Clichy Puts His Size 11s In, Eboue and Transfer Tattle

Gael Clichy has aimed his size 11s fairly and squarely at Emmanuel Adebayor this morning whilst promoting his new Umbro boots:

I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City. You have to think if you want to play for a big club and have your image or if you want to earn big money. When you ask someone to move for something like £300k per week it is just crazy.

That is pretty much indicative of the reasons that Clichy believes Adebayor moved which is somewhat at odds with the rationale that Adebayor put forward.

Clichy is not unduly concerned with the City spending pattern these past transfer windows:

It does not always mean a team will do well. Sometimes when you have players coming in it can take six to seven months for them to adjust.

That is the nub of the question about the way in which City have addressed the deficiencies in their squad. Can Mark Hughes really bring out the best of the new boys and weave them into the first team, everyone firing on all cylinders from the first kick-off? It seems unlikely. So far this summer, they have focussed on attack with Barry the only non-striker brought in.

Defensively, City were not great and are agitating for Terry or Toure to move to Eastlands. The former is a problem since Chelsea do not want to sell, the latter, well his brother Yaya hinted at the problems City face when he observed that Kolo would not move there because it is a step down. In other words, Yaya agrees with Clichy about money being the only reason anyone joins the self-styled revolution.

It is a sign of the regard in which Kolo Toure is held that he is being linked with a move away. Having seemingly come through his tough spell, his form adversely affected by his personal relationship with Gallas and injuries, Toure is still one of the best centre backs in the Premier League. Little doubt that there was some loyalty to a friend when Adebayor answered the loaded questions of hacks but don’t forget, this is a man who witnessed the Ivorian in training every week during his spell at Arsenal.

Elsewhere, various transfer targets are signing for lesser clubs or will be doing so in the very near future so we are told. The “I told you so’s” will be starting with Lorik Cana who apparently is off to Sunderland where he could be joined by Marouane Chamakh whilst Klaas Jan Huntelaar is going to sign for Spurs, or as one erudite hack put it this morning, “the Graveyard of talent at White Hart Lane“. Emmanuel Eboue, it seems, is still wanted by Fiorentina. Reports suggest that a £5.6m fee has been agreed between the two clubs although others seem to think that there is an £8m fee which has put the mockers on any transfer. Andrea Della Valle, La Viola President said:

Eboue is a really good player but it won’t be easy to take him to Florence

Perhaps Dylan could serenade the Ivorian, almost Pied Piper-ish, and the soothing quality of his music could take Eboue to Dougal’s cast off. Failing that Zebedee could bounce in and kidnap him. Boinggggg!

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. @ Ateeb

    No. It is like having your soul sucked out by a jellyfish from hell

    @ Duke

    I didn’t notice you sneaking Vermaelen into your line-up! Toure, surely?

  2. FG,

    I know you’d have that opinion. I was just WONDERING what the OTHERS would have to say on “watching darts”, given that they ENJOY men CYCLE.

    EXCUSE the capital LETTERS. Its a DOOMER disease.

  3. I realised earlier that as Everton are “potential top 4 contenders” this year, this first game’s going to result in a ridiculous tabloids-writing-us-off extravaganza if we get anything but a point.

    DG, given that you reckon what we’ve already got is a title winning team do you think we’ll sign anyone else? I’d be more than happy if we don’t. I think Ade going will have the same effect on the team as Henry going did…not that the latter’s fit to lick the former’s boots.

  4. …obviously I meant anything but 3 points there. And you know what I meant Ateeb, Citeh, Everton & Villa will be the 3 teams people look at as potential usurpers.

  5. I also realised I got my former and latter mixed up in my first post…maybe Boris Johnson’s correct and I shouldn’t drink on his tube trains.

  6. I haven’t played for a while, although I still have my tungstens.

    Few pints, few mates, great time, isn’t it?

  7. Passenal, stop mocking RVP. Cut him some slack. He can’t be perfect. As long as he’s performing on the pitch, one shouldn’t care, even if he likes to watch Tour De France. Plus having watched the spuds play so up close, darts can’t be that bad for him.

  8. Atom @ 6.51pm – If Arsenal signed a 21 year old Senegalese player plying his trade in Norway or Sweden the fans would be complaining that we are not signing “top players”.

    We’ve just paid the best part of £10 million for a 23 year old defender who was captain of a major European side and the fans are still complaining about it before he has kicked a competitive ball for us.

    ManU have lost 2 International players and replaced them with a player from Wigan, A former International and a U21 French player, plus the player you mentioned who I can’t find any information on.

  9. Muppet, they state that personal terms have been agreed with Toure. As Toure is in Austria I very much doubt they have reached any agreement over personal terms.

  10. We’ll see. I don’t believe we’ll sell Toure to Man City or even sell Toure at all…I didn’t think we’d sell Adebayor either. £15M is a lot of money isn’t it? Let’s see whether will nip this story in the bud.

  11. Steve,

    Wenger himself said that changing more than 3 players would destablise the team. Somebody also made the point that our squad isn’t actually that different to the 2007-2008 squad. The other point is that Adebayor and Eboue didn’t make that many appearances last year.

  12. Salomon Kalou rumour has resurfaces on the News of The Screws. We’re also apparently first in line for brazilian wonderkid, Wellington.

  13. I’ll believe it when I see it Muppet. Although there was one story soon after the season ended claiming that Arsenal were ready to offload Ade, Eboue and Toure. Ade has gone, Eboue is rumoured to be off and now Toure? I certainly hope not.

  14. Passenal,

    Eboue is rumoured to be sought after, but not to be off.

    If the Toure story is true, then it would be a sad departure. No point in speculating until it is confirmed or denied.

  15. Personal terms agreed? Wow. The Times isn’t given to wild speculation; it hasn’t gone the way of the Telegraph just yet, so there could well be something to this story.

    I’m playing all the transfer activity by ear this summer (I dearly wanted us to keep Ade), but if Toure left… boy I’d miss him. He’s been nothing but good news since the start, and he typifies the new breed of Arsenal player – intelligent, modest, friendly and committed.

    *futile remark about Man City and Chelsea wrecking the game – blah blah blah*

  16. I really cannot see any logic in buying TV and then selling Toure. Unless our finances are really up a certain creek I see no sense in selling any more players.

  17. According to fergie who is an expert when it comes to Arsenal matters has confirmed Ade and his agents contacted them and Chelsea before moving to Mad City. He also contnues his dismissal of Arsenal’s challenge by suggesting we are poor and don’t have the money. didn’t they just lose the player who won them the titles and who they replced him with? Valencia who normally scores about 3 goals a season compared to Ronaldo 30-40 goals. He is talking utter crap.
    And finally Ancelotti insult Chelsea, actually he says the truth.He said:
    “Sure, Milan had a history, a long tradition, and Chelsea is a ‘new’ club. I know about the history here, too. They gave me a book to read which I studied, but it is still a young club” To study what Carlo? must’ve been an easy book to read with 5 pages. 3 titles in over 100 years there isn’t much to read.

  18. Like many others,I don’t see it beneficial to lose any other players,i.e.Toure and Eboue.The last thing we need is wholesale changes.

    The article today about Toure going to City may be true,as you remember he did hand a transfer request in,back in January,then later withdrew it.

    He has been a loyal servant to the club and the dose of malaria together with playing in the semis of the ANF whilst not fully fit,payed its toll.

    if he was to go,I would suspect that Wenger has already lined up his replacement.

  19. Ole Gooner

    You said there was no way Ade would be sold.Now you are saying the same about Toure.What planet are you living on?
    It took 3 days to annouce Ade had gone.
    Toure has been a shadow of himself for 18 months.You cannot keeep a player on sentiment.Gallas is much better than him

  20. Exactly ttm – Vermaelen plays in Gallas’ position on the left of centre. Gallas is 31 and has 1 year left on his contract. Surely if TV is here to replace anyone in the longer term it would be Gallas?

  21. If we get rid of Toure for 15m and Eboue for 7-8m that will make our transfer nearly 50m. Two 20m and one 10m signings and the title will be ours.If we dont spend a penny its 4th place or even 5th!!!!

  22. its sad, when fans think they can compete with a team like arsenal. The talk of “world’s best potential” will go on and on. having freak results like beating manu 2-1 will never justify year after year trophyless. the best clubs play champs league and win, period!

  23. We’ll have to wait and see about Toure. Let’s suppose personal terms have been agreed. It’s the terms between club and club that matter, not the terms between club and player. We’ve seen countless times the reports that personal terms have been agreed, and only a transfer fee remains to be decided. In most cases, that’s the last we hear of it.

  24. Everything Arsene seems to be saying about the recession points to preparing us for only one more signing, probably at the DM position and at best with maybe someone like Kalou being picked up in January or at the last gasp of this window. It would be no shock if Arsene walks away from this window with a net 20-25 profit, and just slides Song into a regular CB rotation spot. This would still leave us with a strong core:

    GK: Almunia, Fab, Mannone
    DE: Sagna, Clichy, Gallas, Djourou, Vermaelen, Song, Gibbs
    MID: Fabregas, Arshavin, NEW DM, Diaby, Denilson, Nasri, Walcott, Ramsey, Rosicky
    FWD: Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela

    Djourou and Song could cover at a pinch for a Sagna injury. Kolo will be most missed if the rumors are true as he would be the logical RB cover other than Eboue. The odds of Kolo, Eboue and Senderos all leaving seem unlikely, so we would still have one extra player to add to the rotation (my money is on Eboue)

    This is still a very strong squad that can challenge across all fronts, barring the injury jinx striking again.

  25. Whether Song is planned for midfield or defence long term will be a big factor in our transfer dealings I think. If Wenger wants him at the back, then it makes sense to sign a new midfielder, if not then not.

    Djourou and Vermaalen will be our starting CB’s this year, certainly the swiss at least, depending upon how quickly the new guy settles. If that is the case, maybe it makes sense to offload Toure?

    Personally though, i think the whole story is guff and he stays – no sense sending them two players… unless wenger thinks they are on the slide, he rarely gets that wrong.

    (The article i read had toure, lescott, and terry moving to city for 15, 20, 40 mil respectively. Later it called it a 100 mil triple swoop; doesnt help its credibility with maths like that. Plus, if lescott is worth 20 mil plus a U21 defender then so is Toure. He is better, has won trophies, and is just much, much better, so much better. We should hold out for Richards plus 20 million, that is only half a john terry and kolo is twice the player.)

  26. Selling Kolo for £15 million would be giving him away when compared to the money being suggested for lesser defenders. However, I don’t see Arsene starting the season with Djourou and Vermaelen at the back. Djourou is young and still learning. Vermaelen is new to the PL and may need time to settle. At least one of Toure (if he stays) or Gallas will most likely start the season.

  27. T.V’s interview, link. Quite a long interview.

    “I understand everything, and I can speak English. But I still have classes in order to deal with the press. This is so they can not influence or trick me into questions.”

    Haha. That should say it all, when it comes to media and the players. He’s being really cautious. Good on him. We don’t want to hear “Real Madrid is like Eva Green”, when we all know that “Real Madrid is just like Paris Hilton”.

  28. Ole,

    The only part that was a bit worrying about the interview was “To compete on a number of fronts over a long season, especially with the African Cup of Nations when we are going to lose Kolo Toure as well, that is going to make it very difficult.”

    Would he know what’s going on better than the media and the fans?

  29. Sorry about the last post. Im still in my sleep mode. I misread the comments and thought he was suggestig that Kolo, would be transfered out. Smack!!

  30. I know Passenal. I guess having gone through T.V’s translated interview, I somehow triggered my brain to decipher what the phrase is trying to suggest, in some different way. And I misread the losing toure to ACN, as losing toure for good. I know, losing toure for ACN, isn’t that big a deal since we’ve got adequate cover.

    New Article…..

  31. I don’t think we need to get anymore new players. I have full confidence that this team would come good this season. One of the main reason why I’m so optimistic is because Ade that idiot is gone.

  32. i’ve got a terrible feeling Kolo is on his way out, or is it just the tabloids needing a story behind Terry coming out this morning & declaring his committment to Chelski?

    if we lose Kolo & don’t replace him i can’t see us winning anything, we’re short at the back as it is… Gallas is getting on, a lengthy spell out for him & no Kolo would finish our season…

    Unless of course we kept Senderos (ahem).

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