Sevilla Preview

The Champions League bowls into town this evening with a stiff test on the cards. Sevilla have won back-to-back UEFA Cups as well as drubbing Barcelona in the European Super Cup last season. Despite the paucity of opposition in both competitions, it is only the second time that anyone has successfully defended the UEFA Cup and they will be given due respect, highlighted when Le Boss mentioned that he felt that they were amongst the top five sides in Europe at the moment.

They are a side brimming with confidence at the moment having won six out of their seven games this season which have included four victories in which they have scored four or more goals, putting four past AEK, Recreativo and Getafe whilst Real Madrid suffered a 5 – 3 home defeat at hands. That they like to pass the ball around makes for the prospect of a good match. They have on the whole displayed this in their matches against English opposition in recent times; two draws and two victories over Middlesbrough, Bolton and Tottenham en route to their UEFA Cup triumphs. It is hard to read anything into those results though because with all due respect, none of that list are in the ‘elite’ of English football. That is not Sevilla’s fault; they can only beat the opposition put in front of them. That Tottenham were able to make life severely uncomfortable in the first leg of last season’s UEFA Cup shows that the Andaluz’s can be vulnerable. That cuts no ice with their Brazilian contingent with Daniel Alves and Renato both denegrating the hosts abilities in the past week.

Freddie Kanoute is their obvious goal threat, proving that a relatively unsuccessful spell in the Premiership need not hinder anyone’s career. Perhaps a more telling take on that though would be a comparison of the teams he played for over here; Sevilla are a country mile ahead of West Ham and Tottenham. The threat of Kerzhakov should not be ignored, the player has a record of scoring every other game in Europe, marginally better than Kanoute’s one in three. The vulnerability I noted earlier comes from the flanks and the desire to push forward; Navas and Adriano, if fit, have a habit of leaving the full backs exposed as does the desire and requirement of Alves and Dragutinovic to push forward. Tonight may see them more subdued in that respect but the gaps will still be there.

For Arsenal, there is still no William Gallas, West Ham is apparently the match being targetted for his return. Arsene yesterday indicated that he was considering resting Gilberto following on from the weekend and his arduous travel schedule from the Internationals. I am not convinced that he will do so for it is a big occasion and one where the strongest team available should be fielded; Derby’s visit at the weekend should allow for rotation. In defence, his place will be taken by Philippe Senderos, there is little doubt about that. It will be an otherwise settled back four with Sagna making his European debut for Arsenal, his twenty third in total though. Kolo Toure makes his fiftieth appearance in European ties so the experience is there. In midfield, the possibility of resting Gilberto would mean an extended run in the team for Flamini if that were to happen. Otherwise the form shown by others indicates no reason for change. Likewise for the forward line, Adebayor has now got three in two whilst the criticism of van Persie following the Tottenham win was somewhat unfair. It is borne from the expectation that he will score twenty or more goals this season which may happen. That should not negate the work that he does in matches where he fails to find the back of the net. However, it would not surprise me if the Dutchman is rested to the bench this evening for Eduardo to appear. I would expect tonight’s team to be – possible alternatives in brackets:

Almunia; Sanga, Toure, Senderos, Clichy; Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto (Flamini), Rosicky; Adebayor, Eduardo (van Persie)

with a bench of:

Fabianski, Song, Flamini (Hoyte), Walcott, Bendtner, van Persie (Eduardo), Diarra

It is a game which should be won tonight, three points is a good start that can put Arsenal in pole position to qualify comfortably from what ought to be a relatively straightforward group. For those looking for omens, tonight’s referee was in charge for the 2 – 0 win over Juventus in 2005-06 and the 2 – 1 win in Hamburg last season. In terms of a winning ‘streak’, Arsenal are unbeaten in fifteen home games and have won the opening group game for the past three seasons running. Such a victory would place the emphasis on the good management on and off the pitch, reinforcing the solid start to the Premiership campaign. Arsene notes that point this morning in the press,

It is difficult enough to be successful when everyone is on the same wavelength. When you don’t have harmony, it is even more difficult. I care who is on the board because some people are more invasive than others and the tradition at Arsenal is always to let the manager work as he wants to

And that is how it should be. Forget talk of ‘investment’ and the need for it to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, thus far the manager has shown that the most important investment is in the future, something that appears to be well taken care of. It is up to the players now to prove his philosophy correct and that outside interference is not welcome. Yeah, I know, the laissez-faire attitude of yesterday has gone to some extent; amazing what one crabby mood in a morning can do for you.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. the telegraph reckon that the board are now warming to Kroenke. ant say I blame them with Usmanov and Dein being the alternative. I think they will do their hardest to make Kroenke an ally. they desperately dont want him to sell his 12% to the russian.

    tonights game could be one of the most technically superior games of the season and I fully expect and open attacking end to end game with a few goals. whenever people say that it ends up 0-0! this one is for the purest. I wonder if Sevilla might just rein in their usual cavelier spirit given that they are playing Arsenal away in the champions league. I think if they do change their style it could play into our hands but i they go in front and we start chasing the game we could find ourselves embarrassed.
    you really need to win your home games since both sevilla and Bucharest away games will be difficult to get anything from.
    I was thinking Diarra might be involved but I dont think he will now given the importance of this game I dont think its one to make your debut in.

  2. Oh dear. Young Mr Grace is beginning to sound like more of a buffoon than I originally thought. As Chairman of the Board one of his duties is to steady the ship, instead he insults major shareholders and then tries to cuddle up to them. He makes public his personal feelings for Dein and Usmanov…OK for the fans but never a good idea for the Chairman…and now he is claiming that these moves are causing instability, when he should be saying it is OK becuase we have it all under control…in a rather crude move to identify with the fans.

  3. gaz, Usmanov will continue to increase his stake until R&W reach 25% or 29.9% and he’ll pay whatever it takes to do so.

    He can’t do anything until Apr ’08 so it’s pointless to trigger the takeover regulations until then.

    Between now and then, the board will either have to convince Kroenke to either sell to them/friends of the board or to keep hold of his shares.

    I suspect the £30m profit he could realise from the sale of his shares to Usmanov, although tasty, is probably pocket change to a man like Kroenke; a billionaire married to a billionaire heiress.

    Whoever makes him the better offer (either financial or otherwise) will be able to count on a further 12.68%.

    Between now and next April, I think we’ll probably see the board invite a representative of KSE to sit on the board. No doubt it would be dressed up as a tidying up exercise – strengthening our links with the Colorado Rapids and expanding into the American merchandising market.

    And I think Kroenke would accept it.

    If that happens, Agent Orange and Jabba the Hut will never be able to take control of the club.

    There would be a hint of irony in using the man Dein brought into the picture to ultimately thwart his megalomaniacal machinations.

    Frank, frankly I have no idea what planet you’re on.

  4. As we are having this conversation, I appear to be on the same planet as you, G10. But I have no faith in Young Mr Grace.

  5. Alves taking on Clichy, Kanoute on Toure would be two interesting battles to look at. This is the first real test for this young team. A win will be wonderful, a draw can be acceptable and if we lose it should be the first learning for this season.

  6. The board seems to under estimate Dein in term of the damage he can do to our club and the level of his determination to achieve that. This is a man who gave other 25 years of his live working so hard to see Arsenal at the top of the Premiere League.
    I suggested that the board finds a way around to bring the man back into the family. But instead, they’ve shosen to lunch attacks on him through media. This is really unsettling Arsenal right now.
    Kroanke will be laughing at them now; and increasingly we are running toward the unthinkable (selling the club).
    With regard to today’s match, I think AW must play Gilberto in defence, pairing up with Kolo, as Senderos who just had red card won’t want to clamsy and I don’t think it’s appropriate to play him with his current mind set. Sevilla plays with too much pace and Senderos could get himself another red card.
    Here is my team to beat Sevilla:


    Sagna- Kolo- Gilberto- Clichy.

    ……. …………Diarra…………………



    But, AW will probably play this team:


    Sagna- Kolo-Senderos- Clichy.

    Hleb- Fabregas-Flamini-Rosichy.


    My predictions:

    Arsenal 3 , Sevilla 2.

  7. Frank, I don’t think PHW is the man who stands alone in repelling the nefarious hostile forces who are laying siege to our great club.

    Usmanov is an odious individual and Dein, by association, is no better. The Board will know all about Usmanov’s criminal past and I’m sure they all realise the importance of Kroenke’s 12.68% as well as the fact that Kroenke isn’t a murder/rapist/gangster.

    It’s an about-face but in light of the very real threat from the morally bankrupt, blood stained R&W, it’s one that you have to say is necessary.

    Kroenke bought in at a time when Arsenal was undervalued. Our shares were c.£4000 each. Now they are whatever Usmanov wants them to be – somewhere between £8,260 to £10,250 a piece. Meaning that the club is now worth around £1b. Clearly we’re not undervalued any longer.

    Given that we’ve reached our true market value, it’s not likely that Kroenke will want to press around with buying the club. After all, where can he go from here?

    I sincerely doubt Kroenke – a wealthy businessman with a plethora of interests – wants to bother himself with all palava this just have to a £900m debt to service at the end of it. He has expressed his admiration for the way Arsenal is run and his dealings with Dein will probably lead him to believe that Dein is a snake in the grass who can’t be trusted. Maybe a long term role at the club is something that’ll be of more interest and value to him than £30m.

    Usmanov, on the other hand, will want to protect himself from any changes in Russian politics. Also, what finer cash cow than the second richest club in the world with the highest free cash reserves in world football and the highest matchday revenue in the game?

    Just ask Gaydamark, Thaksin and Roman about the political immunity that comes from owning a football club.

  8. The laissez-faire attitude we refer to in general, not just in Yogi’s spiralling mood swings, may refer simply to a lack of influence.

    My choice is that the present incumbents of The Emirates corridors of power remain. That the current suitors remain locked out of what is an exceptionally run club. That Dein and the Russain henchmen stop dealing in Arsenal currency.
    That the real special one can remain solely focussed on the on going development of our young squad.

    Having said that, do I believe we have any role to play in this game of money men? I am afraid not. Not at present. So I suppose I will just stay with the football.

    Not like Wenger to overly draw comparisons with our players….but first we had Scholes and now Platini. Can’t argue really, Fab is a midfield maestro is the true sense of the term.

    Tonight’s game should be a sizzling affair. I agree with Yogi that Van Persie has attracted a bit too much criticism of late. He is a potential world beater but even fully fledged members of this class do not beat the World every game. His game is not just about goals and when he may have appeared quiet, defenders will still not have had a moment peace, firm in the knowledge he is not the type of player to not ruthlessly punish you.

    So for me, it is another Van Persie start, but desperate for Eduardo to get at least half hour. Still certain his time will come.

  9. I agree with you Danny. Whilst I agree that the management team have been excellent, especially Edelman and Friar, I am concerned about the way Board members have let personal feelings colour their judgements. That includes getting rid of DD btw. Maybe that was not a great move. I think they should hire some decent PR support though and have PHW keep it zipped.

    It would be nice to see RvP score a coupple of cracking goals. Adebayor to kick on from the Spurs game and Eduardo to come on in the second half and show that he is deadly.

  10. Frank, PHW and his family have been associated with Arsenal for longer than you’ve been on this planet. He spoke with all the passion and fervour one would expect from a life long Arsenal man. Me and my Gooner mates are fully supportive of PHW’s statements. He has nothing to apologise for.

    What he said about Kroenke was blown out of proportion and the air has been cleared. Hence Kroenke accepting the invitation to meet with the board in London as well as rejecting the chance to buy Dein’s shares and turning down Usmanov’s generous offer for his shareholding.

    The indication is that he sees himself as a long term shareholder. I don’t have any issue with him being a friendly shareholder in our club, as long as that’s all it is.

    He may be a member of the odious Walmart family but at least he has a sporting pedigree and isn’t a rapist/gangster.

    You say you’re on the same planet as me but questioning the decision to show Dein the door suggests to me that you’re not.

    Dein is a liar and a traitor.

    If you walked in on your wife/girlfriend fúcking another man and she tells you she has no intention of stopping the affair, you have two options. You either show yourself to be a spineless wonder and accept it or you act like a man and show her the door, even if there’s a possibility she’ll take your home and kids.

    Dein wanted to sell up to Kroenke and he tried to convince other board members to do the same. The board offered him the opportunity to repent and sign the lockdown and the orange judas refused.

    He made his own position untenable. He effectively sacked himself with his treachery and deceit.

    No-one on this planet should see it any other way.

  11. G10, I am on Earth which one are you on. I had thought that the club would be better off if in a trust with the fans having a lot more control…but you are giving me cause to re-think that.

  12. Frank

    What is wrong with Hill-Wood’s comments? Is Dein not destabilsing the club now? What does Dein want? Who is Dein? Does Dein really love the club as you and others like ethangooner and co promote?

    1. Dein wanted to sell the club using investment as a decoy to hide his own need to make some money at the back of the Arsenal and they said no.
    2. After failing to achieve his diabolitical plans at the back of the board, a betrayal sort of, he was rightly kicked of the Board. Don’t forget, Dein has done a lot for the club most importantly bringing in Arsene so are others. Peter hill-Wood’s family has run the club for generations and has been responsible for the stability of the club over the years. Fiszman was the guy who was in charge of the stadium construction and the result is there for everybody to see. Edelman has done well managing the commercial/administrative aspect of the club and has done great. SO WE HAVE A LOT OF HARD WORKING ARSENAL DIRECTORS NOT EXCLUDING DEIN and also Carr who has been responsible for youth policy. DEIN IS NOT ALL AND BE ALL AS SOME OF HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE.
    3. Dein, zealous as always to make money at all cost despite the resistance of the Board then began to globetrot, shopping around for any person whether criminal or whoever to sell his own shares for MONEY but not Arsenal interest as some you are misinformed to believe that its for investments in the club. He pockected 75 million in that deal, for himself whilst the real lovers of the club refused to sell.
    4. Dein is behaving like Santan’s agent, doing everything for this criminal to get his hand on the Arsenal by fair or foul means.
    5. Of course, Peter Hill-Wood has always worked to protect the stability of the club thus his refusal to allow Kroenke to takeover the club and he’s refusing the Russian and his agent Dein too because he wants to keep the club in safe hands, something his father did. So if he’s now aligning himself with Kroenke to resist Dein and his gangs, why not? After all it is in the interest of Arsenal to do that.
    6. Dein is disappointing and what he is doing is to let Arsenal implode and pave the way for the Russian gangs to takeover. HE’S BEHAVING LIKE WHAT JUDAS DID TO JESUS.
    7. I know he’ll fail as good will always prevail over evil.

  13. Frank, darling. Given your over-active imagination and your unwillingness to engage in serious discussion, forgive me for not taking you too seriously xxx

  14. Frank and ethangooner, probably, have been bought to do PR for Dein as they don’t see anything wrong with what Dein is doing, working hard to ensure the implosion of the Arsenal.FOR THE TWO, DEIN IS GOD AND WITHOUT DEIN ARSENAL WON’T SURVIVE. Dein is a traitor of the highest order and he’ll fall on his own sword eventually. I see Red & White dismissing him for making them lose the affection of fans.

  15. It is interesting that you both think that Ethangooner and I are partners. As far as Dein is concerned at this point I can either take or leave him. But I have little faith in PHW as a Chairman and I think that DF is just as sly as the other major shareholders. I certainly think that Arsenal will survive without Dein, and I think that it will survive without PHW and DF. As I have said before the heart of the club is in the relationship between manager, players and fans.

    For what it is worth I do not see Usmanov sticking around forever. He is wealthy but not so wealthy as to risk hundreds of millions on the ownership of a football team. He will make his money (the amount is hardly relevant) and then leave. As for DDs future don’t know and don’t care.

    AW is happy provided he has his freedom and he gets that now and would get it with Dein in charge, so we win both ways…AW stays and we should all be happy becuase if he stays then so will the players.

    As for Usmanov. Of course he is dodgy most extremely rich people are, as are most egotists which reminds me perhaps Craig Murray should look into the diamond industry, or maybe someone should look more closely at his motives.

  16. It is interesting that you both think that he and I are partners. As far as Dein is concerned at this point I can either take or leave him. But I have little faith in PHW as a Chairman and I think that DF is just as sly as the other major shareholders. I certainly think that Arsenal will survive without Dein, and I think that it will survive without PHW and DF. As I have said before the heart of the club is in the relationship between manager, players and fans.

    For what it is worth I do not see Usmanov sticking around forever. He is wealthy but not so wealthy as to risk hundreds of millions on the ownership of a football team. He will make his money (the amount is hardly relevant) and then leave. As for DDs future don’t know and don’t care.

    AW is happy provided he has his freedom and he gets that now and would get it with Dein in charge, so we win both ways…AW stays and we should all be happy becuase if he stays then so will the players.

    As for Usmanov. Of course he is dodgy most extremely rich people are, as are most egotists which reminds me perhaps Craig Murray should look into the diamond industry, or maybe someone should look more closely at his motives.

    (YW, Sorry about the repeat – just trying something)

  17. Howard, I imagine the orange scumbag probably has a watertight contract with R&W ensuring his position and subsequently his influence over the shareholding.

    This is why he didn’t do business with Kroenke.

    Dein is a slimy backstabber who is well versed in the art of treachery. I’m sure he wouldn’t have simply taken Usmanov’s word to permanently install him as the chairman of R&W at face value.

  18. Despite YW’s attempts to distract us from the things going on behind the scenes, it’s very hard to just concentrate on the football these days. However, I’ll try.

    I said yesterday that if Usmanov took full control I’d stop supporting the Arsenal. Let the team play so well tonight that the idea of withdrawing my support for these players will seem absurd.

  19. Frank

    You’re not sensible too me. You’re dreaming of Dein, Dein. If you’re fascinated with Dein and think without Dein Arsenal can’t get on then go burn yourself. I won’t respond to your irritations again. I THINK YOU ARE A SPURS SUPPORTER coming here to create uncertainties for us. You’re in the same league with Dein, who are prepared to sell their mothers’ golden trinkets to any foreigner for peanuts as far as it puts money in their pockets. SPURS SUPPORTER, DON’T COME TO THIS BLOG. This blog is for Arsenal fans. WHO SAID ARSENE HASN’T GOT HIS FREEDOM UNDER THE BOARD? You’re not worth to be argued with. GO AND JOIN RED AND WHITE AND WORK FOR THEM.

  20. Frank,

    PHW is a life long Arsenal fan with a family association to this club dating back to the 1920’s and DF is another life long fan who has stepped out of his reclusive lifestyle to reassure Arsenal fans that he has no intention of selling his shares. He’s even scaling back his involvement in his other interests to devote more time to Arsenal.

    Given the alternatives, we should consider ourselves fortunate that the future of our club is in the hands of these people.

    Our current board isn’t perfect but given the association the people and their families have with Arsenal and the fact that the board haven’t taken a dividend out of the club since 1974, it’s a case of ‘better the devil you know’.

  21. Frank

    Go to your Spurs club and promote its sale to Russian oligarchs, under so called investments. Arsenal leadership has been passed on from generations to generations and we want it to remain so. You, Spurs fans come to our blogs, pretending to be us and poke your noses into our affairs. No true Arsenal fan, who is knows the stability the current Board has provided will think of giving this club to TRAITOR DEIN. You don’t sound like a true Arsenal fan. Don’t come and ridicule us on this blog; go back to Spurs, where you come from. after all LEVY, who invited Dein to Spurs Directors’ Box at the Lane last Saturday will be respective to your views about bringing Dein on Board and offering Spurs to Dein and the so called Red and White.

  22. All

    Let’s leave the name-calling, eh? Have a sensible debate; it doesn’t have to degenerate. Simply because someone doesn’t agree does not mean that they are a Spurs fan or otherwise.


  23. Something I don’t understand about all this. Wenger seems very relaxed and unfazed about all this Usmanov/board business. Wenger and Dein are friends, surely they talk a lot about this, surely Wenger knows Dein’s ultimate plans, his next moves, etc.

  24. I wonder , does Jesus support Dein or PHW or DF …?
    or is it Satan impersonating Jesus…?

    Hey YW the blog’s getting quite funny these days…have some guys been recently released from a mental institution or what ?
    Hope the debate will get back to something more reasonnable soon …

  25. 1:0.
    Wow…Sevilla is an exceptional team. Lucky deflection for Fab. Adebayor could have scored. The tempo of the game is extremely quick. We might need a dose of EDS later on. 2nd half awaits…

  26. A counterattacking overlap (playing their game against ’em) might lead us to more goals. Our lack of wingers actually makes our attack a tad unpredictable. Sometimes a plus, sometimes a minus but quite unpredictable. 2nd half awaits…

  27. Senderos has been poor again; look at the wrong positioning that nearly caused the goal by Kanoute just before the whistle went for the break, then the miss kick which also nearly caused a goal. I get scared with Senderos playing, a mistake is always coming. Poor passes by RvP and Ade again, missing sitters, so when will Ade improve on his finishing? We should have been up by at least two goals. Our finishing is still poor. RvP always misspassing and making poor decisions. Well its 1;0 and I’m confident we can get the three points.

  28. And then it was 3! 3:0, nice way to start our campaign. EDS got his. Diarra got his debut. Diaby was rusty as hell but still needs to play. Fab was sweet. Flamini, Sagna, Adebayor, Clichy, Kolo…were all great. It looks very very good guys..

  29. What can I say.

    I have been working away for a couple of weeks, so my early season pesimism has been not been posted.

    I am pleased to say that so far so good, my pre-season worries have not materialised, but it is early and I just hope it continues as apart from the Spuds and Sevilla, we havent really played anyone yet. Lets keep it going before we get to the Liverpool and Man Ure games.

    I thought we were in complete control again tonight, and once again Sagna is prooving to be one of the buys of the summer. In fact the only sour note of the evening is another Rosicky injury. I dont know whether he is just that type of person but it seems to be going beyond coincidence now. he seems to be just finding his feet and another 2-3 game niggle kicks in. It is a shame and I am not sure how long we can put up with it for.

    Cesc was also superb, as was the underated Flamini. I hope the goal gives RVP some confidence too as I think the drought was starting to get to him.

    All in all, I am more than happy that my pre-season comments have so far prooved to be unfounded

    Come on the Arsenal.

  30. Just back from the game – the whole team was immense. I would not criticize anyone. The defence stood firm, well marshalled by Kolo. Kanoute hardly got a sniff. The midfield bossed the game – Flamini was amazing, Cesc is just Cesc and although Ade’s shooting boots weren’t working today, he held the ball up well and provided a good outlet. RVP was noticeably more relaxed and in the game after he scored – he made a couple of good defensive interceptions afterwards. It was also great to see Eduardo score again.

    3 – 0 to the Arsenal!

  31. RvP had an excellent game and looks full of running again. Sorry Ekow I simply do not agree with you.Great team performance…Bacary Sagna and Gael Clichy get a special mention for me, we have two superb full-backs these days.

  32. Hello all – think I might have entered some kind of weird parallel universe – my name’s Aman and my housemate’s (fellow gooner’s) nickname is G10. Wierd, but wonderful nonetheless.

    Great result – attacking performance was a little disjointed at times in the first half but defensive pressing was excellent throughout; the commitment and energy of this team really is superb.

    Very “Arsenal” goal for the third. Even though it was handed to us by a mistake, good to see Cesc in the box in the closing minutes and therefore able to play the assist. Easy to say he’s been playing 10 yards further up the pitch this season, but it simply isn’t true – he spent long periods of time collecting the ball of the back four. I guess the extra stamina comes from his physical development over the last few years.

    In the build up to this match I was excited about the prospect of (what i consider to be) world-beater Clichy facing a decent test in Dani Alves tonight, and he certainly kept him pegged back for most of the match – excellent stuff.

    Interesting one is Flamster. Up until this summer, I’d have no qualms about seeing him leave, but I’ve got to hold my hands up and say he’s completely won me over with his performances this season – just exceptional. Really epitomises the ‘never-say-die’ attitude that this young team seems to have taken as their mission statement. Allied with the signing of Diarra, seems to suggest that either a) Gilberto leaves at the end of the season (would be my personal bet) or b) Wenger coverts Gilberto into a ball-playing centre half for the final chapter of his career (unlikely given the fact he’s Brazil’s captain and is a centre mid).

    On the Dein / Fizman / Kroenke front, not gonna go into any details as quite frankly both sides of the debate have been covered in some depth – and then some. All I’ll say on the matter is that the longer this whole affair has rumbled on, the less I’ve come to like Dein.

    Keep up the banter fellas, round of applause all round (even those we may not agree with).

    Come on the gooners!

  33. Mourinho just got canned by Abramovich!!!!!!
    That’s the end of their season. This is THE perfect example of how an interfering oligarch can destroy a good thing. An impatient 40-yr old with little respect for tradition, who thinks money can buy anything just ripped apart his playteam!

  34. Mourinho thing is supprising, could not have come at a worse time for him. There are no big jobs for his ego out there for him to walk into.
    On Seville, all credit to Wenger and his coaching staff. The real threat from Seville was scoring from crosses. It was obvious the boys had been instructed to stop the crosses coming and they did that well.

  35. I genuinely like Jose Mourinho and will miss him terribly the rest of the season. He completely validates his ego. Top class football manager ALL THE WAY! He’ll probably be Portugal’s national team manager after Euro98. Good luck to u, “special one”.

  36. THe writing was on the wall at Villa when Abramovich walked out

    and again on Tuesday night when their boring football only saw 25k watching them. 5 Live and Talksport were both defending that yesterday saying it was too expensive to go to every game…….Yet we are the most expensive (not that I am happy with that, but looks like you get what you pay for) and still sold out

    Money cant buy you love

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