Fabianski Takes Tentative Steps On The Road To Redemption

Attention returns to domestic football, the Premier League clash with Chelsea on Sunday looming on the horizon. Didier Drogba is being hailed by his teammates as their lucky charm, the record books show he enjoys playing Arsenal, seemingly able to score at will irrespective of the defence which faces him. A little different this time for the Ivorian as he will not have rubbed shoulders with Squillaci or Koscielny, a stern test of how well the pair have settled into English football awaits.

Disconcertingly for Chelsea, Lukasz Fabianski had a good game on Tuesday in Belgrade, seemingly replicating his training ground form into a match scenario, Arsene feeling vindicated (or relieved, depending upon your view of the Pole) that his goalkeeper for the night proved his critics wrong on this occasion. A single match does not make a career – although it can quite easily destroy one – and the moodswings of the media have been startling in the aftermath of the Champions League.

Suddenly, Fabianski is a hero, not far short of a world-beater in their eyes, twenty four hours after being told that he was as much use as a chocolate teapot. Little wonder that he told the official site he takes no notice of his critics. You would have thought that the media would be a little more wary of upsetting a man who learned English by reading The Godfather. A few ideas in dealing with his enemies will no doubt have sprung into his mind in recent months.

Manuel Almunia is apparently not going to be fit a few games, the Conspiracy Theorists – or 5Live listeners as we know them better – wonder if history is repeating itself with the Spaniard being usurped from the starting line-up in much the same way he found himself as Arsenal’s Number One. Jens Lehmann made two errors for soft goals in his last season and despite not doing much wrong otherwise, he was out. Almunia had little reputation before taking over, the parallels between then and now are uncanny.

Fabianski is getting support from his teammates. The manner of abuse from the ‘terraces’ that the Pole receives highlights the unity in the squad, a mentality of standing and falling together, something Wenger has been looking to foster (or fester if you bemoan the lack of beer swilling, chainsmoking good ole ‘English characters’ in the dressing room). Jack Wilshere indicated that the squad are not unaware of the feelings towards those who are the last line of the defence:

It’s been hard for our ‘keepers at the moment and that was a great reponse from him. He made a good save at the end as well. Fair play to him.

Of course, Fabianski is not going to be able to dismiss the errors which have previously occurred, nor is he going to forget them either. Every interview with the player suggests that he is aware of his weaknesses  and strives to correct them. Over time, he may do so and prove to be a good goalkeeper for the club. Szczesny certainly thinks Fabianski is the best at Arsenal at the moment, although an element of modesty may have precluded him from saying that he thought he was top dog.

Like Almunia, Fabianski does not have the luxury of time. He is only going to be remembered for his latest mistake, such has been the level of performance in the first XI. Consistency of performance will put those into the mists of time. He has faced his demons in Europe and conquered them successfully. This Sunday offers him the opportunity to conquer Premier League and FA Cup demons. He has to succeed.

’til Tomorrow.

131 thoughts on “Fabianski Takes Tentative Steps On The Road To Redemption

  1. That is actually why Joe Cole left Chelsea.

    His arse is so big that Drogba couldn’t pull his shorts down and as it was a specific provision in Drogba’s contract that he could pull down everyone’s shorts when he wanted, Joe had to go.

  2. I fear our mid-field will be our weakest link on Sunday. I just cannot get last Saturday’s humiliation out of my mind, notwithstanding Tuesday’s efforts. The injury news is not hopeful on the Cesc front and without his leadership I think we could be bullied into submission by Essien, Drogba et al. Song’s antics of late are not doing the team any favors and we are asking an awful lot of young Jack to take a leading role in such a high profile encounter . The back five will need all the support we can give them.Do we have the mid-field personnel fit and ready to go capable of doing the job? I wonder!

  3. Delia, we have played much bigger and stronger teams this season and done well, remember that? I believe we won all of those matches. So please get last Saturday out of your mind.

    The team didnt play as well, it happens. I have no doubt that we will be more ready for Chelsea.

    Spilt milk!

  4. With Terry lifting shirts in his own box and Drogba pulling down pants in the opposition box, Stamford Bridge is becoming quite a disreputable neighbourhood.

  5. I’d love to be a fly on the wall (or the goalpost) at the Chelsea training ground when a new signing has his first training session. Imagine his surprise when he goes for the ball at a set piece and suddenly finds his pants round his ankles. Imagine his even greater surprise when he twists around and sees a grinning Didier Drogba staring up his hoop.

  6. Always a pleasure seeing Alex Manninger, sadly he’s just been beaten by Adam Johnson. The latter showed such good movement compared to Adebayor who was right alongside him.

  7. Arsenal will be steam-rolled by Chelsea. And you folks will be reminded of what a quality side is, not that you’ll remember it for more than a minute or two.

    We are in the top 50 sides in europe but we are not an elite squad like chelsea, not anymore. Managing to late into the cl is one thing, but whenever this side faces a high quality and determined club as in the late stages of the cl, the result is never in doubt.

  8. Chamakh will make the difference on Sunday. Last two encounters we’ve had Arsh and a half-fit Eduardo leading the line. Chamakh is the best hold-the-ball-up, back-in-to-the-defender frontman we’ve had in this fixture since RVP put the blooze to the sword. The 4-3-3/4-2-1-2-1 comes alive/demands an expert pivot. Chamakh’s just that. Not only a target for the resurgent Rosicky to pick out, but also a board to bounce the on-rushing Nasri, Wilshere, Arshavin and now… Alex Song (noone expects the Cameroonian Inquisition!) in through the channels. Watch him drag ’em out wide and watch the midfield surge through on goal. If we take our chances we win this game.

  9. The heart cries for Theo! The heart cries for Fabergé! Yet still the midfield berths are hottly contested.

    It’s such a difficult selection. Song and Denilson and Nasri with Rosicky on the right? Song and Wilshere and Nasri with Rosicky on the right? Song and Denilson and Wilshere with Nasri on the right? Those are the three that spring to mind… but Diaby could make it, Fabs could be unveiled… plucked from a magic hat.

    The defence with a point to prove… we know what this team can do when they’re fired-up. Big fat Fabianski… Super Seb Squillaci… Kosa Nostra… Gale Force… Sag Aloo… C’mon! ARSENAL!

  10. Yeah that’s a good point Limpar. Chamakh seems to lead the line in a different way to Robin, who tends to drop deeper but remain central in order to bring others into the game. Chamakh pulls players all over the place with his runs out to the flanks, his interchanges with Arshavin particularly effective.

  11. Underdog billing will suit us just fine thank you very much. We’re the better team. Chelsea: show ponies and cuckolds and sexual deviants and crooks and oil thieves and criminals and wankers the lot of ’em. Good vs. Evil. Neutral’s are with us, football fans across the world are with us. The stars are aligning… Arsenal.

  12. I think he’ll be key, Vince. Very interesting to see them face us with a proper 4-3-3 with a proper central frontman as a pivot. The drift out wide and open the gaps for your midfielders tactic seems to be a constant whether it’s Vela, or Afobe, or JET or whoever playing central – throughout the club… but at the top level, it needs the physicality of someone like Chamakh or RVP… if only for the height and reach to keep hold of the bouncing, higher 2nd ball.

  13. “Wenger is so stubborn that he refuses to buy quality centre backs like Dunne and Hangleland.Chelsea will win 3 – 0.”


  14. Dups, these ingrits want to break our players legs every chance they get and to make it worse dont want us speaking about it!!
    maybe its about time we broke players legs too and see how they’ll take it.

  15. You’re on fire Limpar Assist!

    “The defence with a point to prove… we know what this team can do when they’re fired-up. Big fat Fabianski… Super Seb Squillaci… Kosa Nostra… Gale Force… Sag Aloo… C’mon! ARSENAL!”
    “Alex Song (no one expects the Cameroonian Inquisition!)”

  16. If the media won’t ricule players for going into bad challengs and give idiots who want to defend bad challenges airtime, then should it happen, they’ll need to accept responsiblity for the demise of the premier league.

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