Burnley Turfed Out Of Cup

FA Cup Third Round
Burnley 0 – 2 Arsenal

0 – 1 Eduardo (9)
0 – 2 Bendtner (75)

As expected, the endeavours of Burnley caused Arsenal some problems but in the end, the team barely got into first gear, let alone out of it, to reach the fourth round draw this lunchtime. No doubt the football world was awaiting one of the big four to following on from the upsets of Saturday.

Visiting the lower divisions used to something that the top clubs hated doing, falling prey to a poor surface, decisions or performance coupled with an upsurge in the hosts play. The gap between the top four and the rest of the Premier League is big; it becomes a canyon with the rest of the professional game.

Burnley came out of the traps early and could have had an early goal when Lafferty rattled the crossbar; any downward trajectory on his header may have had a different result. That chances are of a premium in this sort of match was highlighted four minutes later. Eduardo came deep, looking to receive a pass only to spin and run onto Toure’s chip over the top. Controlling the ball with his thigh, he let it and the ground do the work before slotting past Kiraly for a simple finish and one that Burnley will have been disappointed to concede.

Ten minutes later the second which would have killed the game almost arrived. Gilberto met a Denilson corner with a firm header which Hartley deflected toward the near post. Fortunately for the former Chelsea man, it was cleared off the line. Other than Bendtner forcing a save from Kiraly with an overhead kick, there was little more telling pressure on the host’s goal.

The air around Turf Moor ought to be investigated for scientific research purposes, preferably by someone with the surname Traore. Only then can we fully understand why Djimi scored a bizarre own goal for Liverpool a few years back and why Armand tried to emulate that in the first half. His rendition of the ‘Gentlemen’s Excuse Me’ is inexplicable; that Burnley failed to capitalise summed up their afternoon.

The second half settled into the same routine as the first. A lot of Burnley pressure but little telling. It came to life with Kyle Lafferty’s sending off. In the current environment, it was unsurprising that he went. Both feet were off the ground when he launched the tackle, albeit one-footed. The problem with that foot was it went over the top of the ball onto Gilberto. It does not matter if he made vague contact with the ball, it was dangerous. In an object lesson in gracefulness, Owen Coyle accepted the decision noting the position of the referee. Perhaps some of his colleagues higher in the League will take note of this manner but I doubt it.

Eduardo then broke clear following a good interchange of passes with Bendtner and missed a similar chance to that of his goal. Before long though, the roles were reversed and the Dane made no mistake. 2 – 0 and the nails hammered in the coffin of a tie that had long been over.

Tottenham will require those that play to raise their game. Some of the performance yesterday can be pinned on the pitch which deteriorated as the game went on but for the most part, it seemed that the players were just doing enough. Had they conceded, it might have been interesting to see if they could react to that situation but they did not so it is idle speculation.

The midfield would be the area of most concern. Gilberto did not give any indication of being able to scale the heights of yesteryear in performance. I would be gravely concerned if Arsene decided to use him as a centre back in any match for his lack of pace would be sorely exposed, especially by Berbatov on Wednesday. Denilson and Diaby did not really get to grips with the surface although they were only poor by their standards, which are considerably higher than a number of other players. They tried hard but did not control the ball well enough. At Left Back, Traore was poor to start with, improving to average as the game progressed. Senderos was steady through the game and will hopefully take confidence from this.

In the end though, so long as the player’s performance improves for Wednesday, I guess there is not a lot to worry about. The result is all that matters on days like yesterday and safe passage was ensured.

‘til Tomorrow.

54 thoughts on “Burnley Turfed Out Of Cup

  1. I was fairly unimpressed with Gilberto, Diaby and Eboue. If a DM has to go this month, it should be GIlberto, not Diarra, escpecially as we can probably still get a few quid for him somewhere. Eboue continues to frustrate and despite showing glimpses, Diaby won’t take his opportunities when given. Much prefer to see Merida or Randall given a go on Wednesday.

  2. Any idea why Diarra was not even on the bench? Hope this is not an indication that he is leaving Arsenal.

  3. I am worried about our next match. Truly agree that the next match will require a dramatic upward increase in performance ratings by the defence and midfield. Tottenham will give us a much tougher fight. They look hungry, but their defence is still suspect. Ramos would want to win something in his first year, and Carling Cup looks his best and only bet. We must deny him.

    Our backline at Burnley looked uncoordinated. Too many times we put ourselves under pressure. It goes to show Toure’s best partner is Gallas. Even our young midfield does not look like it can play together. Fortunately, our forward pairing of Eduardo and Bendtner will do well given more opportunities to play together.

    I hope AW will bring back Clichy and Sagna for the Tottenham game, and try not to start Gilberto. He may come in when we are 2 goals up.

  4. I think Eboue for vast part of the game was playing selfish..i couldnt understand why he was directly going for goal when there were better option to cross for bendtner and eduardo..

    our forward pair is linking well..but midfield hasnt gel..they are all talented players..but to get best out of them they shud gel..there was not much chemistry between thier play yesterday..

    senderos did well..the one position which we all are concerned about..Jens was few times caught out of position..though opposition was good..else he cud have been found out

  5. daokta – You’d have to think that Diarra was left out for some reason to do with him wanting a move away. Maybe something has happened behind the scenes, but it does not bode well for Diarra’s future with the club.

  6. Yogi

    I agree gilberto needs to go , I cant simply think of any position he could play in now and be of benifit, and as CB is total suicide .He’s proven that already this year..

    But 2 defensive midfielders again ! surely arsene has learned his lesson with that formation already.
    What was lacking yesterday was our creativity midfield.
    Denilson needs to ply his trade with someone like cesc ,hleb or even rosicky. Not an aging gilberto in the center of the park, it wasnt flattering . Luckily the strikers and defenders did there job .. But it really shows you Who is the spine of the team .. And when that spine isnt present , you might as well confine us to a wheelchair ! as we looked crippled.

    Diarra is obviously off . He would of played im sure if he was staying with us … nothing else can
    explain his absence.

    And diaby was disappointing . And if he feels he has learned enough ,he should leave as he showed nothing to me that he should get a start over cesc ,hleb or rosicky.It was a perfect opportunity yesterday to step up against a far inferior team ,and show his class .. and he failed to deliver in my opinion. Eboue showed that he brings nothing to the table when our regular midfield inst in place..

    If arsene keeps his word and plays the same team
    with the spuds,they will progress ! Ramos wants to win something . I would have rather drawn the chev’s than face a spurs team whilst the spotlight is on berbatov .

    berba will want to show his suitors that he can
    single handedly displace the league leaders .
    think about it ..

    this will be a daunting game if we go into this one under dressed !

  7. I was disappointed not to see 10 minutes of Randall and Lansbury yesterday. its not like any of the midfielders were having such an influential game that wenger could’nt have risked upsetting them.

    not too many positives from the performance yesterday. Sagna and Toure were good but tell me something I dont already know. EDS and Bendtner seem to have a better partnership, in the true sense of the word, than any other strike pairing we have, so thats a positive. they both had good games despite poor service from midfield.

    I dont think you can assume just because Diarra did not travel that he is being sold. Once wenger has chosen Bert why would he drag Diarra to Burnley and back? wenger would not want to use Diarra for both games in a short space of time and neither would he want to leave Gilberto out of both teams (considering that Bert is staying til season end). So Diarra will play against Spurs, probably in both legs and then lets see after that. I hope he can mustle his way into some more important games Eg Fulham away.

    I wonder if wenger is tempted to use Gallas on Wednesday night? Otherwise its Senderos and Djourou. I dont fancy Senderos v Berbatov to be honest.

  8. Although Diaby had a very poor game yesterday, I don’t think he should be judged yet since he is playing on the wing instead of his preferred central role.

    With him and Denilson in the middle, I think there we would have a good balance. Diaby really puzzles me. He is obviously very skilled and has amazing dribbling abilities, but doesnt seme to contribute much to the team in passing. I’ve said this before, but he seems like he’s looking to impress instead of trying to win.

  9. Yogi, I think you’re a little unfair on Burnley. They played with ambition, composure and courage. Particularly after the goal and the sending off. We didn’t create many chances, one of which Eduardo missed.

    I was impressed with them and Stoke. When championship teams are promoted they tend to play with no ambition and hope to nick points. Consequently, I didn’t expect much from Burnley or Stoke in terms of good football. Maybe, promoted teams need to play with more ambition and courage, they might surprise themselves. Reading are a good example, admittedly they leak goals but they have stuck to their beliefs and largely with the same team they were promoted with.

  10. Tiredness may become an issue on wednesday now. we played on a heavy pitch a day after spurs and I think 6 of the players that started at Burnley will start against spurs – Senderos, Traore, Diaby, Denilson, EDS and Bendtner.
    as I say Lansbury could have come on for Denilson and Randall for Diaby.
    Lets hope Walcott does recover from his shoulder injury.

  11. Credit to Burnley – they played well.

    I was a little worried about the game once i had seen the team, so it was nice to go through without any major scares.

    There was a real lack of creativity out there yesterday.

    I agree with a couple of the comments on Diarra, i would assume he has been told he is playing on Wednesday,and there was little point in making him travel up north at the weekend.

    Having heard him speak on the TV, i think some of his comments in the press may be taken out of context.

    He would be foolish to move after only 6 months at one of the best clubs in the world, and anyone with half a brain will be able to see this.

  12. i dont really understand the criticisms of Diaby here..if anything, he was one of our brighter players..stroke a beautiful pass from left to right in second half and showed some good dribbling skills, but there was little movement in the side to play people on..I felt Bendtner had a very average game and Eduardo is not always easy to find either
    Gilberto is not match fit .surprise,surprise..
    and runs about a 1/3 of the distance that Flam does
    one thing that strikes me about Denilson is that he seems to find less space for himself than last year.. remember what TH14 said about him that he was astonished to see a young guy come from Brazil and find time on the ball in midfield in England so quickly
    that bit has gone missing so his passing suffers from it.. and remember, he showed last year how good a passer he can be.. maybe he doesnt play enough either
    Eboue had no interest yday and if you noticed, hardly ever helped Sagna out.. to be fair, nor did Diaby help Traore out much
    but this was always going to be a tricky tie against people who play the game of their lives

  13. Eduardo is fast becoming a legend. I’ve never been so confident seeing a player go through on goal and nearly choked when he missed in the second half. He did very little else but when he’s called upon he is ruthless. I’m glad Eboue is out of the reckoning for a few weeks. Hopefully Hleb reverts to the left and we stick to 2 up front. Bring on the Spuds. The carling cup is our competition and no matter what side we put out we’ll give them a game.

  14. I agree with BB, I thought Diaby was average but certainly not bad. some people are slating him across other blogs. lots of our players were average so I dont know why he is getting that much stick. Arsenal fans seem to love to have someone to slate at all times.
    I thought he played a few nice one twos and had a few good dribbles. he also did a bit of defending to help Traore out. we have to remember that for a central midfielder to shine on the wing takes enormous effort. I think as soon as he has an average match it looks worse because its not his position. I still think that’s diaby’s main problem.

    Denilson is a slight bigger worry. I am not saying he was bad or doesn’t have a future but I am saying that in central midfield, the position he plays is absolutely crucial in terms of defining the tempo of Arsenal’s team play. he is so important to that, and that makes a few below par performances very noticeable.
    I dont think he has reached the heights he showed last season and thats the other worry. he can do better than this. But if he plays againt spurs, which I am sure he will, it is a bit of a concern for me. he will need those around him to up their game if he is going to improve. he will be relying on their movement to help him out.

  15. To be fair to Denilson, Diaby & the rest of the non regular players, they have hardly played on a decent pitch all season.

    Denilson had a great game v Newcastle in the CC, in good conditions & also a good one against Blackburn. The lad is 19 & a tremendous prospect.

    It was never going to be a great game to watch yesterday, so we got through & that is about all that mattered. Gilberto did his job well & will be useful when we need to be tight.

    YW, I believe Gilberto did pretty ok at CB against Berbatov & Keene at WHL, earlier this season?

    I think it will be Djourou & Senderos on Wednesday though.

  16. first out the hat. stoke or Newcastle at the emirates. a chance to knock Fat Sams lot out of another cup. how many years has it been since they won silverware now?
    An OK draw.

  17. Where is the momentum to go forward when you have 2 defensive midfielders in the center of the park dictating play. ? that is it in a nut shell .

    As for the above sledging bentner he had a far better game and was passing well with dudu, infact look at his goal in the 2nd half . It was sweet touches all round . If we had a more creative midfield the strikers wouldnt have suffered with the lack of chances.

    Just in (saw the draw) we play newcastle in the 4th round or stoke .. but for sams sake im sure he will hope its newcastle.

  18. Just because Diaby had a bad game doesn’t mean he should be sold. Just because Diaby can’t displace Cesc, Rosicky or Hleb doesn’t mean he should be sold… For goodness sake, this is a squad game and DIaby has had some great games for us. He’s a talented player… People’s reactions are so extreme.. For the person who said they’d rather see GIbbs there instead. I’m not sure whether i should bother to reply or just slap you across the face with a wet haddock.

  19. But Jimmy, Gibbs is an out an out left winger and I know a lot of people really rate him as a player so saying they’d rather see Gibbs there is not the same at all as saying they’d rather see Diaby sold!
    But I agree, talk of selling diaby after one average performance is plain stupid.

  20. jimmy

    how on gods green earth do you expect him to displace cesc? or flamini ? or hleb . ????or rosicky
    left of center?

    come on !!! his chances will be limited and he will eventually be frustrated and leave .. He would have to lift his game 10 fold to displace the above players and also have the opportunities to do so .. I cant see either of it happening ! He either gets used to a wing position REAL quick or he will be another diarra in the making .
    Plus he had a woeful game against a very average side . A lot of people said he didn’t play too bad .
    pretty hard to judge when he was missing most of the game . But if you are of true class you’ll get into the game and take your chances even if they are only 1/2 chances !
    For me the wingers didn’t create anything . and it was a holding midfield , not a creative one !

    Im not talking about selling him based on one
    outing , im am basing it on the above gazzup ..

    Surely i don’t have to explain myself in such detail
    so simpletons can understand ?!

  21. And i agree with flint denilson , took his shots and tried a few times to get forward. he was the
    ‘stand out’ of the 2 midfielders,he still lacked the experience but at least he tried to cover for cesc . And i applaud his efforts.

  22. Anyhow i didnt say sell diaby .. !?

    so not sure where your making that up from jimmy!?
    I simply stated unless he improves very quickly he should feel free to continue his pursuit at another club as he’s already stated !!!! i wont object providing we got a decent fee for him ! But i’m saying his fate looks bleak unless he preforms better very quickly Especially in his preferred central role. and he will need to adapt to a wing position or be transfer bait . I ain’t arsene but i can future his fate !

  23. “a woeful game against a very average side” apparently its all Diaby’s fault who is useless, another”Diarra” in the making
    Bendtner is a genius who never makes any mistakes .. and so on and so forth
    its quite pathetic how some AFC supporters seem to single out certain players in order to either backstab them at every opportunity or alternatively eulogize them
    utter nonsense
    Diaby was far from our worst player yesterday
    he is in fact the only guy who managed to pass a player with the ball in his feet
    I know that this is a quality that might not be held in high esteem on these shores, but of the 11 AFC players on the pitch yday, Diaby was the only one to go past an opposition player!!!!!!!!!
    lets give him at least this credit

  24. Its our right as supporters to discuss players merits or otherwise.

    Blind loyalty is just as stupid as slagging people off for no reason.

    As long as any comments are objective – where is the problem in having opinions on players?

    I agree to a point with Diaby – whilst a talented player, i fear he will never be an intelligent or hard working enough player to be a regular for Arsenal.

    His Decision making is very poor, he often takes one man on too many, when an easy pass is available.

    Not good enough for us at this moment in time, but i do appreciate he is not playing in his favoured position.

    But, and it is a nice problem to have – the problem is that we have 4 excellent players in Fab,Flam,Hleb and Tomas in front of him.

    Saying all of that – i didnt think he was any worse than anyone else yesterday.

    It wasnt a great performance, but hey – we won – so who cares.

  25. Haven’t you ever competed against weaker opposition you level drops a bit ‘cuz you know you have the other guy beaten.

    We shouldn’t make judgements based on this game. The team played with a lot of complaceny because of the opposition and the early goal, once you start off that way it’s very difficult to raise your game.

    I’m not worried about Spurs.

  26. my opinion of Diaby is that he is a very good central midfielder being asked regularly to play as a left winger. he is losing a little bit of motivation and has even talked about leaving if he does not play. A fully motivated Diaby in the middle of the pitch would still be a frightening prospect. but I have now realised that no matter who is injured or what players wenger picks, Diaby will NEVER get even a semi-regular spot in central midfield. Correct me if I am wrong but the last time he played in the middle for us was away at Bolton in the FA cup last season.
    If Diaby cannot get in the middle then I wont be surprised to see him leave. he is an average left winger so if thats his only chance then we would not be losing a great deal. I will hate to see him joining somewhere like portsmouth in the summer and being given the central role and then just progress in leaps and bounds.
    Diaby’s problem is Cesc. If Cesc were to leave a year later (which we have discussed before) we could very much be the losers in this little game of chess.

  27. Richard responding to your comment last night about your fellow Croat Eduardo.
    Yes he did miss a sitter but all strikers do from time to time, but this guy will score a lot more than he will miss.
    I have got a gut feel that when he gets his feet under the table he is going to be a ‘special’ player for us, and will score a mountain of goals.
    He is one of those players who you wont see for an hour and then will pop up with a killer strike and win the game for you.
    I dont think Arsene will mind about his work rate his expertise is scoring goals and all that needs to happen is for the rest to get to know how to play him in and for him to adapt to the Arsenal way and we are all in business, and its slowly starting to happen.
    We certainly dont need another striker, the only way we are going to see the best of Eds is by playing him.
    I will be very surprised if the 9mil we paid for him wont look like a pittance in a couple of years time.

  28. Kaka is mouthing it off in the press saying Milan are not at all worried about us.
    He says they have beaten two English teams recently and we hold no problems for them.
    That is just perfect for us, how kind of the Brazilian to motivate our boys saying things like that.
    We will see Mr Kaka……………

  29. This is my comments on few players on the game with Burnley.

    Seems to be going backwards, his ball retention and tackling are deteriorating. I believe its because he now wants to drible before he pass and his lack of confidence has reduced his desire to tackle. I think he should’ve been substituted in the second half.

    Its over for Gilberto; he no longer fits into the style and tactics of the team. Anytime he plays the midfield suffers and affects the overall play of the team. This was very evident in the first half.

    He’s a good player but thinks he’s being pushed before he matures. He still suffers from poor positioning and not running back if he loses the ball upfield. If he’s pushed too far and continues to perform badly he might develop the ‘Senderos ailment’; which is to be pushed too far ahead of your development and thus few poor performances draws you down and down. I believe he’ll be a better left-midfielder ahead of Clichy than a defender ; he enjoys being upfield.

    He did poorly in the first half, with one poor marking and a dangerous ball that bounced off his legs instead of clearing it; lack of concentration I think. He was a little better in the second half but yet again, his tacklings were always clumsy. He doesn’t generate confidence in some of us because there is always a mistake in him. Seems like Arsene wants to play him ahead of Djourou and that’s where the danger lies. I don’t know how he can cope with the trickery of Berbatov. We have to beat Spurs.

    When can he improve his shooting? Correct me, has he ever scored for us? Found himself in good position but yet again threw all those opportunities away. I hope somebody stake a claim for the position and make him redundant by the time he returns. He’s had time to develop in his new role but still has a lot to do to improve.

  30. gazzap – Diaby allegedly said he might leave at the end of the season if he doesn’t break into the first team. However, more recently I have seen him say that he is happy at Arsenal and does not want to leave. Perhaps you ought to credit his more recent statement over a comment he may or may not have made several months ago.

  31. Our midfielder situation is NOT as good as some`people are sayng. Flamini has not signed a new contract, Diarah maybe on the way out, Gilberto is past his prime, so if we did lose Diarrah and Flamini we would be in deep shite.

  32. Nordvelt is in the reserves tonight after recovering from injury so thats positive, lets hope he can play in a few games and get really fit, hes definetly been bought to replace Senderos,Gibbs and Lansbury are also in the game, SO LETS HOPE WE DO HAVE A FEW FIRST TEAM PLAYERS ON THE BENCH for the semi final.

  33. “Perhaps you ought to credit his more recent statement over a comment he may or may not have made several months ago.”
    Sorry Passenal I had not read his more recent comment so couldn’t credit it. I still haven’t – a link would be cool but clearly if he wants to stay thats a good thing.

  34. the best thing to say about this weekend is that we do not have to see eboue play for 6 weeks, how on earth this guy plays so often for us is totally and utterly beyond me.

    other than that we did what we needed to do in comparison to so many other prem teams who struggled to beat weaker opposition.

  35. gazzap

    Diaby will NEVER get even a semi-regular spot in central midfield. Correct me if I am wrong but the last time he played in the middle for us was away at Bolton in the FA cup last season.
    If Diaby cannot get in the middle then I wont be surprised to see him leave.

    Thank you for restoring some sanity to BB’s ramblings .
    Diaby was the only person to beat his man ?
    what do you think bentner did to score a goal ..
    sure great pass from dudu but he still dribbled the ball and beat his man to score !! ! if not it wouldnt have beena goal !(and he beat the goalie)
    And look at bentners interchange with dudu in the game he definitely was a changed man since his last game ! A Team player and passing crisply .
    A cool head when taking the shot , he could of so easily muffed it ! but he didn’t !
    All good signs coming from him !!

    He and dudu make a great partnership maybe its the fact that it was an inferior team , but they worked well together!, the best up front duo this season for me .
    Only problem was Lack of supply …hence lack of opportunities. And that was because we didn’t have any of the creative department on the pitch !

    Also it was bentners cool pass that set up dudu
    for his fatal miss right in front… classic passing thou!
    Toure and sagna were solid as ever, although i think i actually saw someone get the better of sagna , and thats a 1st for me …
    Usually he wins every challenge he faces..
    I would have to mark him down as not his best performance, but still solid overall .

    I’m not sledging ANY player who proves his worth.
    And after diaby’s comments on leaving to play elsewhere if he cannot be a regular team member,
    I just think he should go then. as the area he is trying to claim is taken up by the likes of cesc,flamini,hleb and rosicky ! and he hasn’t done anything positive to show wenger otherwise to claim one of the spots !
    And he isnt in the same class as the above 4.
    and definitely cannot adapt to the wing even with his long strides !

    Im not wenger, but you will see he will leave .
    he wont get any opportunities in the position he’s seeking UNLESS HE ADAPTS TO THE WING ..
    And that clearly ain’t happening ! CURRENTLY !
    He could come good but…
    he’s too impatient to wait for his chance .
    In fact yesterdays game was his chance !!!

    Do you understand now BB?


    good points . ! and eboue has scored 1 goal !
    just one goal .. and i dont think it was in the EPL.

  36. Yeah, Diaby must be terrible – all he does while playing out of position is score in Champions League and against Brad Friedel in League Cup (sigh).

  37. I don’t quite see where people get off moaning about Diaby? He is very young, very raw and can be a bit sloppy with his passing.

    On the other hand, he is being played out of position and is doing a good job mostly (He has been better than Eboue), he has scored goals for us and surges forward are Vieiraesque (His tackling ain’t bad when he trys!).

    I think people are to quick to judge and people tend to use Cesc as the bar. Its unrealistic to do that.

    A guy asked earlier how Diaby could ever displace Cesc… Why does he need to displace him? What happens when Cesc gets injured or needs a rest? What if Cesc falls out of form (Heaven forbid)!

    If i’d said to you last year the Flamster would be undroppable this year and would be pushing Bertie towards the exit door you all would have laughed.

    Give Diaby a chance, he’ll come good because you can see he has raw talent. Perhaps not Eboue though, I know he has flashes, but not enough in my eyes.

    Still as someone pointed out on another site earlier, you’re not part of table topping team if you’re useless… right?

  38. people have been very patient with Eboue but its not just his constant diving that pisses everyone off. I think we may forgive him his diving if he was a decent winger. the players around him are carrying him in nearly every match. he had a good game against Chelsea but one good game every ten aint a good ratio.

  39. People go on and on criticising Eboue, Diaby and last season Hleb etc… Yes, they do have deficiencies. They give the ball away sometimes and their final pass is not always spot on….. But and it’s an important point.. They are creators and as a consequence risk takers.. Take these kind of players out of the equation completely and you’re in danger of becoming one dimensional. These guys try to beat their man.. They try that audacious one two.. Obviously this is not going to come off all the time. It’s the nature of their game. We could easily fill the team with players who keep it simple (Flaminiesque if you will). However unfortuntely for that kind of team the game is not about keep ball, it’s about scoring goals. If DIaby or Helb or Eboue gives the ball away all game but then produces that moment of magic which breaks down the opposition then that’s fine in my book. We’d like to think that all Arsenal players should be the ultimate all round superstars. Unfortunately there are only a few players in world football who can even think about claiming that. Players have weaknesses. But one thing we shouldn’t be discouraging is risk taking from our attacking creative players (a category that Eboue and Diaby both fall into).

  40. Have you all had a brain transplant?

    No one is saying diaby is crap ,
    He wants to leave the only people that can make him stay is HIMSELF and arsene !
    so stop CRAPING on us jesus !
    (hope i dont go to hell for saying that 🙂 )

    So He will probably leave ? !
    Im sure he will be better than bentley or pennant
    but he wont sit idle and do his time ! Like you need to at arsenal to break thru into the 1st team as a regular !!! He and diarra are french comrades
    and are partitioning the same stance if you ask me ..

    I think diarra will go to the Manc’s they are the only top 4? team that will give him a game every week , i dont even know if sven is interested in him ,but if diarra has aspirations for greatness the only team who can positively give him a game every week like he wants would be the manc’s or spurs .. but i cant see us selling him to our arch rivals ! Id prefer he looks to Europe for his future.

    He just wants to play regular football prior to the EURO 08 . you cant sledge him for that .

  41. Gunnersauruses

    The team played the Turf Moor game, did it with the least effort needed to win the tie. In two brief moments of class we won the game…..And that was all that’s needed. No injuries, no cards…etc. All credit to Burnley, it was an easy game and needed to be played with ease.

    **Save the energy for the T*tts in the CC kind of game**

    As for Diarra, I think and as I said before, if Flamini is there…He can go, but since he is being a Jack Ass about it, he should go to play in Spain or Italy. Knowing Arsene’s sense of responsibility towards any player’s future, he would probably let him go to a PL team (Not the known top 4).

    Any one leaving the club will not stop us from going where we want to go, because we are Arsenal…….Anilka left, Overmars, GIO, and many more. It did not stop us then, it will not stop us now.

    We as Arsenal fans tend to connect quickly with players who have real talent and technical ability like all the players we have. We used to be able to keep the majority of them, but in reality and specifically in the Midfield area we have many players. I think if we want to keep Diarra we will have to sacrifice at least Gilberto.

    In this period with the transfer window open, and you’re losing players to the ANC, Arsene would probably like to keep all his players. I think Diarra is putting Wenger under pressure he doesn’t need right now and I don’t like that.

    I can’t blame him for wanting to play, but I can deduct a point for choosing the wrong time. The guy is not even there 6 months yet and he can say he played more than Gilberto….A Brazilian International and Captain.

    We need to beat the T*tts AGAIN, not sure how but we should….because it would be so sweet.


  42. Funny how things work out!

    If Diarra’s transfer was completed earlier than deadline date, Flamini probably would have left and Diarra would be playing next to Fabregas.


  43. Flint

    It was last season where Gilberto played CB at WHL. The problem is as someone said, lack of match practice; the speed of the passing game is too fast for him. Sadly, he is not going to get much more of a look-in unless there are bad injury problems.


  44. Sorry YW, you are wrong. Gilberto played there & was also jet lagged from the internationals.

    I agree very much with what Jimmy has said.

  45. Diaby, Eboue, and all the stick getters this season, could be the Flaminis and Hlebs of next season. Just prepare humble pies.
    I think the desire to leave for opportunities else where is a good thing, it shows desire to play and often Wenger has channeled that desire into commitment.
    I have only seen Arsenal fans mourning about how the sky is falling on us because we only beat Burnley 2-0. Chelsea only managed a deflected rebound after fielding a nearly their team against QPR, and they are looking to the next game.
    I say give the some patience to support. Afterall there is alot to learn everyday.

  46. Flint
    Regardless of if gilberto stays or not he wont feature in any important games . Wenger has 2 swiss boys that certainly will get picked before him . And as far as share holdings are concerned i think they both have more of a stake at arsenal than gilberto’s career, which is very much in the twilight now …
    ( i think one of the swiss boys will move on next season , wenger will use this time to clean house )

    Yes gilberto might feature in the CC and maybe the FA cup . But dont expect him to start as a CD against chevski’s . In fact unless theres some serious injuries like yogi mentioned you will never see him there again .. If you do see him it will be in the role of Dm, as he has reiterated to wenger recently . He obviously doesnt feel comfortable there , and i happen to agree with all of them !

  47. Also dont know how gilberto was jet lagged from anything , after his return to arsenal following the copa , he didnt play for the longest time and thats due to flamini . And the fact he had no pre season made him sit on the sidelines for over a month ..

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