Beaten & Bloodied But Arsenal Are Not Broken By CL Defeat

Champions League Semi-Final, 2nd Leg
Arsenal 1 – 3 Manchester United
Manchester United win 4 – 1 on aggregate

0 – 1 Park (8)
0 – 2 Ronaldo (11)
0 – 3 Ronaldo (60)
1 – 3 van Persie (75 pen)

Fletcher sent off (74)

The undertakers started hammering the nails in the coffin of this tie before double figures had passed in terms of minutes, finished their work just as the eleventh minute passed. Two quick United goals left Arsenal with their own K2 to climb; it was a mountain too far.

Arsene said after the game:

This is one of the biggest disappointments of my time here because the fans were really up for a big night and hurts so much to disappoint them all

My over-riding memory of this tie is how effectively a team who pass the ball so sweetly and efficiently were kept comfortably at bay. A deeply disappointing end to the pursuit of glory yet one that should not disappear in a mire of recrimination and finger-pointing. Positively gutting; absolutely disappointing.

Fingers are pointing in the direction of Gibbs and Almunia, the youngster replaced at half time by Eboue so shot to pieces was his confidence. Before castigating them too harshly, remember the contributions that they have made in getting the club to the semi-final and in Almunia’s case, keeping the team in the semi-final.

Questions undoubtedly will be asked about the squad, not least in the . Are the players good enough to win silverware? History will tell us the answer to that in years to come. I point you to the history of the club and draw parallels between now and the period of 1986-88 when a team that threatened to win the league in both seasons before fading badly, winning the Littlewoods Cup in 1987, won nothing the following year. That was the last squad that had youth and potential. They had opponents who possessed superior experience, superior firepower for two seasons. The third season proved that patience is a virtue. Not easily acquired. Easily discarded.

Before moving onto the match itself, a word of credit to Manchester United. They deserved their place in Rome. At home they were dominant, away they capitalised on the early opportunities presented to them. There is no shame in losing to a better team, tribal rivalries should be cast aside in recognising this. It is not often that I feel magnanimous towards a team which has vanquished Arsenal but rather like Spartak Moscow in 1982 / 83, sometimes you just have to admit that the better side won.

Crucially, Arsenal failed to create a chance worthy of the name during the two legs of this tie before it was over, save for two opportunities from Fabregas in the first leg and van Persie last night. Both were from twenty or so yards which sums up the insurmountable problems faced in this semi-final. The forward line was well-marshalled by their opponents defence, the midfield shackled by their peers.

Yet for eight minutes of the second leg the scene was set for a rampaging performance. Passes were strung together, tackles made as snappily as their equivalent in the first leg. All that was undone by an unfortunate slip by Gibbs, permitting Park the opportunity to break the deadlock. Three goals in eighty-two minutes? Not really an issue, still achievable. Four goals in seventy-eight stretched belief.

Ronaldo hit an exceptional free-kick. Hindsight – and the advantage of a sado-masochistic choice to watch the match in it’s entirety on returning home from the game – show the error that the Spaniard committed in his positioning; not an easy observation from the opposite side of the stadium in real time. Interestingly, Jens Lehmann – not Almunia’s biggest fan- spoke in his defence in the post-match deluge of crap that was spouted, blaming the design of the ball which apparently enables it to pick up speed the further it travels. It doesn’t matter as to the ‘whys’, the result was Almunia picking the ball out of the net for a second time.

The Spaniard learned his lessons, producing good saves from Ronaldo and Rooney, efforts from distance that were goal-bound. Arsenal though reeled, punch drunk, stumbling through the remainder of the first half. The players were visibly shocked by the two United goals, struggling to get their foothold in the match. A response before the interval would have lifted them; it never came.

On the hour mark, the end that was inevitable became confirmed. United broke at speed through Park, Ronaldo and Rooney before the latter crossed, Ronaldo meeting the ball in the area to score the visitors’ third. It was the sort of goal Arsenal has scored on numerous occasions, a joy to watch unless you are on the receiving end.

The awarding of a penalty to Arsenal gave a crumb of comfort from a night where consolations are scant, van Persie drilling home an unstoppable shot. Fletcher’s red card is unfortunate for the lad, joining a list of players from the history of football who have been robbed of a ‘glory night’. Personally, I cannot see the reason why the decision is being queried, save for the unfortunate outcome. The tackle came from the side and impeded Fabregas, a decision that would have been given in every Premier League match. The referee was directly behind the action and gave the decision based on that which he saw. No instant replays for him nor, I suspect, a change of heart even if he had that benefit.

Post match, Arsene said that he will ‘evaluate’ where the team went wrong. Aside from being outplayed, he has to strike a balance between what is genuinely wrong and that which has gone wrong through mistakes. Mistakes that can happen to a player with ten years experience at the highest level as easily as they can with players who have ten games under their belt.

The problem for Wenger is that if he buys, he is limited as to what position to fill for. The purchase of Arshavin has reinvigorated the side and is being held up as a model for the spending route. However, the Russian is an exceptional player, something hard to match in defence for example.

I hear and read many comments over time about how this side lacks experience, how that is crucial in winning trophies. That is correct for they have won none. Let me ask you one question. When talking about experience, how many Arsenal teams who had that commodity in abundance, won the European Cup in its various guises? How many of them even reached this stage?

‘til Tomorrow.

796 thoughts on “Beaten & Bloodied But Arsenal Are Not Broken By CL Defeat

  1. @AIC

    You explicitly said that some supporters lacked ambition for the club – when it was YOU who was demanding that we give up on the league and CL and concentrate on the FA Cup!


    Supporting the team you mean like I did yesterday by making considerable noise chanting and singing throughout the game.

    I did stay till the end. I always do.”

    This is isn’t about whether you love Arsenal. We know you love Arsenal. It’s about support. You went yesterday to a glamorous game which could have been historic if things had turned out differently. Earlier in the season, when they were struggling, shorn of confidence, you made a point of NOT going to games. You say you were disappointed by our failure in the semis, but a few months ago you were adamant that the squad was stuffed with players who were not good enough – and would never be good enough – to compete. Another example – after we lost to Hull, you were on this blog receiving congratulations on your prescience in knowing that the team were no-hopers and thinking up unpleasant nicknames for the players. When we finally hit consistent form, you decided to jump onto on the bandwagon. And now that it is clear there will be no trophies this season, you’ve jumped back off again.

  2. Shhh Maria……..keep it low….Alex the child sleeps now….u dont want to wake him up…and deny everything he ever said.

  3. AIC, I apologize for the double minded… comment as I should never use scriptures like that.

    Peace out!!

    Folks lets not fight but get ready to kick Chelsea’s butt!!!

  4. “Just wanted to cheer you up guys…..

    A little bit of Arsharvin in our lives

    A little bit of Walcott down the sides

    A little bit of Toure is what we need

    A little bit of Eboue with his speed

    A little bit of Fabregas his pure class

    A little bit Clichy he’ll kick yo ass”

    Hey Maria, I forgot to tell you I liked this very much from this morning…. 🙂

  5. Your welcome G4E,


    Don’t beat yourself over it….fighting only occurs on this site because we won’t allow people to nick pick when and how they choose to support our team…..

    …………….WE ARE THE ARSENAL………….

  6. Let’s stop fighting amornst ourselves and concentrate on the important stuff: Howard is either a huge, huge, HUGE idiot, or a troll. Seriously. That suicide comment eliminates all other options.

  7. *Dialing Leg Warehouse*

    Hello Leg Warehouse? My friend AIC needs something to stand on…oh nothing for him to stand on? alrighty bye bye!

  8. OG,

    you have to admit, they almost pulled it off, didn’t they?

    that was their game plan, 0-0 at nou camp, and catch barca on the counter at stamford bridge. that they got the goal so early was a bonus, but you can’t say they got the counter-attack tactic right, because alves is too far forward. he was always struggling in his defensive duties, that’s why he got the card.

    listen, i am not trying to defend chelsea. i am just saying different people play football differently.

  9. Arsenal fans are suffering all over the world for not winning anything for years now. One man’s folly to import low quality players and stick to them even after it becomes evident that they’re not good.

    Two years ago he said he needed a defender because of long ball through the middle but he did nothing to correct it. He maintains players who continue to fail.

    He’s tactically poor and is more interested in fielding his favourites in games than helping Arsenal win.

    Its hurting to Arsenal fans. The Kenyan fan who died is all because of Wenger’s policy of buying unskilled, poor quality players. He’s a loser. Without Graham’s players he couldn’t have won the three titles he always boast about. Graham won two titles and a league cup within a short span of time at the Arsenal. AW has been there for 13 years and there is nothing much in the trophy cabinet.

    This manager should be sacked before we end up poorly once more in 2009/10 season. AW has lost it and must leave now.

    Arsenal fans have began dying in far away Kenya.

  10. Stop fighting in house children, its silly and if you carry on you’re all grounded.

    This may sound like a whinge but I feel Adebeyor may have overstepped the mark. Why do players think they have a right to speak for the club?

  11. The problem is Arsene Wenger and he must leave now before somebody breaks his neck. He’s killing Arsenal fans in Kenya.

    He brings in average players and claims their the best ever played football. 80% of our players can’t even get a seat on the bench at Barcelona, Manu, Pool, Chelsea and other CL clubs.

    He spends the club’s money on average players.



  12. I don’t care what affliction Howard has. He is of course mad, which we generally accept in Africa, but the racism is real, and I suspect he really is BNP using football to spread extreme right wing propaganda. That is not a joke. His continual posts and the content point to a campaign. I now wonder whether he spends all day posting on all the websites along similar lines. He doesn’t engage in debate but simply posts, continually.

    It is a Wenger hate campaign, with disguised but clear right wing and racist signals, and in one sense quite clever. I advise people to be careful.

  13. You can’t expect anyone to take that seriously.

    And you know people find what you’ve written very offensive but you’ve repeated it twice now.

    Where’s Uncle Moderation when we need him?

  14. Howard you must be on a wind up.

    ‘Leave, Frenchman Leave’

    You’re laughing as you write that

  15. No, Howard is neither sick nor a freak, but a rather clever and dangerous individual spreading right wing propaganda disguised as football talk.

  16. I think maybe Adebeyor wants to leave, I never believed untill his quotes this morning. Why else would he bother alienating himself. Another bench warmer for Milan

  17. Howard if you’re going to be a wind-up merchant, you’d do better to make it less so bleedin obvious.

  18. I dont think he means it horribly, he just says it because he knows it’ll wind you up

  19. Howard’s ‘agenda’ is political, it is about racism – BNP stuff – and it starts with the Wenger ‘hate campaign’ as a rallying point dressed up as “we are British” and Arsenal is a proud English team over-run by foreigners. It is a campaign.

  20. No, Howard is neither sick nor a freak, but a rather clever and dangerous individual spreading right wing propaganda disguised as football talk.


    He might be a sp*d who indulges in silly wind-ups.

  21. Continue to have faith Arsene Wenger until he kills you. He’ll buy no good player next season. Still the Gallases, Eboues, Diabys, Denilsons, Rosicky and RvP (in hospital) and we’ll struggle with Everton, Villa and Man City for fourth.

    We’ll be here and talk about next year again.

    He’s the problem, he must just leave. Kroenke should sack him. Enough is enough.

  22. I agree.

    As much as i’m convinced Howard is just some elaborate joke by a Sp*ds fan with too much time on his hands, there are plenty of real people out there just like him if not worse.

  23. No, Howard is not on a wind up at all. His posts are continuous and consistent, he does not engage in debate, he simply posts. On all the sites? I wouldn’t know, but it is thought out – and with a clear and consistent propaganda message -Arsenal loses because it is “not English”, other teams win because they are “British”. It is endlessly repeated, ie propaganda.

  24. I don’t know what his agenda is, because when he thought Wenger could win us a trophy he posted a couple of times sounding like an Arsenal supporter. But the minute things don’t work out he’s back on the nationalist bandwagon. I think he should just be ignored now because no one is buying his bullsh*t.

  25. A very elaborate wind up though. He’s been on here for two years hasn’t he? I remember reading long discussions about David Dein back in 2007. I’m sure he was involved back then.

  26. Howard, on the other hand you should get off this board before someone kicks your sorry BNP ass.

    See Howard, most of the bloggers on here are sensible and dont need to get an opinion from you. Persist with your comments all you want. Nobody gives a gnat’s d*ck what you spout whether you are serious (which would make you a sick freak) or are taking the piss (which would mean your sense of humour sucks).

  27. Howard may not even be an individual. I advise caution. This is a campaign. He drafts his posts before sending, they seldom if ever respond or engage in a string of debate. The posts are cleverly pitched to appear as ‘staunch Arsenal supporter with axe to grind’

  28. Alex!

    5 star comment!! That’s the bottomline.

    Not one person here takes Howard’s comments seriously or sees any value in them.

    Just so you know though, Howie boy….Fuck you!

  29. His posts are continuous and consistent, he does not engage in debate, he simply posts. On all the sites? I wouldn’t know, but it is thought out – and with a clear and consistent propaganda message -Arsenal loses because it is “not English”, other teams win because they are “British”. It is endlessly repeated, ie propaganda.

    Not so sure, he strikes me as someone with very limited intelligence. Either he doesn’t engage in debate because he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to do so, or because it will make him vulnerable to being exposed as an act. His writing sounds forced, contrived and i’m not convinced it’s even honest.

  30. He’s just being silly to pass time at work.

    ‘Leave Frenchman Leave’

    Thats not racist its just silly, everytime you answer him angrily you’re playing into his hands

  31. A very elaborate wind up though. He’s been on here for two years hasn’t he? I remember reading long discussions about David Dein back in 2007. I’m sure he was involved back then.

    I wouldn’t call that “elaborate” at all, just a bit sad.

  32. Or because someone else is drafting and he is just sending. The posts are not ‘intelligent’, but well crafted, propaganda. It is a Wenger hate camapign, and in my view, the ‘thin end’ of another right wing anti-foreinger message

  33. ‘Leave Drogba Leave’

    He should be banned for swearing at the cameras last night. Considering he’s the biggest cheat in football he had no right to moan about anything, unbeleivable behaviour

  34. I don’t care what you people say about me but I know I’m a better Arsenal fan perhaps than all of you. Unlike you people I don’t follow blindly, ‘hail Arsene Wenger’

    AW has been bringing the club down for some years now while our rivals retool and win laurels. Alex Ferguson saw the danger Chelsea posed when Abramovich came along.

    Sir Alex just strategised to compete while AW dreamed. Now the result is here for all to see. He spins for you to swallow and you people believe whatever he says.

    The season has ended and AW will start spinning about his average players capabilities, the season will end once again poorly.

    While our rivals buy quality he buys craps.

    He’s driving the team down and by the time you realise, it will be too late.

    Cesc, Ade and Toure have all admitted that we need quality reinforcements but he won’t because for him Arsenal is only a laboratory for his new age football experiments.

  35. Chelsea showed real class yesterday. That is what’s different between us and them. Boys and Men. Our players are just too nice, they don’t speak up to the referee, or show any sort of frustration. They just get on with it, raising questions about their commitment to the club for trophies. Chelsea on the other hand, shows desire to win. You think Drogba is crazy? No, he was showing desire to win. And you got to admire that. The hunger and anger in Ballack’s eyes, was something to behold. Why can’t we have any players like that, that would show this sort of hunger to win? And you think what you saw on the T.V was it all? No, Drogba continued to chase the referee into the tunnel. It’s rumoured that Ballack even pushed the referee, away from public eyes. The referee had to escape to the pitch to save himself. Now that is what I call MEN. MEN willing to fight for their win, even off the pitch.

  36. I don’t care what you people say about me but I know I’m a better Arsenal fan perhaps than all of you.


    I’ll save you the bother:


    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear


  37. …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger………..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……

    What’s happening to me? Someone stop me….why can’t I see what Howard is suggesting……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……
    …..Hail Arsene Wenger……

  38. Howard, you are a better, more loyal and infinitely more loyal fan than us. Can you explain how Arsene Wenger won the premier league unbeaten in 2004-2005 after Claudio Ranieri had invested more than 120 million quid of that Russian thug’s money on the Chelsea team?

  39. Howard responded!

    Well, that solves that then. He is just a mad person.


  40. AKBs ( Arsene Knows Brigade)

    AW said ‘Judge me in May’

    AKBs, what is your judgement?

    1. The players will improve next season
    2. They are young
    3. We have quality so we won’t buy anyone
    4. We don’t want to kill our young players

    What about Arsenal fans dying in Kenya? Don’t care?

  41. To be fair to Howard, he’s actually saner and less-stupid than Myles Palmer. And Howard doesn’t even try to make money parasiting off the insecurities of Arsenal fans. Howard is only Public Enemy #2. A poor man’s Myles Palmer.

  42. I change my opinion.
    Howard is alone – evil and stupid, and a bit mad.
    Yes, we also have such people.

  43. Stupid AKBs who don’t see the gradual destruction of the Arsenal.

    AKBs swallow anything by AW even at the expense of the club. The club is more important to me than AW. AW is not Arsenal and is no bigger than the club, nobody is.

    I know a lot of you will stop supporting Arsenal when AW leaves. Its just pathetic.

  44. I don’t mind Howard so much – he’s blatant, we can all see what species he is. It’s the AIC’s of this world bother me. It’s like the difference between Thatcher and say Boris Johnson. One is out and out evil in tooth and claw the other pretends to be OK and normal with just maybe a few differences of opinion, but they’re both stinking Tories.
    Howard doesn’t pretend to be sane and misunderstood and picked on he just comes straight out with his crap.

  45. Howard am I right in thinking that you believe the solution to winning trophies is “sack Arsene Wenger”.

    Do you really think that would work?

    Who would replace him?

  46. …let Howard post away…it is very useful….I certainly look forward to meeting him one day…

    …you have obviously been knocking around a bit, who would you have as manager, Howard? …..

  47. Yes, I agree Steww, I had misjudged it.
    I worried that Howard was something other than what he purports to be – delusional, angry, alone. But he is in reality harmless (thrashing around in the dark).

  48. Howard, never mind that you did’nt answer my previous question. We know you cant back up your musings with any logic whatsoever.

    Btw, its great to know you have been reading Le Grove and have picked up the AKB terminology. Yes I am an AKB. So what? I will back whoever the manager of my beloved club is and if that person is as erudite, ethical and charming as Arsene Wenger, he will have my loyalty forever. Loving and respecting Arsene Wenger does’nt have any bearing on a supporter’s loyalty to Arsenal. They are not mutually exclusive you twunt!

  49. Any manager apart from Arsene Wenger will buy quality and stop importing cheap ‘foreign goods’ in the name of ‘exceptional item’ How I wish the foreign office will stop issuing visas to such crap ‘imports’ by AW.

    AKBs will see clearly when we go 5 years without trophy next season. Your ‘God’ AW will make sure we don’t get a trophy in 2009/10 season.

    Follow him blindly. He did well when he first came but he’s now a failure.

  50. I read someone yesterday suggesting we replace Wenger with Van Basten, who has failed to secure a CL place with Ajax. People should really be careful what they wish for, you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

  51. Frank,

    Didn’t howard used to post relatively saner posts a couple of seasons ago? The fact that we didn’t trophies for the last 2 years, has really affected him. His ability to think coherently has gradually deterioated.

    I agree with Steww.

  52. Yes, Frank I see the uses.
    I would equally like to meet Howard, short but invigorating, not unlike passing the time of day with a skunk.

  53. Who would replace AW, Howard?

    Surely you have a long list of replacements.

    How about Shearer or Keegan. David O’leary? Mourinho? Sven, Mcclaren are looking for new jobs.

    Its a big statement that you have made, now back it up. If you can that is.

  54. …come on, Howard….you can see that if you make strong comments as you have, you should back it up with some constructive ideas…come on..managers to replace AW…who do you fancy..?

  55. “Judge me in May”:


    Two semi-finals and CL League Qualification
    The additions of Nasri and Arshavin
    Some exceptional CC performances from our youngsters.
    The faith shown in (and rewarded) Song and Denilson.
    Goals shared around the forwards more (less dependant on Ade).


    A lack of incision in some of our play at times.
    I might be in the minority but i don’t think the quality of our football has been as majestic as it was in the 07/08 season.
    Unable to win the “big games”.
    Lack of squad depth not adressed at start of season.
    “Balance” we’ve had some great defensive performances and some great attacking performances but rarely at the same time!

    Some of it highly debatable I guess and pretty much off the top of my head rather than hugely considered – but i’d probably go with B-. I don’t think we over-acheived, but have steadily progressed through the course of the season.

  56. I see AIC is back on his populist soapbox this morning. Ateeb summed him up very well last night. As for Howard, he is clearly a racist but is probably an Arsenal ‘supporter’. A deranged one certainly.

    The fact that he is, or claims to be an academic, is more worrying than his piss poor posts on here which have no effect whatsoever, apart from giving G4E a useful pastime.

    Van Basten was so good at Ajax that they are talking about replacing him with Mclaren.

  57. The major positive Queen must surely be turning the season around, character really, laying the foundation for the unbeaten run (which I still regard as more important than anything else, I suppose I am in a minority there) in a period of stress – Cesc, Ade, Theo, Eduardo etc all out.

    That period ‘produced’ the goods in Denilson, Song, Eboue and others.

    Later, in not dissimilar circumstances Gibbs emerged when the defence disappeared.

  58. consols,


    Do you have anything interesting to say about football?

    Have you ever had anything interesting to say about football?

  59. The world feels so much better this morning……

    I must check with Pyles who is fit to clean Drogba’s boots this morning (clearly not Drogba himself as he is injured – or appeared to be for a couple of minutes…..)

  60. …well AW has gone for a developmental approach….steady improvement from a core of young players….I think we can see signs that next season will be a big improvement on this…which basically means improving on 3/4 in Prem…top 4 in Europe….top 4 in FA Cup…backed up by good performances from the players coming through in the Carling Cup and the occasional toungster in a higher level game…all of this after the devastating loss of two key players in the close season…

    ….PLUS the purchase of a top class player in Arshavin….

    ….AND a full pre-season to return to fitnes and train together….

    ….PLUS the potential to purchase one or two replacements if necessary…

    …bring on 2009/10…with a more experienced squad…keep the developmental approach going to fruition is what I say…looking very exciting indeed….

  61. The problem is, that as I have only supported Arsenal since I was old enough to walk, that I am afraid to match my football knowledge with one as wise as you AIC.

    However, as you know, I am an AKB, so am content to let Arsene do all my tactical thinking for me. Therefore, I am more than happy for you to give him a call for a debate on football, on the understanding that my views are very likely to agree with his.

    Let me know who wins the debate.

  62. ZimPaul “turn around” suggests that the direction we were heading in needed a 360…

    I prefer steady improvement. Other than vs Man City we were never especially bad, we were just not performing overly well.

    And got better. For sure, that took character and hard work. Plus Wenger gets the credit for addressing the “creativity” issue. Good management at that point I think. And not the mark of a stubborn dictator as some would have us believe.

    The best news is that there is still improvement to come.

    I’ll make a prediction, we’ll win the league next season.

  63. …I should add that it looks as though some of the worst supporters we have will not be renewing their season tickets…which has to be good for the in-stadium support….

    …..AND…we get several months to push for a new Atmosphere Coordinator….or maybe even set up an Atmosphere Coordination department….actually good idea…we could make it quite a big department and ask them to work on matchdays by sitting in empty season ticket holder seats…and singing non-stop for 90 minutes (plus extra time)…

  64. Well, Queen, agreed. Let’s say we ‘dug deep’ after Cesc was injured in December in a period when the outlook was difficult. Character.

  65. The thing that’s annoyed me about the reaction from some quarters since Tuesday night was the sheer lack of perspective.

    We flew out of the blocks, looked superb and then conceeded thanks to a slip and a flukey free kick won by a blatant dive.

    At that point there isn’t a team in the world that would recover and score 4 goals.

    Key moments change games. And in the key moment, we were f*cked by the fickle finger of fate.

    Sure after that we didn’t get going – but put the entire Barca, United, AC Milan or Chelsea side in Arsenal shirts 12 minutes into that match and it would unfold in exactly the same way.

    Tuesday told us nothing about this side and nothing about Arsene Wenger.

  66. I think it showed us that he is a deeply dissapointed man Queenie. A man such as he will be even more determined to win next season.

  67. Howard, you are pulling my legs if you think that arsenal should take responsibility for a fan dying in Kenya… yes a fan not fans!

    That was sheer stupidity… so what were Liverpool and Chelsea fans now to do having also lost out on the CL this season… for that matter, what should fans have done at he end of the 2005 finals?

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