Birmingham Preview & Arsene Is Already Improving English Footballers

Premier League action returns with the visit of Birmingham City to The Emirates. With the injury that Johan Djourou picked up in the week and the absences of Toure and Song, Philippe Senderos has the chance to once again put himself in the spotlight and try to prove the doubters wrong about his capabilities, the only ‘specialist’ centre half at the club who is fit to play alongside William Gallas. Their last outing together was less than convincing in an overall poor team performance in Seville. Here’s to better today.

Of the other walking wounded from the Tottenham game, Robin van Persie has picked up a similar bout of ‘flu that struck down Theo Walcott recently, who in turn has recovered from his twisted ankle. It appears that van Persie is as frustrated as anyone with his lack of match action, Arsene commenting yesterday,

He is highly frustrated. You don’t see him smile. He loves football so much that he is sad when he does not play

The rest of the first team regulars have had, for the most part, ten days rest which should leave them all as fit as new born Spring Lambs, ready to tear into a Birmingham City side which will probably contain the remarkably honest Seb Larsson and Fabrice Muamba, the appearances of whom will allow us to compare and contrast and no doubt debate whether or not Arsene was right to let them go. If the former does not believe he was good enough, the latter’s departure ‘required’ the signing of Lassana Diarra, albeit seemingly as a short term solution. Arsene commented on the philosophy of resting the players,

We rested a few players recently to give them a breather mentally. It is all more mental than physical at the moment. But you still need an edge in these kinds of games and I feel that is down to how well you prepare, especially mentally. That will make the difference

There is little surprise that today’s visitors are struggling and in the relegation dogfight; it is almost expected of promoted teams from the Championship. The appointment of Alex McLeish was seen as a catalyst, kicking off with a 3 – 2 at Tottenham. Things have not run so smoothly since but their performances against the ‘big four’ this season suggest that those who are expecting a goal glut may well be disappointed; a goalless draw at Anfield, two 0 – 1 defeats to Manchester United and a 2 – 3 reverse at Stamford Bridge on the opening day suggest a tight match with a packed and hard working defence and midfield in operation.

Given the injuries and absences, the Arsenal team almost picks itself:

Almunia; Sagna, Senderos, Gallas, Clichy; Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky; Eduardo, Adebayor

With a bench of

Lehmann, Hoyte (J), Gilberto, Walcott, Bendtner

Elsewhere, Manuel Almunia has been talking again of his availability for England should Fabio Capello desire his services, whilst it appears Jens Lehmann’s proposed move to Dortmund has fallen through.

Arsene has been talking of the legacy that he wants to leave behind at Arsenal and in English football, sparked by the negotiations with Gillingham over Luke Freeman,

overall from 14 to 20 it is the best group we have had…Also we have two Under-14s players I watched play and technically they have nothing to learn. Will they be professional footballers at Arsenal? I don’t know. The more you go down [in ages] the greater the margin of error. Sometimes you see a player at 13 and you think ‘absolutely amazing’ then two years later he has disappeared.

But our target is to produce good players and I believe we are on the right road with the way we want to work throughout the Club. I know how much the English national team means here to people. To contribute to that would be a big pride as well. At the moment it is not my first responsibility. But I have been accused of only buying foreign players and I would like to contribute to the quality of English football

To feel that he has to make such a contribution is unnecessary. He has done so already by predominantly signing foreign players; the message is clear – English players are not technically good enough and need to improve their standards before being considered. Simple really.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ‘til Tomorrow.

58 thoughts on “Birmingham Preview & Arsene Is Already Improving English Footballers

  1. You’ve not given up on Senderos yet? despite so many games he’s cost us since last year? Who else will benefit from such patience and Arsene largese?

    Now that Song is gone, I’ll pick Hoyte over Senderos based on his performance when we played Spurs in the CC game. Hoyte showed as with Song that he’s better positioned to partner Gallas than Senderos.

    Arsene should give Hoyte a chance now. No need to experiment with Senderos once more. Some fans forget that we’re fighting for the title now and that the player in form is the one who should play.

  2. Howard,

    I’m not the biggest Senderos fan and am also worried that he may be becoming the Cygan, Stepanovs of his generation, but I feel his performances against Spurs and Burnley are being wrongly attacked.

    He was not too bad and may just be growing in confidence. Also if he is to develop alongside someone and start to fulfill the potential he may have, that partner would surely be the bossy Gallas.

    Hopefully the skipper can get the best out of him, this is reaching I know but Gallas performed well with Terry. If Senderos can relax and just play his game, a few solid weeks should not be beyond him.

    Give the centre backs a chance, Hoyte may be ok today say, but has he genuinely got the tools for centre back. He is too slight, if not too short. Though, admittedly he has the recovery pace. One suspects he would need it.

  3. Good show Danny. All players need time, some more than others, to grow into their roles. Just as it is with us regular 8-5 Joes. I can think of several EPL defenders who were shambles in the early part of their career who are now solid and dependable as a rock for their teams. In today’s glory-hunting pop-culture many of us want instant success, failing to understand that good defenders are usually made over time, not born. I for one may have reservations about Senderos but I am willing to give him a little more time.

  4. I’ve been a fan of phil but there’s no excusing the other night, him and Djourou performed like a circus double-act. The safest choice today would be Sagna at CB with Hoyte at RB, Sagna not only has the recovery pace but is the best/bravest header of the ball we have at the club. I agree with Howard, we have a title to try and win, pick safe hands.

  5. Like you say the team more or less picks itself today, YW.

    I agree with Danny’s comment.

    This could be a make or break spell for Senderos. He has the chance of a run of games. Will he keep fit & is he going to show us what an asset he can be ?

    I hope he will manage both.

    There is no denying he has made mistakes but perhaps Howard can list the games in which he has actually single handily cost us the result?

  6. Flint

    Howard has been persuaded by Almunia so there is hope for Senderos yet. I would agree that if he cannot reach consistency over the coming weeks, he is not going to at Arsenal. You have to wonder what is going to happen in the summer in any case – Djourou, Senderos and Song will be vying for the CB ‘reserve’ spot with two youngsters not far behind them. I suspect one of Djourou or Senderos will be on their way but not sure which one at the moment.


  7. I agree that this is Phil’s last chance to impress. I found a comment on from Wenger leading to the same conclusion

    Despite all the absences, Wenger is still unlikely to go into the transfer market during the January window but he has not yet slammed it shut.

    “Let’s first see how it goes in the next three games,” he said. “There will be a few days left even after the Tottenham game, we can still do something then if it was needed.”

  8. Senderos is getting to much stick, how many games has he really cost us, i mean really? Compared to the games he have saved us(think champions league). Unfortuneatly he really have had some bad confidence after Drogba humiliated him a year or so ago. And after that the papers and we have not helped him. I CAN NOT belive that someone here have said that rather have Hoyte there, because he played decent for 45 mins!

    If you read the Seb Larssons and Muamba’s interview, look at the youngsters we have or had, and the young players AW have let go, Bentlet, Pennant, Upson or Cashley. Its very clear to me why AW do not fancy english players….most young English players can not handle the money or fame that comes with The Premiership. Binge drinking, drink driving and rapes do not impress AW…..or launching a mobile phone up your own arse.

    Jonas E

  9. Flint, you’re challenging me so I’ll pick a few and let you know.

    Last Year
    CC Finals with Chelsea. His poor positioning was responsible for the first goal. He got beaten by Drogba while he stood for Drogba to head in the second goal.

    FAC with Blackburn. Got beaten by MacCarthy for the only goal of the match for his inability to turn and lack of pace.

    Middlesborough. Lack of pace forcing him to pull down a striker and a send off; losing points.

    Had a poor game against PSV away in the CL game.

    This season.
    Poor game at Servilla, causing us to lose first position to Servilla.

    Lack of pace and another pulling down of forward player and getting the sack in the Portsmouth game even though we won eventually.

    Nearly gifted a goal against Burnley in the FAC game.

    CC game with Blackburn. poor but for Song would’ve lost.

    Poor game against Spurs nearly lost.


    Has had enough chances for any average player to develop still lacks these attributes to be a good CB for an attacking team like Arsenal.

    I must confess that he could excell in a defensive set-up like Chelsea and Liverpool where they play lower down the field and pace is not much an issue like Terry or old Arsenal Tony Adams.

    He seemed to be developing in 2006 during the CL games, why? We were defensive, playing 4-5-1 but not an attacking 4-5-1 like today. Gilberto was in top form and was playing more or less as an additional CB. However Aresnal has changed since 2006 and is a solid attacking team so our defenders need to be pacy.

    His problems include:

    1. Poor recovery ability due to lack of pace. Note that this season Arsenal has largely been successful because of our pacy back four. Clichy, Gallas, Toure and sagna are all pacy.

    If Senderos is inserted in that pacy back four, there will be disequilibruim there when they move upfield in unison and will be caught in a counterattack.
    2. Clumsy tackling resulting in unnecessary fouls; poor clearances
    3. Big tall but poor in the air and outjumped by Kanoute, Martins, MacCarthy etc.
    4. Big and yet bullied by other stronger players like Drogba,MacCarthy etc.

    There’s a whole lot of problem with Senderos play, displayed over and over to such an extent that its clear he can be a liability at a time when we’re chasing for the title.

    Song should have been the best fit in the absence of Toure but it seems Hoyte can do it so Arsene should go for Hoyte.

    I just want us to win the title without making selection mistakes. As Gallas said, the title is for us to lose.

  10. I think its safer for me tonight to attack senderos . 🙂
    so here we go .

    I do not really have too many problems with him ,but one thing that drives me to despair with his tactics is he always clears the ball into touch . I know sometimes it cant be avoided , and is done with the intent of letting the defense settle. But kick it up field
    maybe we have a chance of ‘retaining’ possession. You only have to look for toure to see how its done phil !! thou you might have to wait a month or so !

    i think we will never gauge the likes of Seb Larsson and Fabrice Muamba ,jeremie,sol, freddie etc . As they always save there best games for us!
    Thats goes for pennant – bentley and even anelka included.
    Gee by looking at the above names we have had more of our players remain in the EPL than any other club . Is that good or bad?
    we are like the duce biggalow of ugly women , when it comes to player throw outs who remain in the EPL !

    and maybe your headline should of read

    Birmingham Preview & Arsene Is Already Improving English Footballers ,only to sell them off once he realizes there crap 🙂

    I wonder if they also have 1st language lessons at the club? (french 🙂 )

  11. Arsène himself has said that Hoyte is not the ideal choice for a CB spot as he still has to learn some aspects of that trade. He’s not that tall, too. He’s just, for now, a makeshift CB, an option if the real CBs are absent. Big Phil is a real CB and has been OK in recent games. (one mistake against tottenham, none that I remember against Burnely, and he played very well with Song in those 120 minutes against Blackburn in a very tricky League Cup away tie)

    Yogi, I agree with you regarding Arsène and English players. He’s not responsible of developing english talent, so he should be feeling in dept or anything like that. He’s given a lot to english football already, and I don’t think people in the FA are complaining for all the TV money Arsenal’s attractive football brought them during the last decade, which they could have used to improve grassroots football, training facilities, youth’s technical coaching, etc.

  12. I’m also not to happy with RVP . Is he the dutch version of Micheal owen or what? And people are giving me grief as to why we need another striker ? .
    As for….
    He is highly frustrated. You don’t see him smile. He loves football so much that he is sad when he does not play.

    Gee , he must be the life of the party this season !
    Now he knows why he didn’t get invited to the Christmas party !

  13. I do actually semi agree with you on RVP Ethan

    his proness to injury is starting to get concerning. I think we were lucky with Henry as for the most part he remained injury free, but RVP seems to pick up injures all the time

    I guess we will have to wait and see with him. He is a great player, but great players are not much good to you when they are unavailable for half the season

    I just hope he has just been unlucky

  14. I’m a big fan of Senderos, but I’m beginning to think he’ll never make it at Arsenal. I bet if he leaves and heads for Spain or Italy he’ll look like a world class footballer though.

  15. Ethan

    RVP will be alright, players sometimes have a period like this. The injuries in the main are unconnected which is undoubtedly a good thing. Bones breaking, muscles straining or just plain catching a cold, a bad run, agreed, dissappointing, yes, but it will all pass.

    Everytime you get a run of injuries you just can’t run off to the transfer market. If we did the list of players leaving would be even longer and let’s face it, you don’t need anymore ammo to keep firing off your moans.

  16. I hope Senderos suceeds here, but If he doesn’t I bet he will get a game in Italy, I think that the Serie A pace to games will really suit him

    I do worry about RVP though as it is on the verge of happening too often to just being unlucky into a daren anderton type syndrome, but you are right danny, there is no need to panic buy, especially as Eduardo and Bendtner are starting to feature more.

  17. YW.
    I hope I eat humble pie regrding Senderos the way I did with Almunia.

    I’ve been very impressed with Almunia and there’s no way Jens should be brought back more so when Fabianski seems just getting out of his racing blocks too. In the next 1 to 5 years, our GK problem should be over.

    The only problem is still with the CB position. Senderos has had tons of chances to solidify his position and yet has always been found wanting. The problem is his pace and clumsy tackles, it is associated with playing techniques that can not be taught at the training grounds.

    2008 will definitely be his last trial so he better pool himself and do it and shame Howard. I’ll be happy to eat another big humble pie.

  18. danny
    yes good call!! we need to have no players available so i can stop complaining about them !

    smart answer !

  19. And again i’m going with Howard on this one yogi !
    No need for jens to stay .. Fabianski has proved in the CC that he can handle the pressure from the top striker in the league in berba . He is good to go in my opinion .
    Almunia is number 1 and the young pol needs to be recognized now as number 2 to advance his progression . Vito is also reasonable , and needs to get a sniff , because he is the most patient squad member we possess !
    Lets face it arsene didn’t stop jens from leaving
    so if jens cant get the message then it can only be to get his 40+ k a week for bench warming .

  20. 1-1 not good

    Very dissapointing performance overall. 1st half was very similar to the Burnley game, we were in control but didnt leave 1st gear. probably was not a penalty be we deserved to be in front

    2nd half was awful, Brum got an early equaliser then we failed to open them up for the next 40 mins.

    Cesc really dissapointed today, his passing was well below his standards, ade was off his game going forward yet his effort in chasing back to defend was excellent.

    Everything was so condensed centrally, there was no width and it ended up with cesc trying to thread a cucumber through a needle and it just didnt happen for us. I still stick to not adding to the squad but you do feel that if we had a player with the attacking quality of Ronaldo on the left, we would have won that today.

    Oh and as for Senderos watch today, I thought he played really well. He had a good chance to score and some of his covering tackles were very Tony Adamsesqe and hopefully that will build his confidence

    So we will not be top of the league tonight (I really cant see managerless Newcastle getting anything) the result is damaging but not the end of the world but they do need to get back into form soon otherwise Chelsea will be right up there with us.

  21. Poor marking from flamini which let in the goal !
    Lack of finishing ability again , and then you wonder why im screaming for a clinical experienced striker ..

    Sluggish performance , looks like the break really done them good ! ..

    as for danny saying we don’t need to go into the transfer market . an act of pure insanity !

  22. Oh and I am going to be bold and state that Diaby is not going to make I am afraid.

    I remember his early games for us and I really thought he was going to be the real deal, but unless he realises that you can kick with both feet (A pre-requisite for a great Central Midfielder) he is not going to make it.

  23. Diaby played TEN minutes today, not enough to say a lot about his performance.

    Senderos was fantastic, really solid, made a lot of tackles and even did some stuff at the other half of the pitch a couple of times.

    Hleb also showed lots of tricks, creativity, ball control, he’s just a great player to watch play some ball.

    We played well and created chances but the mistake for their goal was very costly. Birmingham is not a bad team and they were smart enough to keep their heads cool after our goal and come forward in the right times.

    And we obviously don’t need to go into the transfer market.

  24. ethan_gunn – Eduardo has been finishing recently with clinical and ruthless efficiency and he is 24 – experienced enough.

  25. I didnt say it was just from a 10 min performance, it is an opinion that has been formed from his performances since he joined us Nacho

  26. Ok, patthe, that makes more sense.

    Still, I think he has potential. Next year we’ll have Vela back and one of our 3 defensive central midfielders at least out of the squad possibly. So we’ll have less options on the middle and one more on the left. That will enhance his possiblities of playing in his favourite position and maybe showing what he can do.

  27. I must say Senderos surprised me as one of the more solid players today. He made a few clearances and looked much more composed alongside Gallas. He’s a confidence player, so it’s really hard to tell whether he lacks the basic skill or was just on a bad run of confidence. Agree with you guys that Kolo-less month is his big and quite possibly only chance to show what he can do. I believe Danny’s right in saying that Gallas can help him do better.

    Cesc and Theo were really off colour. On the left side we also missed Rosicky. Eduardo is just not a left winger. But without Tommy, I thought Arsene was right in substituting Theo with Bendtner and pushing Eduardo to the left. Whether that signals a lack of a 2nd-choice LM, I don’t know. Also depends how long it takes for the likes of Kieran Gibbs to come through I guess.

    I’m also wondering whether Arsene’s letting the key players rest led to their lack of sharpness today. But I wouldn’t have wanted to see our first team in FAC vs Burnley or CC vs Spurs either.

    But it’s even more annoying that now I have to watch the ManU game to keep abreast of our league position (silly, I know). It’s not the end of the title chase for us – Given’s having a great game helping us block out ManU’s attack btw. I just hope it serves as a wake-up call for the players.

  28. Gunners,

    The options are clear. Do we want the premiership or do we crave a top 4 slot? The squad, as much as we like them can do with some more depth. AW needs to see what he can get in the transfer market. The way we are behaving it seems winning the premiership is not top priority? If it is then we need more assets, more options really.

    Disappointing game against Birmingham. Cesc did not fire on all cylinders and I thought Rosicky should have been brought in rather than Diaby and Theo should not have started the 2nd half. I wonder if AW is trying to keep the moaners happy.. Now we are back to 2nd place, with a wider goals diff in fav of MAnU. We should be winning matches like this.. Sad

  29. And Man Ure cruched Newcastle 6-0 pooooooooooo

    I dont know Confidentgoner, part of me says keep up the team spirit with what we have got, but just say we drop points at Fulham. If that happens I think your options are quite clear, maybe we would benefit from a bit more depth. I have to admit when I saw the names on the bench today, it was only really Bendtner that could have changed the game.

    but sometimes buying in Jan can do more harm than good.

    Arsene thought we were complacent today, I have to agree.

  30. Make no mistake about the lads, they are good, some very good. But we are talking about winning the premiership title this year aren’t we? The Premiership is one of the toughest leagues in the world and you will get stretched. Some lads will have the inevitable off days etc.

    Having a team with depth can really help under those conditions. Manu and Chelsea understand that and they keep strenghtening whenever they can. Well, AW does not want to go that route, at leat from post match comments, so I clasp my hand and really hope we can raise the gear against Fulham, Patthegooner.

    However, when injuries or suspensions happen we pay dearly.

  31. wtf was eddy doing on the left, why did we not just whip the ball in from the wings? any how i aint reading s*** into the mancs game because the barcodes are s***e and how many goals did they give them!!

    we do need to go into the transfer market but not for a striker, we have plenty of them but a winger and thats it , the final piece in the jigsaw!

    you cant win this league without a top winger. everytime we have won the league we had the best wingers like limpar,overmars & pires. who we got now???



  34. We need RVP back ASAP!

    If he stays fit for the rest of the campaign, I am confident of us winning the title

    He is a big game player who scores crucial goals at vital times

    Its a big ‘IF’ mind…

  35. The problem is our forwards don’t want to shoot. When you have a situation where the opponents park the buses then the only way is to shoot from afar. However, Ade, Hleb, Theo all want to get into six yards position before they shoot.

    I have never seen Ade shoot from behind the 18 yards before. His play is predictable for every defender because he comes closer and place the ball, rarely shoots. the only player who shoots is RvP and he’s on the sick bed. Cesc startedshooting from afar and was getting goals but he’s now joined the band wagon. against Chelsea he would’ve scoredif he had tried shots but was interested in scorin the beautiful goal.

    Are the boys serious to work to win the title? There is no urgency in their play.

  36. I can’t believe some asked Arsène in the press conference if Senderos was at fault for the goal. He marking the player on the far post, acres away from the player that headed it!! Do journos even watch the game??? Pathetic.

  37. I agree with the idea that shooting from outside the box is vital to open tight defences. Also, the idea of a team that shoots opens the defence for those defence-splitting passes that we like to do. But you have to shoot often from outside for the defence to expect it and give you that new option. It’s like shooting for 3 in basketball to open zonal marking systems.

  38. Yes phil ,
    but ade and dudu partnership doesn’t work !
    dudu needs a passing player along side him .
    Not a greedy gloating unpolished ade !
    You see him celebrate the penalty he didn’t create !
    I was thinking yes , just take credit for scoring ANOTHER goal you didn’t create , thats 2 or 3 penalties hes hit now.. yes great he got them but indeed dudu created the penalty so dont gloat about it run back to your mark and get ready for kick off you pounce. Which in my view wasn’t a penalty anyhow !
    We never got a shot on goal that looked close !
    for 90 minutes at home .. All shots went straight at the goalie ! They never put him under pressure .
    Birmingham played better football they deserved to win .. We had alot of good possession ,but like days of old no one stepped up !

    Nacho sitting back on your passing game can create openings also .. But with ade running into dead ends down on the right side its pretty hard !
    dudu never saw enough of the ball in the final 1/3rd.

  39. Gunners,

    I know we all are frustrated with yesterday’s game. Moreso if you watched MaNUre devoure the magpies in 2nd half. Frankly we have not found a way to break up wall defending, which is irritating. We tried the long balls but this time they were either cut out or were placed wrongly for dudu. I guess this is Wenger’s headache but we all know that this season we are closer to lifting silverware better than the last few years.

    The big question is do we have the steel in the squad to do it, venue after venue, week after week? I still have my doubts..But honestly I want to be proved wrong!

  40. I agree with Howard, there was no urgency to win this game at all….it almost feels like we wanted to give them the point and lose two in the process.

    It was disappointing, we thought we will have problems at the back…but we had problems up front.

    It is obvious to me Eduardo/Ade did not work in any game they played this far. Eduardo needs to be in the middle up front to make his runs into the 18 yards. I would have put Bendtner/Eduardo to start with Ade coming on late.

    I can’t believe I will say this, but Cesc was cr*p today, with more than half of his balls cut out.

    Off day that was not scheduled, and it may hurt us later when we get our year end report.

    Here is a game that I will not get to watch again!


  41. As ive been saying for 2 months now we need a top quality striker who can be counted upon to get results , i dont really care who it is .. but it needs to be soon . Every other club in the top 4 has got 1 …or 2 ..
    Its a simple matter of competing!

  42. No urgency?

    I despair.

    Did you not notice Ade chasing back to the edge of his own box like a maniac to regain possession – in the 88th minute.

    Did you not see Gallas pumping his fists at the crowd in the 85th minute?

    Did you not notice Clichy desperately bombing further and further forward as time ticked on?

    Perhaps the substitution of one of our defenders to go three at the back and throw another attacker on passed some of you people by?

    Perhaps the electricity of the atmosphere failed to make it to some of you peope.

    Whatever, seriously.

  43. terrible game .. i fact, since the Slavia away game, our performances have dipped .. I mean this in a provocative way, but going to the games, I realized yesterday watching that crap that I had not been entertained in a long time..ManU and Chelsea was all about fighting ..Spurs was luck .. WHU we were up 2 after 18 minutes, but there has been no exciting stuff being played
    players wise, I have always agreed with ethan that we need a proper top class striker
    I mean Ade does everything bar trying to get himself in a position to shoot .. nor can he pass a player .. can anybody remind of his involvement in the game bar the penalty ..just not good enough
    Bendtner is still too young and RVP is a part time player
    we are struggling for goals
    also and I mean this , when you play walcott, you play with 10 men .. the guy is sooo unproductive
    he’s great to be brought on when we are 2/3 up, but even if he passes a guy, he cant deliver anything that makes any sense to anybody else in the team
    so I noticed in the 1st half that Sagna was never looking to pass him the ball
    Hleb can only play on the left .. this is obvious .. as soon as he plays on the right, his game deteriorates .. its all about his dribbling..on the right, it becomes less effective
    but he is the only class act as a player that we have
    the big question mark behind this team is whether it can win anything without a superstar
    ManU got Ronaldo.. Barca got a few .. did anybody see TH14 last night .. he’s looking sharp as a winger .. its all about going past people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Milan got kaka, and so on ..
    we dont have anybody who is head and shoulders above the rest
    we dont score enough goals .. its blatant
    and please, its not as if one superstar puts our youth policy into question ..
    this team needs to win trophies.. with the ticket prices, etc that AFC charges, results and good football are required.. we are the most expensive club in the world for fans to support .. come on AW..please deliver and no end of season excuses please about team being too young, etc…….

  44. I said sometime back that Ade/Eduard will not work because of Ade’s selfishnes and ego, wanting to be seen as the all-in-all. He doesn’t want to pass to Eduardo when Edu is in a better position. He did that against Newcastle and Middlesborough; if not checked Ade’s attitude will be worse than TH14 but without the capacity of TH14; the growth of the new Frankenstein.

    Bendtner/Edu has always worked; exchanging passes in btween them and looking for the other all the time.

    Why doesn’t Ade shoot? Can somebody answer me and give me an example of a striker who passes more often than shoot and ends up being the best striker in the EPL? Whether Arsene is satisfied with Ade’s non-shooting style is what I don’t know. However, if this team continues to look for the perfect goal by continuing to pass the ball even when in the box then God save us.

    Hleb, Ade all wants to shoot only at 4-6 yards in the box. We had chances in the first half within 12,15,18,20 yards away from the goal requiring shots and they just passed on end. Hleb, Ade and Theo the main culprits in the first half.

    Ade’s wings are growing and has to be clipped before a new Frankenstein is created.

  45. The Morning after hey

    Looking back on yesterday still sticks in the throat. There have been a lot of posts on here over the last few months (including by myself) to the tune of ‘we would have drawn/lost that game last season’ and yesterday was one of those games and unfortunately we did draw it and could have lost it.

    For me, the result and performance was more dissapointing than the Boro game. What is important now is that it ends now and the guys really need to get off the complacent horse and beat Fulham. Dont get me wrong, the effort was there but technically we could not break them down and that worries me

    What do you guys think about Theo. I dont think the winger experiment is working with him (Or Diaby) and maybe it would be more beneficial to let Theo go out on loan till the end of the season, and to go as a Striker. Dont get me wrong, I like Theo and his pace is terrifying but he sometimes seems to not know what to do with it and I think he would be better learning his trade up front.

    I am still buzzing that we currently sit on the same points as Man Ure, so I am not convinced the Transfer Market is a good place to go and I am not sure there are players available that would make the difference. Berbatov would be but it would never happen, Modric would be but he would not settle in time to make a valued contribution this Season. The only real possibility for me would be Micah Richards, who has stalled on his contract but do we really need him?

    However Man Ure do look good, Chelsea will be banging them in with Nic and they will be on us in a second if we continue to stutter.

    Finger crossed it was just a bad day at the office.

  46. Be patient, if we’re all honest this team is ahead of schedule. Back in the Summer I doubt any of us expected to be in the position we are in. If we go on to win the title then we are not going to cruise through every game and win. There are going to be some frustrating games and results. We are not playing to our potential, but we are staying in there.

    I think the problem with Theo is confidence and his personality. He appears content to be on the margins of the game and only gets involved when given the ball. I would like to see him demanding the ball and seeking it if not. He needs to be more involved.

  47. I agree with that Jamie, and thats why I think that maybe a loan move and more games will help Theo out.

  48. Jk,

    Although I love Ade and want nothing but success for him, Do you think he did that to keep his record of Arsenal un-beaten if he scored? It could be a little off to think this way……..but the Manager himself said he felt we took B’ham lightly and that means no Urgency from the TEAM (not Ade) to put the game away at an early’s not always going to work for us to win in minute 88.


  49. As for Walcott, I think this guy has stage fright syndrome or something…….he needs to get some ants in his A$$ and get fired up a little…fight for the ball, get angry….get sent off even, but just don’t keep losing the ball like this….a simple pass….a one – two…something!

    Or, maybe he thinks he’s TH14 true and rightful replacement….so he wants to run with the ball from one end to the other…………too early for that Walcott….What I don’t understand is, does Wenger really tell him anything about keeping the ball too too long….or he just wants him to find it on his own?!


  50. G4E

    I took Arsenes ‘taking them too lightly’ comments to refer to the phase of the game after we scored in the first half; players were trying all the flicks and tricks as if we were four nil up. It was good to watch, but ultimately we neglected to remember the most important thing – make the game safe.

    I felt we played ok, just neglected to keep our concentration, in that it reminded me of the Sunderland game. Only thing is, in that game we had RvP…

  51. If you look back over 10 years at our most successful stints , our up front personnel was DB 10 (who definitely didn’t come up through the youth ranks)and TH 14 – like wise . You cannot manufacture
    a strikers mentality .. They either have it or they dont .. Its like torres , berbatov or anelka . RVP i think has got it ! but he still is missing certain parts of his running game plus is very injury prone!, bendtner could also have what it takes in future years and dudu has it also ,but needs some more time … but i feel they all wont really fire this season … or the next?!

    The only way to KILL GAMES OFF EARLY , as arsene desires is to get in personnel that are currently on the top of their game (ON TOP -WORLD CLASS) and that can gel with the team instantly .A team like AFC requires it !!! .

    Im sorry but ade needs to go or get some element of teamwork into his brain , he is better suited to blackburn or bolton .. He definitely doesn’t gel with any of our current strikers ! and that has been evident from the start to me !! so to people like stan and danny who have suddenly gone quiet on the issues on how good he has been, i hope it shows you who was right and who was wrong on the issue ! Because im now reading a lot of people seeing the same things as i do !

    Most people don’t care as long as they are getting results and gloss over the top of the games unless
    we are clearly losing !(and i put you in that catigory !) Our midfield fired a lot, early this season which aided to keep our strikers
    from being a subject of issue , but no midfield can
    keep that strike rate up forever ! its impossible !

    Strikers are in there for a job , to win us games !
    they score the goals ! which give us the points we need ! And other than dudu , i dont think we have the personnel currently ! . Ive said this for the past 2 months .. I was hoping dudu would be our Saviour , but its clear he cannot operate along side ade ! infact no one can !!!

    As for the purists who love the fantasy of a unknown player becoming a LEGEND , well
    in young strikers it hardly ever happens , people like rooney – torres are the exceptions , but how many of them are about ? 2 !
    Most strikers come good about 26+ and fade into there early 30’s ,its a time span of 4 or 5 years .
    we need to purchase an ETO or a van nestleroy on the top of there game ! then this will be a truely great team ! Because currently all our strikers
    are not at this stage yet !

    man U – rooney – ronaldo -saha
    Chevski anelka – drogba
    liverpool – torres
    ManC’s petrov –
    Spurs berbatov

    and arsenal has ade !!! whoooo !
    get my point???

  52. HAHA just read stan’s rubbish ! he defeats his own argument !

    No urgency?

    I despair.

    Did you not notice Ade chasing back to the edge of his own box like a maniac to regain possession – in the 88th minute.

    88th minute ? a bit late for URGENCY ! huh !

    Did you not see Gallas pumping his fists at the crowd in the 85th minute? AGAIN A BIT TOO LATE OLDE STANNY BOY !

    85th minute?? ( ill think youll find it was the 88th minute when gallas pumped his hands ! by the way !) but some people pay attention 🙂

    so your telling me that arsenal started getting ‘urgency’ from 85th minute onwards??
    i think that means from 84th minute and BEFORE

    At the 85th minute we should have been 2 goals up and shoring our defense. In fact against birmingham AT HOME ! we should have had this game in the bag by the 1/2 time break !!!
    Then we could say we aren’t lacking urgency .

    Not scoring the 1st goal was our down fall !
    by them scoring 1st it allowed them to fall back and park the bus so to speak ! from that point on it was always going to be hard to break them down .

  53. The clown again spent more time on his backside than he did on his feet.(At the end of the year it is going to cost us dearly)
    I am becoming worried about Walcott, if he cannot adapt to Arsenals game, is he ever going to make the grade with a top class team?

  54. Terry

    Becoming worried about Walcott at 18? Senderos at 22 has been given time and seems to be showing signs of improvement per Birmingham game. He will improve, still young and learning.

    You should be more concerned with Diaby who seems to be falling backwards and Adebayor who doesn’t want to shoot till he’s within 6 yards.. If Senderos can sustain his performances then we may not need a CB but can he?

  55. howard .. whats Diaby got to do with our shambolic play against a low life side such as Birmingham?
    Fact is a team with Walcott is a team of 10 men .. so use the boy as a sub.. you have to go to the game to realize that no player trusts him and they dont want to pass him the ball
    then Ade never ever shoots or gets himself in a shooting position .. this is where it hurts
    and I dont care about a striker that traces back at the 88th min .. In fact, I couldnt care less
    what I care about is what he brings to the team in terms of danger/threats etc ..
    and thats a fat blank zero
    Ade can neither dribble nor shoot nor pass
    he is perfectly suited for the long ball play up north, but not for our clever 1/2s .. he got no quick feet whatsoever
    AFC is a very expensive club to support .. its charging outrageous amounts of money both for individuals and for corporates ..
    this club needs to produce results rather soon
    and one top class striker aint change our youth policy.. we could also do with winger .. honestly in a game where they park the bus in front of their goal, as was the case last season, unless you go wide, you are not gonna break anybody down
    maybe we should use Ade as an out and out winger with his mega legs and see what he does there?????
    at least he wont waste the play in the center

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