and of course lost to Birmingham in the League Cup final. Lost a lead away at Shakhtar and lost away at Braga to give ourselves a much more difficult task in the European Cup, these aren’t mugs, but they aren’t the leading lights of European football either. So say we had taken maximum points from half those league games which we should have won on paper and we’d be strolling to the title. That’s what I mean about doing our job properly and ignoring how bad Man Utd or Chelsea are or have been this season.

  52. What kind of ‘supporter’ sees those games in the way you describe block4? And what kind of human being comes to a positive Arsenal fan site and spouts such bile? You just like stirring shit don’t you?

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